Fallout Freeman
Fallout Freeman Acum 15 ore
That baby's nose... it's like a natural canopy
Isaiah Rivera
Isaiah Rivera Acum 15 ore
Why? Why does Hollywood insist on ruining classics that were already great? Does everything need to be sucked dry?
John Flan Donovan
John Flan Donovan Acum 15 ore
ALEX in Wonderland?
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Acum 15 ore
Calling it now. Tony kills Dickie
quantrill Acum 15 ore
Well this just runied the surprize, basically give away everything.
gullf1sk Acum 15 ore
oct 22? weird, its already in cinemas in norway
Ønlÿ Wãhįd
Ønlÿ Wãhįd Acum 15 ore
They should name it : the matrix remake
Colby Beck
Colby Beck Acum 15 ore
I’ve watched this trailer at least 20 times
Kevin C
Kevin C Acum 15 ore
Not expecting anything from this since 2 of the 3 originals were basically awful.
Sky Sharma
Sky Sharma Acum 15 ore
Can someone tell me why Angelina looks like a younger version of herself? I couldn't tell it was her until they mentioned her
MrGenedancingmachine Acum 15 ore
He doesn’t look like his father, he doesn’t act like his father….so they could have got anyone to do this
Dis_ Inferno
Dis_ Inferno Acum 15 ore
Movie was bland adaptation of Dune, if be true. It's just not creative and lazy. This not do justice for the novel. I'm dissapointed. :(
Nikolai B
Nikolai B Acum 15 ore
1:03 OMG its young Oracle! :)
Epidio Robles
Epidio Robles Acum 15 ore
I hope they tonys retarded uncle
東勝男 Acum 15 ore
this is gonna be a lame sequel, basically John Wick's dumb cousin
atlas° Acum 15 ore
So excited, about this movie. A long wait but looks very worth it...
ลํายอง ไชยอาสา
ลํายอง ไชยอาสา Acum 15 ore
Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower Acum 15 ore
Maybe it was a glitch in the Matrix, but Neil Patrick Harris clothes change between shots. At one point he has a tie on, and the sweater appears more blue. Then he doesn't have the tie on and a black sweater.
TheDignam Acum 15 ore
Looks like a remake of the 1st Matrix.
Ruby Sutton
Ruby Sutton Acum 15 ore
Why didnt Lawrence Fishburn come back?
M A Acum 15 ore
I'm not sure I understand the wisdom of casting an inexperienced actor in the key role, despite his familial relationship to the late great JG. It seems like a gimmick. What little I've seen of young Mr. Gandolfini's on-screen time, it seems like the same kind of fatal flaw that undid Godfather 3 with the casting of Sofia. I mean no disrespect, but he's just not ready for a role like this. He might turn out to be a great actor in his own right, but not yet. I could be wrong; we'll see.
Pedro Loureiro
Pedro Loureiro Acum 15 ore
Things we can get from this: 0:19 Fashion is ugly 0:30 Duck is more real than Neo. Duck is part of the Matrix. Neo his just there to destroy it. (again) 0:37 Clean nails no longer a must have. 0:42 As time goes you become more addicted. The lies people told themself's to stay inside the Matrix are growing. 1 blue pill becomes 3 blue pills per day. 0:48 On left side On top of the building there is a small camera. This was after EYE screen.. 0:53 right bottom.. The cables draw a p**is WB keeps doind this... Its a thing.. 1:02 Fashion still ugly.. 1:08 Meh... 2:06 Two of them don't belong there. You guess who? ahah
Γιώργος Παπαμανουσάκης
Γιώργος Παπαμανουσάκης Acum 15 ore
You just destroyed one of the greatest songs
Qusin111 Acum 15 ore
I guess we have not been milked enough after all, I hate extended stupid movies. hopefully Neil was always the Matrix but I guess we will have to wait to be disappointed.
[GETV] News 1
[GETV] News 1 Acum 15 ore
What No "SANDWORMS" Nah! I'll pass. not just of that but because its looks like the movie will tank. When are directors finally going to realized you just cant make a "DUNE" movie out of one script the story Is very very VERY hard at best to make into one movie. Dune is from a series of books not just from one or can be made from A script. The closest best version ever made is the classic first film of the same title. PERIOD!
Bhav Pat
Bhav Pat Acum 15 ore
Oh man!! Theaters gonna be packed with middle aged men trying to relive their youths!!
Basvra Acum 15 ore
why Tommy Shelby so god damn handsome everywhere bruh it's tingling my bi persona.
AILENVAC Acum 15 ore
This is the masterpiece that everyone has to watch it in cinemas not at home. You have to feel the visual and sound in a cinema, it’s incompatible with watching from a small screen or even from your tv. The excitement is inexpressible, you have to experience by yourself.
AJZURE Acum 15 ore
I made a reaction video to this... and this movie is blew my mind 😭😭 i thought that i can predict this movie and the story will be like another crime movie or cliche horror movie. But i was wrong!!! James Wan and team must be like "hey let's make another insidious conjuring movie" .... "no"... "let's make another saw movie"... "no".... "let's make drama movie" ... "no".... "detective movie?"..... ..... "hmmm.. WHAT IT WE COMBINE ALL" JAMES WAN SIR... I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR WORK SO MUCH AND THE TEAM ALSO, YOU GUYS JUST DID AN AMAZING WORK AS ALWAYS.
sanchit lopes
sanchit lopes Acum 15 ore
Still Waiting for the bullet dodge scene 🤨👀❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Wes Carpenter
Wes Carpenter Acum 15 ore
Eastwood is legend. They mean the same.
face. Acum 16 ore
this movie was so beautiful. it was like a short story by hemingway, just a simple reflection on life that didn't try to do too much
Eyyub Rasulov
Eyyub Rasulov Acum 16 ore
matrix ended with matrix 2. other's looks like "movie of movie"
Sampie Louw
Sampie Louw Acum 16 ore
Adrenalin off the charts, must be the music then
Jasurbek Kalandarov
Jasurbek Kalandarov Acum 16 ore
A million dollar question: will it be the last movie?
n m
n m Acum 16 ore
Ilgzjz Glcjlo
Ilgzjz Glcjlo Acum 16 ore
BrainStories Acum 16 ore
Ok we need MORPHEUS NOW!
Klaudia Simon
Klaudia Simon Acum 16 ore
Rikkytech07 on iG you are truly a blessing to me thanks to you my account is back..
Gabriel Koziana
Gabriel Koziana Acum 16 ore
Ed and Lorraine didn’t appeared in this teaser trailer.
jasonmaxwell100 Acum 16 ore
The very first scene has two butterflies on the wall, the transformation of Lana and Lilly.
CyberTeeth Acum 16 ore
Tnks Deni...its unimaginable masterpiece .... it's even better than I expected .... thank you so much ... with love from Russia!!!! i....we love you!
dotista2008 Acum 16 ore
Where are white people?
Jucha Acum 16 ore
Only true legends know this song.
Tish Bree
Tish Bree Acum 16 ore
Took me a minute to close my eyes after watching this movie.
[2OOII3IO6I] Ishaan Srivastava
[2OOII3IO6I] Ishaan Srivastava Acum 16 ore
this is one of my favorites guilty pleaser movie i already watched it twice and loved both the time
Shara Hallo
Shara Hallo Acum 16 ore
Nike logo
Holy Gucamole
Holy Gucamole Acum 16 ore
If you like staring at walls for 2 hours then i highly recommend this
LOLek Acum 16 ore
only i don't like this effects?
Kaibacorp1997 Acum 16 ore
Cant waittt
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey Acum 16 ore
Good film was kinda surprised. 3/5
Sanju Mehar
Sanju Mehar Acum 16 ore
Watched this movie last night & i absolutely loved it..The twist was insane! 🤯 I loved the character of gabriel. I hope there will be a sequel.
Apothe Curio
Apothe Curio Acum 16 ore
This trailer is worthless in regards to what the movie is actually like. Just go in blind and forget the trailer. Don’t expect anything at all. Just expect to have fun.
kenglin13 Acum 16 ore
I really wish his hair was short like in the originals Just looks like John Wick jacked into the Matrix, not Neo
Everardo_G Acum 16 ore
I remember when this first hit theaters how people were talking down on it. Oh how wrong the fools were.
mike duo
mike duo Acum 16 ore
Normal pills.
Shaun Ans
Shaun Ans Acum 16 ore
Wait...if hes making a game about the matrix....and the movies exist in this this reality even real ?
Kean Gutierrez
Kean Gutierrez Acum 16 ore
Imagine Keannu playing as John Constantine in Constantine sequel if that ever happens
Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed Acum 16 ore
So much satanic in this movie
jesse marzan
jesse marzan Acum 16 ore
the girl in red dress 2:52
Ross L
Ross L Acum 16 ore
Michaels hunched shoulders are exactly like his old man’s
TheRealChetManley Acum 16 ore
This movie is awesome. One of my top 10. Critics shouldn't be consultanted on movies like this. They will never get them
42 Acum 16 ore
Why must they do this with every movie, series and trilogy.. Always a remake or an unnecessary sequel years later. Is it really that difficult to come up with a new idea and interesting movie these days??
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah Acum 16 ore
I have re-watched this trailer over a thousand times now
Srstabalot Acum 16 ore
My theory is when Neo said PEACE, the machine gave him peace in his own matrix in order to control the anomaly more effectively.
fNatyk Acum 16 ore
If this movie doesn't have a cameo from Elon Musk taking about simulation theory, I'll be disappointed!
DS Atkinson
DS Atkinson Acum 16 ore
I love Clint Eastwood and the movies I have seen of his. I know a lot of political people always like to hate on him, but I think he is too strong and subtle for a lot of people who consider him a right winger to appreciate. It's their loss. I like the art he makes and that's all I need to know. ❤️
findlestick Acum 16 ore
Ronni Menzies-Stirling
Ronni Menzies-Stirling Acum 16 ore
The Rubber Duck; this is a nod to when computer programmers/hackers experience "writer's block", and become stuck on a problem they are trying to solve. When they become stuck, they explain the problem, piece by piece, to an inaminate object - usually a rubber duck. In doing so, this encourages the programmer/hacker to go over their own problem in minute detail (to the rubber duck), which helps to inspire new ideas in their own head, eventually helping them to solve their problem.
Robin Molnar
Robin Molnar Acum 16 ore
Will it stream online? Asking for a... me, stuck in a f pandemic.
Sam Ibbs
Sam Ibbs Acum 17 ore
20k people dont like life
Joshua Pierce
Joshua Pierce Acum 17 ore
Can't wait.
RG GAMER Acum 17 ore
I'm watching this movie so bored I'm expecting fantasy but no fully saying drama actor acting weack
Zondaa Acum 17 ore
Looks DEAD
Soumyadip Dutta
Soumyadip Dutta Acum 17 ore
What you've done in Afghanistan is a waste of your power.... Taliban again captured Mazar-e-sarif
Leonardo Ferreira
Leonardo Ferreira Acum 17 ore
"Whatever it was. It's BACK." Back indeed.
Sachin Seth
Sachin Seth Acum 17 ore
Keanu with beard only reminds of John Wick. Change my mind!! 😏
Jeig0 Acum 17 ore
Matthew Fransdito
Matthew Fransdito Acum 17 ore
where are the leather clothes?
030079AR Acum 17 ore
ummm matjohnwicktrix (?)