dallased25 Acum 40 minute
Floyd could have knocked him out round one...but knows this is just a stunt...a show...nothing more than fan service to fill his wallet some more. Let's be real, the fight, although not staged...was not a real fight either.
Buttah Dawg
Buttah Dawg Acum 42 minute
Floyd “had fun” 🤣
Buttah Dawg
Buttah Dawg Acum 43 minute
This is sad.
Tarisai Musariri
Tarisai Musariri Acum 45 minute
Adesanya came from gastelum fight, his toughest fight yet Whittaker had rested after a hernia injuru... what are these guys sayin.... they absolutely know nothing
Tarisai Musariri
Tarisai Musariri Acum 47 minute
Rasta man knows nothing
DammitBobby420 Acum 56 minute
MLB should just make their own standardized tack that every pitcher can either choose to use or not to use
Dwight Churchstone
Dwight Churchstone Acum oră
I mean we might as well just have home run derbys from now on. With no umpire to call strikes , and no extra advantage (even if legal before) , now pitchers are gonna more or less be forced to throw pitches right in the heart of the plate, since half the league can only hit home runs. This makes it easier and boom we have 20 run games as average
Bavan Acum oră
guys don't waste your time watching this shit.
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez Acum oră
the amount of nfl talent on both teams is insane
Kevin Barr
Kevin Barr Acum oră
{{ B }}
{{ B }} Acum oră
i think we hear this ever year about Clemson or Ohio State and Alabama ends up landing the top class. Dont count any recruit until Nick Saban is satisfied
Trying to become vloger
Trying to become vloger Acum oră
No offense i love kobi But no one talking about all others who died in that crash
John Barber
John Barber Acum oră
That nigga Jalen Green looks like the future
timae gabua
timae gabua Acum oră
The icy birthday algorithmically shock because interactive perplexingly scatter sans a possible sand. teeny, brainy pickle
Ahoi Brause
Ahoi Brause Acum 2 ore
as mj walks at the pult everybody stands up like they are praying now towards jesus
Daddy SmokesYams
Daddy SmokesYams Acum 2 ore
Another baseball cheating scandal? How shocking!!
The Rod
The Rod Acum 2 ore
By the way, Tyron will also get knocked out. He is not a puncher and he tires very quickly and without using his wrestling he won’t be able to recover. His arms will tire very quickly. He has a one punchers chance but he has to land it. Jake will win and look good yet again against an older man that does not box.
Sean Wada
Sean Wada Acum 2 ore
Mlb is a joke! Commissioner Manfred is weak! He didn't even give any suspensions for those Astros players that cheated baseball and won a world series
icon Acum 2 ore
why the chickenshit ogre, div1 wrestler not wanting to mix it up in the cage?
Jesse Diaz
Jesse Diaz Acum 2 ore
he literally said i’m done before connor then fought connor then after connor he said he was done then fought logan who knows if he’s done maybe 🤔
Fxnisy Acum 3 ore
"youre trash kid"
Terry Wakayama
Terry Wakayama Acum 3 ore
How is this bad? Cleveland has 2 quality backs and it helped make them a playoff team. How is that any different? You need a 2 back backfield that complements each other, and thats what the Raiders are trying to do. This video is trash, just a bunch of band-wagon Raider haters
FiKCR Acum 3 ore
When ever Logan got hit he either instantly hugged or backed himself up against the ring and THEN hugged
Adrian Marlow
Adrian Marlow Acum 3 ore
These guys are idiots. "almost certainly would have won them the game". What a mindless remark. Yeah, teams need much more than 8 seconds to score.
Sean Hardman
Sean Hardman Acum 3 ore
I took your hat was more exciting
Nyasha ernest Matanda
Nyasha ernest Matanda Acum 3 ore
chabco Acum 4 ore
"Did Atlanta win it or did Philly lose it" Westbrook: Ya'll n****s is trippin'...
Randy Farnsworth
Randy Farnsworth Acum 4 ore
I will watch white paint dry in a dark room before watching ESPN... they are the CNN/MSNBC of sports. You can always tell who they are when they ask questions. Won’t be about sports. COVID, Racism and critiquing anyone who believes in GOD.. ESPN = WOKE
max prefers games
max prefers games Acum 4 ore
I’m just gunna say it, the fight wasn’t terrible and I liked it.
F165 Acum 4 ore
A bunch of white guys are going to get their azz kicked after watching this fight. They are going to run up on the wrong brother.
ivory johnson
ivory johnson Acum 5 ore
YOYO YOOO Acum 5 ore
This is embarresing for the box scene.
David Cole
David Cole Acum 5 ore
We will have 3 Loss Teams making the CFP do not want that. But it is going to happen by 2023 Season
King K
King K Acum 5 ore
This shows so much about Michaels character, he’s not only an incredibly gifted athlete, but also an incredible human being you could just tell how much he really loved kobe as a player and as a friend. R.I.P. Mamba, we miss you💜💛
Ram Tron
Ram Tron Acum 6 ore
Logan only paid $25lk is a fool
James Monge
James Monge Acum 6 ore
Orlando already has TWO centers fighting for the starting spot and you’re going to add another one? Jalen Green is the best option for Orlando
klarisah kris
klarisah kris Acum 6 ore
I wish Manny Paqiuo fights with you. Just get ready to be drive on your grave Logan.
Wowo Acum 6 ore
Craig Moore
Craig Moore Acum 6 ore
Doesn't OKC have better odds than Cleveland due to the coinflip?
Vaigish Raj
Vaigish Raj Acum 7 ore
JD Acum 7 ore
I only like Kispert IF we get a competent center in free agency
tmacnyc Acum 7 ore
Cooper @ PG for the NYK
Joes's Wild World
Joes's Wild World Acum 7 ore
The winners are both fighters and the losers are the people that paid money to watch this joke
kaudahkenapa Acum 7 ore
fight in mma bro..
Alberto Gutierrez
Alberto Gutierrez Acum 7 ore
White boy fought better than Canelo when he fought Mayweather, not bad for an amateur.
The Blazerius
The Blazerius Acum 7 ore
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that MattPat was pretty much right about his theory
Steven Graham
Steven Graham Acum 7 ore
So again they don’t win last year one win so why not Tebow and anyone else’s I can go 0-17 but I live Tebow he won with Denver 0-4 playoffs and beat the stealers do you know how many qb never made the playoff or one even one game Fitzgerald is one 17 years nothing and people Love him
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams Acum 7 ore
247 is a complete joke
Darlene Torrez
Darlene Torrez Acum 8 ore
The only reason Logan Paul didn't die is because he's so fuckin big
Baby Rose
Baby Rose Acum 8 ore
This is so funny....
FunnySuperSet56 Acum 8 ore
1:41 oh yes money 🤑
Conor Geraghty
Conor Geraghty Acum 8 ore
Boxing is done no world class boxers anymore no kids want to take up boxing soccer rugby nfl golf. they know they get better life then boxing
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Acum 8 ore
I don't know what I expected from the most defensive boxer in the world and a youtuber.😑
k35 777
k35 777 Acum 8 ore
Manny paqman paqiauo the best
Miraç Alp Kahraman
Miraç Alp Kahraman Acum 9 ore
reynarain Acum 9 ore
Did he say Tebow looked like the 7th grader that did not grow? Lol Jacksonville has some tall tightends.
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Acum 9 ore
BLACKS MEXICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research 🔬
Joe Veitch
Joe Veitch Acum 10 ore
The top 3 teams alabama Clemson and ohio st. Will kill those bottom 8, so results stay the same. Just make mediocre teams proud to make playoff for a day. Then they get smashed and reality sets in. We are not title quality team. But hey let's give everyone a participation trophy.
Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell Acum 10 ore
Ooh he said he was they all say when getting embarrassed. stop the b.s. Wilt comparison talk as he will NEVER come close to Wilt. as bad as the media trying to say lebaby is better than MJ.
AyEnEye TeeOh
AyEnEye TeeOh Acum 10 ore
Trending lol hahahahah
devon james
devon james Acum 11 ore
floyd payweather vs kevin hart is the gig
The Mystery Cabin
The Mystery Cabin Acum 11 ore
I like boxing more with logen and ksi less boring
Mack Harding
Mack Harding Acum 11 ore
OK has no business being above UGA. That win over FL - they weren't even in that game not the coaches or the players. Man yall best not sleep on JT Daniels. Look at the weapons and options he's gonna have at his disposal.
Max Brinster
Max Brinster Acum 12 ore
Veridis Quo
Klepto Saurus
Klepto Saurus Acum 12 ore
The new WWE
Salela Saad
Salela Saad Acum 12 ore
Who won 🤨🤨🤨
D Smith
D Smith Acum 12 ore
Floyd Mayweather jnr lost the fight. Logan Paul knocked him out in the 2nd round. But thankfully, The Time Variance Authority (TVA) have since caught the Logan Paul variant and have now corrected the timeline.
DammitBobby420 Acum 12 ore
And people try and tell me Embiid better than Jokic. Jokic would never go 0-12 ever
Peter T
Peter T Acum 4 ore
@ササミヤ I agree of course, but his knee is still messed up
ササミヤ Acum 4 ore
@Peter T he has a shredded masculinity. He's a weak child. Joker 🃏 10x better.
Peter T
Peter T Acum 5 ore
He has a shredded knee. You're so cool for such a bold statement though!
Arturo Barragan Jr.
Arturo Barragan Jr. Acum 12 ore
Logan is basically a social media joke. No real fighting skills
stroock6394 Acum 13 ore
1:27 the midwest comes out!! jim was one of my faves growing up this is great to see
Everything Rigged
Everything Rigged Acum 14 ore
This was for kids to watch really. Look at all of the adults taking this garbage fight seriously and talking about it as if it were a legit boxing match. Look at all of the adults before the fight with all their phones out, recording. They truly are sheeple getting hyped up over the most trivial shit ever staged in entertainment. I always knew society was a piece of shit, but this just shows how low it has gone..........
Michael Benti
Michael Benti Acum 14 ore
lol what a scam
Duquette Beats
Duquette Beats Acum 14 ore
But Pete rose is bad and barry bonds. Lmao hypocritical.
Duquette Beats
Duquette Beats Acum 14 ore
Conspiracy.. Lol. Im sure pete being in the league is creditable. I believe it.
Lil Durkio
Lil Durkio Acum 14 ore
TeresaRoxas McDonell
TeresaRoxas McDonell Acum 14 ore
I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on ROpost cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative
ツGULAG GUARDS Acum 14 ore
Stupid fight i've ever seen