Funniest Cricket Moments
Khalid Popalzai
Khalid Popalzai Acum 4 ore
I actually do see some Messi in that guy
Brady Doyle
Brady Doyle Acum 4 ore
Where is VIK!
Josh High
Josh High Acum 4 ore
Where is Sidemen cricket
Callum Mcgibbon
Callum Mcgibbon Acum 4 ore
React to Gaelic football next
Pavs Acum 4 ore
Wee Valdo
Wee Valdo Acum 4 ore
#1 on trending for gaming again 😂😂
prafull gupta
prafull gupta Acum 4 ore
Please make that video!!! Sidemen plays cricket!!!
Flashyboi35 Acum 4 ore
They should react to AFL (australian football league) big hits
planner87 Acum 4 ore
Deepdown JJ is mad that Tobi and Simon didn't shit all over it
Dylan Hunt
Dylan Hunt Acum 4 ore
R.I.P Maradona the legend
React to best catches in cricket
Zeke Stroud
Zeke Stroud Acum 4 ore
Sidemen react to here comes the boom football hits
Sean Chin
Sean Chin Acum 4 ore
Sidemen react to Nutcracker compilation by Ozzy man reviews.Pls like so there can see.
Sizzle Acum 4 ore
what i've learned from this: Humans are the virus, covid is tryna depopulate and is the hero
Kian Claffey
Kian Claffey Acum 4 ore
Sidemen should wacht hurling hardest hits
Ik ben DiscoSmurff
Ik ben DiscoSmurff Acum 4 ore
I play cricket and it is definitely better than football
Jai Venturoni
Jai Venturoni Acum 4 ore
I'm not a cricket fan but cricket is more entertaining than Ethan's videos
Yugifan 207
Yugifan 207 Acum 4 ore
Sidemen, react to Sidemen mic effects/lags/funny moments next
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen Acum 4 ore
Make a reacting to NBA funniest moments
Yeetyangyong Acum 4 ore
Ethan:I have 300 hours in rocket league Me:Times that by ten and you have my hours
SnagUrBoards Acum 4 ore
Chicago bulls mascot
Luke harris
Luke harris Acum 4 ore
why fielding anything else would actually be funny
ana banana
ana banana Acum 4 ore
anything that can be made from plastic can also be made from hemp, which is biodegradable.
TajWitDaDrako 4KT
TajWitDaDrako 4KT Acum 4 ore
Rajshrik Ghimire
Rajshrik Ghimire Acum 4 ore
“If you are in a simulation would you choose that ugly face” 2020
TooLate Acum 4 ore
How's the wind moving from FOOTBALL to CRICKET????? So happy now to see my sport . Plz suggest these folks to watch top sixes and top fielding and top everything!! (edit) Not as i expected But This was die died death over video Hope u see another better clip
Cooper Wnek
Cooper Wnek Acum 4 ore
Do a Rugby Best Steps
ana banana
ana banana Acum 4 ore
big up josh for firming this video with his anxiety and all that - it was probably really difficult despite him joking around to cope!
Ayush Sharda
Ayush Sharda Acum 4 ore
To be fair there Kane Richardson looked like Messi
Quenx YT
Quenx YT Acum 4 ore
heart attack gun is meta tho
Noah Hilliar
Noah Hilliar Acum 4 ore
“That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time” *bruh what kind of friends have you got*
THADZ Acum 4 ore
When people try to be better but take it to the next level:
Pike Acum 4 ore
Ethan: "I don't get ill" Literally 1 week later: *is ill*
Mutoba 2507
Mutoba 2507 Acum 4 ore
JJ don't need Redit. He has 6 Sidemen to bully him hahahha
Jztx cuz
Jztx cuz Acum 4 ore
Yall should off left josh the same in the thumbnail
not_hawamdeh Acum 4 ore
This might be the most disliked video on youtube
Burls Acum 4 ore
Cricket video was to shit was it
Munir Shaikh
Munir Shaikh Acum 4 ore
I am traumatized, I guess I gotta go to a counselor. Mate this needs to be age restricted. pls.
Manan Mk
Manan Mk Acum 4 ore
I think everyone would love to watch sidemen play cricket! This wasn't cricket funny moments this was cricket fails
Martin Peda
Martin Peda Acum 4 ore
tennis funny moments?
Nic Sim
Nic Sim Acum 4 ore
He got caught because he did it while the camera was pointed directly on Bancroft in the Australian cricket team game
M Madkor
M Madkor Acum 4 ore
Why is vikk so dead man!? Please don't use him in reaction videos, he's dead imo
nathanh11143 Acum 4 ore
Sidemen react to sidemen read mean tweets 2
Robbie Coe
Robbie Coe Acum 4 ore
Viks shoulder annoy anyone else? 😂
Rakshith br
Rakshith br Acum 4 ore
Cricket is 100 times better than football .. 22 players running around kicking a ball wtf is that😂
Creep vids
Creep vids Acum 4 ore
Sam Newman
Sam Newman Acum 4 ore
Couldve reacted to nut shots but completely fucked it
Tomas Holt
Tomas Holt Acum 4 ore
Rocket league slaps
Andy Brah
Andy Brah Acum 4 ore
funny how josh said he could have murdered someone and just been calling her a karen, he literally did murder her husband not too long after this :/
DAM 4216-8
DAM 4216-8 Acum 4 ore
Josh's voice cracks very rarely but when it does it cracks VERY badly lmao
Craigie14 Acum 4 ore
Do amazing catches in cricket
Ned Jones
Ned Jones Acum 4 ore
Do Ozzie man and AFL
Fifa20 Archive compilation
Fifa20 Archive compilation Acum 4 ore
Funny f1
Jordan Fletcher
Jordan Fletcher Acum 4 ore
Sidemen watch AFL hits or marks or goals? They could see if they could do a video with the UK AFL team
rabin baral
rabin baral Acum 4 ore
POV - ur reading thus in your mind
rabin baral
rabin baral Acum 4 ore
Its this instead of thus
Burls Acum 4 ore
Rugby league big hits
_phayobe_ Acum 4 ore
as a cricket player i agree that is not funny unless ur playing or ur there so yeah ahahha
N Patyo67
N Patyo67 Acum 4 ore
React to sth F1 related maybe?
chelsea mraovic
chelsea mraovic Acum 4 ore
Please react to just tattoo of us Geordie version
Jimmy max
Jimmy max Acum 4 ore
React to mark goal bridge
Green Raptor11
Green Raptor11 Acum 4 ore
React to jake Paul vs ksi trailer by bim
Mohammed Yasar
Mohammed Yasar Acum 4 ore
Please play cricket and make a video out of it
Rory Dew
Rory Dew Acum 5 ore
I have played cricket for six years and I'm going to cringe if they ever play
thedashingthriller 625
thedashingthriller 625 Acum 5 ore
Just love how they used Indian cricket team as a clickbait..
Jaidyn Tran
Jaidyn Tran Acum 5 ore
Please react to ozzyman
Abdullah Alenzi
Abdullah Alenzi Acum 5 ore
Plz react to Ali g interviews jj and harry better be there wicked init
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Acum 5 ore
I wish they could react to biggest rugby tackels
Jim Crow
Jim Crow Acum 5 ore
Hope he burns in hell am I right guys. Hell you maradonut
SleepDeprivedDaniel Acum 5 ore
biniyam zawudie
biniyam zawudie Acum 5 ore
i was so happy when jj said lets find another video :(
test driving
test driving Acum 5 ore
Please don’t do a sidemen cricket 🙏🏼
Eren Nova
Eren Nova Acum 5 ore
The ultimate content creator Ethan Payne, clearly this channel isn't worthy of his almighty presence, having to put up with these peasants. It's not as if they have carried his career, and turned him from a nobody to someone who is able to not give a shit and still gain an equal amount as the rest.
Shannon Desa
Shannon Desa Acum 5 ore
sidemen reacts to gary the goat (in particular the video titled “C****”)
CrazyCorz Acum 5 ore
JJ 🤦‍♂️
E-8Th KAEADD Acum 5 ore
Number one for gaming?
Abdulwahid Mohammad
Abdulwahid Mohammad Acum 5 ore
Ethan killed the whole video’s vibe ngl
John Doe
John Doe Acum 5 ore
sidemen if your listening at least react to fighting in sports not this rubbish its not funny at all
Jack Rudge
Jack Rudge Acum 5 ore
Golf fails
Abdulwahid Mohammad
Abdulwahid Mohammad Acum 5 ore
Brooo you guys need to react to ozzy man cricket nut shots review
J3XLEY Acum 5 ore
ah ha haha big funny