Legacy Season 2 Episode 209
ma. de lourdes trejo hernandez
ma. de lourdes trejo hernandez Acum 4 ore
Hola a todas, que atormentada está la escritora, por favor deje ya las armas,y los gritos,no la alargue, como con la promesa,pierde la brújula y al final nos cambia la historia,y hasta los actores, ojalá está no la alargue, nos vemos el lunes, que todas tengan un excelente fin de semana, saludos desde México
Manorama Tripathy
Manorama Tripathy Acum 4 ore
Munevver don't leave us mid way dear .pls translate only d vital conversation.
C Romulus
C Romulus Acum 4 ore
Ali and the gang at the police station have their hands full with this newcomer. They will break her down emotionally very soon.
Dulcelene Maria Benicio
Dulcelene Maria Benicio Acum 4 ore
Si eu fosse o Yaman pegava o Yosuf e largava a Seher pra trás rapidinha ela baixava a guarda
Papon Tabassum
Papon Tabassum Acum 4 ore
Please someone give us the english translation of the whole eposode 210...i do not understand turkish... I saw the short clips with english subtitles but also want to know the other dialogues of this episode
Malki Mts
Malki Mts Acum 4 ore
Without subtitles...😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Sunitha Babu
Sunitha Babu Acum 4 ore
Thanks for the English subtitles . Too much of hatred will be boring
BEATRIZ Acum 4 ore
D. Benders
D. Benders Acum 4 ore
Yaman is enjoying the "she version" of him. 😁
nayana malur
nayana malur Acum 4 ore
I loved this episode to see the attachment Yusuf and his uncle yaman share with each other.heart melting acting of both .
Батма Абдибаитова
Батма Абдибаитова Acum 4 ore
Lucky Susan
Lucky Susan Acum 4 ore
The background music 🎶 good
Alexandra Guerrero
Alexandra Guerrero Acum 4 ore
Why is Yusuf always exposing Seher? 😂😂
Fatmata Conteh
Fatmata Conteh Acum 4 ore
Very happy this witch there cup os full
Fatmata Conteh
Fatmata Conteh Acum 4 ore
Papon Tabassum
Papon Tabassum Acum 4 ore
Want to yusuf-seher convo... Can anyone translated it into english?
Dalia Preldakaj
Dalia Preldakaj Acum 4 ore
This new police officer should be removed. Her part should end as soon as possible. She screams a lot because she has mental iss
Kathia L
Kathia L Acum 4 ore
Seher .. de donde salió tanto odio???
Евгения Белоусова
Евгения Белоусова Acum 4 ore
Да, о ребёнке забыли
Virginia Wells
Virginia Wells Acum 4 ore
I will wait a little, with the hope that some kind soul will translate these episodes for us in English, as I have been a dedicated fan of Emanet from the beginning. This drama has got me watching Turkish dramas with English subtitles, as well as those translated by dedicated translators. I now have an armful of Turkish words under my belt and am so pleased I know a little Turkish (for example, burak, afvatos, susuh, amchar, taizer, taman, etc) thanks to our dedicated translators like Mihrilee and other beautiful souls. For the love of Emanet, please someone come forward and translate this very very amazing, intense series (which I love so very much to watch) for your english speaking fans. God bless.
Maria Trancho
Maria Trancho Acum 4 ore
Creo que en esta temporada muere yaman e visto muchos comentarios que el muere para mí seher se queda con nerim no veo un buen final en está novela.
Carolina Araque
Carolina Araque Acum 4 ore
No puede ser si va a doler y lloraremos con Seher. Tanto luchar y que no termine, Osea como la novela de Yemin que murió la protagonista. Bueno hasta ahi se mirara. Porque yo vi a Yemin hasta que murió la protagonista.
00 00
00 00 Acum 4 ore
File test all over again this time seher is the angry one find but do not drag like the file test if you can do time skips to get the story moving you do not need to drag, naz loves her drama maybe by friday next week 215 dugyu has sovled kevser murder or yaman told the truth. Seher will be questioned by dugyu but yaman will not say anything againist seher, he has the gun so dugyu can prove seher was there & called the ambulance but not that she shot yaman without yamans statement he may say the guy that shot him was helping seher and shot yaman and got scared and ran and seher took that moment to run from her sisters killer but could not let him die and called the ambulance and is if firat warns yaman or seher dugyu is investigating yamans shooting.
Mak Ze
Mak Ze Acum 4 ore
it all repeats itself again the writer is weak, she lacks ideas
Mona Thevar
Mona Thevar Acum 4 ore
This author who writes this story, she makes seher character looks like a women with no brains, the character believes everyone she meets on the street except yaman whom she married,
Sueli Santos
Sueli Santos Acum 4 ore
Meu Deus que olhar de Yaman pra saher❤️❤️
marianna.trench21 Acum 4 ore
Alicia Aguilera
Alicia Aguilera Acum 4 ore
Que guapo se ve , lo amo
Sans2domicilefix roberts
Sans2domicilefix roberts Acum 4 ore
Seher become worse than anyone in Kırımlı House.. She has no doubt that Yaman is not a killer, after all they went through, felt in loved with him, thinking of Yusuf best being.. 👎 🙆‍♂️ Just one sentence made her killer too, not to thinking what is the best to Yusuf education and mental health, future, and exposure child to not to have elementary needs :health, education, socialisation, safe home... She become just blind egoist for revenge without proof.. 👎 🙆‍♂️ So sad... From such a great values girl.. she became an animal searching for blood... So whats deference is between her and Ikbal and her sister??? No one.. they have same exuses and couse to get what they want without no mercy... If she loved Yaman she would research doubt or find some proof of evidence to blaim him... despite what he said to her!!! Why he changed for good for sake of family, did everything to keep them together and just in one sentence ruined all... For Seher was easier to point finger on him than listen heart and search for truth... She never loved Yaman... 👎 Actually she still doesn't know what love is... So pitty...
Meaalofa Lalau-Taia Salanoa
Meaalofa Lalau-Taia Salanoa Acum 4 ore
Can't wait for the truth to come out, Seher got really sucked in by Iqbal😂😂 exciting episodes ahead👀👀😁
Teresa Rivas
Teresa Rivas Acum 4 ore
Por favor que Manet sea en español país Chile
samsung samsung
samsung samsung Acum 4 ore
so pity zuhal yaman arms only for his lady love
Gaby Shreve
Gaby Shreve Acum 4 ore
Yaman Is vicious to Seher, Seher is vicious to Yaman, it's a vicious cycle! Deep sigh 😔 One learned to love from the other, and the other learned to hate, a vicious cycle! 😢🤧
Maryam Manzoor
Maryam Manzoor Acum 4 ore
Sultan Hala is back .i miss her .most welcome to emanet 😊
Rukayat Chowdhury
Rukayat Chowdhury Acum 4 ore
Yaman’s face when she breaks the frame 😭😭
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Pobre Yusuf😭😭
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Esa nueva comisario es bien odiosa
Kathia L
Kathia L Acum 4 ore
Wow …. It’s getting better and better - Seher what is going on with you ???????????!
Alexandra Guerrero
Alexandra Guerrero Acum 4 ore
This scene is so funny lmao, Yaman was so uncomfortable 😂😂
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 Acum 4 ore
Seher sooner you will regret everything what you said to him, the bad words that hurt his feelings because he need to protect his brother it doesn't matter that he endured everything as long as you and Yusuf are safe inside his house and he can see you everyday.
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Seher nada más le falta pegarle, Yaman ya no te quiere
Kathia L
Kathia L Acum 4 ore
Seher … I’m so impressed with you . You have a temper and I feel for Yaman - ☹️… excellent acting by The actors 👏 👏 👏👏👏🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥰
Julia Satyavani
Julia Satyavani Acum 4 ore
English subtitles please
رقيه رقيه
رقيه رقيه Acum 4 ore
ممكن اسم المسلسل
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Seher como lastima a Yaman, pero el se lo busco por no decir la verdad
Rashida Yadally
Rashida Yadally Acum 4 ore
Love Halil n yusuf feel vry sad for them 😭😭😭
Teresa Tufiño
Teresa Tufiño Acum 4 ore
De risa esta segunda temporada 😅😅😅 Ahora se voltearon los papeles. Uffff!! Vamos de mal en peor. Era lógico que iba a empezar mal esta temporada 🤦‍♀️😬 haber cuando se digna, Nazzzz!!! En darnos un poco de alegría con esta pareja 😐🤔
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Cuando será el día que Yaman le diga que no mato a la hermana de Seher
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
Celene Acosta
Celene Acosta Acum 4 ore
Though Global EMANATICS are suffering aswell, there was a positive transpired when she left. Yaman saw the determine, brave, resilient woman in Seher that she's a warrior and a survival. Actually they are alike just like Yaman said he sees Seher when he face the mirror he overcomed all his adversities in life. Their only difference was Seher is more transparent towards her situation and her feelings, at least, Yaman knows her reason acting the way she does but Seher won't even have a clue towards him changing so sudden. 😍🤩😘🌎🌍🌎💖💞
Bella Prados
Bella Prados Acum 4 ore
sudip zamaika
sudip zamaika Acum 4 ore
I only saw hatred in seher's eyes, but yemen never gave up showing his love
latafat aslanova
latafat aslanova Acum 4 ore
Yaman,sen Sehere qarsi cox sebirlisen..Agilli insan
Nandhu Acum 4 ore
What can we expect from naz .this is what she is always trying to show us full of hatred and screaming ,torturing each other ,these all are like stuff for naz ,I think she will be Happy after watching and writing such script.this is what naz style how can we forget about her way of writing in season 1 205 episode so terrible 😢. Finally she came back to mansion ,do fight for ur pain but don't leave yaman . But seher is behaving same like yaman. Now it's yaman turn to bear all this .but I don't think so he will be calm after her .
Sema Ferid Ramic
Sema Ferid Ramic Acum 4 ore
I don't know why Seher is not angry with her self because she never ever helped her sister Kevser when she needed help. Sick lady with small child, dead husband all alone .No father, mother, husband...can't stop me from seeing and helping my sister or brother. Way so much anger is that guilt you neglected your sister. Think Seher maybe you can be killer of your sister too.
Sema Ferid Ramic
Sema Ferid Ramic Acum 4 ore
@00 00 What kind of father is that!!! Sister to . No excuses.
00 00
00 00 Acum 4 ore
She did not know her sister was sick because seher father stopped her from seeing her sister all those years .
maria rute antunes samaniego
maria rute antunes samaniego Acum 4 ore
Louca 😤😤
Marilene Souza
Marilene Souza Acum 5 ore
Seher esta fazendo o mesmo o que o yaman fez com ela na época do dossiê
Alexandra Guerrero
Alexandra Guerrero Acum 5 ore
I'm re-watching the old and beautiful episodes since the new season seems like a nightmare 😭😓
Fatmata Conteh
Fatmata Conteh Acum 5 ore
That good she have lean a lesson now adn she will be more catefull now
Maricruz Salazar
Maricruz Salazar Acum 5 ore
Tanto odio en su corazon no se puede tener....debe haber una salida PRONTO!!!!!!😢😭😡💔
Fatmata Conteh
Fatmata Conteh Acum 5 ore
Yamen broke his married because of stupidity when u get married do hot Allow anybody to get into ur relationship ur married will start broke down may God help us
Maria Santana
Maria Santana Acum 5 ore
El abuelo que han traído no lo han puesto muy inteligente porque lo que tenia era que pincharle la rueda al carro
อัลฟา สุธีมนต์
อัลฟา สุธีมนต์ Acum 5 ore
คุณป้าสุลต่าน น่ารักที่สุด😂🤣😅🤣ชอบนางค่ะ
Angelica Vera
Angelica Vera Acum 5 ore
Seher entiendo que estes enojada ,pero dejar que cualquiera maltrate al Yaman eso si no como te atreves 😕😕😕
Fatmata Conteh
Fatmata Conteh Acum 5 ore
Teman broke bis married because if stupidity if u are married do not Allow anybody to enter into ur relationship u married will being yo broker down may God help us
Rose Joachim
Rose Joachim Acum 5 ore
Is getting 🌶 in here. Thanks for sharing
Alexandra Guerrero
Alexandra Guerrero Acum 5 ore
The good thing is that the new commissar will be in charge of Yaman's case, since Ali and his team are useless
Fe Balangatan
Fe Balangatan Acum 5 ore
They should put English subtitle for us international Emanet fans
R MN Acum 5 ore
No matter how angry you are my dear Seher, you still look beautiful. That is why Yaman cannot resist you🥰😘You are so damn cool Yaman bey. We are proud of you👍
fa gfzilah hassan
fa gfzilah hassan Acum 5 ore
No mehrilee subtitle...where she is
Iraci Sens
Iraci Sens Acum 5 ore
Foi o casamento mais lindo que vi em uma série, parabéns
Patricia Quintana
Patricia Quintana Acum 5 ore
La cosa es ...cuando Sheder sepa la verdad y Yaman se canse de luchar que hará ella?
maria rute antunes samaniego
maria rute antunes samaniego Acum 5 ore
😜😡🤮 muito chata seher Não pensa no yusuf.. yamam fazia De tdo pelo sobrinho.ela só pensa na dor dela 🤦
Myrzee Roai Tan
Myrzee Roai Tan Acum 5 ore
Expressive eyes hali ibrham.and charming eyes seher perfect combination
Grace Bell
Grace Bell Acum 5 ore
Please can some one share where you can watch full episodes english subtitles . Much appreciated.
Paun Nuti
Paun Nuti Acum 5 ore
Episoadele sunt foarte interesante dar daca nu ne dati traducerea suntem fara niciun inteles va rugam frumos domnul sa va binecuvinteze
AnneThewie Acum 5 ore
The suffering of love has no end...what a sad ☹️☹️
Beatriz Brum
Beatriz Brum Acum 5 ore
Vamos lavar a roupa suja em casa!!!!
sunshine03 Acum 5 ore
Ok I hope there is some crazy passionate sexual tension between these two because some how some way they need to consemate their marriage. They love each other to the ends of the earth but they are so stubborn.
Alexandra Guerrero
Alexandra Guerrero Acum 5 ore
Welcome back Seher Kirimli 😂
Paun Nuti
Paun Nuti Acum 5 ore
Ce spun rominii