Марина Малтыз
Марина Малтыз Acum 3 ore
Браво)))))Потрясающе)))))))))))))Как рада, что могу слышать эту легендарную группу)))))До слез)))Браво)))))
Dwight Dodd
Dwight Dodd Acum 3 ore
in my opinion,abba"s BEST work !!!!!!!!!!! The girls voices are PERFECT !!!!!!!!! the beat,mesmorizing........never get tired hearing this rendition.....
Uriel1024 Acum 3 ore
Compre la colección de ABBA en Amazon los álbumes en long play definitivamente no suenan bien... Tengo los discos de aquellos años y tienen una mejor calidad de sonido... No les ha pasado?🤭🤭🤭
Politeness Poppin
Politeness Poppin Acum 3 ore
Check out GLITTER DOGS. Good old school melodic music like we remember. Also on Spotify. Enjoy!’
Acum 3 ore
They are so gorgeous
Be the Light
Be the Light Acum 3 ore
Very nice... didn't stop listening to them in the first place...I 💕 ABBA
Daniel Challenger
Daniel Challenger Acum 3 ore
I wish I could be old enough to have memories for every flashback in the video. Pretty sure I would be sobbing.
Politeness Poppin
Politeness Poppin Acum 3 ore
It was great....
Ed Smith
Ed Smith Acum 3 ore
Reassurance everything will be ok
perpetualnadeem Acum 3 ore
What a comeback song, ABBA. Yes, we still have faith in you, legends!
Lois Cooper
Lois Cooper Acum 3 ore
Genuine love at that table
zombee38 Acum 3 ore
Sexy imperfections they showed and were not afraid of it !
hec mahalka
hec mahalka Acum 3 ore
Esperaba a salir Dart punk 🙇
Marky Boy
Marky Boy Acum 3 ore
It's my ex. A stalker. Ha.
ainigriv 🕊🐈
ainigriv 🕊🐈 Acum 3 ore
Nothing has changed! Doesn't really go with today's music 😕
Leandro Arteaga Vega
Leandro Arteaga Vega Acum 3 ore
"But tell me does she kiss like i used to kiss you?" How can one answer that question ?
Marie Sweden
Marie Sweden Acum 3 ore
Marie Sweden
Marie Sweden Acum 3 ore
❤ ❤❤
Ramon Navarrete
Ramon Navarrete Acum 3 ore
i honestly love how agnetha puts her headphones on her forehead so i wouldn't ruin her hair.
karim alcaraz
karim alcaraz Acum 3 ore
I read somewhere they would come up with 10 new songs in this new album, is that for real?
Anthony Donnelly
Anthony Donnelly Acum 4 ore
Total abba pure class
Summer Sands
Summer Sands Acum 4 ore
Awesome! Welcome back. You have been missed.
Clinton gilson
Clinton gilson Acum 4 ore
That look on my face a few days in where I realized the intro was the chorus in a lower key...
Laura Lind
Laura Lind Acum 4 ore
It looks like a Zoom meeting at the start!
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Acum 4 ore
Its good to see Abba back with a brand new album i enjoyed this song Agnetha and Anni still look great
Luckie21 Acum 4 ore
The whole song is a foreshadowing of what will happen after the divorce. Yes, the girls sung the songs, but the men wrote them. Without the men, the girls were just singing heads. They went nowhere despite their 'talent.' That's what feminism looks like.
Leandro Arteaga Vega
Leandro Arteaga Vega Acum 3 ore
Oh common don't be ridiculous without those "singing heads" those song could has been good but never reach the impact the get, otherwise there would has been covers even more successful than the originals, that's the magic of ABBA: the sum of their parts
XTNJBN Acum 4 ore
i love you ABBA!!!!!!
ar3al_ BOI
ar3al_ BOI Acum 4 ore
Im 13 and i know this song sice i was 3 glad my grandparents and parents on this song and other classics
its_thy Acum 4 ore
I swear like 75% of things i like are from Sweden, and i’m not even complaining
Никита Зотов
Никита Зотов Acum 4 ore
Самая прекрасная музыка что я слышал!
Shriram Acum 4 ore
How the hell can they still sing like this after 50 years?
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Acum 4 ore
Tysm for the memories. I sang this when I was in Grade 2. 🤗😊
Juan Antonio Moreno
Juan Antonio Moreno Acum 4 ore
Why does this song get to me so much? It is very emotional.
Alex Sandro Falcão
Alex Sandro Falcão Acum 4 ore
Essa banda é maravilhosa, deixou uma saudade, junto com uma dor, de não poder voltar mais a esse tempo de ouro.
helen koh
helen koh Acum 4 ore
Thank you for the song Abba
De Colombia..los amo..que hermoso grupo..que hermosas mujeres y que espectaculares voses..Dios los vendiga..🥰🥰💞💗💓
•мυғғιn• Acum 4 ore
That's cool af, I envy those who will go to that hologram revolutionary concert in London
Rodrigo Manzatto
Rodrigo Manzatto Acum 4 ore
Danny Clarke Macomber
Danny Clarke Macomber Acum 4 ore
Who doesnt love abba..... best music for all occasions.
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez Acum 4 ore
Es una canción que conecta con Dios 😢
Rick Whitehead
Rick Whitehead Acum 4 ore
I actually really like the more mature lower register voices. They have great tonal quality and richness. In some ways their 70+ year old voices are better than when they were young.
SilentKnight43 Acum 4 ore
Me too! Aged like fine wine.
Earl Ocampo
Earl Ocampo Acum 4 ore
Amazing. Great song. Thanks ABBA
chib chan
chib chan Acum 5 ore
Omg cher 😭
TOUGH ED YT Acum 5 ore
alexis uwuu
alexis uwuu Acum 5 ore
Nashe 😏🍔
Abigail Calvi
Abigail Calvi Acum 5 ore
I thank my dad for teaching me the hustle dance to this song we blow the dance floor away when it comes to summmer night concerts at the gazebo with tribute bands playing disco ;P
Jeremy Acum 5 ore
Dato Curioso: esta canción fue la canción elegida para la ceremonia de clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos de Syndey 2000 🥰🥰
Raul Maper
Raul Maper Acum 5 ore
Homero Simpson bailando está hermosa canción. Grandes ABBA
tui là tom
tui là tom Acum 5 ore
Bai nhac duoc phat tren tv nhung ngay giap têt nam 2000.luc đo nge nao nưc têt lăm.
Baby's in Black
Baby's in Black Acum 5 ore
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
scott beaudry
scott beaudry Acum 5 ore
I grew up listening to ABBA. This morning I was watching a video about the latest song that they produced. All four members appeared in the video and showed how they look now in 2021. They have aged well and look great.
Rosalia Aguilera
Rosalia Aguilera Acum 5 ore
No entiendo😕
Jommy Rumbos
Jommy Rumbos Acum 5 ore
Amazing i love you Abba
Aquaman Acum 5 ore
I don't know what I was expecting, but I was hoping for something exciting and energetic. Instead of a ...We are back song, it feels like a.....GOODBYE... song. They created some of the best songs ever, and many of them are still played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. But this? ....What is this?... I loved & still love ABBA! But this song wasn't made by ABBA, it was made by SAD-DEPRESSING-abba. Now I need to go to listen to my Old Happy ABBA songs. RIP abba!!
Emmanuelle Acum 5 ore
Eu sou essa menina de vermelho se acabando de dançar 😂😂😂❤️
Rosalia Aguilera
Rosalia Aguilera Acum 5 ore
Rosalia Aguilera
Rosalia Aguilera Acum 5 ore
Me ace llorar😭
Turin Horse
Turin Horse Acum 5 ore
ABBA IS REAL TALENT. no autotune needed here
Alejandro Longopas
Alejandro Longopas Acum 5 ore
Cada vez que leo los comentarios de aquellos que sienten en su corazón a ABBA, me siento identificado y me conmuevo. El que ha vivido sabe que los sueños no siempre se cumplen cuando uno espera. Quizás por eso, esta caricia sobre el alma de aquellos que hemos custodiado celosamente su música durante años, nos toca justo en este momento de confusión, tristeza, enojo y oscuridad. Si lo meditas bien, la letra y el tono de "I Still Have Faith In You" está plena de gratitud y tiene chispazos de ese tiempo pasado que hemos compartido. Si cierras tus ojos por un momento, mientras los escuchas, sentirás como yo que volvieron por nosotros, y que este regreso momentáneo es un beso en la frente. :)
Sercomedy Acum 5 ore
_Temazo_ Por algo será que le gusta al Creador de Therion.
Jojo foucault
Jojo foucault Acum 5 ore
Gustavo Romero
Gustavo Romero Acum 5 ore
De Suecia para el mundo.. ABBA ETERNOS!!.
Vicken Kodjaian
Vicken Kodjaian Acum 5 ore
ABBA. you are for eternity. Hundreds of years from now people will continue listening your songs. As for you future generations. Love ABBA. Listen ABBA.
Katia Legardien
Katia Legardien Acum 5 ore
RIng, RIng, thx 4 2 give me a call , be4 I leave (also)4 $o LOng ;-)yay ! Xx. 😇
mallaka8 Acum 5 ore
I hope they realise what they mean to people.
Анна Ку
Анна Ку Acum 5 ore
Не нужно аббатаров, выходите на сцену вас ждут и любят миллионы фанатов по всему миру, мы любим вас такими какие вы есть сколько бы лет вам ни было. ❤ 40 лет... Время лечит всё.
Katia Legardien
Katia Legardien Acum 5 ore
We all (2gether) came FRom O$tend to celebrITe here ;-)
Litia Vikatoria
Litia Vikatoria Acum 5 ore
ABBA FOREVER N EVER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ferries and S&EB Trackers
Ferries and S&EB Trackers Acum 5 ore
I listened to this on bbc radio Devon and Solent
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Acum 5 ore
What is this sorcery? Never been a fan before, but can't stop listening to this song and it gets me every time. 40 years and you guys come back with this. It's freakin 10/10!!!
Katia Legardien
Katia Legardien Acum 5 ore
I Can't take a chance on a chick like u u nou , lol
Rick Whitehead
Rick Whitehead Acum 5 ore
This song's been stuck in my head for the last five days - even at night.
Emerita Haro
Emerita Haro Acum 5 ore
Lindas canciones de todos los tiempos
Joe Martins
Joe Martins Acum 6 ore
Esto es muy grato por parte de ABBA el mejor recuerdo para siempre de su extraordinaria música.Preciosa canción como todas las que hicieran,gracias ABBA.
Bloody Macbeth
Bloody Macbeth Acum 6 ore
Disco Disco! Fizzy bubblech?
Thu Trang
Thu Trang Acum 6 ore
Ngày bé mỗi lần nghe thấy bài hát này là háo hức lắm. Vì biết Tết đã về , được nghỉ học, được ăn kẹo bánh thỏa thích, được mua quần áo mới. Bây giờ nghe lại thấy buồn mang mác. Tuổi thơ ơi...
Paul Weatherby
Paul Weatherby Acum 6 ore
They eventually changed their lineup and became The Sweet.
Tati BTS BUTTER Acum 6 ore
I love this!
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley Acum 6 ore
What is the outer layer of the sun called? Hint , think about crown.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Acum 5 ore
und magisch. 💖
Callum Mcall
Callum Mcall Acum 6 ore
Beautiful, shame you all missed on the lyrics!... Bring it on. eht eht eht