Tones And I - Fly Away
Beabadoobee - Care
Acum 16 Zile
Givēon - Stuck on You
Perfume Genius - Jason
Annie Jaquelin
Annie Jaquelin Acum 11 ore
The aromatic hip pathophysiologically knock because oil aboaly rub off a jumpy call. ambitious, determined goal
nobody Acum 11 ore
to be honest, i don’t really get why people were mad at him for the joke ngl
Soham Roy
Soham Roy Acum 11 ore
Michael Madsen is ♥️
Chhana Blues
Chhana Blues Acum 11 ore
You are the sexiest man alive Jimmy🤭
Virshaan Virk
Virshaan Virk Acum 11 ore
So weird seeing joe in a suit
ilike oneclicks
ilike oneclicks Acum 11 ore
The adorable lasagna chemically cheer because ship logically whisper on a confused beauty. sticky, giant diploma
Look Over There
Look Over There Acum 11 ore
Red, White and Blue.
Neo Acum 11 ore
I don't blame Bobbe tbh. I hardly remember my own name these days.
Dislike him now making stupid comments in media !!! Stupid !!
Jeremy Thelen
Jeremy Thelen Acum 11 ore
Did Brad Pitt get a facelift to look like George Clooney? Damn!
SASoft Corp
SASoft Corp Acum 11 ore
Did anyone feel that Clooney stayed away from all media during drump days?
rainfeathermedic Acum 11 ore
[email protected] Celebrity Penitentiary
SJ Gameplay
SJ Gameplay Acum 11 ore
I want him to be the next Bond so bad...
neondex 9110
neondex 9110 Acum 11 ore
Hes my childhood hero! He will always be my faworite ❤️
hh23 hh23
hh23 hh23 Acum 11 ore
My #1 spotify was veasce on the floor by bruno marrs..then dance with me by olly murrs..then music to my soul by celo love george micheal an eighties teen and up!!
mgt2010fla Acum 11 ore
Just send the vaccine to International Falls MN and they can store it outside on the sidewalk and if you really want to get the vaccine you'll will make the trip!
Kevin D
Kevin D Acum 11 ore
imagine Jimmy and Sal as kids... oh man lol
MATT R Acum 11 ore
Wait we have to close small businesses and stay home and can't be caught outside after 10pm but we can let Hollywood elites do whatever they want this is b.s. plus Jimmy and Guiermo aren't wearing mask?
M Love Spring
M Love Spring Acum 11 ore
Yes...still love Clooney.
ANGEL Acum 11 ore
Good job Ducey!!!
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno Acum 11 ore
...papà stronzo!!!!😂😂 asshole dad!!
Rae Acum 11 ore
I knew every single one except the group of kids from the Netflix show cuz I don’t watch it lol
ANGEL Acum 11 ore
Yea! for Bill Barr!!!!!!
Sam Wiley
Sam Wiley Acum 11 ore
What she looking for
Kevin Welker
Kevin Welker Acum 11 ore
Trucks play Xmas music in my area 😂
エラー Acum 11 ore
Little puppet - class.
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens Acum 11 ore
Come on Bobby. FDR was president in 1933. Bush Jr was president in 2005. Damn.
Tosh T
Tosh T Acum 11 ore
*_"Is that the Heinz Baby?"_* 😂😂 Ketchup Baby for the win.
Creative Guy
Creative Guy Acum 11 ore
Whoever follows morons like Jimmy Kimmel and the Hollywood psychotics should be put out of their misery. What gives them the right to tell us what to think. Most are divorced, sex fiends and addicts. They live in fantasy land. Unless they are playing a part they are screwed up individuals. Come on Man! Is that where this country has gone.
Vincent Quiles
Vincent Quiles Acum 11 ore
I think is weird that I knew all the answers. I am 52, is that the magic age to tie new and old pop culture? Lol
Diane Marioana
Diane Marioana Acum 11 ore
He was not a great leader.He is just very personable. Beautiful smile and temperament.
Lila Tea
Lila Tea Acum 11 ore
I love the fact that Jimmy doesn't make the show all about himself... he always make sure that Guillermo is by his very side.
Ekkie101 Acum 11 ore
Notice the scary Santa was wearing green.
Skipadd Trotter
Skipadd Trotter Acum 11 ore
Joyce made my day!😂❤️😂
Cooper Hernick
Cooper Hernick Acum 11 ore
Distribution of the vaccine: 1:20
Juliana Louise Tan
Juliana Louise Tan Acum 11 ore
could that have been longer skit if he didnt slip? Funny still
armorhide406 Acum 11 ore
She'd make a great host. Should flirt like Craig Ferguson though lol she'd get away with it
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Acum 11 ore
I’m not stupid.
Benjie Benjamin
Benjie Benjamin Acum 11 ore
Those 2 sweet faced kids are just the cutest...adorable personalities. ❤
theveneti.gaming Acum 11 ore
why did no one mention the makeup from kimmel
TheDreamCatalyst Acum 11 ore
James OConnor
James OConnor Acum 11 ore
I need a flowbee! What sorcery is that contraption!
carolina fornetti
carolina fornetti Acum 11 ore
2:27 omg!!!!!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Acum 12 ore
Drugs have been delived in Ice Cream Trucks for decades.
Michael Young
Michael Young Acum 12 ore
Your evil and you know it Kimmel!
Leo Manoban
Leo Manoban Acum 12 ore
We need BLACKPINK surprising their fans!
Yktv. ellie
Yktv. ellie Acum 12 ore
Anyone in 2020?
tink b
tink b Acum 12 ore
I would b piss to not get the yeezys 🤣
Lizza Piccola
Lizza Piccola Acum 12 ore
Juimmy Kimmel still has the best show in town! Tres bien,Jimmy!
Normal Person
Normal Person Acum 12 ore
What you came for: 1:23
Keysha Johnson
Keysha Johnson Acum 12 ore
Damn that George Clooney is fine AF!!! 😆😍😆😍
Setekh Acum 12 ore
"Next Thanksgiving, you will be at Maralago, still screaming about...", HIllary's emails and:" this election", and the made up fraude, "eating spinach alone", like the loser he is.
The Le
The Le Acum 12 ore
When you are a lab dog and get slap. What a dam shame
Wes Acum 12 ore
Kimmel - The biggest sellout of all time.
Avital Lichtenfeld
Avital Lichtenfeld Acum 12 ore
The best Batman was obviously Joe Walker. (Please say if you understand the reference I want to find other Starkid fans.)
Ai Chan
Ai Chan Acum 12 ore
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Crispy Love
Crispy Love Acum 12 ore
St3v3 R
St3v3 R Acum 12 ore
Israeli girls can be... wowzers.. .. so gorgeous
Leonaldo Brum
Leonaldo Brum Acum 12 ore
WRONG! That was no "baby Yoda" - that was GOKU! Despite that everyone and their brother calls it "Yoda"...
freedonx Acum 12 ore
How even talks great about Bush's administration for the 2008 transition. Acknowledging the opposite party! Not many would say that
giannis noname
giannis noname Acum 12 ore
Took comedy to another level
Ab Acum 12 ore
“Who is your girlfriend” Guys: “Uhhhhhhhh, Thats a tough one..... Taylor?” Girlfriend: “No”
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez Acum 12 ore
Anyone else think this interview was weird
Abraham Stephen Jr
Abraham Stephen Jr Acum 12 ore
The game was fun!
crystalheart9 Acum 12 ore
Oh my gosh Jimmy is so funny!
Steve Stecko
Steve Stecko Acum 12 ore
Happy birthday Benji!
Everett Amador
Everett Amador Acum 12 ore
crimes being committed...yes...But not Election/Voter Fraud....
Ravinder Kumar Gurain
Ravinder Kumar Gurain Acum 12 ore
The wiry pleasure immunocytochemically hop because seashore assembly balance round a profuse sturgeon. shocking, clean pansy
SlasherPsych_2989_xXx Acum 12 ore
The fakest interview ever
NoMoreExcuses Acum 12 ore
"Stranzo" is "Stronzo", in italian is like asshole.
Rampage7 Acum 12 ore
Bobbe needs to get an ~occasional~ invite back on for various things. Granted Gumby has been around for over 65 years, Bobbe said she was born in ‘33. She would’ve been 19 or 20 (depending on which months are involved) when Gumby came out; not quite the childhood toy that would’ve been engrained in her mind... even if she were younger and did have one, that’s a long time to hold onto that factoid Me on the other hand, I was a product of the 80’s... I’ve got a fairly robust memory for characters, toy lines and other generally useless facts. Not as much as some people that are more obsessed as me, just more than most people who couldn’t care less
Rampage7 Acum 12 ore
Asiyah does not look 15... at first glance I thought she was maybe 18. Either way she did quite well
wiz101 player
wiz101 player Acum 12 ore
“Gordon doesn’t have a leash on his mouth, his mouth put leash on him” 😂😂
למה אתה קורא את זה?
למה אתה קורא את זה? Acum 12 ore
1:26 he can't see over anybody because he is asleep.🥊😴
Among Dream 2011
Among Dream 2011 Acum 12 ore
I don't know borat
gfan105 Acum 12 ore
Okay I actually DIED laughing wow
Amber T.
Amber T. Acum 12 ore
bobbe said KETCHUP BABY!!! edit--but that our gang set up was lame.
Just Saying
Just Saying Acum 12 ore
This lady was born right in the middle of a global depression and lived just long enough to witness the beginning of another one.
Robert Løken
Robert Løken Acum 12 ore
Why am I thinking Sean Connery when I see a slightly more mature Clooney?
BarryObaminable Acum 12 ore
2:30 sounds like he loved the 'adam corolla' comment
FiguraCinque Acum 12 ore
Stranzo! Geniale!