Are you okay out there?
Get On My Level.
Acum 26 Zile
Fellas Like You
Acum lună
I'm Sitting This One Out
Don't Stand By Me
Acum 3 luni
Am I in the right place?
Acum 3 luni
How bad do you want it?
The Giant
Acum 4 luni
Colonial Court Summons
Sully 2: Central Park
he just peed back there
Tucker's Last Stand
This is Jeff
Acum 5 luni
Doctor's Orders
Acum 5 luni
It's just table talk
The Asteroid Belt
Acum 6 luni
Psycho Mode
Acum 6 luni
The N.A.T.E. Method
Oi, Captain!
Acum 6 luni
Are those your dogs?
Pretend That You Love Me
Acum 7 luni
Joel House
Acum 7 luni
The End of Dating:
Acum 8 luni
How I Make a Movie Alone
Comedian Podcast
Acum 9 luni
The Bounty Hunter
Acum 9 luni
The Open Road
Acum 9 luni
The Petyrs
Acum 9 luni
Dirty Distancing (2020)
r/Tinder in a nutshell
Bortuga 2: Moretuga
Acum 10 luni
oh word?
Acum 10 luni
Tame Your Intensity
Acum 10 luni
TwoTime Acum oră
You used EbSynth on this, didn't you? It's amazxing how paired it is even with the mistakes.
Charles-Olivier Jean
Charles-Olivier Jean Acum oră
That one "MARSHALL", along with the music, is what true power is.
5MadMovieMakers Acum oră
And I would've have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for our sponsors Raid Shadow Legends and Nord VPN
SkateBoard progress 4653
SkateBoard progress 4653 Acum oră
True story; I new a kid like this in elementary school
MARGARET demko Acum oră
It’s like death as slowly everyone you know dies
NOS Acum oră
Now youtube thinks im gay and keeps sending me gay ads
T I-GUCCI Acum oră
Is this a lost Beatles music video? John Lennon be lookin a lil different in this...
animefreak broski
animefreak broski Acum oră
poor marshal...
Ghosty Toasty
Ghosty Toasty Acum oră
Thank you so much for your funny skits man, they help me get through the week
Macrons Acum oră
It's easy guys, just don't have friends
Oz Acum oră
"You know you can hurt my feelings, and i dont know why you insist on doing it". God a feel guilty about this one.
Twilight Gardens presentations
Twilight Gardens presentations Acum oră
So basically women resent being property in the past
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins Acum oră
two years ago on a visit to the philadelphia art museum i watched my sister moved to tears on a painting by Cy Twombly. I remember in that moment i could not understand the effect that piece had on her, I have been confused by that day since then. And now i understand her connection with that work on a level so personal i see this moment and the emotions i feel now as nearly indistinguishable. I have never been so struck by a film as this one. Id like to send my deepest gratitude to Joel and all other participants for this masterpiece.
-SmOl_ BEaN
-SmOl_ BEaN Acum oră
Wtf is going on
certified mammal
certified mammal Acum oră
0:40 two def people having a conversation
clayzulah Acum oră
I love this one. The structure and sound design are so weird and unexpected but it works so well.
Monsieur Ducks
Monsieur Ducks Acum oră
I feel a bit late watching you but I'm catching up with what you've made over the years. Really captivating stuff. The more I watched the comedic ones though, the more the earnest ones really hit the heart. You're not just sharing your life and mind but showing us the mutual struggles of the human experience. We're all trying to understand life, love, nostalgia, death, loss, and growth. Laughter is medicine this world needs while we confront life. We can't let it distract us, and that's why I especially appreciate these honest conversations you post from time to time. It makes the whole channel all the sweeter. I'm happy you got to record those stories and memories for you to look back on. Anyway, this video reminded me of the quote "No one you love is ever truly lost." We're strangers but I love you and anyone else reading this. -C
I LIKE BEANS!! Acum oră
Jesus loves u all so much
citroken Acum oră
Omg I remember going on a field trip with two other kids and one of the girl's mom was our guide. It was super unenjoyable because she wouldn't let us go try stuff other groups were doing and just followed her daughter around pampering her and buying her stuff. We also couldn't stay at each area that long even if we wanted to stop and look at something or spend longer in a gift shop because the girl wasn't interested or wanted to leave. It sucked, but that girl is one of my best friends now lol and she told me she felt bad her mom was like that and she didn't enjoy it much either
curry bread
curry bread Acum oră
Been there done that. Always the odd one out there
Protomodo Acum 2 ore
Bro, make a kickstarter, I will throw money at you to make more of these. Watched each one like 3+ times, cracks me the fuck up. I'm a big Oblivion fan, so extra funny. HUZZAH!
brunzmeflugen Acum 2 ore
I didn't. *I* didn't.
NXE Acum 2 ore
2:33 I just now noticed at the bottom of the screen, there is a loading cursor.
Nerds Playhouse
Nerds Playhouse Acum 2 ore
Lord Scorpian
Lord Scorpian Acum 2 ore
2:40 "I wasn't even _that_ corrupt"
Nelson Braendle
Nelson Braendle Acum 2 ore
I love these! Please keep making them!
jess pace
jess pace Acum 2 ore
Christian Deligero
Christian Deligero Acum 2 ore
Maryam Hayder
Maryam Hayder Acum 2 ore
Matt B
Matt B Acum 2 ore
The rat has a little pistol in a medieval based RPG... awesome..
Witty Mike
Witty Mike Acum 2 ore
0:26 woah..that is a cool rock.
Jenny Acum 2 ore
is this like a weird mixture of rotoscope and a filter?? ive never seen anything like it lmao
Nick Silva
Nick Silva Acum 2 ore
I've watched this more times then I care to admit.
Yogurt Tophat
Yogurt Tophat Acum 2 ore
Marshall’s identical twin: Marshall
Platonic Acum 2 ore
As more videos i see, as more i understand why they are funny. They are so uncomfortable true and it has something very rare these days. It's at least on filthy frank humor. Abstract, for sure not the classical funny, but premium. From the the way it is delivered (never overkill), the dialogs and the characters. Thank you
FerHivore Acum 2 ore
And then there was that odd period of time when ROpost started getting popular and videos of people doing this would gain traction.
btbrotherton Acum 2 ore
This is funny because it’s so relatable.
liamsly Acum 2 ore
ah, so joel is also nick cave
Matt B
Matt B Acum 2 ore
There isn't even a real turn based battle. He just slays the being who suddenly appears and then steals his gloves... no guardrails in this RPG..
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum 2 ore
Nirvana isn't classic rock. It's just alternarock for millenials. ;)
kiara nelson
kiara nelson Acum 2 ore
Lol, whut
Samothy Hughes
Samothy Hughes Acum 2 ore
Oh fuck surreal comedy is not supposed to feel this real. Oof, this... I'm not the only one who feels this way.
Grindstone Acum 2 ore
Literally my DnD campaign
space frog
space frog Acum 2 ore
Teal Horizon
Teal Horizon Acum 2 ore
😂 so good! One of my favorite videos of yours lol
is blind legal?
is blind legal? Acum 2 ore
This is to serious to laugh
kiara nelson
kiara nelson Acum 2 ore
Middle school problems lol
Yavi Fauzan
Yavi Fauzan Acum 2 ore
Hey, we need dlc
Seth A. Coll
Seth A. Coll Acum 2 ore
Even got the Flashdance and Dirty Dancing posters in the back! Haha
Captain Sternn
Captain Sternn Acum 2 ore
I'll pay you $10 to make a voice pack of the Green Guy as an Advisor for Stellaris.
Matt Street
Matt Street Acum 2 ore
Matthew Kyle Buller
Matthew Kyle Buller Acum 2 ore
Are these motion captured?
liamsly Acum 2 ore
oh man, that one hit hard
Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson Acum 2 ore
“You know how f’ing busy I am! I’m the king of the kingdom!” Lol you know he was just getting drunk at the bar for all those games
Isabelle N
Isabelle N Acum 2 ore
I'll say what race anyone is, just because it's a detail I remember and when I'm story telling I try to describe it so that the other person can visualize it, I don't mean anything negative by it.
Protojager Acum 2 ore
This looks like it would be picked up for 2 seasons on adult swim.
Jake Wolford
Jake Wolford Acum 2 ore
I have probably spent two collective hours looping through this trilogy, showing friends and just re-watching for fun. So damn funny.
AJ Plays Piano
AJ Plays Piano Acum 2 ore
"I wasn't even that corrupt" as my council assassinated me in crusader kings 3
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers Acum 2 ore
Wait, I remember specifically this happening, am I remembering wrong?