Jarvice Acum 13 ore
All I can see is female Emet Selch
Levi HACKerman
Levi HACKerman Acum 13 ore
Still trying to play this on guitar ._.
mezmerxy Acum 13 ore
It’s just a remix guys, chill. Oli wanted to collab after seeing Jeris on tiktok. The song was almost already finished
JPFungo Acum 13 ore
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeym Booooyyyyy
Rogério Filho
Rogério Filho Acum 13 ore
what a mess
Imbo_tv Acum 13 ore
Clean remix!
ben rea
ben rea Acum 13 ore
Ma mannnn Jeris🤟🤟always love the distorted vocal
Music Account
Music Account Acum 13 ore
Was waiting this remix since the firsy post from Jeris Johnson 🤘 And there we have it, it's dope!
Yuri Matsuda
Yuri Matsuda Acum 13 ore
Ai ki tudo deu um ar difente para música 💕
La Sora
La Sora Acum 13 ore
ANDRE Acum 13 ore
Now i'm gonna suffer but with style :v
Julian Amaya
Julian Amaya Acum 13 ore
The truth is, the original song is the one that always leaps from sempiternal, I like this remix better and it's really cool
Eka Julyana
Eka Julyana Acum 13 ore
I'm here to cure my ears after listening the remix version
i liek milk
i liek milk Acum 13 ore
Three D's
Three D's Acum 13 ore
Jeris Johnson is getting on the scene. He also worked with Papa Roach with a remixed version of Last Resort
xd Acum 13 ore
Anderson Felipe Grams
Anderson Felipe Grams Acum 13 ore
Very Nice. Release on Spotify pls
Number 4
Number 4 Acum 13 ore
i dont care if they want to do remix with other songs too. i want moreeeee
Manuel Guillén
Manuel Guillén Acum 13 ore
The first remix IN A WHILE that's actually a great re production. Love the trappy feeling mixed with our boy's sound and it blends perfectly thanks to what they did in "amo" and the last EP ❤.
Daz AMV Acum 13 ore
absolute BANGER
Myleah Ford
Myleah Ford Acum 13 ore
It's weird, but I like it. Original will always been #1, but I like that they'll just do whatever they want and don't care who likes it and who doesn't.
Dani Rusmanda
Dani Rusmanda Acum 13 ore
BMTH mengikuti perkembangan jaman
CodManTh Acum 13 ore
Okay guys. Don't do it again. Never and never
Kat witch
Kat witch Acum 13 ore
No esta mal pero prefiero mil veces la original
Alex Baltierra
Alex Baltierra Acum 13 ore
Oh man it’s the guy who remixed this on tik tok fucking awesome!! Glad they did a full version
Anugrah Dwiky
Anugrah Dwiky Acum 13 ore
RevivedDragon 46
RevivedDragon 46 Acum 13 ore
How did u make the animation
Anonymous Acum 13 ore
I dig that they did a collab to the guy who did the original
Иван Иванович Иванов
Иван Иванович Иванов Acum 13 ore
The Haggoon
The Haggoon Acum 13 ore
My ears are bleeding happiness
3sethe Acum 13 ore
Don't mess with the Original
nzrlsyzwn Acum 13 ore
standing on the rooftops everybody scream your MOTHER TONGUE
Marty2012 Acum 13 ore
Not a fan.
582 Vishu UIET
582 Vishu UIET Acum 13 ore
Been here since AUGUST 2013 still one of my fav .
Muhammad Radhi
Muhammad Radhi Acum 13 ore
Иди Нахер
Иди Нахер Acum 13 ore
Для тик тока сто процентов
Иди Нахер
Иди Нахер Acum 13 ore
А так трек не очень
Edward Pritchard
Edward Pritchard Acum 13 ore
Before: Uh, remixes on songs are just terrible After: Oh. This one is made very well and tasefully. Massive thumbs up
katia afonso
katia afonso Acum 13 ore
Oh crap this is so good 😍😍
Soe Moe Thu
Soe Moe Thu Acum 13 ore
He destroyed Papa Roach ( last resort ). And then BMTH again.
;•*Sleepy*•; Acum 13 ore
It’s cool but I’m more into the original ^^
SinsMelody Acum 13 ore
I was waiting for this, yes!! \○/
Viktor Kovacs
Viktor Kovacs Acum 13 ore
Saddens me to say this; but this is the first song I disliked from BMTH.
Roger De los Santos López
Roger De los Santos López Acum 13 ore
Fucking masterpiece
Ira Jem Joseph
Ira Jem Joseph Acum 13 ore
dr. Dreamer
dr. Dreamer Acum 13 ore
w h y
mancing emosi
mancing emosi Acum 13 ore
Djaba Magassa
Djaba Magassa Acum 13 ore
Metalgear Music
Metalgear Music Acum 13 ore
Lucas Willsey
Lucas Willsey Acum 13 ore
I love that Jeris is bringing this music to a whole new audience. Even remixing older tracks so that the new school kids can jam too.
Christian England
Christian England Acum 13 ore
I needed this today
Δ Φ β Φ Δ
Δ Φ β Φ Δ Acum 13 ore
Im sorry but its kinda tiring seeing people compare this to the original, it's not supposed to be the same.
Саша Крутеев
Саша Крутеев Acum 13 ore
The first was Papa Roach... Now BMTH.... Cool XD
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza Acum 13 ore
A original é minha preferida, mas o trabalho e atenção dada a uma música antiga foi muito bom, essa música também ficou incrível!!
chason Acum 14 ore
when the quit kid stops giving a fuc*
S Lloyd
S Lloyd Acum 14 ore
This bands transition through the years is something special 🇬🇧
Berserk Acum 14 ore
Congrats BMTH on following new Trends and Ruining the original masterpiece....
Zekaiten Acum 13 ore
Man, the og song still there for you
Jake Burke
Jake Burke Acum 14 ore
Neat, but not to my taste.
Ariel Gomez
Ariel Gomez Acum 14 ore
It's a great remix. Don't know why hate this
TallAfro Acum 14 ore
I've finally received the horizon...
Johnny Kroese
Johnny Kroese Acum 14 ore
Sorry boys, but this is a guide "how to rape a perfect song".
Aqshal Mahmud
Aqshal Mahmud Acum 14 ore
The average fan vs the common enjoyer
Viiola a
Viiola a Acum 14 ore
Yes, I came from tiktok, and? Does it matter? I'm here cause I love rock and this song makes me feel better. "UgH yOu WaSn'T hErE bAcK tHeN" yeah I wasn't cause I was a kid filled with happines and dreams, okay? Get over it, I came from tiktok like A LOT of people. And if in your eye this makes me less worthy, well... idk get a life or something
Luden Acum 14 ore
They actually collab?? THEY'RE GROWING 😭😭🤟🖤 bruh
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen Acum 14 ore
im really like this!!
Melissa Jocelyn
Melissa Jocelyn Acum 14 ore
I love it 😎🤟
Chrystal Wilfred
Chrystal Wilfred Acum 14 ore
Not that bad.. Prefer the original.. but not that bad..
ZrMuLi Acum 14 ore
I really want this 3D female as wallpaper for my desktop or something.
Kuroiyuki Bana
Kuroiyuki Bana Acum 14 ore
If someone want to put the art on wallpaper engine it would be nice! :)
SoH Ghostly
SoH Ghostly Acum 14 ore
Takes me back to Punk Goes Pop 😭
Angel Campos
Angel Campos Acum 14 ore
Yash Wardhan
Yash Wardhan Acum 14 ore
Average music enjoyer
Torru Acum 14 ore
Wow 😳😯🙏❤️❤️
Ragnarok Studio
Ragnarok Studio Acum 14 ore
No, plz:(
MortalFREAK21 Acum 14 ore
Ok next up: Follow you (ukulele ver.) Official audio. Cmon my soul needs it.... Im begging you... Pls......
Afdila Firdaus
Afdila Firdaus Acum 14 ore
Hmmmm,, okayy
19starwars Fan78
19starwars Fan78 Acum 14 ore
This is an awesome remix I love how BMTH aint afraid to mix it up and are open to try new things this is why they are the best band on the planet #BMTH4life 🤟🤟
Shrihari S.k
Shrihari S.k Acum 14 ore
Most based meme song
Aldair González
Aldair González Acum 14 ore
Ain't bad, but I don't wanna play this remix again lol
Andy Kelsay
Andy Kelsay Acum 14 ore
I’m a sucker for anything they do. Even Amo somehow