Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson Acum 7 ore
Adrian Blackmon
Adrian Blackmon Acum 7 ore
Ryan Acum 7 ore
Media Server
Media Server Acum 8 ore
I'm so proud of Bacon Bits! Look a ya'll all ranked and beating up on Big 12 opponents. Good for you!
Joe Cab
Joe Cab Acum 8 ore
Maybe the SEC should put Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Missouri in their own division. Call it the big 12 backstabbers. 😄
Jo Ka
Jo Ka Acum 8 ore
They could use this same skit for LSU also.
williamseric740 Acum 8 ore
Cincy would blow them off the map! 😂
SuperBomberman007 Acum 9 ore
The Indiana part always brings the tears... 😭
Silasthegrea983 Acum 9 ore
Ray Trammell
Ray Trammell Acum 9 ore
Why in the HEEL can't the SEC get Georgia Tech?!? They are right under our nose and they're actually in the "SOUTHEAST." How about Florida State. Those two teams are no than the two or three Tennessee teams.
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Acum 10 ore
Is that not the damn truth!!!!
C.W. Bookout
C.W. Bookout Acum 11 ore
I didn't know that Ohio state beat Michigan 15 out of 16 times. Great video by the way.
Elijah Dilday
Elijah Dilday Acum 11 ore
Will not tolerate Sam Pittman slander!!!
C.W. Bookout
C.W. Bookout Acum 11 ore
Finger splint on the sign killed me!
Alex Sobotka
Alex Sobotka Acum 11 ore
Welp let's see if their predictions are right tomorrow, Georgia vs SC at home, ohh boy.
Delmiko Taylor
Delmiko Taylor Acum 11 ore
Noble Lundberg
Noble Lundberg Acum 11 ore
Farewell from Raiderland!!
Bryce Gardner
Bryce Gardner Acum 12 ore
We don't talk about that Papa John's Bowl in 2010.....
J P Acum 12 ore
I’ve recently discovered that you need to have the closed captioning on because if not, you miss some funny stuff. Now I have to back and watch old ones to see what I missed.
Bryce Gardner
Bryce Gardner Acum 12 ore
We want Bama
Bryce Gardner
Bryce Gardner Acum 12 ore
Stephen Garcia was a hero to my people
Terence Baca
Terence Baca Acum 12 ore
Texas signed a "Letter of Acceptance"? If this is true, is it really legally binding? Or will we soon see Texas dumping the SEC to join in with the Alliance?
chding zuure
chding zuure Acum 13 ore
The CC comment about this being karma for Bevo attacking Uga got me. LOL Great one SEC Shorts!
Mason Frierson
Mason Frierson Acum 13 ore
As a Georgia fan, your portrayal of UGA’s first week against Clemson was spot on!
Dante Russo
Dante Russo Acum 13 ore
Earl Cousins
Earl Cousins Acum 14 ore
Go Aggies!
TheRustyLM Acum 14 ore
Love the Clemson gal! Rocking’ the Trevor Lawrence hair.🤣
The Anonymous AcclerDew
The Anonymous AcclerDew Acum 15 ore
Bet you regret leaving the Big XII now Texas, don't worry there are more beatdowns like this in your future. You won't be a powerhouse anymore, Texas.
weather dawg
weather dawg Acum 15 ore
Would have been great if Hannah had been the driver's ed teacher. (Based on the defense skit from last year) Still this was great.
Sergeant At Arms
Sergeant At Arms Acum 15 ore
LOL Hahahahaha! I must say even as a Badgers fan and a Big10 guy this SEC shorts are good and this was 1 was Hilarious!!! HAhaha!
Jason Stott
Jason Stott Acum 16 ore
Just found out about these (BYU fan, a little late to the party) I’ve watched everyone I can find. These are hilarious.
Noble Lundberg
Noble Lundberg Acum 16 ore
Bon Voyage from Texas Tech!!
chding zuure
chding zuure Acum 13 ore
now lie in it
W2ATL Acum 16 ore
Oh my god I wish this was really a thing!😂😂😂😂
nater 1
nater 1 Acum 17 ore
But a mid major can't lose for a decade in order to be in the championship picture which went from 3rd to 5th when the playoffs started.
Joshua Vocque
Joshua Vocque Acum 19 ore
Best video ever
Earl Cousins
Earl Cousins Acum 19 ore
You guys... WOW! GREAT STUFF!
Yoboy Poptart
Yoboy Poptart Acum 19 ore
The answer: Joe Burrow
john sevier
john sevier Acum 19 ore
As a Texas fan, this is funny.
Josh Provo
Josh Provo Acum 22 ore
Welp glad i saw this. Lots of coworkers at Uark are gonna enjoy this come sunday night XD
Alex Sobotka
Alex Sobotka Acum 22 ore
Texas- joins SEC Other SEC Teams- "You think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it".
dencklau711 Acum o Zi
They’ll be the new Nebraska
James V.
James V. Acum o Zi
The look on BOTH of these women faces was priceless. 😂😂
NorthOfWindsor Acum o Zi
3:11 at least Michigan fans can count, unlike Blowhio fans 😂
Linda Ambrose
Linda Ambrose Acum o Zi
I went to Auburn. My husband went to Georgia. As we watched the game near the end, I looked at my husband and said “Texas, welcome to the SEC”. He laughed.
wx man
wx man Acum o Zi
He got one thing absolutely right. The t.u. "me me me look at me" approach to college athletics will not fit into the SEC mold very well. One or the other will have to give and it is not going to be the SEC tradition.
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Acum o Zi
Rather go to the Peach Bowl instead of this joke as a bowl.
Emmanuel Scott
Emmanuel Scott Acum o Zi
Funny as Ffoookkk
T3X42 Chick
T3X42 Chick Acum o Zi
Worlds coming apart at the seams and this is what kids are excited about?
Desstrik Acum o Zi
Arkansas: “For all of our Conference(and especially Division) brothers to STOP. CHEATING. in recruiting also- for the SEC refs/umps/officials to STOP. HOSING. US with countless BAD CALLS!”
alan Acum o Zi
Yep, those poor Longhorns. Oh, by the way, does everyone realize that Texas has a winning record against all but two SEC schools (Vanderbilt 3-8-1 and South Carolina 0-1). But you're right, that was yesterday. Let's look ahead... if A&M beats Texas in the next 39 games they play, then that series will suddenly be tied.
Alan Salgado
Alan Salgado Acum o Zi
You sound like a cowboys fan!
label1877 Acum o Zi
Auburn was also back in the National Championship game in ‘14.
Kaleb Jackson
Kaleb Jackson Acum o Zi
This is so rude for Mississippi state 👎🤬🙌
DaniBoi Acum o Zi
I wanna see every SEC team’s fans/players do horns down at some point
Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine Acum o Zi
LOL----War Eagle
Jazz Grubsmoor
Jazz Grubsmoor Acum o Zi
That was fun...just like last Saturday's game. We all know that Texas has the resources to recover and step up, but it is fun to enjoy the misery of the arrogant Texas fan base at this moment. WPS and thumbs up for Pittman and his staff!
Austin Warren
Austin Warren Acum o Zi
Please do this for 2010
Tull Farley
Tull Farley Acum o Zi
“Texas”, but wearing OSU’s bright shade of orange? That’s not burnt orange..
Vaginal Odor
Vaginal Odor Acum o Zi
Georgia -State- *cough*
Ron Kwiatkowski
Ron Kwiatkowski Acum o Zi
Hey Texas and Oklahoma fans have fun watching ok state and Iowa state making the playoffs when the big 12 keeps their bid while you go 5-7 every year. You made the bed, now lie in it
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Acum o Zi
So far this has been one of the best ones yet.😂🤣
Ark_Medic 0895
Ark_Medic 0895 Acum o Zi
I’m so thankful this group brings accuracy and comedy to SEC fanbases. Brings us together lol 😂
Brian Royce Harmon
Brian Royce Harmon Acum o Zi
Tennessee Fans will talk about 98 and no other year EVER
willie moon
willie moon Acum o Zi
brings a tear to this old glass eye of mine ..
steven shelton
steven shelton Acum o Zi
Don't worry 2nd game next year you have Alabama.....oh.....
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Acum o Zi
Humble Beginnings
TheGamingDiamond Acum o Zi
Go UCF Knights!
Law V
Law V Acum o Zi
This show is pure genius.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Acum o Zi
Arkansas has been waiting for this moment for 30 years. This is what a REAL rivalry looks like.
Adrian Marlow
Adrian Marlow Acum o Zi
"If you noticed... they even accepted me as one of their own" ;)
Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald Acum o Zi
About that together thing...
Shawn Acum o Zi
Man, where's one of those FSU teams?
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Acum o Zi
Hilarious. they're trading KSU and ISU for bama, auburn, LSU, UGA, UF, and they think they're going to win something after not having won the big 12 in over a decade. Bleeding hilarious.
Casey Palmer
Casey Palmer Acum o Zi
Lol Horns Down forever!
Brent Askins
Brent Askins Acum o Zi
Kentucky alumni here, Auburn should have won it all.
Eric carter
Eric carter Acum o Zi
Texas is 0-10 against the SEC!
Philip Ferguson
Philip Ferguson Acum o Zi
Rumors are Bevo has entered into the transfer portal.
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell Acum o Zi
Best one yet!!
R E Acum o Zi
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aggies are 💀💀💀💀 right now!