Chanderpaul Jaimangal
Chanderpaul Jaimangal Acum 22 ore
Corpse Husband does magic and related to Howie too 😂
May lord Jesus Christ heal her and bless her.....she seems very kind hearted person
Austin Stein
Austin Stein Acum 22 ore
It’s a good act but how the hell is that scary
Daniel Labelle
Daniel Labelle Acum 22 ore
Marc Spelmann vibes but creapier.
ValleySinners Acum 22 ore
Omgggggg what how amazing I’m just out of words what the hell
Esther Joseph
Esther Joseph Acum 22 ore
It's weird how those of us who are strong and healthy take it for granted and even complain about how our lives aren't perfect. Jane is so full of life and faith. I just wanna keep looking at that beautiful smile and that light in her eyes. Thank you Jane. ♥️♥️♥️
Änn Magdalena
Änn Magdalena Acum 22 ore
She is so beautiful, admirable, stunning and a great role model. Awesome, I am so impressed.
محمد ابن البصرة
محمد ابن البصرة Acum 22 ore
Eduardo Rios
Eduardo Rios Acum 22 ore
what the songs name the one that was playing in the back in the beginning
Kelly Vu
Kelly Vu Acum 22 ore
TheSimVRGuy Acum 23 ore
Bet this is X
Omay Singh
Omay Singh Acum 23 ore
😱 finally the recognition they deserve
Jacob Mansfield
Jacob Mansfield Acum 23 ore
If you're moved by her song & story, you can donate to her medical treatment here:
Nams Kara
Nams Kara Acum 23 ore
Un moment juste magique merci de Paris
Kerros973 Acum 23 ore
That was absolutely cool and freaky 👏
Eljano Acum 23 ore
his magic is his smile 😍
Carol Curtis
Carol Curtis Acum 23 ore
Great singing group
Andrea G
Andrea G Acum 23 ore
And now how do I stop crying?
Natalie Byrnes
Natalie Byrnes Acum 23 ore
Heidi: I knawwww I put my hand in if Sofiaaa
ramlal dahal
ramlal dahal Acum 23 ore
All the best for her future
Sherab Wangchuk
Sherab Wangchuk Acum 23 ore
Does the anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?
arsyad Acum 23 ore
just how
InfoForU Acum 23 ore
I hope he will be The Next Shim Lim. 💪🏼🇮🇩
Ishank Jain
Ishank Jain Acum 23 ore
The closer you look, the harder it gets to believe (!SHOCKED)
cookie and ice
cookie and ice Acum 23 ore
If Spiderman was a horror movie
MagicianFlip69 Acum 23 ore
I have a feeling the magician is Shin lim and will reveal himself in the finals
Nala Acum 23 ore
Good luck beautiful soul ❤️
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris Acum 23 ore
Very good
Natalie Byrnes
Natalie Byrnes Acum 23 ore
Heidi: Halu?
Rabbir hassan
Rabbir hassan Acum 23 ore
That’s one of the dread doctors from teen wolf 🐺
Lps PixieProductions
Lps PixieProductions Acum 23 ore
Dean Shaw
Dean Shaw Acum 23 ore
prescripted shows don't do anything for me anymore especially when simon makes them sign their soul away on a contract
Christen Jones
Christen Jones Acum 23 ore
Lindsay Stirling back on stage! 🎶
Okorie Clinton
Okorie Clinton Acum 23 ore
This is so beautiful. ....You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy....
John Michael Alejandro
John Michael Alejandro Acum 23 ore
Pag tuktok palang sa mic, alam mo ng pinoy.. Hahahhahahaha
Ti Gq
Ti Gq Acum 23 ore
Setting the bar of excellence! 🤦‍♀️🤣
Alán Acum 23 ore
Sam Ryder with more hair
Nola Chick
Nola Chick Acum 23 ore
Nick Cannon looks lost.
p Hunte
p Hunte Acum 23 ore
Isabel Pulley
Isabel Pulley Acum 23 ore
I’m crying her song was so good and Simon rarely gives out buzzers
Ramon Santos
Ramon Santos Acum 23 ore
Alguém sabe a tradução da música???
Major Ball
Major Ball Acum 23 ore
I’m confused why did it seem so quiet
4_krz Acum 23 ore
Looooove watching the judges freak out!🤣🤣🥰🥰
Susan Castro
Susan Castro Acum 23 ore
You made me cry young man. Just loved it!Good job!
felym Acum 23 ore
Un angelo. Meravigliosa.
Mutsa Acum 23 ore
Why does this have 5000 dislikes 🤦🏾‍♂️
عبدالرحمن العتيبي
عبدالرحمن العتيبي Acum 23 ore
نواو في سن للفتح ول تعبت جچ
fady sabra
fady sabra Acum 23 ore
عبدالرحمن العتيبي
عبدالرحمن العتيبي Acum 23 ore
عن لأنني س
Diane Corcoran
Diane Corcoran Acum 23 ore
You are above amazing! You are so talented!
Nams Kara
Nams Kara Acum 23 ore
I love this group congratulations, Amazing
Mark Joseph Violago
Mark Joseph Violago Acum 23 ore
When she said " 2percent survival and 2 percent is not zero percent" she's so amazing.
GHOST YT Acum 23 ore
He is the real life "L". ( Death note) Just letter change to "X"
Adela Perez Torres
Adela Perez Torres Acum 23 ore
no megusta nada cantas feo i muy lisa la cancion
Michael Pasek
Michael Pasek Acum 23 ore
Not much of a trick. You can make any ink impression. Making something disappear is basic magic 101
Avery Chandler
Avery Chandler Acum 23 ore
wow. ngl, i'm crying. not bc she has a sad story (which she does), like some of the other acts, but bc she's genuinely deserving of that golden buzzer. her positivity, her happiness, her joy... she deserves everything.
Staal Hard
Staal Hard Acum 23 ore
Wished Terry would have answered 'octopus'... Or 'pubic lice'.
G B Acum 23 ore
We gonna ignore the fact that he murdered a spider?
Liya Rose
Liya Rose Acum 23 ore
She could be a VS model
Katie Acum 23 ore
Omg.. 😐😶🖤..
Brad Westwood
Brad Westwood Acum 23 ore
Apparently she passed on 6/9/21. So incredibly sad. Her spirit will never be forgotten. Changed my entire outlook.
Janu Anant
Janu Anant Acum 23 ore
She is so simple, charming and humble. Already a winner for me ❤️
ninja01011993 Acum 23 ore
all were silent and stunned mixed with emotion and sadness .. until her finished singing .. including me feel it ..
Lalropuia Fanai
Lalropuia Fanai Acum 23 ore
You deservet the buzzer especially from Simon.. 2% is not a 0%. 2% is something!
jhonny Quintero
jhonny Quintero Acum 23 ore
Waooo mini sia🤩🤩🤩😊😊😊
Raghad alfaraj
Raghad alfaraj Acum 23 ore
omg I love this kid, I watched his performance twice
teedee Acum 23 ore
What a happy guy…
weno zurc
weno zurc Acum 23 ore
Optimus prime
Alpha State
Alpha State Acum 23 ore
So staged.
s s
s s Acum 23 ore
loved it
Renata Sevriens
Renata Sevriens Acum 23 ore
thank you Simon !!!!
Prayash Basnet
Prayash Basnet Acum 23 ore
Her face when the track starts I’m absolutely in love with her she deserve every hugs.👏👏
Islandslim Ting
Islandslim Ting Acum 23 ore
I am truly humbled by this.
Derek Acum 23 ore
love how every year there's an asian magician that just destroys the competition :) #shinLim starting the movement
soe ko ko latt soe ko ko latt
soe ko ko latt soe ko ko latt Acum 23 ore