JustAnotherHuman Acum 3 ore
When I listen to this I'm floundering down a street in Paris in the rain wearing a trench coat and being very French
Levin Konstantin
Levin Konstantin Acum 3 ore
Kemençenin bu kadar güzel kullanılabileceğini tahmin etmemiştim😂
Anna Rapti
Anna Rapti Acum 3 ore
Italian rock Harry styles
เบิร์ดหล่อ channel
เบิร์ดหล่อ channel Acum 3 ore
sto budim
sto budim Acum 3 ore
2.45 amazing
Dreams Cometrue
Dreams Cometrue Acum 3 ore
Christine Salomonsson
Christine Salomonsson Acum 3 ore
We have to learn that the stage artist is not the real person behind. It´s a cover to kind of separate your work from... you. Have you been to a mascerade? Then suddenly you show some other sides of you. Just to mention an example is Tix. (just another example, I said). He is great - but the person behind Tix has a whole another level. I do not know him - but you know what Im talking about, dont your! Efendi is a fantastic singer and artist - on my list now.
Lemmymaster,Bas Acum 3 ore
I can hear this in a castlevania game.
He so good at singing
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro Acum 3 ore
Vaya mierda...
damaris arriola
damaris arriola Acum 3 ore
Eleni is my eurovision idol 🥰🥰🥰
Ридван Ибрагимов
Ридван Ибрагимов Acum 3 ore
Кто еще зашел понастальгировать в июне 2021-го?)
Vladmegic Acum 3 ore
+ КТО считает что песня не подходит под клип
the light in you eye
the light in you eye Acum 3 ore
Ending part was damn good
Sabrina Ronchi
Sabrina Ronchi Acum 3 ore
Dopo l'Italia Cipro !!👏💃
Alejandra García Fernández
Alejandra García Fernández Acum 3 ore
I know why are you here...
Hayat berbat şarkı dinleyin
Hayat berbat şarkı dinleyin Acum 3 ore
Bugünün manga nasıl kazanamadı butonuyum?!
Екатерина Андреевна
Екатерина Андреевна Acum 3 ore
You know, guys, I have found some paradoxal and very funny aspects on this Song Contest🙄, and it sounds like a story with Shakespeare's style. So what I mean: 1. We have own Romeo and Juliett at this show (EfenTix); 2. the Winner of Eurovision2021 is Italia (Verona is an Italian town, the place of R&J lovestory); 3. and at last -the AntiWinner with zero points is England (Shakespeare was English poet and playwright). 🤔 In my opinion, it was very interesting and unusual coincidences, isn't it?🙄 Maybe, Verona will be next Eurovision town, what do you think about this?😏😀
iyva Acum 3 ore
Keşke bir daha eurovision olsa
SpieleSafe Acum 3 ore
Naveen Boopathy
Naveen Boopathy Acum 3 ore
I don’t know i want to cry on this🥺
iyva Acum 3 ore
Ya arkadaşlar biz nasıl kazanamadık be
Grayson Kohler
Grayson Kohler Acum 3 ore
mmm digital hardcore. my favourite genre 👍
damaris arriola
damaris arriola Acum 3 ore
I still can Belieber how this didnt make it to the top 10 :(
feyzi efe şahin
feyzi efe şahin Acum 3 ore
bu nasıl birince oldu maNga varken bence bunun 1. olması bile Eurovision a katılmamamız için geçerli bir sebep çünkü puanlar siyasi yönden veriliyor
Daan Schenkel
Daan Schenkel Acum 3 ore
am i the only one who thinks of morgz when watching this
Johannes Blytt Ulriksen
Johannes Blytt Ulriksen Acum 3 ore
Tix du er best for Norge
Gabi Acum 3 ore
Nobody: Greeks at the beginning of the perfo: - Pame Ellada! - Pame Ellada! It give me years of life! ♥ One of my fav entries ever! Love u Greece! Buenos Aires Argentina here :)
gaia sanders
gaia sanders Acum 3 ore
Derebeyi Acum 3 ore
MaNga > Lena
Hi There
Hi There Acum 3 ore
Is that clay pot bit inspired by the clay scene in ghost
Ιωαννης Ζηκος
Ιωαννης Ζηκος Acum 3 ore
Wow guys!!!
sansays Acum 3 ore
lol I like how at first everyone was like “Barbara, Gjon, what are you gonna do when you win?” with all the jury votes and then televoting started and Italy, Ukraine, Finland and Iceland just said “hi”
Meloneh Acum 3 ore
Welcome in a new chapter of "Italy has been robbed"
peaxles Acum 3 ore
*intense chicken noises*
Snjezana Komadina Bauer
Snjezana Komadina Bauer Acum 3 ore
She is very very god
Кирило Запотоцький
Кирило Запотоцький Acum 3 ore
Is better that Italy
Gece Karacan
Gece Karacan Acum 3 ore
Maşallah bir bardak su gibi he
Kôshi ML
Kôshi ML Acum 3 ore
2:39 fly shoe
Meloneh Acum 3 ore
Why the second place? After 6 years i still love this song from italy💚🤍❤ 🤍💙❤
Джеймс Мориарти
Джеймс Мориарти Acum 3 ore
Какой он солнышко, я не могу, каждый раз слушаю и у меня позитив так и идет, даже проблемы на время забываются. Спасибо, парень)))
Sourav Das
Sourav Das Acum 3 ore
He is hot with magical voice .
LiamSeb Acum 3 ore
Serbia be like in 2020 and 2021: *c o r o n a v i r u s*
Avroviziya Odlar Yurdu
Avroviziya Odlar Yurdu Acum 3 ore
What a underrated song
Putcharee Jitrach
Putcharee Jitrach Acum 3 ore
Elnare Sebiyeva
Elnare Sebiyeva Acum 3 ore
Raul Bayramov
Raul Bayramov Acum 3 ore
Halal olsun👍👍
Alex Filichev
Alex Filichev Acum 3 ore
Не, ну порвали всех!
Tripp Acum 3 ore
I live for 2:36 to 2:52 and it's not even the whistle part 🤫
DURO UN ANNO! Acum 3 ore
Better than voilà in my opinion!
Emre Akyel
Emre Akyel Acum 3 ore
Tiktok da bu vardı herkes paylaşmış merat ettim geldim adam helal olsun güzel söylemiş
Laura Windels
Laura Windels Acum 3 ore
Al Ber
Al Ber Acum 3 ore
обалденно, Сергей
Ahmet Çalıkoğlu
Ahmet Çalıkoğlu Acum 3 ore
Robot ablamız bile bundan daha ilgi çekiciydi. Sonuna kadar Manga Davamız sürecek. Manga ülkü ocakları
stefano carpani
stefano carpani Acum 3 ore
Solo un applauso! Sono stati fantastici! Orgoglio italiano
Al Ber
Al Ber Acum 3 ore
early eurovision was nice
olsamb Acum 3 ore
Людина заслужує лайк
MENCANtantu010z Acum 3 ore
yaaaas ¡ this gave me indigenous from the future
Hani hani 3
Hani hani 3 Acum 3 ore
Topina 😂
LiamSeb Acum 3 ore
Czech Republic was twerking lol
Al Ber
Al Ber Acum 3 ore
he is very confident
Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes Acum 3 ore
Slavic countries just hit different
Al Ber
Al Ber Acum 3 ore
nice song
Наркомашка Acum 3 ore
Бабушка, которая зашла в комноту: 😳😳😳 мужик на каблуках ужес какой, вот в наше время такого не было!
Andrija Mustapić
Andrija Mustapić Acum 3 ore
Bez veze
GREECE Acum 3 ore
Thank God this got 0 from "televoting"
Cheesecake Cheesecake
Cheesecake Cheesecake Acum 3 ore
I think this is my favorite song from the eurovision since 1980. 🥰
J.A.M Acum 3 ore
For me if italy ore ukraine didn’t win it’s over eith euro vision
GREECE Acum 3 ore
Søåjķt Mc Baseshifta
Søåjķt Mc Baseshifta Acum 3 ore
Atlantida Project Vibes, finally
Jane B
Jane B Acum 3 ore
This song is so bloody underrated! When it comes to the ratings, it really ended up in the "Wrong Place" :(
maxsyz son
maxsyz son Acum 3 ore
maxsyz son
maxsyz son Acum 3 ore
Luca Kroon
Luca Kroon Acum 3 ore
Glad they made a new song, I don't think this one would've scored as well.
Gigit Git
Gigit Git Acum 3 ore
54.756.532 visualizzazioni..
Clément Soriot
Clément Soriot Acum 3 ore
Nul à chier
Милана Завадская
Милана Завадская Acum 3 ore
Україна найкраща❤️