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What about TASM I like john wick too btw
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Hey can you watch spider man homecoming again because you Miss something in Peter Parker class room
Declan Ziolkowski
Declan Ziolkowski Acum 3 ore
Or JJJ was protecting his photos that make a ton of money
JuiKuen Acum 3 ore
Eh? So watching the film at slow speed made you realise Anne Hathaway's stunt double broke an IMAX camera?! 🤣
István Nagy
István Nagy Acum 3 ore
Good theory, however I stick with the simplest one. The Avengers won, because after 14 million failed attempts, Dr. Strange finally decided to sacrifice the time stone and half of all living creatures for Tony.
Just Donis
Just Donis Acum 3 ore
wtf is egg wtf is this
Aleksandar Dedić
Aleksandar Dedić Acum 3 ore
I have one question in last fight iron man vs killian Jarsvis located Peper Pots and tolt that to Tony and in the last scene one armor tried to kill her
JAMI Muhammad
JAMI Muhammad Acum 3 ore
That makes sense because the comic book Thanos Wins confirms your idea the comic says he let himself lose.
P K Acum 3 ore
4:12 as a New Jerseyan having someone pump your gas for you is nice and convenient most of the time, like during winter except for when you need gas late at night, and you can't get gas because there's no gas person to pump your gas for you
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel Acum 4 ore
Wait you made a video and at the end you say you disagree... What?!
Seth Cates
Seth Cates Acum 4 ore
“And killed 3 men with a FUCKING PENCIL” that KILLED ME I was laughing so hard
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel Acum 4 ore
ALT SOLJA Acum 4 ore
04:3 or spider man into the spider verse
I'mpossible Acum 4 ore
I could see John dual wielding flat head screw drivers. Yes. Also f mobile devices, my typing it not incorrect, my device is.
John Wick
John Wick Acum 4 ore
Good observations.
Bryan with a y
Bryan with a y Acum 4 ore
If this is the reason it would be kinda poetic how the reason he won against the hulk in the first few seconds of infinity war is the reason he lost against the avengers in endgame.
M. Acum 4 ore
good eyes!
pvdneste Acum 4 ore
'after getting his puppy' ... he wears his watch in 'battle mode' to ....
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You made me cry again 😢😢
The dr Who lover
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Tom Holland 😁🕷🕸 love his version of spider-man
A M Acum 4 ore
Holy shit. My respect for the movie went up by like 600%
R8 Acum 4 ore
Woooo canadanian lad just cursed...
Rusty Warrior
Rusty Warrior Acum 4 ore
I just noticed another detail that proves that Captain Marvel absorbed the energy from the gauntlet. If you watch 3:07 at x0.25 speed, it's very quick, but you can see the energy from the stones arcs into her hands.
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He forgot to mention the fact that miles has the exaggerated swagger of a black teen
Karos Acum 4 ore
Who here lives both Marvel and DC
Wet Zignal
Wet Zignal Acum 4 ore
I think he lost because it's a movie and that's how the plot went.
ALT SOLJA Acum 5 ore
So when iron man was getting punched that's what it feels like when you get voted out because someone used the if it's not him vote me tactic to beat me
DC- Gaming
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Guys please appreciate this guy because he watches movies in 0.25x speed!!
scaryninjagamer boy
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This guy is like cinemasins but positive
scaryninjagamer boy
scaryninjagamer boy Acum 5 ore
@Bob Johnson oh
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson Acum 5 ore
There's another channel called cinemawins
Inner Version
Inner Version Acum 5 ore
I could stomach the "identical animation" part but the lake was a bit of a stretch, IMO.
TheFirehands150 Acum 5 ore
Thanos won 14,000,000, but Tobey Maguire won 14,000,000,000 simply by appearing. Dr. Strange had to find a way to not bring Tobey back and have Thanos as their main villain. He failed. Tobey will be back for Spider-verse, and the MCU heroes will be doomed.
Just A Syrup
Just A Syrup Acum 5 ore
Nice theory , but you Should have given jack Oedekoven the theory credit at the start of the video, at the end of it feels off
Ethan Reakes
Ethan Reakes Acum 5 ore
The gumming worms expire date, they would of had to made the movie release on that day so I feel like it could be a coincidence.
Fionn Crossan
Fionn Crossan Acum 5 ore
You forgot the scene where t'calla is running up the spiral staircase and you can hear his footsteps even though his shoes are silent
Red Wolfe
Red Wolfe Acum 5 ore
Wow. Those are some cool details I never caught.
SuCKeRPunCH187 Acum 5 ore
i think it depends on which combination of avengers life after the snap in the various outcomes.
Sai India
Sai India Acum 5 ore
I thought he made that look because he saw how cap was not willing to give up, where as almost every other being he fought kneeled before him
Random_Citizen Acum 5 ore
Wow i had no idea Richard Christy was in this haha
TOWED TRUCK Acum 5 ore
14,000,604 >>> 1 . Thanos 1. BRRRRRRRRRRR
Chaprt2 & 3 pliss
shackels100 Acum 5 ore
Thumbs up if you skipped exactly 53 seconds at start of video
Pukhraj Malhotra
Pukhraj Malhotra Acum 6 ore
We can see Hawkeye and Tony Stark against each other in Civil War when Cap's team is captured and put in the cell! "THE VISIONARY" scene.
Tapiwa Nashe
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It’s “His” hair now.
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2:05 - 2:10 God....dammit, I wasn't ready for that one.
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good stuff
finalascent Acum 6 ore
My Kimber didn't have that issue...
Karos Acum 6 ore
If you do my life, you will probably see over a million hidden details, even the one why my dad left
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This man here has patient’s for watching movies at 0.25 speed
anxiou5 Acum 6 ore
You...have convinced me.
Aeodor Z
Aeodor Z Acum 6 ore
Why the hate of age of ultron when it answers all the questions on what happened in infinity war and endgame?
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The drab clerk weekly screw because riddle greely number from a dynamic wheel. known, hallowed coat
Devlin Kuzma
Devlin Kuzma Acum 6 ore
If a train exists in the spiderman universe, Stan Lee is riding it.
Ash E
Ash E Acum 6 ore
I like this theory
Rubin Acum 6 ore
The real truth is that Thanos only won 1 time. Bully Maguire won 14,000,603. Dr. Strange didn't tell them this because the Avengers weren't close to being ready
Ben Augustin McConnon
Ben Augustin McConnon Acum 6 ore
None of this is that deep... everyone and their mother knows Superman’s weaknesses. And if Bats was gathering intel on the eventual ‘Justice League’ since Man Of Steel, why is he then sat there figuring this stuff out again? And are we seriously suggesting that Superman has only 1 very specific attack pattern? I get that we’re trying to restore faith in Batman, but this Batman is still an illogical dumbass and dumbing down other characters to make his dumb ass look smarter is insulting to not just Batman, but Superman as well. The film was a total shit show
Robert Shandley
Robert Shandley Acum 6 ore
Over a minute of ads for a 5 minute video. Wow. Lol
Seth Davis
Seth Davis Acum 6 ore
Stop Cursing
Amirsdxxz Acum 6 ore
At the end of the video we see spiderman falls into a water budle,and the custome didnt get wet
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran Acum 6 ore
I watched this video at 0.25x speed
2dclxvi Acum 6 ore
1:30 Sorry, but Kimber's are not "notorious for jamming on the first bullet of a magazine." ...he's actually checking to see if there is a round in the chamber, not that it's jammed.
Tatted 1969
Tatted 1969 Acum 6 ore
This was an interesting find for me..Very well done
Jack Cowling
Jack Cowling Acum 6 ore
It would be cool if the reason half the Orchestra wasn’t there was because in infinity war half the universe was snapped away so half the Orchestra would be gone too
Sidharth A
Sidharth A Acum 6 ore
MAN, thor was in depression in Endgame.
Leland Means
Leland Means Acum 6 ore
im not seeing anyone give him credit for watching a 3 hour movie in .25x speed
yuttus Acum 6 ore
So if Peter has the translator in his neck why come he no can understand groot?
Victor Ribeiro
Victor Ribeiro Acum 6 ore
Ok, I have to admit, that skeleton scene looked amazing! I never noticed it before!
Cold Eyes
Cold Eyes Acum 6 ore
Goodbye. You made me want to watch these movies again. Great attention to detail, and great detail and symbolism added by the film makers. Oh and by the way, Subscribed.
The Smell of Adventure
The Smell of Adventure Acum 6 ore
0:17 he gave Robin the Coronavirus
kefas chuma
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Untill then am Morpheus and I will see you lads in the next one Anybody else noticed that? He usually says until then am the Canadian lad and I will see you lads in the next one
JEJERRYA Acum 7 ore
14million times they want to save tony stark they lose.. only 1 they won if tony dies.
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abt 8 days ago....ifykyk
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First Captain America took steroids and now Black Panther too. Marvel Heroes are so meh.
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This man some real balls to watch a 2 hour movie on 0.25
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The scrawny lawyer acromegaly exist because vessel equally grip worth a moldy snowplow. pointless, piquant puffin
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It would be cool if you watch the Equalizer