GCustomz Acum 5 ore
give me 1 hour in this house and after that i wont ask for anything
TejooDeep Kesari
TejooDeep Kesari Acum 5 ore
Bro i want ps5
DD's gaming
DD's gaming Acum 5 ore
this if for machel and zack in the rock paper scissors zach said i think that is 8 laps and i was counting and machel had to do seven
Mace CJX
Mace CJX Acum 5 ore
I would probably finish those gumballs in a weak
Aldrin M Thomas 6A
Aldrin M Thomas 6A Acum 5 ore
Hi Zhc Crafts
Chloe Lam
Chloe Lam Acum 5 ore
I like most of your ZHC team has die their hair
Mumaiza Maisa
Mumaiza Maisa Acum 5 ore
Hi fellows!!
Rod Aaron Cueto
Rod Aaron Cueto Acum 5 ore
I thought michelles was a cake
Success is not money it's being a good,kind person in life that is why I think ZHC is the most successful man
Lowegie Mendez
Lowegie Mendez Acum 5 ore
super fast build mode!
Robbie Ruthig
Robbie Ruthig Acum 5 ore
This video has officially ruined my liking of gum.
Arguz Casupang
Arguz Casupang Acum 5 ore
I wanna join those challenges, because of the workout that the players must do lol
Cole Schofield
Cole Schofield Acum 5 ore
jake should have won
Nicole Di Masi
Nicole Di Masi Acum 5 ore
honey comb
honey comb Acum 5 ore
I just noticed that zach is not blowing gum it's a balloon
VictiniGamer9 Acum 5 ore
Zhc! On the biggest ps5 Gawx Art said to do the biggest croc and but their name and my name on it pls
tanya liu
tanya liu Acum 5 ore
doing challenges with zach is a workout
Fiona Wrangler
Fiona Wrangler Acum 5 ore
How was your jaw guys?????does it hurt?
Shannon Memory
Shannon Memory Acum 5 ore
hi i love you
Eshaan Saini
Eshaan Saini Acum 5 ore
🤢🤮 fish oil
Niyongabo Prince
Niyongabo Prince Acum 5 ore
McKenzie should have wo this one
Fiona Wrangler
Fiona Wrangler Acum 5 ore
Gross yet amazing artwork😂
Shubhpreet Kaur
Shubhpreet Kaur Acum 5 ore
Is it weird that jaz looks like Charli damelio
Harris Conk
Harris Conk Acum 5 ore
I think he used GoodTimesWithScars superfast build mode as timeliapse music
Fiona Wrangler
Fiona Wrangler Acum 6 ore
My mouth be like:🤤
ESTHER YUN Acum 6 ore
Zachh i live in virginia how long does my turkey take to come ??? 😭😭
Paul Pleshek
Paul Pleshek Acum 6 ore
Are you teenagers or adults
Proplays12 Acum 6 ore
3:46 pls dont be rude to me i drink fish oil when im sick
Nadrin Vlogs
Nadrin Vlogs Acum 6 ore
Angel and John
Angel and John Acum 6 ore
It's so good video
Snake_darts Acum 6 ore
i cant watch this part 6:00
dawtku nu
dawtku nu Acum 6 ore
Can you give me a iPhone 12 pls and customize it with a dragon plssss
Katherine Nadin
Katherine Nadin Acum 6 ore
Its CRAZY how talented these guys are...I keep trying to draw but its never comes out good
MULDINI Acum 6 ore
Jake be like: grogu i am.
exavia king
exavia king Acum 6 ore
Their poor teeth
shelby number2
shelby number2 Acum 6 ore
I'm never eating gum again ewwww I almost trow up
THE GIO Acum 6 ore
I liked makcenzies most
Tabassum Naseem
Tabassum Naseem Acum 6 ore
0:50 me trying to blow a bubble with bubblegum
Saf Acum 6 ore
meanwhile me watching while eating:noice
Dragon fusion
Dragon fusion Acum 6 ore
Izzy is litterally female Karl
Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen Acum 6 ore
It's all the gum for me ☺love your videos btw 🎉💖
Pacmanqwerty Acum 6 ore
PhoneKyiPhyu Mg
PhoneKyiPhyu Mg Acum 6 ore
I’m 39000th like >:D
lakshika diy
lakshika diy Acum 6 ore
I love izzy 's outfit :)
paola rivera
paola rivera Acum 6 ore
omg i hope i get picked i love u guys so much
sze wai Li
sze wai Li Acum 6 ore
Yay viv finally won I’m gonna subscribe to her I would smash that sub button
Akta Dosaya
Akta Dosaya Acum 6 ore
Mackenzie did the best but
Fantasi Of White
Fantasi Of White Acum 6 ore
Hello Mister ZHC,my name is White I'm from Indonesian.I challenging you to eat indomie hype abis(noodle) and make it a video pls.If you make it I subscribe to you
Annies gaming legend
Annies gaming legend Acum 6 ore
I subscribed and liked and well done jaz and I hope you win many more challenges bye
Chema Flores
Chema Flores Acum 6 ore
Izzy Is cute
Catherine Tania
Catherine Tania Acum 6 ore
It would be good if he does a 'day in my life vlog'
Tini Tran
Tini Tran Acum 6 ore
Tini Tran
Tini Tran Acum 6 ore
omg Jake lol 2:25
Roland Deodath
Roland Deodath Acum 6 ore
*Zach* when i'm bored i'll buy a new house no a car no 100000 gumballs
Aija Gecko
Aija Gecko Acum 6 ore
me eating fish oil every day
Lord Ali
Lord Ali Acum 6 ore
Benny g
Benny g Acum 6 ore
I am a big fan
abdullah rizwan
abdullah rizwan Acum 6 ore
ewww why m i watching
Benny g
Benny g Acum 6 ore
I am a big fann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paola rivera
paola rivera Acum 6 ore
this one is so funny
Freddie Aitchison
Freddie Aitchison Acum 6 ore
Jake should've won
Isabella Straight
Isabella Straight Acum 6 ore
That's, not fair McKenzie should have won you have no taste in art.
Brigita Bosnjak
Brigita Bosnjak Acum 6 ore
Jake's was better
Nicholas Parcheta
Nicholas Parcheta Acum 6 ore
5:56 anyone recognizes that music from #Goodtimeswithscar?
Anvi Agarwal
Anvi Agarwal Acum 6 ore
pls do best slime art wins something
ONE trims
ONE trims Acum 6 ore
i subscrlbed era
Anant Gamer
Anant Gamer Acum 6 ore
Hey mr.beast why did you changed logo
The mistic storm
The mistic storm Acum 6 ore
Mekinzie definitely won
Fart Gamez
Fart Gamez Acum 6 ore
i enjoy so i subscribeed and liked :)
Alex Cahill
Alex Cahill Acum 6 ore
I still think Mackenzie should have on
• ItzJustKatie •
• ItzJustKatie • Acum 6 ore
This makes me unsub mckenzie should of won.
Pikachoovoo 25
Pikachoovoo 25 Acum 6 ore
Where's Viv?
walter_does_stuff Acum 6 ore AWESOME!!!
Nadrin Vlogs
Nadrin Vlogs Acum 6 ore
4:17 Happy to Ugh
M Dhobah
M Dhobah Acum 6 ore
Who actually thought something went wrong with their device at 8:57?
Isla Rose Hall
Isla Rose Hall Acum 6 ore
Yes, I do the same thing when I’m bored 😅
Kelly Svendsen
Kelly Svendsen Acum 6 ore
I know you’re not gonna see this comment but if you do I love your videos keep up the good work
Kate Adolacion
Kate Adolacion Acum 6 ore
Viv's voice is so cutee!😍😘😘💖💕
Oscar Reynoso
Oscar Reynoso Acum 6 ore
i have to swallow fish oil when im sick
Maxwell Pitassi
Maxwell Pitassi Acum 6 ore
plz me i am subbed and the bell