Juan Borja
Juan Borja Acum 3 ore
Out of all the random things i find in my yt recommendation this is my favorite.
Asriel Dreemurr2841
Asriel Dreemurr2841 Acum 4 ore
I demand a 4 week rest for TomSka, Let him Rest guys!
Joseph :D
Joseph :D Acum 4 ore
never thought i would come this far just to listen to tom scott saying “oh no, i’m still alive!” and shooting himself
Snikta9 Atkins
Snikta9 Atkins Acum 5 ore
I can't believe this is 7 years old now it feels like it came out yesterday
Nathanael Carmelo
Nathanael Carmelo Acum 5 ore
Ultimauser 50
Ultimauser 50 Acum 5 ore
If asdf gets an FnF mod and that revives this series 2021 may not be that bad after all
Doctors Calling
Doctors Calling Acum 6 ore
This song convinced me to finally do it
conspiire Acum 6 ore
It’s been 12 years, I first watched this when I was 8 (10 years ago) and I still don’t know what the context is. Edit: after 5 mins of going through comments, I get it now.
Bel B
Bel B Acum 7 ore
Video games are kinda drugs
RazoTests Acum 7 ore
Meow meow meow I am cow
PB boy and friends
PB boy and friends Acum 7 ore
Wow he has a animation issue.
MakkyPakky Acum 8 ore
How does the gun have so many rounds? It’s only supposed to have 1 round! *Sees Tom throw up bullets* Me: Nevermind…
Fat Man
Fat Man Acum 8 ore
I am now going to pronounce bible like bib-le
MrBacon Acum 8 ore
crazy that this was 3 years ago
Fat Man
Fat Man Acum 8 ore
Where’s my virginity? In the hole
Fat Man
Fat Man Acum 8 ore
So this is what that hyper intelligent horse person went after meanwhile 2
Spikey Sings
Spikey Sings Acum 8 ore
Chris:tom did you just write this skit to boost your self esteem? Tom:.....yeah Chris:that's very sexy of you (This is from meanwhile 4D
552 grain
552 grain Acum 8 ore
Csilla Berlik
Csilla Berlik Acum 9 ore
Fat Man
Fat Man Acum 9 ore
Why does it say bbc comedy in the top left?
rsbval Acum 10 ore
Fat Man
Fat Man Acum 10 ore
Did that alien have a richous bison?
Jonah Hallquist
Jonah Hallquist Acum 10 ore
1:30 Gotta get one last kick in for good measure! 😂
بطاطس Acum 10 ore
I love this series 😂😂😂😂
cyd Acum 11 ore
the "preexisting conditions" line seems eerily similar to now ngl
Master Quark
Master Quark Acum 11 ore
"I'm going to do a book" Slides finger down the cover Book: "Please stop touching me"
Dark Everest
Dark Everest Acum 11 ore
0:41 Mom dad *IM GAY* "WRONG! ...I hope"
Kurt-Leigh Morris
Kurt-Leigh Morris Acum 11 ore
Ok but just ignore the lyrics. This song is actually amazing
Glendar jj
Glendar jj Acum 11 ore
*When you've watched asdf 13 before this video:* hey! The best joke just copied off that other skit! *realising this video was released first:* Oh
Marcus Joaquin Aguilar
Marcus Joaquin Aguilar Acum 11 ore
I heard jacksepticeye
Kristina nicole Ramírez Román
Kristina nicole Ramírez Román Acum 12 ore
OMG tom ?! you're still active I could have noticed years ago!
°•PastelMints•° Acum 12 ore
After all these years...I finally found out who created this meme...
six Acum 12 ore
that girl do be build tho
fiflious and Buhle Hanise
fiflious and Buhle Hanise Acum 12 ore
Jose angel torres
Jose angel torres Acum 12 ore
0:10 is a lovely day to walk down the road and if I ever stop signing I will explode hey Steve wut have you done
undersc0re Acum 13 ore
Nostalgia overload
Elena N. Martínez Gerónimo
Elena N. Martínez Gerónimo Acum 13 ore
cool B)
•Khloe_Tuber• Acum 13 ore
Banana Acum 13 ore
Wong Acum 13 ore
Wong Acum 13 ore
Holy shit! Oh fuck *cough *cough
Carter Pfahler
Carter Pfahler Acum 13 ore
1:38 when something is sus
Daniel Ordonez
Daniel Ordonez Acum 13 ore
The cringe😂
Maylany taylor
Maylany taylor Acum 13 ore
Llamas with hats
Tomato Kid
Tomato Kid Acum 14 ore
Oh no! l drop-a da pizza on a little man!
llHALLOWEEN_HPll Acum 14 ore
Die die die? OK come her let me eat you muffin ^,^
derek guetterman
derek guetterman Acum 14 ore
"OH is that a problem?"
AKarts Acum 14 ore
Suction cup cup
Jet Jehmeen
Jet Jehmeen Acum 14 ore
khhnator Acum 14 ore
Hg 517
Hg 517 Acum 14 ore
1:59 Horse
Beast420 Gaming
Beast420 Gaming Acum 14 ore
Ngl I zoned out of this song half way through this.
ThatOneKid Acum 14 ore
I was thinking love heart.... I can do that! Oh thank God Stick hearts onto bomb* DAMMIT LILY
Charli Soren
Charli Soren Acum 14 ore
I’m back and this is great
ThatOneKid Acum 14 ore
Oliver_plaZ1234 Acum 14 ore
2 y e a r s a g o
Bluemohawk Acum 15 ore
i love the pug
Nerdy Reloads
Nerdy Reloads Acum 15 ore
This was fire when I was 10
Clawgre Hellsing
Clawgre Hellsing Acum 15 ore
oh so that what it like in Stone age. wow
stuff Acum 15 ore
Me in high school 0:15
RebeccaGoneRogue Acum 15 ore
Hearing James be a concerned angry father makes me feel guilty for some reason.
Christina Wolf
Christina Wolf Acum 15 ore
Unknown Shadows
Unknown Shadows Acum 16 ore
Play this back at 1.75x speed
tord without his hoodie
tord without his hoodie Acum 16 ore
Ew broccoli
Cinnamon roll
Cinnamon roll Acum 16 ore
American alphabet be like 0:34
Hello guest tutorials
Hello guest tutorials Acum 16 ore
It’s perfect
Dalin Williams
Dalin Williams Acum 16 ore
I've always wanted a sequel to pumped up kicks
Dalin Williams
Dalin Williams Acum 16 ore
Call me kevin is superior to jacksepticeye
MT Acum 16 ore
When I was little, my imaginary friend was the eternally suffering soul of my dead brother
Cinnamon roll
Cinnamon roll Acum 16 ore
1:17 <- Sayori’s poem be like…
Daimian Perez
Daimian Perez Acum 16 ore
Will muffin come back or did his dream come true
UG_gamingYT Acum 17 ore
It sounded like jacksepticeye the high pitch guy
Jake Acum 17 ore
0:32 tiot your camera towards tom and you find a body...
edit family♡
edit family♡ Acum 17 ore
The muffin has a cute face
Emma soltesz
Emma soltesz Acum 17 ore
Do a fourth please!!!
Emma soltesz
Emma soltesz Acum 17 ore
I dont know how to not laugh and not subscribe that's for sure
ThunmK Acum 17 ore
I've watched this like, 12 times and just realized that he was using the blender from the other video to travel through dimensions, you can see him put it down with his gun of you look closely
Vibe checker6969
Vibe checker6969 Acum 17 ore
Good god
Garett roberts
Garett roberts Acum 18 ore
0:53 Biden in September 2020 0:56 Biden in September 2021