Nikoletta Dancso
Nikoletta Dancso Acum oră
Super 💣🥰
Pap stino
Pap stino Acum oră
And we are so close to you R3HAB
VantaNoVa Acum oră
Korean and R3HAB.. so awkward but good
BeAST InFErNo Acum 2 ore
Besttttt :)))))))))))))))))
yudha sbhn
yudha sbhn Acum 3 ore
the drake part is so satisfying istg
Lucas S.
Lucas S. Acum 4 ore
don't even looks like 3 years ago♥️
BabA Blacksheep
BabA Blacksheep Acum 5 ore
BabA Blacksheep
BabA Blacksheep Acum 5 ore
guinevere Acum 5 ore
I listening dis song abaou a handrend wow n I discover dis song because of pubg mobile 3rd anniversary
Muhammad Rifky
Muhammad Rifky Acum 5 ore
YOGI Gaming
YOGI Gaming Acum 6 ore
Fans 🇮🇳
Jelvin Pacamalan
Jelvin Pacamalan Acum 6 ore
i came here for the beat not for the stupid lyrics.
Heru 12
Heru 12 Acum 6 ore
I know this song from pubg mobile:
sulz 007
sulz 007 Acum 6 ore
Eu: De boa ouvindo um ze vaqueiro R3hab: appears Eu: wtf?
Ann Prado
Ann Prado Acum 7 ore
2:33 part where the cat walk begins 🌟💃
K.D.M TuBe
K.D.M TuBe Acum 7 ore
K.D.M TuBe
K.D.M TuBe Acum 7 ore
Всем Салам алейкум из Кыргызстан 🇰🇬 (🇰🇬welcome to KYRGYZSTAN 🇰🇬) #KYRGYZSTAN
Fleischi 62
Fleischi 62 Acum 8 ore
Fendi Fendi Fendi
CJMATEO PIZA Acum 10 ore
i only hear rock and pop from 80s , but this song became my favorite !! first time listening all days electro
miran. Acum 10 ore
this is on repeat...just cant get enough of those violins :o
Mannilal Baghel
Mannilal Baghel Acum 10 ore
I know the song is sick though For the people's out came & mentioning about pubg mobile 3rd anniversary song Bros we are already here listening to this since the release & also don't forget Mike Williams he also played a major part in Drop & he is the king of Future Bounce, maybe not for you but for me
Hashim Bin Afif
Hashim Bin Afif Acum 10 ore
Goosbums !!!
Juliette In Québec
Juliette In Québec Acum 10 ore
Thank you guys
It'z Davis
It'z Davis Acum 11 ore
Tobi Kränzle
Tobi Kränzle Acum 11 ore
The best Song 😍
Account User
Account User Acum 12 ore
Beeeaaaauuuutiful ❤️voice❤️
M.H.A Music
M.H.A Music Acum 12 ore
Mustafa Kanlı
Mustafa Kanlı Acum 12 ore
Pubg mobile gelenler 😍☺️🙋❤️
4bile albe
4bile albe Acum 13 ore
A rupt Romania 🇷🇴✨😍♥ Prind orgasm când întra killa uhmmmmm ♥️🤗😘😍🥰☺
Coaieeee next level 💯 de la killa fonic ♥️🥰
Miqueas Valdovinos
Miqueas Valdovinos Acum 13 ore
La re cago este remix ... Malisimo 👎
Tafhim Nazir
Tafhim Nazir Acum 14 ore
From Pubg To Daily Listen 🥺 I love the song
Nguyễn Linh
Nguyễn Linh Acum 14 ore
Wooow " Phở Gà "
Sergio Vlogs
Sergio Vlogs Acum 14 ore
ۛ ּڜــېْۧــعــۑْۧ
ۛ ּڜــېْۧــعــۑْۧ Acum 14 ore
منو اجه من ببجي
F4TİH I3LIGR4 Acum 14 ore
Pubg Mobile ?
Zdeněk Šimáček
Zdeněk Šimáček Acum 14 ore
Ringtone on