Pop Smoke - Gangstas
Juliet Akochi
Juliet Akochi Acum 8 ore
I miss pop smoke
Soren Groessl
Soren Groessl Acum 9 ore
this song makes me feel like i’m god
VibeTriber Acum 9 ore
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Freakz gaming
Freakz gaming Acum 9 ore
0:16 i though i got notification but not it was that beat tho
Misa Cutie
Misa Cutie Acum 9 ore
Only ppl who didn’t come from ticktok are worthy of liking this
ok Ahmed
ok Ahmed Acum 9 ore
I’m in love this song❤️❤️❤️
Elio_tgl Acum 10 ore
Même en France le son perce
Dappym8 Oldie
Dappym8 Oldie Acum 10 ore
Ryan Acum 10 ore
nigga! :)
BzX GØD Acum 10 ore
Me seba para un jailai no?
Joao Vitor
Joao Vitor Acum 10 ore
🥴🥴🥴 good good good good
Joao Vitor
Joao Vitor Acum 10 ore
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo may God Wonderful song
Imani Bibbs
Imani Bibbs Acum 11 ore
Greatness Acum 11 ore
50 cent ja rule vibes
Smitty ThaGreat
Smitty ThaGreat Acum 11 ore
Where was all this when he was alive? All he put out before was drill stuff with the same beat
Isaiah Acquah
Isaiah Acquah Acum 11 ore
rip to pop smoke
YK Drakø
YK Drakø Acum 11 ore
I didnt listen to him before he died bekause i didnt know about him but Am i welxome here ???
Korey Smith
Korey Smith Acum 11 ore
Dilith Dilshanka
Dilith Dilshanka Acum 11 ore
it was all a dream dude. really was pop gone ? 🙁
Grayy Acee
Grayy Acee Acum 11 ore
this melody is definitely from "differences" by Ginuwine......i effin love it!!!!
Juan Felipe Toro
Juan Felipe Toro Acum 11 ore
Yo pensaba que estaba vivo por que tenia lanzamientos recientes y hasta ahora me enteró que esta muerto como desde febrero
Antony Alvarado
Antony Alvarado Acum 11 ore
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson Acum 12 ore
One of the best albums ever no cap
Aline Augusto
Aline Augusto Acum 12 ore
Demi Lovato what?
Gabriel Treviño Navarro
Gabriel Treviño Navarro Acum 12 ore
I wish pop was here making more bangers😭😭😖
mirmirmir sad
mirmirmir sad Acum 12 ore
pop smoke kid ???? RIP
Bryanna Serraon
Bryanna Serraon Acum 12 ore
50 Cent 😍😍
Wayneman20202020 Acum 12 ore
Me when I move out out:
Joan_playz983 Acum 12 ore
RoasterCoaster Acum 12 ore
The 9k who disliked this are getting jumped who’s with me ➡️➡️ (I’m not trying to get likes on this comment)
MACGYV3Rッッ Acum 12 ore
Ficou muito melhor
CHIITO THE GOD 24 Acum 13 ore
Bruh they straight up had thrown up gang signs
Marctavius Canty
Marctavius Canty Acum 13 ore
U are in the presence of greatness
Saray Lorenzo
Saray Lorenzo Acum 13 ore
I pull up
Yaraiza Botello
Yaraiza Botello Acum 13 ore
We lost sum thing special
Owen Lekom Wassom
Owen Lekom Wassom Acum 13 ore
you or the best men that i see
vilifiedbrand 508
vilifiedbrand 508 Acum 13 ore
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BlueBaconBoy Acum 13 ore
Again this f*ckin killer, 2020 Pop Smoke 2019 Lil Peep 2018 XXXTentacion *LEGENDS* never die They living in our hearts❤️
Nathaniel Morales
Nathaniel Morales Acum 13 ore
Nat3 Di3s3L 💪😷✌🎯💯🚀🛰🆙️💙💛💚
James Warren
James Warren Acum 13 ore
Mom why do people legends die Because people get jealous the goal at life is not to live forever but to create something that will live in people's hearts
James Ambrister
James Ambrister Acum 13 ore
Don't listen to much smoke or quavo but this song is 🔥
T M Acum 13 ore
Dylin Clifton
Dylin Clifton Acum 13 ore
By far my favorite song
invicta carros
invicta carros Acum 13 ore
Cadê os BR aqui????
invicta carros
invicta carros Acum 13 ore
@Maria Luíza oi... Tem quantos anos??
Maria Luíza
Maria Luíza Acum 13 ore
haya Acum 13 ore
All these niggas coming out saying rip the woo you were my favorite rubs me the wrong way. I been on pop smoke for years and I know they tryna show respect and shit, but for people who only knew him for a week or a month saying I’ll miss him just rubs me the fucking wrong way. They ain’t never know him till he dead but they acting like they been here for years smh. Guarantee 5/10 niggas who read this don’t even know his real name. Edit: reason why this shot rubbing me the wrong way is cause all these clout chasers in the comments looking for likes acting like that finna give them anything
Kamari Kay
Kamari Kay Acum 13 ore
Byrona Johnson
Byrona Johnson Acum 14 ore
Yall know yall killed a Legend ,King,Life🥺 POP SMOKE WORLD💫✨ FOREVER FR 😭😭 Yall can Fill The Pain in the Song too "Shoot for the Stars,Aim for the Moon "Period
prod. naesean
prod. naesean Acum 14 ore
i love this song but like damn, this is the ONE BEAT THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE CUT SHORT, the full beat is fucking crazy, this is literally the most 'boring' part, and 808melo just took it down off his youtube channel for some reason so the full beat never gonna be heard again
Kamron Southers
Kamron Southers Acum 14 ore
This song go hard..
the new king of New York : Pop Smoke
Mohammad Bhuiyan
Mohammad Bhuiyan Acum 14 ore
I hate you people with a passion. His career started and it ended like that.
Colleengcvcdsqetuii Lutzuokjjnhj, I mi ,in
Colleengcvcdsqetuii Lutzuokjjnhj, I mi ,in Acum 14 ore
Ernesto Lara
Ernesto Lara Acum 14 ore
WooK^ Choo4L
blacktruthtelevision Acum 14 ore
This Video is Now Playing @Blacktruth.net
logan calhoun
logan calhoun Acum 14 ore
If you wish pop smoke was still alive like this comment
concuhhshion Acum 14 ore
Damn he gone too soon he would’ve probably made a song with king von r.I.p bros
logan calhoun
logan calhoun Acum 14 ore
He ain’t dead he’s alive in our hearts
logan calhoun
logan calhoun Acum 14 ore
This is my favorite song
Houda Slaoui
Houda Slaoui Acum 14 ore
wesh s
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra Acum 14 ore
The goat
J-J-Z G A M E R Acum 14 ore
tommy burns
tommy burns Acum 14 ore
When I first saw Pop i was like dam Cuz look and act like he could be Fifty son it's a shame he gone i really could see Fif signing him and giving him the keys to the empire
Cory Newman
Cory Newman Acum 14 ore
I mean sneak not snake
Cory Newman
Cory Newman Acum 14 ore
Roddy was trying to snake like your cut g 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☹️😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂
Harry Kane
Harry Kane Acum 14 ore
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I’m-Glowy Acum 14 ore
🔥 fire 🔥
3K Khadijah John
3K Khadijah John Acum 14 ore
Akın Ayaz
Akın Ayaz Acum 15 ore
RIP 🤲🏻
RBi Acum 15 ore
Teggy Boy
Teggy Boy Acum 15 ore
Who tf dislike this song ? 🤔
Faraz Shah
Faraz Shah Acum 15 ore
My favorite song from him, by far. New gens, this is a good beat now
June Pittman
June Pittman Acum 15 ore
good swong rip
João lucas tv jl
João lucas tv jl Acum 15 ore
Roubou o beat mn oxi kkk
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira Acum 14 ore
burro dms mlk
•conico• studio
•conico• studio Acum 15 ore
wow lolll
Lucas Rocha
Lucas Rocha Acum 15 ore
O pai tá on, tipo Neymar
why bother
why bother Acum 15 ore
The only reason I'm here is cuz of 50
sarah wheeler
sarah wheeler Acum 15 ore
What a wonderful song! Much talented. 😇 He’s in heaven. 🕊🙏🏾
sasa_ noside
sasa_ noside Acum 15 ore
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell Acum 15 ore
They was playing this on a Kentucky Radio station while we was traveling to Lexington kentucky on 11/27/2020 I'm so glad I found this song :)
Jeremías Mateo Nahuel Corregidor
Jeremías Mateo Nahuel Corregidor Acum 15 ore