Superflash Acum 2 ore
Viewer Acum 2 ore
Where’s Kratos when you need him?
Raymond VC
Raymond VC Acum 2 ore
I gonna make yoshi's adventure
Sleepy Otter1128
Sleepy Otter1128 Acum 2 ore
Sonic nice bean machine
Redbunn Acum 2 ore
Too bad we dont have Smash competitions
Terrence Ellison
Terrence Ellison Acum 2 ore
Ok can we all just realize that dr fetus DID NOT STICK UP THE MIDDLE FINGER LIKE IN THE ORIGINAL
Eduardo D'Jesus
Eduardo D'Jesus Acum 2 ore
Rosalina: Am i a Home to you!?
Rodrili534 Acum 2 ore
Quick! Watch the whole video and share it before Nintendo takes it down for Copyright Violations!
Gabriel Silano
Gabriel Silano Acum 2 ore
soytree Acum 2 ore
me in southern hemisphere: uhh yeah i did this in august,,,,,
Ashton Scripts
Ashton Scripts Acum 2 ore
things they didnt include: your worlds are stupidly small bowser in super mario 3d world is always meowser
Garrett Wilkinson
Garrett Wilkinson Acum 2 ore
I miss being happy
Juan Acum 2 ore
Did anyone in 1985 going through platforms on their way to defear Bowser on the world 8-8 think that the game they were playing would evolve into THIS?
OnlyLonk Acum 2 ore
When this was first announced, I was getting annoyed, waiting for so long, but now, I don't even care if it comes out after another 2 years or so. I guess that was what Zelda first felt, waiting for Link to wake up.
Luke Harper
Luke Harper Acum 2 ore
A Hat in Time X Hollow Knight
Jedson Shaw
Jedson Shaw Acum 2 ore
I just like how the stick just breaks.
Everything is not Junbi ok
Everything is not Junbi ok Acum 2 ore
God has it really been 4 years
콘노 유우키
콘노 유우키 Acum 2 ore
2:03 Wait... I saw him before..... Maybe... in Dragon Ball??
Navi on sandvich
Navi on sandvich Acum 2 ore
diont care
janne lønø
janne lønø Acum 2 ore
Can anyone find the epic songs in this for me? 😅😅
Not A person
Not A person Acum 2 ore
But... isn’t that link, following link? Doesn’t this just mess up not only the story but timeline too? I think wolf link has a whole world to save back in his timeline then just hunting animals
Ojokeve Acum 2 ore
Love the fury part but i dont think this game should be full price
Jedson Shaw
Jedson Shaw Acum 2 ore
They put so much effort into this.
Makoto Jammers
Makoto Jammers Acum 3 ore
I thought by new reactions they meant new reactions and not the ones from last month
Gidelle Paiva
Gidelle Paiva Acum 3 ore
Entendi switch Eu sei que você tem um jogo do funk vai de roupa o jogo do outros Minecraft já fez uma pessoa agora e você tá roubando tá roubando dinheiro por causa de férrico
Rithrius Acum 3 ore
Did they just forget to release this game or something?
Humberto Soria
Humberto Soria Acum 3 ore
I already have this collection for my ps2 is Capcom collection 1 and 2
dead inside but im wilbur
dead inside but im wilbur Acum 3 ore
I'd love to go to a concert like this. Every element amazes me including the lights, the music, the HOLOGRAMS. Just being able to see fictional characters come to life and perform sounds like such a dream come true
Duolingo Acum 3 ore
What everyone thinks we want: New Super Mario Maker 2 updates What we actually want:
Jorge Villarreal
Jorge Villarreal Acum 3 ore
That music sounds like it came straight out of Wreck it Ralph. It's pretty good.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Acum 3 ore
Gidelle Paiva
Gidelle Paiva Acum 3 ore
Olá tem Tweet tudo bem eu sou o filho da minha mãe chama tudo dele Nossa sua mãe comprou uma estante no celular dela tem suite não seu jogo são mais famosos que o jogo do Sonic
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Acum 3 ore
Mario is a super sayin
Vilma Sarat
Vilma Sarat Acum 3 ore
Super Smash Bros movie
Isaac Gabriel
Isaac Gabriel Acum 3 ore
2:04 Mario cat super sayadin?????
Vilma Sarat
Vilma Sarat Acum 3 ore
Neteando can you make a movie
Anne Noose
Anne Noose Acum 3 ore
Author for smash?
Andrew Herrera
Andrew Herrera Acum 3 ore
I was disappointing because the art-style looks the same as one of those games that is made by 2 people, which to me is greedy because this game had a bigger potential budget. The bosses look pretty high quality so I maybe it isn't going to be a letdown.
Noor Safwan
Noor Safwan Acum 3 ore
Haha simple but interesting that nintendo
GameCubeGuy01 Acum 3 ore
0:23 Only true Nintendo fans know this... We missed you, Mr. Miyamoto! Super Nintendo World looks fantastic!
Nathan Viveros
Nathan Viveros Acum 3 ore
I hate Nintendo switch online why don't they just make it free
Black n17
Black n17 Acum 3 ore
ROpost 2021 : *Recommendation*
Nick Monforte
Nick Monforte Acum 3 ore
“It’s like the Geomancer job in Final Fantasy.” Ok Sakurai I see you.
Diego Lopes Mendes
Diego Lopes Mendes Acum 3 ore
Bring back Celeste's observatory and give NPC's more things to do and interact.
David Lopez
David Lopez Acum 3 ore
well I know that the company is 131 years old
The United States Of America
The United States Of America Acum 3 ore
Dang bowser mad.
Dimiloche Acum 3 ore
Nintendo we want the update plz
Charlotte Berg
Charlotte Berg Acum 3 ore
When is it coming out?
Oliver foxworth
Oliver foxworth Acum 3 ore
Roses are blue Violets are red Mario sucks And so does Nintendo
Lil_Mis_Cringey Acum 3 ore
Who else is rewatching this instead of studying?
BasicBean Acum 3 ore
Zelda Fandom: When is Breath of the Wild 2 coming out? Breath of the wild 2: Baby I'm not even here I'm a hallucination.
Dr. Weird
Dr. Weird Acum 3 ore
No physical copy, no beuno.
Xxshadowgamez Xx
Xxshadowgamez Xx Acum 3 ore
Rithrius Acum 3 ore
0:20 I thought that was Majora's Mask for a second. XD
harry berry
harry berry Acum 3 ore
"IF you agree" ? What if you don't agree with the end user license agreement? I read the agreement and don't agree with the clause about Nintendo not being responsible if you kill someone with it...they should be held accountable for selling such a dangerous devise as a matter of fact I think the user should have to be licensed just like concealed carry for hand guns..this has to stop. Nintendo is responsible for a lot of needless killing.
Bowserkid 2002
Bowserkid 2002 Acum 3 ore
This trailer proves that the Wii U is Dead everyone
harry berry
harry berry Acum 3 ore
I like how they show the 2 guys in the back of the VW bus not wearing 3 point seatbelts if wearing any at all.👎
S M Acum 3 ore
0:33 disappearing triangle on left, bad game
RaisedFenix Acum 3 ore
Cloud versions,i 'm all in!
Sinbad316 Acum 3 ore
Looks like Clement is gonna fanboy at this.... :D
The Google Pig Emoji
The Google Pig Emoji Acum 3 ore
mario becomes a furry