Yerik Orlando Mejia Diaz
Yerik Orlando Mejia Diaz Acum 23 ore
His music sounds like the past, present and future all together
BlaccPanther Acum 23 ore
He sounds so much like Michael Jackson
Atlas Acum 23 ore
Today marks Heartless' 1 year anniversary.
Rael •—•
Rael •—• Acum 23 ore
*~Dj A-a-a-azeitona~*
Jazihel Payan
Jazihel Payan Acum 23 ore
1 year now....
Jared R Naidoo
Jared R Naidoo Acum 23 ore
Ima say it again ! FUCK THE GRAMMYS
Maria Laura Fortunato
Maria Laura Fortunato Acum 23 ore
This would fit perfectly for GTA 6
Homeless Worldwide
Homeless Worldwide Acum 23 ore
Clive Titus
Clive Titus Acum 23 ore
I love this song
apolpieTV Acum 23 ore
He's such a talent. Underrated and superstar 😳
chunky boi
chunky boi Acum 23 ore
Grammy's snubbed him
GamingWithCheese Channel
GamingWithCheese Channel Acum 23 ore
Bop of our generation
Snowball Bishon
Snowball Bishon Acum 23 ore
He is i love this man😚😚😚😚
MAGOTV Acum 23 ore
Dark Destroyer 7
Dark Destroyer 7 Acum 23 ore
this music is so good
Harraj Khalsa
Harraj Khalsa Acum 23 ore
1:23 me speeding away from the cops 😂
Rushane Clarke
Rushane Clarke Acum 23 ore
Usagi马塞拉 Acum 23 ore
Cheiro de pneu
Díaz Jaimes Jorge Luis
Díaz Jaimes Jorge Luis Acum 23 ore
F#cks gramys!;
Usagi马塞拉 Acum 23 ore
Cheiro de pneu
Matheus Åhr
Matheus Åhr Acum 23 ore
Silver Elara
Silver Elara Acum 23 ore
Can someone tell me who is the guy in the blue suit?
Jazihel Payan
Jazihel Payan Acum 23 ore
Thats metro boomin
Ana Duarte
Ana Duarte Acum 23 ore
Pq eu só encontrei essa música agora 👁️👄👁️,um minuto de silêncio pra quem não encontrou essa música🤡
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence Acum 23 ore
an ode to c!
lumpyspacecadet Acum 23 ore
Why isn't The Midnight even as close to being this popular? It's the same type of music.
Merve Uçkun
Merve Uçkun Acum 23 ore
I love this man
Elisa Rangel
Elisa Rangel Acum 23 ore
Fahad Immad
Fahad Immad Acum 23 ore
you did not get nominated for grammy
Bhabuk Raj Bhattarai
Bhabuk Raj Bhattarai Acum 23 ore
You are Grammy winner for us.
Dimitris P.
Dimitris P. Acum 23 ore
sreekanta yogesh krishna
sreekanta yogesh krishna Acum 23 ore
3:42 when you realize this song doesn't need grammy to prove itself but grammy needs it
Tyrese Jones
Tyrese Jones Acum 23 ore
Still listening December 2020 one of my favorite songs by weekend
Tracy DeLong
Tracy DeLong Acum 23 ore
He is really going through something😥😥
Aliya Azimkhan
Aliya Azimkhan Acum 23 ore
OMG 🤪🤪
Steven Monday
Steven Monday Acum 23 ore
Like this much
DundyTM Acum 23 ore
So, the '80s are back and here to stay
Luciano Raimundo Guardia Berrios
Luciano Raimundo Guardia Berrios Acum 23 ore
oualid 2 amazzough
oualid 2 amazzough Acum 23 ore
Im love this music the weekend
Faisal Nishat
Faisal Nishat Acum 23 ore
Can you even think that it’s been a whole 1 year to this song!?
CAZ Music
CAZ Music Acum 23 ore
2:27 ma man knows how to summon gamakichi, damnnn
Bhargav Sadineni
Bhargav Sadineni Acum 23 ore
3:40 , the expressions he showed are just fab!
plsnofufu Acum 23 ore
the best I've listened to 😯🔥
Olivia Round
Olivia Round Acum 23 ore
anyone understand why he has a wrap on his face?
Ninjara Gamez
Ninjara Gamez Acum 23 ore
This came out when I was 5, 5 I tell u I listen to it since the next day I saw it ima fckin starboy!!!!!!!!!!!
Some issues
Some issues Acum 23 ore
This song is a whole vibe
Tracy DeLong
Tracy DeLong Acum 23 ore
Thank you for poring your heart out on this boo😌❣
Trinity Chronic
Trinity Chronic Acum 23 ore
Thanks for sharing!!!!🔥🔥🔥❤️You will like this playlist too😉
viviana peñalver
viviana peñalver Acum 23 ore
Plagio 😏. Igual es buena la canción 😊
Taskeen Asmal
Taskeen Asmal Acum 23 ore
tooooooo talented. an entire cinematic experience. my eyes/ears are in awe.
Fahmeed Rokon
Fahmeed Rokon Acum 23 ore
This was 5 years ago??!??
Shreyas Aradhya
Shreyas Aradhya Acum 23 ore
Anyone December 2020😷
Cristian Rojas Alejo
Cristian Rojas Alejo Acum 23 ore
Ninjara Gamez
Ninjara Gamez Acum 23 ore
Ima mother fckin starboi dude! Noice music vid cjz I'm a fckin staaaarboooooooy!!!!
Lucas Barker
Lucas Barker Acum 23 ore
get otter'd lol
josefi josefi
josefi josefi Acum 23 ore
El final woaaa ✨
Taskeen Asmal
Taskeen Asmal Acum 23 ore
😍😍 the TALENT? unmatched.
Taekook ; Soulmates
Taekook ; Soulmates Acum 23 ore
He doesn't need a GRAMMY, he's a lot for GRAMMYs, xenophobes
rat sis.
rat sis. Acum 23 ore
just made a whole baddie edit in my head 😭😭
korku salar
korku salar Acum 23 ore
Scott Bernberg
Scott Bernberg Acum o Zi
Now go listen to Kavinsky **WAITS** You're welcome!
kawthar rizki
kawthar rizki Acum o Zi
Jesus De la Luz Lozano
Jesus De la Luz Lozano Acum o Zi
Si le queda la voz de Rosalia para esta canción
Marlo Engalla
Marlo Engalla Acum o Zi
I wonder why he did not get any nominations 🤔
soccerdios Acum o Zi
Where is the Dark Knight when we need him most?
Korey Suzuchi
Korey Suzuchi Acum o Zi
I love how the room is creating a reverb of his voice which makes it even more better
Nikhil Dabholkar
Nikhil Dabholkar Acum o Zi
Rockstar Games (GTA) ! Konami(PES) ! EA sports(FIFA) , Please add this in upcoming Games 🎮🙏
Cennet Koçak
Cennet Koçak Acum o Zi
Seneler sürerr herr günnn yalnızzzz gitmekteeenn yooorrrgunummmmmmm. lol
Mr. Reee
Mr. Reee Acum o Zi
Who ever sourced the cars did a good job
Qasim ali
Qasim ali Acum o Zi
3.17 has a separate fan base❤️
Amit Sabale
Amit Sabale Acum o Zi
Kdk re bhava
Muhammad Mahardhika
Muhammad Mahardhika Acum o Zi
december 2020 still up ❤️
ManOfMyTime Acum o Zi
he the best, PERIOD!! I just don't get the make up ...really don't get it at all...
chaitu chaitanya
chaitu chaitanya Acum o Zi
WEEKEND - Guys please please enjoy the live stop recording with your phones you can find it ROpost IN 4K
Trinity Garcia
Trinity Garcia Acum o Zi
idc how far back the conert gets pushed back all ik is im GOING whether it be next summer or the one after that n so on 🙈
Dolly Singh
Dolly Singh Acum o Zi
Gta 6 fan like
Ramond Hackley
Ramond Hackley Acum o Zi
I only understood half of the song😂😂
Darling Acum o Zi
It feels like I'm bout to cry every time I hear this song. It is so beautiful <3 The synth, bass, his voice sooooooo goood <3 I'll never get tired listening to it.
m1sty Acum o Zi
0:53 *enjoy :)*
MechaniCX— ESO
MechaniCX— ESO Acum o Zi
This shit so fire 🔥
soymrxuko Acum o Zi
I'm in LOVE with this amazing song!