HIgh Five
HIgh Five Acum 6 ore
I have a question how does the haunted lot effect ghost sims are they terrified as their fleshy sims relatives are? Do they get any innate abilities as the other haunting ghosts on the lot?
HIgh Five
HIgh Five Acum 6 ore
There's a feel of New Orleans with the curtain set and the bohemian feel of some of the items. Not to mention the ritual art on the floor and the dolls hint at voodoo .
Сергей Смелый
Сергей Смелый Acum 6 ore
жду пиратку
Chloe Acum 6 ore
you should make a royalty pack or sum
Рита Дригола
Рита Дригола Acum 7 ore
nvgcfvh c bfcbgcftcyf gvyfhgydf
CursedChad Acum 7 ore
Oh good, no human language. Just simlish.
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us Acum 8 ore
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen. Repent and turn from sin! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out.
Faten Deeb
Faten Deeb Acum 9 ore
Hey I'm soooooooooooooo excited
Scanda Gaming
Scanda Gaming Acum 9 ore
Damn I miss the laggy island so much. Probably from the Scott family or their house.
Scarlet Rose_98
Scarlet Rose_98 Acum 9 ore
The Sims 4 players: We want SUPERNATURAL!! EA: *Gives us Paranormal Stuff Pack*
ven Acum 10 ore
really excited for this pack!! surprised how much content there is
uhriahx Acum 10 ore
EA keeps giving us all of this demonic occult bullshit, but won't give us better babies, better elders, farms, better apartments, and other REALISTIC SIMULATION TYPE GAME PLAY! I get more realistic game play from GTA than the Sims 4. If Paralives provides the realism that players are DYING FOR, then EA is in trouble and they can forget the success launch of a Sims 5. At this point, EA continues to prove to us time and time again, that they will not listen to what the majority of the Sims community wants.
Irem Sener jungkook me
Irem Sener jungkook me Acum 10 ore
2021 👇🏼💜
uhriahx Acum 10 ore
I'm still not excited about this pack, but I will take the new Afro-centric hair, the new plants, and some of that new furniture. I'm not interested in the game play at all!
Food Franzy
Food Franzy Acum 11 ore
I hope you can add cars and horses again hahaha like sims 3
Che TheLion
Che TheLion Acum 12 ore
No ouiji board...seems pointless. Ima stick with sims 2 and my mods.
MugenMugen Acum 12 ore
I thought ghost should be scary
Anet&Talisman Acum 12 ore
I want this stuff pack 😻
Vector Sas
Vector Sas Acum 13 ore
Vampire grand master: Well... this is ok... *everyone get scared*
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Acum 13 ore
Can we get a playable job as Vets?!?! It's already a place you can go to anyway!! 😏
Makenzie Thompson
Makenzie Thompson Acum 13 ore
Please continue doing livestreams to show off the pack, it's so great to hear people talking about their input on the pack. Completely sold me on Paranormal, can't wait to buy it!
SammaLovesLlamas Acum 13 ore
When it's your first time editing a video and seeing all of those effects
Fan Account
Fan Account Acum 14 ore
Legendary Lemonzz
Legendary Lemonzz Acum 14 ore
This is great and I’m excited for it, but can you please fix the eyelashes in game? They are just so blocky.
Noah Leopold
Noah Leopold Acum 15 ore
To all the people with the Copy Paste don't buy this pack stuff, I'm sorry to break it to you but your comments are meaningless and they fall on deaf ears. EA is not going to listen because they are just stuck up snobs. Goodbye.
KEN DA GAMER Acum 15 ore
Young Menace
Young Menace Acum 17 ore
I wish they'd add burglars back into the game 😥
Melissa G
Melissa G Acum 17 ore
LOVE it ALL!!! Can't wait!! Fan-girling over the dude as I'm a Depp fan and love how you all even got his stylized clothes in this pack!! :) I'm bummed no tarot reading skill.. but that one missed the boat in the Realm of Magic I guess. :*-( GREAT job on the furniture and those wallpapers I saw were fantastic!! First time I've looked really forward to a pack in a long while.
Lisa Mccall
Lisa Mccall Acum 17 ore
The ghost too childish.Bonehildas a rip off. cute otherwise somebody please make a sims game with real people actions would be so much fun and they could speak
Lowe Antony Balean
Lowe Antony Balean Acum 17 ore
anyone here after watching sims 4 paranormal stuff pack?
Legendary Lemonzz
Legendary Lemonzz Acum 17 ore
Yeah That new ghost looks like Johnny Depp
Legendary Lemonzz
Legendary Lemonzz Acum 17 ore
Some of the people on here are just so negative. Like honestly, it’s looks like they’ve done a good job with this stuff pack. Yeah they screwed up with Batuu but give credit when it’s due.
ƒ ƒ
ƒ ƒ Acum 18 ore
Like a lot the house, can I download it?
Shane Boyle
Shane Boyle Acum 8 ore
I think they said this house will be in the library as part of the game pack!
Julian Salazar
Julian Salazar Acum 18 ore
Los segundos Zapatos de mujer Parecen los zapatos de Velma de scooby doo.
Nakia D
Nakia D Acum 19 ore
y'all made such a big deal of making emotions the driving force behind the sims 4 when it first came out.... and haven't tinkered with them since. We really need an emotion overhaul...
Anne B.
Anne B. Acum 19 ore
As much as I love the Sims 4 I miss the emotions of the Sims 2 characters. They were far more affectionate, they interacted with one another much better, the children were happier to see their parents and lovers were enamored with one another to the point of jealousy, unprovoked breakups, and woohoos. It was much more interesting to play. They were happy, sad, angered and excited to such a greater extent. But I guess you have to sacrifice some traits for other content. I also wanted to add that when a Sim in the Sims 2 got distraught over a breakup or death in the family they would pray to the person playing the game. They'd get down on their knees and look up at you crying. That used to freak me out but it showed how good the program was... whoever developed that feature was a genius. You could also write a Bio on your sim and they would take on the traits you wrote in the biographies. If somehow that could be done again through programming the Sims 4 would be a much more interesting game.
smoky joe
smoky joe Acum 19 ore
I shall recreate season 1 of AHS in child friendly.
Baby Gang
Baby Gang Acum 20 ore
Do this stuff pack have tarot readings
Doe Acum 20 ore
Do a 'pregnancy'/ 'First time mothers' game pack! like being able to plan a baby shower event or babies first birthday, and more infant things such as cribs, furniture and decors. Just a cool idea i thought about lol
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh Acum 21 oră
Imagine console users could use cc ( I’d cry from joy )
daryl 921
daryl 921 Acum 21 oră
Ghosts should be able to possess other sims and make them do stuff,not just objects.
Artoria Pendragon
Artoria Pendragon Acum 21 oră
I checked out this old stream just out of curiosity and I have to say that the comments section is INCREDIBLY toxic and negative. I understand criticism but most of it is just hate. Now University is one of packs that most people I seen compliment as one of the best.
Chase —
Chase — Acum 21 oră
Why’s this in my recommendations... 😐
sirindol Acum 22 ore
This feels more like a game pack, can't believe this is the same kind of pack as My first pet stuff 👏😂💚
qewerka Acum 22 ore
Its 2021 and I still play it
M. Robo
M. Robo Acum 23 ore
I'm so keen for this pack!!
Melo Acum 23 ore
ROpost just recommended me this after 11 years and I see that no one has leaved a comment for 2 years so I guess I was the only one
Memes Acum 23 ore
y’all all mad but I think this pretty cool
Tanya K
Tanya K Acum 23 ore
We really need a new bg world
Sue Steig
Sue Steig Acum 23 ore
The mens clothes in Cas yuck.
Martha López Arias
Martha López Arias Acum 23 ore
Nintendo switch :'C
Danielle Wolf
Danielle Wolf Acum o Zi
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers Acum o Zi
Very disappointed in this pack. Not much gameplay and looks very boring
Obi Rhaz
Obi Rhaz Acum o Zi
I came for the trailer but stayed for the song.... so what's the name of this song? :D
Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa Acum o Zi
Everyone be asking for stupid babies and farm packs but what about FIXING THE SIMS THEMSELVES!
Heike Bruckner
Heike Bruckner Acum o Zi
What's that song called?
Jacki Nicole
Jacki Nicole Acum o Zi
Why do the clothes look like they’re from the ‘70’s though?
memory Acum o Zi
Dude the song is not english I just noticed now
Lydia Davies
Lydia Davies Acum o Zi
why am i crying
Luna Palida
Luna Palida Acum o Zi
The sims are not lost in the jungle, the jungle is lost in the sims
Zachary Dassonville
Zachary Dassonville Acum o Zi
Ladies amd Gentleman! 6 years later, we present The Sims 4 Paranormal!
Klara Acum o Zi
i just want to be able to own a zoo
Ljilja Ili
Ljilja Ili Acum o Zi
i liked more the sims 1,2,3 this one is good but not as the old ones
Ljilja Ili
Ljilja Ili Acum o Zi
what are they going to do abaut pirated versions of sims 4
Queen Kiwi
Queen Kiwi Acum o Zi
I don’t know if this is in the pack, and I don’t have sims 4 currently, but they should have it that sims get scarred permanently from paranormal activity, bc I know ppl like that. (Not my idea) and should have the opposite when people get intrigued and love paranormal activity even if it leads to them getting hurt (I relate to this personally). I know how hard coding is and I don’t want y’all to feel pressured:(
Lucy Acum o Zi
What's the name of song?
Blenda Camargo
Blenda Camargo Acum o Zi
Yeah yeah yeah, ghosts, very nice we had that already, but where's the *werewolves, fairies, elves, genies, zombies* etc???
Yorgama 5
Yorgama 5 Acum o Zi
Does that mean we can make haounted hotels?
Carolina Paes Leme Moreira
Carolina Paes Leme Moreira Acum o Zi
Só tô pensando eu com ela
I Am Random Yeet
I Am Random Yeet Acum o Zi
Some stupid update caused all my 100 baby progress to disappear thanks a lot
M B Acum o Zi
¿Pa cuando los hombres lobo?
AJ Bennington
AJ Bennington Acum o Zi
Meh, we already had a spooky pack what did people need this for!
Ponka Acum o Zi
Почему все гуру девушки такие неухоженные?🤔
Teeaa Acum o Zi
Nobody wanted this and quite frankly a lot of this could have came with the spooky stuff.