Sharonda Johnson
Sharonda Johnson Acum 21 oră
2016 ANNE-MARIE_TAN_JING_HUI Acum 21 oră
Where do you find waterproof spray
Rebecca Segatti
Rebecca Segatti Acum 21 oră
Really good this vidéo !!
Rashmi Patel
Rashmi Patel Acum 21 oră
99% of person will be like {who ever is read this may your parents live 100 years }I am irritated of this who agrees this is how much people agree 👇
Gargi Dutta
Gargi Dutta Acum 21 oră
Please come my home
Shalini Kalidoss
Shalini Kalidoss Acum 21 oră
Do not believe these fake videos! They all are just trying to scam you in some way... If you are trying to hack someone's whatsapp account, then simply try using Whazzak, it is the only working hack. You can find it on google... :)
Ramon Washington
Ramon Washington Acum 21 oră
Ok I like how they say other peoples hacks don’t work when they’re hacks don’t work and they get some of these from other channels and I know they are going to delete my comment cause it’s true but I’ll just come back and say it again.
Nazma Akter
Nazma Akter Acum 21 oră
NEP D 3 is win
Fatima Atiq
Fatima Atiq Acum 21 oră
This can't be done in only 5min
Kristián Garcia
Kristián Garcia Acum 21 oră
I like some designs
Ikshita Rai
Ikshita Rai Acum 21 oră
Love your creations and I try them everyday
Kodi Giddings
Kodi Giddings Acum 21 oră
5:34 my dude was Struggling to blow up a balloon
Siddheswar Pachal
Siddheswar Pachal Acum 21 oră
Marry Christmas 🎅🎅🎅🎅 5 MINIT CRAFT
Geetha Eshwar cv
Geetha Eshwar cv Acum 21 oră
Which English song these baby sings
AMONG US Acum 21 oră
14:52 is she dumb she can feel hot anytime so when she will take her jacket out people will laugh at her
Madhu 6c Akshay 4g
Madhu 6c Akshay 4g Acum 21 oră
It is just looking good but when I try 🤪🤪
xX Abi Xx
xX Abi Xx Acum 21 oră
5:50 just no, this is a big no. 7:54 man looks good, girl looks bland. 9:23 you really expect people will do this kind of fashion. No no no 4:55 you just want to show skin, no no no, put those straps up. 3:37 4:03 4:23 gurllllll your poses are........okay.......I guess......
EthanGamesVH 237
EthanGamesVH 237 Acum 21 oră
0:55 Behold, the pinnacle of Nightmares
Naresh Sahu
Naresh Sahu Acum 21 oră
Waw nice Nice nice Nice nice Nice nice Nice nice Nice nice Nice nice very nice main jarur trai marugi
Rakshit Sharma
Rakshit Sharma Acum 21 oră
Wait a minute... 🤔🤔14:55 if she has to wear a sweater over the shirt.... Why she cut the shirt... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn Acum 21 oră
14:39 he gave her a dress from her closet cut the top and buttons off and gave it to her
Ahirha Dangar
Ahirha Dangar Acum 21 oră
OT7 banana milk
OT7 banana milk Acum 21 oră
only this thumbnail made me came here
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I- Bruh- *NO*
sony moral
sony moral Acum 21 oră
Destruiste tu bolsa, no no que mal mensa
DEEPA JAIN Acum 21 oră
0:00 so cool
Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile Acum 21 oră
Why is this on the recycling channel of 5 minute crafts
Ana Júlia Da Silva Nunes
Ana Júlia Da Silva Nunes Acum 22 ore
I love the videos on this channel
Bandana Ghosh
Bandana Ghosh Acum 22 ore
It are very bad hacks
msf tpb
msf tpb Acum 22 ore
Carmen Almaraz
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Todo feo pero bueno
Sarah Moncada
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Do you ever ask yourself why do I watch these videos
Lecy Gonçalves
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Lecy Gonçalves
Lecy Gonçalves Acum 22 ore
Mimi Gamer
Mimi Gamer Acum 22 ore
Mimi Gamer
Mimi Gamer Acum 22 ore
Yamilé Soriano Salazar
Yamilé Soriano Salazar Acum 22 ore
Cuando no tienes dinero ni para comprar ni un chicle
Brianne Binswanger
Brianne Binswanger Acum 22 ore
This is soooo cool
Silvia Mariño
Silvia Mariño Acum 22 ore
It's cool
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Julio Nava
Julio Nava Acum 22 ore
Aimee Frost
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This are not. Crafs. Ay. All 😂😂😂😅🤣
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Who is watching from tamil nadu.hit a like👍
nile pax
nile pax Acum 22 ore
One million years of evolution and for what? God help us.
Majoma Jodi Mahaffey Artist
Majoma Jodi Mahaffey Artist Acum 22 ore
Did anyone else notice that one girl took two slices of pizza! Greedy!!
Shiny Kitchen
Shiny Kitchen Acum 22 ore
I spend my most of time in cooking editing and uploading so I need all my brothers and sisters support plz
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Merry Christmas😄🎄🎁❄🎅 😇
Paola Baena
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Amiga se te va a dañar el pelo
Paola Baena
Paola Baena Acum 22 ore
Enséñame un truco de los tuyos
shamer peña ccahuana
shamer peña ccahuana Acum 22 ore
7:01 quien están estúpido para no saber abrir un huevo
Fanny Lazo
Fanny Lazo Acum 22 ore
Nargiz Aliyeva
Nargiz Aliyeva Acum 22 ore
5:44 😂😂😂😂
heka pambudi
heka pambudi Acum 22 ore
OMG! This is so phony... I assume not many people are aware that Whazzak is the only working whatsapp hack tool. If you would like test it you can find it on the search engines :)
Prithivi Sharma
Prithivi Sharma Acum 22 ore
Girl cuts up the rain boots to make slippers. (5 minutes later) Another girl: have you seen my rain boots I lost them at the beach. 🤣🤣
Queen_Gacha-not finished lol-
Queen_Gacha-not finished lol- Acum 22 ore
For the first one where you trying to be a clown????
Amber Couvillon
Amber Couvillon Acum 22 ore
2:12 those pants were nice till you cut them stop running clothes
Meeks K
Meeks K Acum 22 ore
It’s ruining
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought Acum 23 ore
0:59 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Charlotte Robert
Charlotte Robert Acum 23 ore
Amberly Mariel Selpuveda. Bencosme
Amberly Mariel Selpuveda. Bencosme Acum 23 ore
Me encantan éstos trucos 😁😁😂😂😍
Angelica Robles
Angelica Robles Acum 23 ore
Love your videos
rap girl1234
rap girl1234 Acum 23 ore
All of u r noobs
Dandylion Puff
Dandylion Puff Acum 23 ore
For the plug cover don’t paint directly on the installed cover. You’ll get electrocuted. If you want to do it correctly without injuring yourself remove it before you paint and then coat your paint job once it’s dry with a thin layer of epoxy resin. Let it cure and reinstall. You’ll have a much nicer and more professional makeover.
icleia paes
icleia paes Acum 23 ore
Gibb Shurgar
Gibb Shurgar Acum 23 ore
Try not popping ballon with knife try safety pin
Divya.M Divya
Divya.M Divya Acum 23 ore
Y do they over act too much😡
Chad K. Tucker
Chad K. Tucker Acum 23 ore
0:57 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
azizah alzahrani
azizah alzahrani Acum 23 ore
Ayushi Sahu
Ayushi Sahu Acum 23 ore
9:07 I would be looking like a cartoon character straight out of of 90s television series...😐
Mikay Floress
Mikay Floress Acum 23 ore
4:04 girl that's so uglyyyy
juveria mohd
juveria mohd Acum 23 ore
She could ave just pasted comb back wasting HOT GLUE and that didn't even work LOL 😂😂😂😂
Gabrielly Souza Andrade
Gabrielly Souza Andrade Acum 23 ore
love your ideas, they are very useful
miss buby
miss buby Acum 23 ore
Hermila Maldonado
Hermila Maldonado Acum 23 ore
Yo estoy buscando ideas como estas grasias
Gabriel Rodriguezz Castro
Gabriel Rodriguezz Castro Acum 23 ore
Did anyone else notice that at minute 0:46 one of the drawers was opened?
Ellen Vitória
Ellen Vitória Acum 23 ore
Navneer Kaur
Navneer Kaur Acum 23 ore
It hurts me what you do with those books!
Kemilly Kelly
Kemilly Kelly Acum 23 ore
Baixo do claudemir de sousa não tem como fazer um pedaço aí para dormir aqui ainda tá com o que né tu mulher tem como vc me passar tá com tá com a cabeça doendo muito 😞😞😕😞😞😞 lindo da minha professora de sousa não tem como fazer
Martosoewondo Toet
Martosoewondo Toet Acum 23 ore
Haha as if a 4grader as makeup
Sofia Perez Curbelo
Sofia Perez Curbelo Acum 23 ore
Wow. Your crafts are so cool, I wish my crafts were half as good as yours.