Carbon Crank
Carbon Crank Acum 8 ore
12:02 Giovinazzi got through the corner because Leclerc gave him room. You can clearly see him turn away to the right.
Ivson Oliveira
Ivson Oliveira Acum 8 ore
Lando is a refresh for all F1 fans. Just keep sending it!
Umut Tunca Özbakır
Umut Tunca Özbakır Acum 8 ore
10:38 photo of the year
rob miles
rob miles Acum 8 ore
Please stop talking.
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. Acum 8 ore
DC is a legend. What a lovely man , great interview.
TORTH Acum 8 ore
“Your off to get a four’ntwenty pie” 😂
TheNecromancer6666 Acum 8 ore
Allan McNish and Tom Kristensen in their prime were faster then most guys in F1 at the time. Both of them are not great drivers... both of them have done superhuman Things in cars. Only guys like Alonso and Michael were their equal... also remember that Tom Kristensen in his LATE 40s was regularly faster then F1 drivers in the Same car in the ROC
Carbon Crank
Carbon Crank Acum 8 ore
6:48 look at Lewis's hands. The steering wheel is turned severely to the right. He didn't turn back into max. The car was plowing. It seemed obvious to me from the beginning that the tires were not warmed up and he understeered. He didn't slide into max but he was trying to create space. That's what this Frame shows. His talk about modulating steering and just tightening up the corner is pure gobbledygook. Sometimes I think he doesn't take the time to listen to himself before he puts these up. Yes, I know the tires have warming blankets but that doesn't mean they're up to racing temperature when you first put them on it takes a lap or two laps to get the surface up to temperature and pressure up. That said, it doesn't make it Lewis's fault. He had the right to the racetrack he was using.
aswer huio
aswer huio Acum 8 ore
Drivers being interviewed and in the background some dude just feels like playing Careless Whisperer on Sax
Shadowguy128 Acum 8 ore
2011: Hamilton loses a race cuz of button 2021: Hamilton loses a lap cuz of a button
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson Acum 8 ore
They were brave to race in the 70’s, it was so dangerous!
Turdseyeview Acum 8 ore
But you answer still...
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Acum 8 ore
When it goes to just seb u realize how fast he was naming them off
Philip Lee
Philip Lee Acum 8 ore
Who's here after his win in Monza?
Betim Ameti
Betim Ameti Acum 8 ore
1. Max was on the outside so he had the right for a space the size of the car, 2. Ham closed the door in the last moment and as a result 3. There was a gap so thats why Max went for it 4. Ham had could tires so also he shouldn’t fought so hard. Racing incident nothing else
Alan Schmidt
Alan Schmidt Acum 8 ore
I need the last song, the choral one, pleaseeeee
Eero Vahtola
Eero Vahtola Acum 8 ore
This is the only way Mazepin is through Q1
Guerino Sirianni
Guerino Sirianni Acum 8 ore
Landos the best now then George and last is albon
Ahmet Eser
Ahmet Eser Acum 8 ore
arkadaşlar bu video ile alakalı türkçe açıklama yapıp, bizleri aydınlatabilecek olan var mı?
Mihaly Liviczki
Mihaly Liviczki Acum 8 ore
Sajnos ez van mikor a modern kori lovagog küzdelmében már nincsen Fair Play. Ha valakinek az "apukája" a volt F1 vezető jóbarátja ,sőt még a mai kor hullámának hátrányos megkülömböztetjének is tartja magát,bár nem az,de promotálja. Na azzal a személyel sosem lessz egyenlő elbírálásban egy hasonló tehetség.
Narveer Singh
Narveer Singh Acum 8 ore
Atleast Ricciardo never passed. 😂😂
Tommy Nesbitt
Tommy Nesbitt Acum 8 ore
The problem with the Leclerc, Hamilton comparison is that Leclerc took the turn SLOWER than Hamilton due to traffic.
Maria Oldenburg
Maria Oldenburg Acum 8 ore
Kubika: I’m stuck in the gravel Engineer: ah.
Marco Pitt Vittore
Marco Pitt Vittore Acum 8 ore
Figa, qui ti caghi addosso vero!
Nemo Acum 9 ore
true champ
Danny Archer
Danny Archer Acum 9 ore
Senna's English was fantastic.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Acum 9 ore
I could tell otmar was american. But his name was throwing me off big time. Hungarian moved to the us at 7. Makes way more sense now!
Uolfe ELC
Uolfe ELC Acum 9 ore
Alguém legenda!! Por favor ...
ehlava Acum 9 ore
haha, Ver suspect... crickets Ham suspect... screaming and yelling, lol
m kütleli cisim
m kütleli cisim Acum 9 ore
I have goosebumps right now
Guido Guido
Guido Guido Acum 9 ore
We’re getting Charles at Monaco one day…
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Acum 9 ore
Greatest exit of all time 😂
Bruno Ferreira Martins
Bruno Ferreira Martins Acum 9 ore
Maravilha! Português
Bruno Ferreira Martins
Bruno Ferreira Martins Acum 9 ore
Portuguese please - Brazil
P Acum 9 ore
Looks like you can't overtake.
Ganisfega Setiaputra
Ganisfega Setiaputra Acum 9 ore
Its lights out and a way we go.....
Abel Krishna
Abel Krishna Acum 9 ore
Gloves, Steering Wheel, Drink.
ItzSeeqZ Acum 9 ore
Alonso is the best give him the mercedescar and he destory all!!!!
Mike Savage
Mike Savage Acum 9 ore
Eddie Jordan is a bit of a fool. All the drivers would say senna inspired them? Really? 2/3 of the grid weren't born when senna died....
chaotic butter
chaotic butter Acum 9 ore
0:43 is the best one
Edson Oliveira
Edson Oliveira Acum 9 ore
F1 today makes me cry too....and sleap.
Ji Boo
Ji Boo Acum 9 ore
well done Jolyon. 60/40 for Max.
Frank Muzimba
Frank Muzimba Acum 9 ore
This commentary is epic 🤣🤣
bansaiboi Acum 9 ore
Whos fault this was? Max or Hamilton? I dont understand anything about F1. I only know that they are driving a circle ~60laps? Is this fun to watch? Usually it must be boring AF, without any crashes. 😂 2 drives who can win. Over and over again. I must watch the next race. Let me see if i like it. I have NEVER before in 35years watched a single lap of F1 😂🙈
Emre Suliman
Emre Suliman Acum 8 ore
As far as I'm aware, FiA have awarded Max a penalty. (Though this is coming from a fan) F1 really isn't boring, even if they only circle the track. There are always interesting moments. And then there's the tension, especially if you root for someone in particular. I think you really should watch one time to see if you'll like it. If you do, welcome to the community, and if you don't, well, now you can say that you at least watched once :)
Walter Chavers
Walter Chavers Acum 9 ore
And these announcers are supposed to be experts? They're at least supposed to know what they're saying. A lot of wrong information in that 15 seconds.
marcel Acum 9 ore
Well done Josh!
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro Acum 9 ore
Duster McClean
Duster McClean Acum 9 ore
True, it's a race incident. Max shouldn't be penalised!
Diogenes Acum 9 ore
what palmer is doing
Ice Boi
Ice Boi Acum 9 ore
Quando la Ferrari vinceva❤️
K.O. Khalil
K.O. Khalil Acum 9 ore
If your watching this right now, you would know about Hamilton and Verstappen crashing. The halo saved Hamilton’s life
K.O. Khalil
K.O. Khalil Acum 9 ore
Remove your dislikes. People could have gotten killed if there wasn’t a halo
Jonathan Cannon
Jonathan Cannon Acum 9 ore
3:10 Martin - "Max did nothing wrong." FIA - And I took that personally
Jonathan Cannon
Jonathan Cannon Acum 9 ore
0:50 Martin - "Max did nothing wrong." FIA - And I took that personally
k Acum 9 ore
Lando Norris with the best overtake of the last two years at least on Leclerc
Saturday Night Racing
Saturday Night Racing Acum 9 ore
Verstappen saying Britney 🤣🤣
Solga Acum 9 ore
This tings save a life at the last gp 🙌
mrpatsow Acum 9 ore
mrpatsow Acum 9 ore
The raw talent, the speed, the confidence, it is all clearly visible in the way this man controls the car. Faster than Hamilton, Vetel and other World Champions in the karts, who could have he become? Another Senna? Shummacher? Life is cruel to take his chance away afetr all his struggle when he was young. I will never forget Robert Kubica, forever one of the best F1 drivers.
Mango Acum 9 ore
I guarantee you this year could come down to a half point.
John Verdejo
John Verdejo Acum 10 ore
I'm with MAX.
fab harlock
fab harlock Acum 10 ore
Nelson also drove the Brabham Parmalat BMW arrow of the 83 one of the most beautiful and powerful F1 ever, 1500 hp, designed by Gordon Murray..
Jxe Mama
Jxe Mama Acum 10 ore
Mr Wolsy
Mr Wolsy Acum 10 ore
Could they offer the drivers a glass shoe to drink from, instead of a sweaty sock hole?
GingerMan 308
GingerMan 308 Acum 10 ore
1:14 we literally did this to one of our friends in an Xbox live party
BengalOscar Acum 10 ore
F1 needs characters like Lando !!
Camino al éxito
Camino al éxito Acum 10 ore
Pazzur Acum 10 ore
Hire dacha_44 to make u best f1 memes
Tom AllTheWhile
Tom AllTheWhile Acum 10 ore
What was sergio thinking lol