wrld uwu
wrld uwu Acum 3 ore
Vaadiraj Bhat
Vaadiraj Bhat Acum 3 ore
ask a couple of currently active pros to take this challenge like dev1ce, s1mple or twistzzz
John Adams
John Adams Acum 3 ore
MITHR is more hyped than the 5 players combined 😂😂😂😂
mt sh
mt sh Acum 3 ore
why 720p(
Sumedh Kamble
Sumedh Kamble Acum 3 ore
Loved it ❤️❤️
Nihal Guron
Nihal Guron Acum 3 ore
cringe sponsorship
Yakup Aydoğar
Yakup Aydoğar Acum 3 ore
I love
Daniel Neves
Daniel Neves Acum 3 ore
HEN1 <3
VPingurino Acum 5 ore
i miss lans :(
MDR Acum 6 ore
man i love hen1 hahahaa
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. Acum 6 ore
Hen1 clutching then saying "forget art" just explains why he's getting kicked off Furia right there
Raphael Messias
Raphael Messias Acum 3 ore
Also, forget its an expression on the brazilian cs, its kinda similar to "NICE" , so its nothing like it seems
Raphael Messias
Raphael Messias Acum 3 ore
He is not, one of the CEOs of Furia already spoke about, even saying that he would quit the team before HEN1 if necessary or something like that On the social media of Furia they are memeing about it too
Static_Monarch Acum 8 ore
Alex is so cute, nobody can convince me otherwise No homo tho I got socks on
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross Acum 9 ore
I walk with F so it was nice to hear someone else with a weird walk button
Javier Cabriga
Javier Cabriga Acum 13 ore
S1MPLE is the best
JuppaCheese Acum 14 ore
fodase kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
DanyTPG Acum 15 ore
You guys censoring all the curses took out all the fun from the video...
WiseWeeabo Acum 15 ore
Made In Bathroom
Nocturnal Acum 15 ore
me: trying to clutch my teammates: 2:41
Thiago -
Thiago - Acum 16 ore
Fun fact: 4:46 - 4:49 someone jokes and say “boa junior” (nice junior) and hen1 responds “JUNIOR É O CARALHO, RESPEITA MINHA HISTÓRIA” (FUCK JUNIOR, RESCECT MY HISTORY) and everyone laughs also the Jaime Pádua the CEO and akkari, Furia owner, already said that the org won’t replaces none of the players, only if they want to (and it’s clear now that henrique don’t want also)
Thiago -
Thiago - Acum 16 ore
For who don’t know yet,in furia’s communication on the 1v4 art jokes and say “nice junior” and hen1 responds “FUCK JUNIOR, RESCECT MY HISTORY” and everyone laughs also the CEO and akkari, Furia owner, already said that the org won’t replaces none of the players, only if they want to (and it’s clear now that henrique don’t want also)
James Burrito
James Burrito Acum 16 ore
I love how serious endpoint’s coach is but the team are just somewhere else
Crazyboiii lool
Crazyboiii lool Acum 19 ore
I have crouch on Caps-Lock
Rıdvan Bilgiç
Rıdvan Bilgiç Acum 20 ore
Every single team : *Comms* Brazilian teams : *Censored by the chicken*
Danya Dan
Danya Dan Acum 21 oră
Скиньте ссылочку на инсту её 🤪🤪🙏
Saujatya Pal
Saujatya Pal Acum 22 ore
How can you miss dupreeh's 🖕
bruno santos
bruno santos Acum 22 ore
Hey friends, how are you? I am Brazilian and i’m learning English! Is anyone interested in helping me and learning Brazilian Portuguese?
dat girl
dat girl Acum 23 ore
Poizon looks so bored
TheChildren Acum 20 ore
Poizon, man, he's ice cold
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carbajo
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carbajo Acum 23 ore
Wasřík w
Wasřík w Acum 23 ore
0:44 Frozen: fuck it, the boys can do it
zyqo0h Acum o Zi
JURITO1000 Acum o Zi
subtitles for karrigan please
lechon Acum o Zi
Batenkh Badarch
Batenkh Badarch Acum o Zi
Brazilian team wins a round: Aggressive bird squeaking intensifies*
Alton Acum o Zi
Furia is just such a fun team to watch
stolz_ar Acum o Zi
This videos are the *cluck*! PLEASE keep them coming!
Mighty Panada
Mighty Panada Acum o Zi
lol, I forgot all about that spinning toy, and here karrigan just casually using it to hype the team, pretty unusual lol.
Coolmark Acum o Zi
We need more of this
Mihkel Lubi
Mihkel Lubi Acum o Zi
Oh its that c-ops guy
Ethan Black
Ethan Black Acum o Zi
I comment to help statistics
so★ Acum o Zi
wait furia is sponsored by nike ? LUL
Erlan Benedis-Grab
Erlan Benedis-Grab Acum o Zi
Do the liquid coms where they get blasted throug the smoke by gla1ve on inferno
Penjahat Acum o Zi
I like this team Brazil
Салимбек Боходиров
Салимбек Боходиров Acum o Zi
Ля а где NAVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (((((((((((
Brian Kim
Brian Kim Acum o Zi
Translation of furia's comms are slightly off. The main things are ok though. Love the series btw!
Cr1mson Acum o Zi
Is it only me but the audio and the video doesnt really match
Setsz Acum o Zi
GooXy Acum o Zi
Yudiarthawan2nd Wiryanatha
Yudiarthawan2nd Wiryanatha Acum o Zi
Must be really fun playing on team Furia.. the hype even on online games so high
Lê Minh Nguyễn
Lê Minh Nguyễn Acum o Zi
Damn that chicken sound is annoy
I can not take it anymore
I can not take it anymore Acum o Zi
Liquid is the team from NA impressed me the most. And they are so calm and positive not possible to not like them.
Alan Funloer
Alan Funloer Acum o Zi
What is the thing that Karrigan spins?
W Chandra
W Chandra Acum o Zi
spinning rattler
PBsquilz Acum o Zi
damn liquid really do have NA comms. literally feels like a pug listening to them - shouting everything and repeating everything like 16 times... mouz is like "one back train, one conn" and they say it once then silence until they get the kill. difference between top teams
Max Liu
Max Liu Acum 15 ore
mousesports still repeat comms “na style,” if you were actually listening
Ti Bo
Ti Bo Acum 22 ore
Cool! You probably liked your own comment didn't you ;-;
Sayantan Chakraborty
Sayantan Chakraborty Acum o Zi
2 yr old - this rattle is so boring. I don't want it anymore karrigan - give it to me
Clarkeyboyy Acum o Zi
Mouse are my favorite Team currently..... so fun to watch
Nam Đỗ
Nam Đỗ Acum o Zi
When final ??
Ack Acum o Zi
I would love to play just a game with karrigan
Rijul karande
Rijul karande Acum o Zi
Ropz is the monitor lol
Lethal LT
Lethal LT Acum o Zi
"ask for a pause now!" lmao !
Amey Patil
Amey Patil Acum 3 ore
@Batenkh Badarch wait really?
Batenkh Badarch
Batenkh Badarch Acum o Zi
He is the IGL now
4keM Acum o Zi
What's the thing under the eyes of Ropz?
4keM Acum o Zi
@Atharva Barwe oh, ty, I thought it was other thing, like the ink under the eyes that american football players wear;-;
Atharva Barwe
Atharva Barwe Acum o Zi
ATS Acum o Zi
lmao bymas’s clutch when he went to get the awp karrigan was so confused
JakubFY Acum o Zi
5:45 - 6:12 naf reaction <3
Pho King
Pho King Acum 14 ore
New shroud?
Ethan Acum o Zi
@Tu mai thats the point actually
Tu mai
Tu mai Acum o Zi
He literally has no reaction to anything wtf?
Moayad Issa
Moayad Issa Acum o Zi
Dedi Sugiantara
Dedi Sugiantara Acum o Zi
Ropz <-2cm-> Monitor
DatGroove Acum o Zi
I cant wait to see mibr on lan
Dimitris Pappos
Dimitris Pappos Acum o Zi
fucking ezzzzzzzzzzzz but it should be 2:0 guys
CJ 0
CJ 0 Acum o Zi
Toxic Woxic for a reason
love the new mibr😂😂
StewBot Acum o Zi
What type of bird do you like? The MIBR type
M.Kallend Effendi
M.Kallend Effendi Acum o Zi
I want alot of liquid coms cuz they so chill and so fun , it make eargsm
Ti Bo
Ti Bo Acum 22 ore
Here come the haters who have nothing else to do in life but criticize even the littlest of things (I would know because they're going to reply to this comment with even more crap)
S☼renF Acum o Zi
@M.Kallend Effendi nah i just don't think their comms seem calm and i don't think it's eargasm haha.
M.Kallend Effendi
M.Kallend Effendi Acum o Zi
@S☼renFare u pros or what 😂
S☼renF Acum o Zi
@M.Kallend Effendi From those videos i have seen, it's usually clutch situation where it would be weird if they were talking over eachother, but in this video where it is in the heat of the moment it just seems like a lot of shouting and repeating and that doesn't seem like good, calm and composed comms to me, but that might just be stewie.
M.Kallend Effendi
M.Kallend Effendi Acum o Zi
@S☼renF oke 😂 cause In these video only 1clip ,go watch another team speak blast
Kshitij Kulkarni
Kshitij Kulkarni Acum o Zi
Do it with Na'vi
iShadow.mp4 Acum o Zi
Darling闇 Acum o Zi
I love 13RAZ1L ♥️
Chocolate Starfish
Chocolate Starfish Acum o Zi
Navi voice comms S1mple: Go bait Electornic: I go bait now Flamie: I go bait next Perfecto: Im low hp ok you want me bait I go now Boombl4: I go bait im fat Navi = will never win with s1mple loves baiting team mates.
leon stoilevski
leon stoilevski Acum o Zi
Rasmus Frederiksen
Rasmus Frederiksen Acum o Zi
Sindsygt det der boys! Det er jo Jul ;p
Ridho Putra
Ridho Putra Acum o Zi
actually i want hear OG commn
Im not a brazillian fan, but i really love hen1 vibes man. Encouraging the team. I love it
PieRow Acum o Zi
yea he's the hype master you should look up videos of him at lans LMAO
max Acum o Zi
Honestly, mouz's Trainer and their whole team chemistry seems so perfect, must be a great environment to play in
Milo_v_k Acum o Zi
Man I love Karrigan and his rattle thing. Just shows he likes to keep the mood light
Milo_v_k Acum 6 ore
@Azam Of course that is the best thing to do as an igl. But it's not always easy to keep yourself motivated and in a good mood, let alone your teammates. I think Karrigan has mastered this art to the fullest
Azam Acum o Zi
tbh that’s one of the best things to do as an igl. your team won’t listen or play well if they’re tilted and not in a good mood. I think he needs to add a kazoo to his collection
Bratři Ve Zbrani
Bratři Ve Zbrani Acum o Zi
Hen1 fucking best lol😂
ncre TancrTanc
ncre TancrTanc Acum o Zi
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️