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Tyler Schnubelman
Tyler Schnubelman Acum 4 ore
"Therefore to me Buteryc Acid tastes like chocolate not sick" Does that mean, when u throw up it tastes like chocolate??? I see a risk of becoming bulimic
Jeff NME
Jeff NME Acum 4 ore
Intriguing that "washing" included what others would call "brining" or maybe "marinading", which might throw off the results of the survey.
Abadejo Acum 4 ore
2 hours waiting for french fries. No men thanks
Maducrutz Lillywhite
Maducrutz Lillywhite Acum 4 ore
I'm mix asian and we wash it, at least my house hold does
Assassin's2001 Acum 4 ore
Adam just leaked the minecraft 2 soundtrack
bobby bass
bobby bass Acum 4 ore
Dude a cup is 148 grams x 5 is 740 or something not 600g
Bella Acum 4 ore
came here for a video about hersheys chocolate, stayed for the philosophical rant
AzeBlazeツ Acum 4 ore
garam means salt in here
eric.ostlund Acum 4 ore
Not an expert, but maybe that cooling mouthfeel is due to the coconut fat stealing thermal energy from your mouth in a different way to something like solid butter? Either faster, more, or both.
Son with red
Son with red Acum 4 ore
Gordon ramsay wouldn’t eat that
Gnardak Acum 4 ore
I read somewhere that some one did a study into “I didn’t need science to tell me that”, they told people the “findings” of a fictitious study and asked them to rate the worthiness of the study. Most people said “I didn’t need science to tell me that.” and then gave multiple reasons why it was just common sense. But they told half the people one finding and the other half the opposite finding and the results were roughly the same. So, a lot of the time, you do need science to tell you that even if you think you don’t.
reggiep75 Acum 4 ore
6:58 - Finally, I meet someone who appreciates this logic.. Fill it in the fridge and not encounter any further issues like spills mess or completely cocking it up!
Touch me Overlord
Touch me Overlord Acum 4 ore
14:20 she might be Indian. But she was cooking egg fried rice. NOT BIRIYANI!
David Baxendale
David Baxendale Acum 4 ore
This video just popped up in my youtube list and I have to agree. If it wasn't for science I would have lost my daughter and wife way back and wouldn't have been able to be baking Christmas cookies with them last week. Although I would say the problem with common sense isn't just that it can be wrong, it is that people take what it gives them and they want it to be right. We have moved from being curious and wanting to find out what is right, to wanting to be just right.
Elle Acum 5 ore
Him referring to the rest of the world as brits makes me wanna rethink my whole historical orgin
J41M13 L
J41M13 L Acum 5 ore
The more vegan the better
Erich Schipper
Erich Schipper Acum 5 ore
Legacy Star Wars is out there! A few years ago they released the first three movies in special "Widescreen Theatrical Editions" DVDs. The second disc in each is the original cut from the earlier Laserdisc editions, adapted to the DVD format. If you don't mind non-anamorphic video with the old mono surround sound (3.0 channels) they are a worthy purchase. Best part: the first movie only says "Star Wars" in the opening crawl, just the way I remember it before they tacked on "Episode IV" when they showed it on TV. I like the special editons since the DVD versions are toned-down from the VHS ones (Han and Greedo at least shoot simultaneously) but they're best viewed between the modern trilogies.
ShinRaSabai Acum 5 ore
I liked that Adam used the word "hypothesis" instead of more commonly used "theory". Probably interchangeable in common tongue, but definitely different in science.
villfer78 Acum 5 ore
The day I take advice from a scientist about my kitchen habits.....is the day I listen to scientists about covid. Geez dude....stick to cooking.
villfer78 Acum 5 ore
Quick bit of logic.....wash the meat away from other things.....and don't splash like a dumbass. I can't believe this is even a fucking video....
Sander Buiten
Sander Buiten Acum 5 ore
12:08 Adam Ragusea: jokes on you, I'm into that shit.
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke Acum 5 ore
I do rinse off the "manager special" chicken or fish under the tap, with bleach wipe down after, but will use bowl next time.
ATL n LA Acum 5 ore
I agree in all aspects. I wish others understood the fallout that others feel in this cancel culture. All the other people that worked and/or get financial support from works that include the people that are canceled. You're not only cutting off a stream of income from that person but others that had no involvement.
James Anthony
James Anthony Acum 5 ore
6:14 A quick comment on the Misen pans. Couple years back I bought their full set (not knowing for sure which ones I'd actually use if I had them). It was intended as a tradeup from the copper bottom pots my mother gave me when I moved out of the house, and the cast iron pan I inherited from my grandmother. This was a significant upgrade from what I'd been using. The pans are great, easy to clean, and the handles are long enough that if you aren't putting them in the oven you don't need oven mits to pick the pans up (the long handles that it, not the shorter ones). If you've the spare cash for them, I'd say get a set.
Hans B.
Hans B. Acum 5 ore
This was a lecture. I forget adam is a professor. You can't get that kind of insight from a regular youtuber.
Madrenna Griffith
Madrenna Griffith Acum 5 ore
Hey Adam, Thank you for the knife. Can't think of anything better to give you in return so I subscribed.
hannesH3 Acum 5 ore
No you’re not alone Adam. I always noticed how coconut tastes “icy”.
darrensfriend Acum 5 ore
Why I sauce my bed not my Wife.
Fizzrocket Acum 5 ore
Is chocolate in the US made dairy free?
Reltpid Acum 5 ore
2:45 that sound
Ronzel Acum 5 ore
Next Video: Why Do People Cook Food
SmellTheL Acum 6 ore
Wait he makes music?
Gondamar Acum 6 ore
so can i use regular coconut oil for a less coconutty taste?
Ilija Pajkanović
Ilija Pajkanović Acum 6 ore
Why i always watch this when im starwing XD
Patrik Pejic
Patrik Pejic Acum 6 ore
The cooling effekt you feel is because of the low melting point of the coco fat. It withdraws heat from the mouth while melting thats why it feels cool in your mouth.
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Acum 6 ore
I became desensitized to chillies after I lived in mexico for awhile and my buds there fed me alot of chilies in the food because they though it was funny. Now I'm back in america and it's like im addicted to it. I don't think im though, I just need to feel somthing
Kyujinn6 Acum 6 ore
I'm sorry I find this idiotic..we wash any food before eating it....wash your rice dude!
Aman singh
Aman singh Acum 6 ore
Try using Indian way of cutting vegetables, you'll know what real daredevils are
Dragon Mango
Dragon Mango Acum 6 ore
Holy macarony I never make deserts but this looks awesome, might try it
random netizen
random netizen Acum 6 ore
6:58 adam rocking that new canon r5
Daniel Cuevas
Daniel Cuevas Acum 6 ore
9:00 you mean a Meme?
angelo van riel
angelo van riel Acum 6 ore
Don't buy the speaker! It's a scam! Kind of, you think you are getting alot of discount but its fake, other brands have the same speaker. This one just fakes the price
SOUL SEEKER Acum 6 ore
Surely you'd put the water on the grill then put the lid on top?
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Acum 6 ore
Watch the knife sharpener video by the ROpost channel Prodject Farm. It's amazing how much testing he does
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Acum 6 ore
I got a lansky sharpener for $40 and I love it
Michael Modla
Michael Modla Acum 6 ore
I can’t watch to the end; it’s exhausting. Does he ever take a breath? Slow down for Pete’s sake
C Acum 6 ore
honestly fuck this modern culture like "i just need you guys to know this recipe is only accidentally considerate towards the lives of other creatures it's not something i'm consciously concerned about" okay buddy
Gabi GN
Gabi GN Acum 6 ore
we really appreciate the metric measurements!
strategy knight
strategy knight Acum 6 ore
Oh yes shove it in my mouth. (u all have dirty minds and so do I).
Puck Daily
Puck Daily Acum 6 ore
I like the double standard that white peoples need to tip toe around people to not be called racist, but it’s totally fine for other cultures to steal and culturally appropriate just about everything else that we invented. Not fair, and modern day racism towards whites.
VAWM Acum 6 ore
How did you not burn your hand when you were holding the base of a measuring cup with freshly melted chocolate and cream in it?
oyounes Acum 6 ore
It's less about actual scientific reasoning and much much more about culture and tradition. Hence why some cultures may eat horse meat or insects but in the west it's considered very wrong.
Ashton Brockway
Ashton Brockway Acum 6 ore
ily man
Super Duper
Super Duper Acum 6 ore
Im honestly not going to listen to an Asian tell me not to wash my meat. Didnt the Corona Virus come from a Chinese Wet Market.???
Anmol Adhikari
Anmol Adhikari Acum 6 ore
Anyone know who won the battle?
Eve M
Eve M Acum 6 ore
I reckon the "Cooling Mouthfeel " comes from the fat molecules reaching their fusion point aka melting in your mouth. To breaks bonds/ agitate more, the molecules of solid fat turning liquid take some thermic energy from your mouth tissues leaving them cooler :)
Hilo Takenaka
Hilo Takenaka Acum 6 ore
“Accidentally vegan” carries the same energy as “Oops! All berries!” We know what you did, Captain Crunch. We know the truth
ratha bun
ratha bun Acum 6 ore
1:59 Him: "oven fries are not technically fries.. " Me: "they are ovensies" Him: "they are roasted potatoes" Me: "roasted potatoes, yes" Him: "roasties" Me: "yes"
Cheetahjammerplays AJ
Cheetahjammerplays AJ Acum 7 ore
That’s why I never wash my meat since the heat will kill all bacteria
Martin Hriibek
Martin Hriibek Acum 7 ore
Hello Adam, I know you not gonna read this, but... Coincidentally I wanted to know, how many people really died of Covid in Czech Republic, so I've downloaded the death statistics from Czech Statistical Office. I have no idea how many people died of Covid. But what I know and will remember forever is that in the year 1920, 28.000 boys and 24.000 girls died aged 0-1. In 2019 about 240 boys and 200 girls died aged 0-1.
TheKyPerson Acum 7 ore
My daughter won't eat gluten or dairy. I know what to bring for Christmas dessert now. Thanks Adam.
Manus Kenny
Manus Kenny Acum 7 ore
Are chocolate chips vegan ?
Myst*rious Acum 7 ore
U still teach?
Kenneth A.ケネス・ア
Kenneth A.ケネス・ア Acum 7 ore
Nobody: Adam: "oH MY gOD iTs ChRiSSy tEiGen, oh mY gOd iTS cHrIsSY TeIgEN."
piri piri pirena
piri piri pirena Acum 7 ore
I doñt eat pork but I really want to try bacon is it worth it guys
badruins Acum 7 ore
v e g a n I see
Undisclosed Individual
Undisclosed Individual Acum 7 ore
why you have to be weird that you made food without animal products? Do you announce this for banana's also? ...really; you went out of your way: why? afraid of loosing your carnivore merit badge?? just make the damn delicious tart without the superfluous mention. -> still like pretty much all of your videos. anything explained well is a bonanza of information.
Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt Acum 7 ore
Tartlets. Tartlets. Tartlets. Word is lost on me.
trishy p
trishy p Acum 7 ore
Hey Adam! So I was thinking of making these burgers! I'm not the biggest fan of breadcrumbs and unfortunately panko is not easily available where I live so was thinking what else could be sub for the egg as a binder! I know that a lot of vegetarian/vegan cooks like to use ground flax seeds/oats and was wondering if you ever tried that and / or if it will be nice/gross?
Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri Acum 7 ore
Why I kill the judge and not the witness
TJ Walker
TJ Walker Acum 7 ore
You might appreciate Blue Pan Pizza of Denver, CO.
Max Powers
Max Powers Acum 7 ore
I thought artificial vanilla came from a gland found near a beavers butt. If they found a way to make artificial vanilla out of trees, then that is a welcome upgrade.
KimSherD Acum 7 ore
I learned about washing meat from Twitter. Someone said something about white people being nasty and never washing their meat. I was shocked. I'm from Italy and never in my life I've seen someone washing meat, I never even thought about it! I buy packaged meat from the supermarket that's been cleaned and cut for me and then I cook it until it's done, so any bacteria has already died. I never understood why some people wash meat, it doesn't make sense...I feel better knowing that it's also wrong lmao
Falxie_ Acum 7 ore
I feel sorry for people who don't like coconut
1943vermork Acum 7 ore
Pretty cool and useful info. Always wondered about washing or not chicken. Now I know.
En A
En A Acum 7 ore
8:22 we all know, that we are doin this as adults, too...
boulderbash19700209 Acum 8 ore
It's either big shallots or small hands.
Ahmed Jama
Ahmed Jama Acum 8 ore
Wait, have I been living a lie all my life? 120 grams is a cup? No wonder my baking recipes would constantly fail, I always used 250 ml/grams as 1 cup
Mellow Marsh
Mellow Marsh Acum 8 ore
Growing up I thought New York pizza had no toppings because everything is level with the dough
Karlos P. Cabello
Karlos P. Cabello Acum 8 ore
My dad made the traditional version with sweet potato for "la castanyada" dinner and it was great, I expected it to be sweeter tbh. Think italians speaking French coming back from a trip to Spain with a faint Spanish accent having Thanksgiving in Halloween (my favorite Tim Burton movie). Gen Z tip, you can make it vegan by replacing the eggs with chickpea flour and water.