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Dierks Bentley: Gone
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Patty Smyth: Build a Fire
Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin Acum 8 ore
I miss her interviews. And her music.
오픈에디션Open Edition
오픈에디션Open Edition Acum 8 ore
David Northover
David Northover Acum 8 ore
He has to give out pardons because they are criminals,innocent people don’t need pardons
Julian Hershman
Julian Hershman Acum 8 ore
3:41 Noah-Schapchat
Manyata Dikshit
Manyata Dikshit Acum 8 ore
Ayyyeee Ted Mosbey , everyone!!
Rehan Khan
Rehan Khan Acum 8 ore
Tell me where they trough there old cloths ? 😶😶😶😶😶 I want it😜😜😜😜😜😜
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher Acum 8 ore
Streets Ahead!
FabritiumROFL Acum 8 ore
Jimmy rocks!
Axel Zesny
Axel Zesny Acum 8 ore
So great!!! Thank you, Sheryl!
Patricia Wright
Patricia Wright Acum 8 ore
When I saw the title: "Trump Calls Madea" I really didn't notice when it was made. Until I began watching it, & then saw it was 4-years-old! IF, people knew that he was this crazy in 2016? How is it that he is still in the White House?
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin Acum 8 ore
Ok the two adorable babies trying to blow the bubbles had me dying laughing!!! My face actually hurts!
kurogemame Acum 8 ore
I love how he is just here to clown every single celebrity there is.
Gilberto Neto
Gilberto Neto Acum 8 ore
Joonas Rytkönen
Joonas Rytkönen Acum 8 ore
what are these rap songs at the end of fallon videos? are they made for the show or are they actual songs? For example this one? What is it?
James Caldwell
James Caldwell Acum 8 ore
What? No pardon for Tiffany Trump? Either she's the good kid of the family or the fall person!
Shelby Damron
Shelby Damron Acum 8 ore
She’s like I’m NOT smoking weed, EATING it
JAYANT J. Acum 8 ore
Jimmy left 1D fandom for BTS 😭
Caroline Isom
Caroline Isom Acum 8 ore
Anyone watching this during the pandemic? This is giving me anxiety
Rajeev Maheshwari
Rajeev Maheshwari Acum 8 ore
💜💜💜BTS is for life💜💜💜
Krishn Agarwal
Krishn Agarwal Acum 8 ore
Steve Higgins is so good at this game, he cannot beat himself if he wanted to.
S D Acum 8 ore
Imagine if taylor comments over here
Thien-Au Le
Thien-Au Le Acum 8 ore
I feel like Lisa should be the leader
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen Acum 8 ore
Shame on Trump 😂😂😂😂 You are fired 😂😂😂😂😂 Jail is ready to receive you are the dumpster
Arjun Dhanuskodi
Arjun Dhanuskodi Acum 8 ore
You get a pardon and you get a pardon and YOU get a pardon
chesca Acum 9 ore
Thought it was Luna Lovegood 😂😅
Marko Radakovic
Marko Radakovic Acum 9 ore
the autotune was awful
Clarice Jean Estrada
Clarice Jean Estrada Acum 9 ore
Lyrics aside these songs sound great 😭
Elena Forbes
Elena Forbes Acum 9 ore
I'm just going to start quoting John. Nobody: Me at 3am: "GO STEGS!"
Nessaa Marie
Nessaa Marie Acum 9 ore
2020 jimmy is literally me
Lily Verburgt
Lily Verburgt Acum 9 ore
Have a very Charlie Christmas 🎄 in 2020
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
Jimmy..(james) you are insane
dayz0101 Acum 9 ore
love the jacket..
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
Obviously shes been sexually assulted..children dont think this disgusting way unless hurt...but its her choice to spread disease through music..paul mccartney would throw up a lil seeing how nice her voice is and this is her bloody debut
Olivia Walsh
Olivia Walsh Acum 8 ore
fuck off Anne where are your 4 grammy nominations
Jim Bledsoe
Jim Bledsoe Acum 9 ore
Will rushing the vaccine bring Zombies in 2021???
jennerlynn89 Acum 9 ore
Oh my God she doesn't miss... Thank you for the beautiful music, Phoebe.
b_rjjl_p otato
b_rjjl_p otato Acum 9 ore
peachesandpoets Acum 9 ore
b_rjjl_p otato
b_rjjl_p otato Acum 9 ore
I’ll kiss u goodbye
Richard Acum 9 ore
Jimmy, you are the best late night host.
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
The word pissing doesnt belong in a christmas song..go back to school you perverted child
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
The lyrics suck...lullaby from hell?
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. Acum 9 ore
the official song for 2020
Ananya Chakraborty
Ananya Chakraborty Acum 9 ore
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
Ew...dont like her
Shikhar Chauhan
Shikhar Chauhan Acum 9 ore
Lol idk why but after watching this i am remembering DETROIT BECOME HUMANS game
geng182 Acum 9 ore
The only reason he kneel was because he wanted to check under her skirt. Nice try Jimmy.
Isgandar Hajiyev
Isgandar Hajiyev Acum 9 ore
I can feel their chemistry as I drink whole milk and listen to sourdough heart
Ølivia Alamø
Ølivia Alamø Acum 9 ore
Coming from a Puerto Rican who’s family doesn’t speak much English, he has the most Puerto Rican accent I’ve ever heard❤️❤️
sudesh verma
sudesh verma Acum 9 ore
I like your show.funny.
Anne Hedonia
Anne Hedonia Acum 9 ore
This kids fresh...sounds like post
Catsudon Acum 9 ore
It's either her voice is raspy or she does it on purpose
David Ma
David Ma Acum 9 ore
God jimmy Fallon is so fucking annoying.
Tyler Perry is a beautiful woman
izoduwa osunde
izoduwa osunde Acum 9 ore
Michelle Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez Acum 9 ore
I hear ya 2020 Jimmy! It’s especially so disheartening when you find people don’t care about healthcare workers or slowing the spread to prevent 3000 more deaths. It’s common sense that staying home as much as possible is the best prevention. I understand we’ve had a pretty lousy leader as president providing a poor example with his defiance to wearing masks and having super spreader events throughout the midwest, probably why most of the Midwestern states had such a terrible surge of the Coronavirus during and right after the election. I’m not sure if Texas would have still voted for him after the election, as there were so many deaths, there weren’t enough freezers to store the bodies. The closures are the good intentions of leaders of cities and states to prevent more people from dying and keep healthcare workers safe and healthy..the people that save us. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we need to take our masks off to eat at restaurants and it’s proven that masks slow the spread..Hello! It’s so so sad we have an awful example from our president, who is misguiding us and allowing more deaths. It’s like a third world country if we need to pardon the president and his staff, using sneaky techniques, such as perhaps having the VP act as president just to pardon. How many crimes have they committed anyhow. For certain, this would be the main reason 8 million people voted for Biden. Also, we cannot not mention, the hard work by the Democratic Party to get people to exercise their right to vote...pure excellence, which of course made Trump jealous, apart from trouble accepting reality, denial is a major sign of jealously, even the American Indians came out!! 😃We need to stop acting so infantile like the president and think of our health care workers and more importantly the number of deaths at stake. There is now a vaccine, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it won’t be for much longer or forever, let’s keep health care workers safe and reduce the number of people dying as much as possible..I know we’re tired, but it’s only for a few more months. Let’s not take first responders for granted. #stopthecrueltytofrontliners
Sneha Kumari
Sneha Kumari Acum 9 ore
I hope, one day he interview Ellen De Generes on his show.❤️
Rodrigo de Oliveira
Rodrigo de Oliveira Acum 9 ore
if there was a grammy for best quarantine performance she would also be nominated and win
Margot Gulliford
Margot Gulliford Acum 9 ore
Ramsay ...l am not on a costs 25$ at your restaurant
Hollywood Prime
Hollywood Prime Acum 9 ore
Keanu Reeves ♥
Sally September
Sally September Acum 9 ore
❣️... Keanu Smile, and haircut...Hell, he would look good bald! Don't do it though Keanu!
Hollywood Prime
Hollywood Prime Acum 9 ore
Please visit my channel guys
Nicholas Nocera
Nicholas Nocera Acum 9 ore
love how Ariana doesn't even need to sing... her standing there is enough lmao Her stage presence is amazing
Lo V
Lo V Acum 9 ore
only Gwen can make a pair of camos look cool and her own style
SaraHere Acum 9 ore
He is a legend...... Love u Rickman He died years ago and after all this time ....... Always ❤❤❤❤
Luca J. Weber
Luca J. Weber Acum 9 ore
She is so so talented, finally she is getting the recognition she deserves <3 Also that scene with the dog was so cute!
Disha Jani
Disha Jani Acum 9 ore
The songs were not that bad..they were cool 😂👍
Arietta Vásquez López
Arietta Vásquez López Acum 9 ore
Bts 💜
Miss Gabril
Miss Gabril Acum 9 ore
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Miss Gabril
Miss Gabril Acum 9 ore
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RADIN SYAH Acum 9 ore
Who would we love to see Tyson fight next, now that we know he was in very good shape against Jones? My preference would be someone who’s not fat so that Mike’s body shots would tenderize him, someone who won’t hold him up all the time, and someone who’s famous..... wait, that means Deontay Wilder 😎
R.G. Acum 9 ore
Are they Frenemies?
Shy Trilogy
Shy Trilogy Acum 9 ore
I think it's nice that the Woman in Colorado gives presents to the Homeless Children, but if she didn't support Cent Ah, they wouldn't be Homeless and they wouldn't have nothing, they would have the Presence of Love. And Love is Super Natural.
Aland Aree
Aland Aree Acum 9 ore
Why her voice like gal gadot
Brice Parow
Brice Parow Acum 9 ore
How much is live or under track?
Miss Gabril
Miss Gabril Acum 9 ore
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Alexis Ferguson
Alexis Ferguson Acum 9 ore
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