bigcheese7 Acum 16 ore
capitalist matpat
Oroni Acum 16 ore
Hit that sub Hit that noti bell Don't let MatPat down DO NOT LET MATPAT DOWN ok thx :)
the purge is a standar GTA ONLINE server
Sharlene Leito
Sharlene Leito Acum 16 ore
Did he just call Revenge of the Sith prequel😤😤😡😡😡
Liam Moreland
Liam Moreland Acum 16 ore
super sonic
super sonic Acum 16 ore
it makes so much sense that's why stanley fights with his brother before they can defeat bill with the symbols he was trying to stall them bill was helping himself so that he could get to ford the pines twins and everyone else
sapres 100
sapres 100 Acum 16 ore
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco Acum 16 ore
Rick knows he's in a cartoon and he has no free will. He could always move to the citadel or go back to that alien spa that removes all negative personality traits. All of the characters seem to be a little selfish. Both rick and morty were responsible for turning everyone into mutants. He's capable of making selfless decisions like when he turned himself in so his family could go back to earth. Morty had a chance to not go on any more adventures with rick after the house party. Maybe in the last episode he'll make a heroic sacrifice to save the universe or invent a machine that allows him to travel to the real world and force the writers to make him a good person or maybe even turns out to be a figment of morty's imagination like in fight club. Even if there's no inherent meaning in the universe it's still important to be a good person.
Indoshon Studios
Indoshon Studios Acum 16 ore
Just to put this further into perspective, 1 year, would be about 25 Decillionth of a percent of this video.
Groot Bobble head
Groot Bobble head Acum 16 ore
I guess Remy isn’t the rat of our dreams
Izzit Life
Izzit Life Acum 16 ore
You should totally do a Film Theory on the story line of ROpostr Ephemeral Rift's universe, if you could. That would be super interesting if you could get anything together for it.
lulu thedog
lulu thedog Acum 16 ore
Movie Theaters, don't worry. Karens who don't believe in Coronavirus will come and watch your trashiest movies with their children. MatPat, if we are watching ROpost, then we are probably all introverts. How are we supposed to know if people make out in movie theaters? If you're worried about spending $100, just sneak snacks in. That's what almost every Latino I know does.
Maggie.D Acum 16 ore
Bees are actually really important.
Eli Adest
Eli Adest Acum 16 ore
Matpat: Thanos doesn't resort to violence first What Thanos does: kills half the universe in order to make sure that the remaining survivers will live with enough resources with a magical gauntlet that can do anything including create anything
Keeley VEALL
Keeley VEALL Acum 16 ore
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד Acum 16 ore
Well bill possessing sten is an option but please consider this: *Ah ah* bill new form was that of a person from new Orleans who was a famous radio host and a hunter at his free time. Got any ideas?
Scally boi
Scally boi Acum 16 ore
Well.. this didn’t age well
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Acum 16 ore
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Acum 16 ore
I thought about this once, but brushed it aside. Shirt.
ValdaXD Acum 16 ore
So are you telling me that the version that portraits ohair as the winner by singing 'let it die' over and over is right?
The Martian
The Martian Acum 16 ore
I’ve been to Honduras no way
Jazzymite Acum 16 ore
Matpat: Babies are useless
jblockman_59 nunyabidnis
jblockman_59 nunyabidnis Acum 16 ore
7:34 cuz you know... animals just get along so peacefully down there in the deep blue sea... never killing and eating each other... Good counterpoint tho
James Garlick
James Garlick Acum 16 ore
THis would be a great way for Marvel Studios to keep refreshing character castings every couple decades (hard to believe Ironman was 12 years ago... God I'm feeling old now...)
Shroom1Up Acum 16 ore
HAHAHAHA once again trying to apply REAL physics to a fictional world that has TIME AND TIME AGAIN PROVERN TO HAVE AN ALTERED SET OF THEM WHILE ALSO HAVING MASS AMOUNT OF AQUA MANCERS ( that can stop tsunamis LOL), SCHOOOLS TO REPOPULATE ENDANGERED SPECIES QUICKYL AND AWAY FROM LAND DWELLERS KNOWLEDGE BUT HEY ignoring facts since this fucking channel began A GAME THEORY and cut that debunking fact out
Tony Acum 16 ore
Idk why people give the dark world grief. It wasn't bad. It was better then captain marvel and Ironman 3. (im a Ironman fan) besides a bad marvel movie is better then a lot of other movies from other studios.
Luisito no comunica
Luisito no comunica Acum 16 ore
Nice theory but emmmm NO. This is 2020 the woman cannot be the villain Imagine a scene of a man defeating a woman :/ come on!!!! so many people offended If it is gonna happen its more likely that she gets somehow trapped or cheated by palpatine in some place and he comes back from death as she gets lost somewhere and Kylo Ren ends up fighting him and she in an amazing ultra powerful scene comes out of wherever she was trapped and both Kylo Ren and Rey defeat him.
Than Studios
Than Studios Acum 16 ore
His name is Grogu
Jessewastaken Acum 16 ore
3:00 mat pat predicted the death of rbg confirmed.
Pink Pineapple
Pink Pineapple Acum 16 ore
This is litlary explained in books. Harry talks about it.
Spookkss Acum 16 ore
ValdaXD Acum 17 ore
Director 00Donut
Director 00Donut Acum 17 ore
In FFXIV, the conflicting nations are people with Magic vs people who don’t have magic. The people without magic have thus resorted to using technology. Magitek machines are heartless and big and strong and sometimes win over magic. I wanna see a villain or at least antagonist in dragonball that doesn’t use Ki to beat Goku. Moro isn’t exactly that, and I wouldn’t count Babidi either. I’m talking about someone who uses their need for battle and ki mercilessly against them. Like some wizened old chess master
Olivia Tolle
Olivia Tolle Acum 17 ore
But seriously, if voldemort had just dropped harry out of the window or killed him in some other non-magical way, he could have avoided being killed.
Casual_Ice_Consumer Acum 17 ore
13:25 RIP Annotations
Amazed Waffle
Amazed Waffle Acum 17 ore
Theory: Maybe they experimented on predators since they are on top of the food chain over some of the animals. They experimented on them instead of animals below them in the food chain, for example primary consumers, to make sure it was not suspicious that let's say a rabbit wouldn't go "savage." Judy accidentally caused racism to predators after her speech because she said it was biology which caused them to go savage. However this was proved wrong when she found out it was caused by the drugs.
Valerio Daka
Valerio Daka Acum 17 ore
Tony is not worthy because the hammer would have come to when he was dying
Diana Toast
Diana Toast Acum 17 ore
"Grumpy old Mat pat is here to ruin another animated family Film From my Childhood as usual" -Sweet Suga
Violet_Cries Acum 17 ore
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum 17 ore
Have you ever considered the fact that no one did any research and just bent the rules for the convenience of the plot? No?
Lee Wyse
Lee Wyse Acum 17 ore
Wow, this is pretty poorly thought out by MatPat. The company that made the movie didn't have good attention to detail and didn't flesh out the world well enough, not to mention this was a cynical corporate cash grab to begin with, and Matpat takes that and goes "The guy selling bottled air is the good guy here". This is an extremely cringy take. There's seriously so much to go into here that you just passed right over, but I'm not going to shout that much into the void.
Alexander Kovalenko
Alexander Kovalenko Acum 17 ore
This made me hate government more than I already do.
Shane c
Shane c Acum 17 ore
If only they went with Biggering instead...
Nater Bros.
Nater Bros. Acum 17 ore
Venom is very terrifying and edgy in a cool way
Nozwe Bulunga
Nozwe Bulunga Acum 17 ore
ELSA ISN'T A DISNEY PRINCESS (only for the first few minutes of Frozen) SHE IS A FULLY CERTIFIED QUEEN👑👑
Xxlil FleaxX
Xxlil FleaxX Acum 17 ore
He forgot moanas dads brother
Jack Lindsay
Jack Lindsay Acum 17 ore
Glad they’re going back to the dark knight
Shadow _Master
Shadow _Master Acum 17 ore
Look at him now!
Lama Mamma
Lama Mamma Acum 17 ore
your Tv is studying you!! I GOT IT YAAASS. that was fun do that in your vids more. ( I got a little help from somebody thought it was forehead) But the others I figured out on my own. ;)
Mr Skysen Games
Mr Skysen Games Acum 17 ore
What about the liquid lava flowing while in water rather than rapidly cooling? Or the rocks when the creature shatters the ground flying and falling like there _isn't_ water?
adjust persist
adjust persist Acum 17 ore
The feeble feigned chair causally divide because hour epidemiologically embarrass at a shy consonant. drunk, square representative
Walker Lapinski
Walker Lapinski Acum 17 ore
That was for the challenge
Relyt Noxin
Relyt Noxin Acum 17 ore
Walker Lapinski
Walker Lapinski Acum 17 ore
Antonia Conchur
Antonia Conchur Acum 17 ore
It was the red and the Camara that cut t his head
Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas Acum 17 ore
MatPat: Iguana Rapunzel: Chameleon MatPat: Nuance
Voonex Acum 17 ore
Did you watch ragnoraq
BankruptLoki 509
BankruptLoki 509 Acum 17 ore
I want sao not those other games but the actual sao
miko foin
miko foin Acum 17 ore
Me watches 4 minutes of the episode My brain : saianara
TacoBell_Telegram Acum 17 ore
pause at 11:31 SCP Foundation?
Yanis da raccoon
Yanis da raccoon Acum 17 ore
brain pain help i speek no
Holiday Jordz
Holiday Jordz Acum 17 ore
Olinty Acum 17 ore
Rip Alex
adjust persist
adjust persist Acum 17 ore
The past thing provisionally weigh because powder premenstrually trot absent a upbeat italy. sore, unwieldy boot
WestFuze Acum 17 ore
Kurama isn’t chinese
crabs together united CTU
crabs together united CTU Acum 17 ore
crab murderer
KittyKattTrippleV.I.P. Acum 17 ore
what about anna?
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Acum 17 ore
This is why I will always support the song “Biggering”
Dylan Barnett
Dylan Barnett Acum 17 ore
Been a year and he still hasn’t made the other 3
Tanzim Rahman
Tanzim Rahman Acum 17 ore
Nidnarg Acum 17 ore
Malcolm Thompson
Malcolm Thompson Acum 17 ore
MATTPATT in pocket mortys the second morty games against mr stealy its confirmed that mr poopy butthole is mr stealy!!! He was an announcer for the games but had to go "pick up a package and missed the fight" vs mr stealy!! And when it cuts back mr stealy is gone and the mortys are still there. I hope you see this somehow! Good vids dude.
Malcolm Thompson
Malcolm Thompson Acum 17 ore
MATTPATT in pocket mortys the second morty games against mr stealy its confirmed that mr poopy butthole is mr stealy!!! He was an announcer for the games but had to go "pick up a package and missed the fight" vs mr stealy!! And when it cuts back mr stealy is gone and the mortys are still there. I hope you see this somehow! Good vids dude.
Max Finley
Max Finley Acum 17 ore
"what started as a wacky film series is looking more and more possible every day" He said this a yearish ago......... Whoops he called it.
Chinny gin
Chinny gin Acum 17 ore
Well duh the oracle straight says he isn't the one
sleepy wolfy324
sleepy wolfy324 Acum 17 ore
U have a son
Paytan Bailey
Paytan Bailey Acum 17 ore
wait if they were eating pepole then why arent the passengers crazy cuz eating some one would mess with ur mental state
• Yełłø Animatës •
• Yełłø Animatës • Acum 17 ore
Mach Speed
Mach Speed Acum 18 ore
I think all-mights muscle form is just a different expression of one for all like Dekus lightning
ARCHI PATEL Acum 18 ore
Me see's video: Elsa and Anna's parents are going to a wedding. Also me : uh they are going to the dark sea it says in frozen