Castmates Shiver #Shorts
Julie Voyer
Julie Voyer Acum 6 ore
love this song up beat
Camadash Acum 6 ore
Day 116 of watching this video for 1000 days I hope I wont regret this.
Lloyd Tuprio
Lloyd Tuprio Acum 6 ore
thatPaxyton Acum 6 ore
"I had a pretty rough start but now here I am." " i had a troubled past but here I am. " "Fuck you, I'm rich, I got hoes, Fuck you."
Eman19O Acum 6 ore
He’s not cute anymore
thatPaxyton Acum 6 ore
Friday night and I'm riding solo and no photos go so hard
Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma Acum 6 ore
When the girl reminds you of Zombieland 2 :D
Omar mellado reyes
Omar mellado reyes Acum 6 ore
👏🏼💯💥 🎧🎶🎶🎶
Tatiana carvalho Tomaz
Tatiana carvalho Tomaz Acum 6 ore
Zebrox Nova Gaming
Zebrox Nova Gaming Acum 6 ore
Bro nice video
Dolly Dimples on Crack
Dolly Dimples on Crack Acum 6 ore
I always loved thomas the tank engine
Ria Acum 6 ore
From A-team to this..😰
Michael Acum 6 ore
is no one going to comment about 0:09
Prashanth Reddy
Prashanth Reddy Acum 6 ore
The best of Ed Sheeran's concept, after shape of you..
Love, Arya
Love, Arya Acum 6 ore
Yay finally back
Jimfol Carabeo
Jimfol Carabeo Acum 6 ore
I love it so muchhhhh!!!!!!!!
Voljin Tan
Voljin Tan Acum 6 ore
Just kidding - Geralt of Rivia is needed here...*lelelelelelelelele*
ozar zerimar
ozar zerimar Acum 6 ore
ozar zerimar
ozar zerimar Acum 6 ore
Namll Ospino
Namll Ospino Acum 6 ore
His lives sounds so goood, personally I like much more the lives especially when he puts his heart into it
mariel alvarez
mariel alvarez Acum 6 ore
Oshan Perera
Oshan Perera Acum 6 ore
Let's see how many people watch this on 2021
AbadiHD01 00
AbadiHD01 00 Acum 6 ore
I hope if you come to Saudi Arabia one day ..
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Acum 6 ore
Cam and Drew Do Not get Anything!!!
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Acum 6 ore
Ruel Does Not get Anything!!!
That Zombie Life
That Zombie Life Acum 6 ore
One of the greatest talents in recent history
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Acum 6 ore
Barclay Does Not get Anything!!!
pce Acum 6 ore
Someone's been working it!
matthew s
matthew s Acum 6 ore
No woman deserves this song pipedreams man took good to be true
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Acum 6 ore
Micheal Hill Does Not get Anything!!!
arya gaming
arya gaming Acum 6 ore
0:45 when he said heart, someone said heart
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon Acum 6 ore
Darryl, Dennis and Ryan Do Not get Anything!!!
ShahodaAbodi Acum 6 ore
Can't stop smiling 😊 ❤️
Flaming Eye
Flaming Eye Acum 6 ore
I heard this song on the radio for the first time today
Valerio Costa
Valerio Costa Acum 6 ore
Meu Deus ficou linda esta música com este tenor 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Club Adelgace Comiendo
Club Adelgace Comiendo Acum 6 ore
ya lo volvieron muerda los iluminattis
Nyauli Entertainment Zone
Nyauli Entertainment Zone Acum 6 ore
nice song
jemilat motunrayo
jemilat motunrayo Acum 6 ore
Awwwn thank you Ed 🥰🥰🥰
Egg Bacon
Egg Bacon Acum 6 ore
Vinicius Miva
Vinicius Miva Acum 6 ore
Is the girl from Bridge to Terabithia?
Nancy Lapointe
Nancy Lapointe Acum 6 ore
The Best! WoW Magnifique!!!
Om Prakash
Om Prakash Acum 6 ore
I am leaving this comment so after a month or year I get reminded of this masterpiece ♥️
JugandoConKev Acum 6 ore
Still an awesome song in 2021❤️
s music
s music Acum 6 ore
Good job
𝙰𝚟𝚎𝚜𝚖𝚢𝚏𝚕𝚊𝚟𝚎 Acum 6 ore
My math teacher keeps playing this song while we are working on worksheets
Meh Music
Meh Music Acum 6 ore
Ed Sheehan needs to make and star in a musical movie. He's just so fun to watch and such a heartthrob to hear ❤
Joanna May Espinosa
Joanna May Espinosa Acum 7 ore
I really love this song!
Ms. Ross
Ms. Ross Acum 7 ore
Cute buns!🤪🥰🤩
Mr.Dayler ff
Mr.Dayler ff Acum 7 ore
Acá en el 2021 escuchando la música me encanta 💖
Matt Buchan
Matt Buchan Acum 7 ore
This is the best song ever I listen to it every day!
OG Pro
OG Pro Acum 7 ore
Illuminati demonic possessed clown who sold his soul to devil.
Dariel Maldonado
Dariel Maldonado Acum 7 ore
cool nice vanpires end death
Sarah Maganga
Sarah Maganga Acum 7 ore
A male friend recommended I listen to it all the way from Kenya. Ed, this song gives me shivers. I think it is the one. I'll dance to it till the sunlight cracks. *wink
Darla Greene
Darla Greene Acum 7 ore
Did you cause the Parrots to "Shiver" or "Dance"? Perhaps both!
Darla Greene
Darla Greene Acum 7 ore
Parrot:Hello. Love that.
Eduardo Almeida
Eduardo Almeida Acum 7 ore
Top demais 🎶🎶❤️❤️🇧🇷
Athena Acum 7 ore
My mom died last August 16, 2021 due to Covid. I cannot imagine dealing life without her. She was a single mom and now that I am alone I really don’t know what to do. I love you, mom. I really wish that heaven had visiting hours and I will ask God to take you home because mom, I really miss you. 😭😭😭 I was the one who took good care of her when she was admitted, just me and her in a small room. She died while hugging at me and even in her last breathe she always utter, “i love you anak, salamat sa pag alaga sa akoa” and yes ma, I love you too and now, I will take good care of our memories and continue to achieve our dreams. Guide me, my angel.
K!DJxK3R Acum 7 ore
Ayye!! Throwback to the pussycat dolls!! 🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥
るみこ Acum 7 ore
エルトンだ〜 でもエドなんだよ〜🥰👏🍀
gino cudada
gino cudada Acum 7 ore
This song doesn't make quarantine boring💓
vvp Acum 7 ore
it is impresionant.
Amanda Letícia Soares
Amanda Letícia Soares Acum 7 ore
não entendi nada, mas amei
F TECH Acum 7 ore
Channel : F Tech Content : facts, music,funny Language : Tamil Support me 👆🎬👆🎬👆🎬
Júlia Gomes
Júlia Gomes Acum 7 ore
Eu era doida pra um ft entre Ed Sheeran e o Bruno Mars. Aí quando sai, sai isso aí 😑
Mary Borreggine
Mary Borreggine Acum 7 ore
Wow..just wow...Bravo Ed 👏 👏 👏
JessPlays Acum 7 ore
Welp I’m back.
Lucas Acum 7 ore
Ed sheeran is the GOAT. There. I said it. Am I the only one?
Der Vladik
Der Vladik Acum 7 ore
My bad habit to this song is, again and again pressing the REPLAY button 🔥
Vanilasecret Acum 7 ore
We had Thinking out loud as a wedding song, probably visiting hours is a song for my funeral
nonames000 Acum 7 ore
hes playing guitar but there is no guitar in the song
#EVIL Acum 7 ore
"Be carful who you trust, even salt and sugar look the same." -Joker
Divine Acum 7 ore
Came for Ed Sheeran, stayed for the vibing parrots.
Grace Nightshade
Grace Nightshade Acum 7 ore
im so sad that im a whole week late for this party
Cobey Weine
Cobey Weine Acum 7 ore
This song actually makes me cry. Thinking of memories from old friends
Thanh Hua
Thanh Hua Acum 7 ore
Sounds similar to Senorita
Kayla Hodges
Kayla Hodges Acum 7 ore
Svetlana Pomeroy
Svetlana Pomeroy Acum 7 ore
Oh dear, no "Last Christmas", sorry, not even close🤣
히 르자Why Not62
히 르자Why Not62 Acum 7 ore
The song I was looking for Until Two years and meet
Brendo Skinner
Brendo Skinner Acum 7 ore
I love it I want to have it on all day and all year that is how much I love it
Cold_Reaper Acum 7 ore
2017 is the best year for music Change my mind