ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review

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I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties

5135 Ayush Mehta
5135 Ayush Mehta Acum 23 ore
He was playing with money and. Life for us 😂😂
kushta narvekar
kushta narvekar Acum o Zi
If the car from the other road didn't see the signal as red(if he is in a call) so he would crash into your car so it asks you to command it by seeing cars from left and right so ur safe ( safety first I Guess).
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien Acum o Zi
You might not be a car guy, but knowing that the 10 mm sockets are life and there are never too many of them is dead on
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley Acum o Zi
Best tesla video ever every other ROpost just poses around it gets brole and then shows you how to make the seats fart doesn't explain anything special about it just shows it off or takes it on a road trip and still doesn't explain it
Gradyn Wursten
Gradyn Wursten Acum o Zi
you dont actually have to turn the steering wheel, its pretty sensitive you can basically just touch it
Steve Hardy
Steve Hardy Acum o Zi
I use gass
Divij Verma
Divij Verma Acum 2 Zile
Ahhh go between 6:29 and 6:30 with 0.25x speed.....The car was detecting the cardboard but it didn't stop though
Brenden John
Brenden John Acum 2 Zile
7:32 "Gas Peddle" just sounds funny, maybe we have to try "Electric Peddle" for the ev's... 🤣
Heika Acum 2 Zile
The US has 60% of our energy from coal/oil? Damn, I thought it was still way worse lmao. I'm happy about that number; that's how bad things are lol Also, my guess for why it didn't stop for the cardboard boxes is that maybe they interact in a strange way under the wavelength that the sensor uses
Enys Untra
Enys Untra Acum 2 Zile
5:05 Mehdi, you're disappointing here. I thought you would talk about the torque curves of electric motors and their possibility of being overloaded for short times. When the FRG went from steam to electric locomotives, before, it was custom for the conductor to start the train standing at the first waggon, then close the doors when the train accelerated besides them and jumping on the last waggon. When the electro-locomotives were introduced, it was a common joke of engineers to "leave the conductor standing at the platrom" by accelerating so fast the train was too fast for the conductor to jump onto the last waggon. Also, many railways switching from steam to electric and not Diesel is that both electric and steam engines can be overloaded, so they don't need everything a Diesel loco needs. You may have a smaller carbon footprint in a Tesla, but have you taken into account the effect on global warming all the hot air Elon Murks produces?
Enys Untra
Enys Untra Acum 2 Zile
10:40 Can you make a dedicated video on regenerative braking that I can link to? Hey, if it's "wish-something" Monday, can you narrate it in German, so I can give it to people who don't know about Nutzbrems (Regenerative Braking)? - No? - Well, it was worth a try. :-P
Muvid Music Nation
Muvid Music Nation Acum 3 Zile
it actually doesn't saves environment for details go to the link ropost.info/flow/qJlnoZSKbKvOqms/video.html&ab_channel=DonutMedia
अर्जुन Acum 3 Zile
The best car review ever
RimoCreedeZzzz Acum 4 Zile
Great video Mehdi, as always 👌🏽💪🏽
Jared Kennedy
Jared Kennedy Acum 4 Zile
"It's great as an electric car but sucks at ROpost". Pretty much sums up modern attitudes in general.
The Red Wolf
The Red Wolf Acum 4 Zile
1:02 Me: Somewhat of a car enthusiast "Ouch"
Ikhlas Lauzark
Ikhlas Lauzark Acum 4 Zile
Ahhh rich man
samucrack gameplays y tutoriales
samucrack gameplays y tutoriales Acum 4 Zile
I comment to help you with the money
Enrique Moran
Enrique Moran Acum 6 Zile
Enrique Moran
Enrique Moran Acum 6 Zile
Connor Madden
Connor Madden Acum 10 Zile
Replace the batteries with giant capacitors
Hugh W
Hugh W Acum 16 Zile
So what happens to all the used/trashed batteries?
Kidlathor Acum 17 Zile
you dont burn fuel when you go downhill in gasoline powered car...
Champ is Nice
Champ is Nice Acum 18 Zile
He said dont stop
Finn Swanson
Finn Swanson Acum 18 Zile
"Car is just a tool!" (buys Tesla)
Nicholas Steel
Nicholas Steel Acum 19 Zile
Best things about electric vehicles is it moves exhaust fumes away from the general population to where the manufacturing plants are located, so the majority of people living somewhere can breath easier... especially those living in a densely packed area like a city (no more city smog hooray!). And the fake engine sound can be tuned to emit less harmful audio frequencies for animals and people living next to busy streets.
Just1ofGod Acum 19 Zile
Wow he is REALLY not a car guy lol
Son Goku
Son Goku Acum 20 Zile
I am convinced to buy Tesla
what zegje
what zegje Acum 21 o Zi
no, because feul engines work for 25 years or much more. somtimes 50 years. electic vehicle needs new battery in 7 years. electric vehicles do not produce less carbon, when including making it.
Alexander Christopher
Alexander Christopher Acum 22 Zile
Can you PLEASE explain this??? ropost.info/flow/zq-EgWaboqzU32s/video.html
Jared Peterson
Jared Peterson Acum 25 Zile
Lol. You bought a $50,000+ whiteboard that came with a free car.
yeroca Acum 25 Zile
I've had the same model since 2018, and still like it a lot for the same reasons you mentioned, though I don't trust the autopilot much. I won't use it except for the smart cruise control, and that not very often either because it sometimes reacts violently during traffic merges. But I want to thank you for the idea of charging at a lower rate in my garage. I am not sure why it didn't occur to me that I didn't need to charge at the full 40 amps. So I cut it down to 15A, which will still charge it by morning, so win-win... Less I^2R loss! Even less needless CO2 emission.
Johnny Shen
Johnny Shen Acum 26 Zile
2:15 that’s the most expensive whiteboard that I’ve ever seen
:Dakimakura Acum 27 Zile
Buy a tesla they said Now im freezing in a hat and a jacket 😂 But seriously, they need service and maintenance, brake pads and rotors can be worn by just sitting and in an emergency situation when u need to stop quickly u just wont be able because the brake isnt working properly
LegoTekFan486 Acum 27 Zile
That's a pretty smart feature that it tells you to do something to make sure you're paying attention. It's important for the driver to still be watching for anything the autopilot might "miss" Speaking of the autopilot, was that "reminder to pay attention" feature added after the autopilot-related accidents that were reported a while back? (Don't let that dissuade you from using it at all, but I guess be ready to take over if it doesn't see something)
LegoTekFan486 Acum 27 Zile
Cows have existed as long as we have, but the earth was "balanced" in terms of greenhouse gases being absorbed by the existing trees and other plants. Our industrialized mass burning of fossil fuels, if lessened over time will still make a difference.
Harira Normal
Harira Normal Acum 27 Zile
One thing about teslas is rip reliablity, now you need to buy a car as frequent as a phone, I'd say the phone would last more actually
Natural Gas is insanely efficient ... just saying. natural gas is THE reason why US carbon emissions have held steady OR declined, for more than half a century, despite the fact that there's a hell of a lot more people and cars driving around in the US than in the 60's / 70's.
Emily Klassen
Emily Klassen Acum 29 Zile
Vancouver never plays itself in movies, but at least we get ElectroBOOM videos.
random andy
random andy Acum 29 Zile
stupid question but also a valid concern, what's to stop some hacker kid from breaking in and stealing your car, or forcing the autopilot to deliberately crash? or am I just dumb and don't know how teslas work?
Matty Acum lună
"did you know teslas don't have spare tyres?" That's Great!!! I can't wait to drive to the middle of no where and cop a flat tyre! Thereby causing me to wait hours for someone to come with a spare or damage the wheel by being forced drive on a flat tyre! The future is now!
NEX L1F3 Acum lună
2:22 Di... did he just draw on the hood of his Tesla with a fucking sharpie?!
Steven Lloyd
Steven Lloyd Acum lună
7:23 who knows if it was stopping for the light or the other tesla
widyahong Acum lună
with low current battery will longer but charger will badly inefficient.. i think electroboom know that but?
Mohd Muqri
Mohd Muqri Acum lună
electric car mehdi : *press gas pedal*
Kenzie GT
Kenzie GT Acum lună
Its a First Gen Intel Atom lol
Faraz Adil
Faraz Adil Acum lună
@tesla kindly make EVs more affordable, and include better processors now that the chip shortage is fixed anyways great job!
Maxxy The Computer Guy
Maxxy The Computer Guy Acum lună
Is he gonna blow this up too?
Sujit Kumar
Sujit Kumar Acum lună
Sitting on a large battery pack, now Electroboom can finally go Kaboom. He has been trying so hard for so long. Go drive it into a puddle.
Traditional Tools
Traditional Tools Acum lună
I just wonder how these cars will work in say 10 or 20 years. Cars already don't age well. Add in electronics, which also don't age well, and I think these cars will get bagged quick. Would you keep a cell phone or PC for 20 plus years?
Noahgaming videos
Noahgaming videos Acum lună
i can’t wait til here breaks tesla now😂
zeroByte Acum lună
I thought gasoline cars too have regenerative braking. The kinetic energy of the car moves the pistons making the CO2 and H2O to recombine to form gasoline.
kleinebre Acum lună
Need electric cow merch.
G G Acum lună
People in Europe where 240v is standard
EkkoYuenNinja Acum lună
Actually personal purposed Electric Vehicles WONT be more eco (green) for environment (I only support the government vehicle, business car and public transportations USE the 100% EV) (P.S.: Im a sportbike motorcyclist and i hate Electric vehicles, against Hybird and Engine get banned.................... Although im a rightist but i support eco move) OKOK I KNEW THOSE FKING LEFTARD WILL ATTACK ME immediately if they have read this, but seriously i can't stand with those leftard lying to themselves and forcing people swtich to EV. Then im just here to say my views. I am NOT judging or attacking Mehdi(LEFTARD READ THIS!). First Mehdi's Toyota is old(11 yrs old) and second he is living in Canada, so it might be not a bad idea to have the EV now. idk In fact people miscalculated few things about EV(Views): 1. Most of the countries still using fuel... gas.... coal.....etc to generate electric power. 2. People will always replace their EV when a new EV comes out, specially people start treating EV like a Technology poduct (Like a smartphone......). 3. Battery + Charging..... and Battery + Charging!!!! (Explainations): 1. For example in my country. Hong Kong using over 85%(Around 87%~88%) non-green power source to generate electric, and the only remain(13$~11%) power source are nuclear... solar... wind.....etc, so currently it is actually producing more greenhouse gases to use more electric(At least 100% sure in Hong Kong at 2021) 2. As Mehdi said, actually produce an EV is created more carbon footprint than a Hybird Vehicel or an Engine Vehicle. First..... look at the people how frequently change their phones(Most of the Hong Kongese buy a new phone like every year specially the stupid Apple users), laptop, PC.... like almost every year. Also for example when their PC have some problems and they will just immediately buy a new one, they wont even try to repair it or fix it (My own PC is only cared and fixing by myself, it is 8 years old and she is still running in decent shape. Just my CPU is kinda slow for some games XD but i still loving it!😘). I saw some of the Hong Kongese on Whatsapp grp/ig, they just buy the new Tesla almost per EVERY 2 YEARS! In my country (or lesser) And Hong Kong government provide the DISCOUNT to encourage them trade-in! Human always wants to have new technology stuffs and show off to the others. Therefore i think only 100% EV Government, business companies and transportations would be useful. (Government and companies wont change their vehicles frequently) 3. I dont think there has many countries that having the law to regulate people how to dispose the battery formally right?(In Hong Kong we have the law but no one cares), battery could be bad for the enviroment aha? So errrr if some users they replace the battery by themselves and they didnt disposed it correctly, it will be the problem too.... Also also, don't let me know if ur car battery died on the road BECAUSE I MUST BE MOCKING AT YOU, HA HA HA LMAO😂. Also i have seen how stupid when those EV people are in the queue at the recharge parking Slots. ROFL BTW Tesla is shit really Finally, if you want to reduce your own carbon footprint, just use more public transport or riding bicycle or walk more to substitutes driving........ NOT just using the EV and then lie to yourself. dont forget the 5R Rules (Refuse -> Reduce -> Reuse/Repurpose -> Repair -> Recycle). Do better on yourself is better than forcing people to stick in your EV dream. (SPEAKING TO YOU LA LEFTARDS!!! 🤭) And i have one last thing to say....... ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE IS THE BIGGEST CANCER ON THIS PLANNET!!! 🤬 ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE IS THE BIGGEST CANCER ON THIS PLANNET!!!!! 😠 ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE IS THE BIGGEST CANCER ON THIS PLANNET!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡 I will stand to my Gasoline Engine Motorcycle side and i will keep my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-Rs no matter what until i COULDN'T buy the gasoline on this world anymore. Vehicle for Mehdi is just a tool But motorcycle for me, it is passion and love🥰
Christian Humer
Christian Humer Acum lună
1:44 Actually, there is a company (in finland I think), that produces a Protein Powder with electricity, Water and Air.
AstRE Engine repair
AstRE Engine repair Acum lună
Hi mehdi. In the video you said that cars still burn fuel when coming down the hill but in the newer standard shift cars the fuel injection turns off so it burns no fuel but the engine still turns because the engine is going down the hill and also the brakes won’t run out because the engine slows the car. Not as efficient as electric cars but just wanted to say something just in case you didn’t know that. Ok buy mehdi
Mick Odrobinski
Mick Odrobinski Acum lună
Bs he lost his nut driver but, he can easily get another or borrow his neighbours. I believe Tesla ordered him not to show the inside of the car. Cmon Mehdi, we r not that stupid
Ryan Kafkas
Ryan Kafkas Acum lună
So maybe you can charge your tesla all the way by using regenerative break down a very long winding mountain road
Targetted Opportunity
Targetted Opportunity Acum lună
yes, in future everything should be running on electricity.
LakoJake Acum lună
Yusi Acum lună
nice new electric vakel
batvanio Acum lună
And I'm for electric cars, although this one can't be compared to the original one that Tesla invented. In his, if I remember correctly, there was some kind of battery or something like that because it was not clear what it was with which the car could move without a break at 100 km / h for a whole week. This is roughly 20,000 kilometers. About 50 times more than the one invented so many years later.
ColdBlood157 Acum lună
The thing with ACC is that it only recognizes moving obstacles like a moving car (and also maintains recognition when the car stops) but it doesnt recognize stationary stuff like the box or the wall so that the car wont brake when taking a turn, for example.
Ringooo Ringooo
Ringooo Ringooo Acum lună
self driving only free for 3 months???
AstRE Engine repair
AstRE Engine repair Acum lună
DarkerfoxTech Acum lună
The cost of running will go up as more cars are introduced. Also rolling blackouts.
Harish Sivaramakrishnan
Harish Sivaramakrishnan Acum lună
Mehdi: 0:04 - “haa yee ooh aaah haa ey ooh ooh ooh” Again Mehdi: 0:57 - “I’m not a car person and I won’t drool over it”
flymeetspaddle Acum lună
that 10mm will always get you haha
I watch this video many times 😂😂😂
splittieful Acum lună
Sparrow Acum lună
13:30 One quick point, gasoline(and diesel) cars have engine braking and when you engine brake you don't use gas (with cars from the last 2/3 decades)
Ramadika Ismanto
Ramadika Ismanto Acum lună
1:04 As a petrolhead, I'm offended, but I understand your viewpoint
J Karra
J Karra Acum lună
Theres no reason to count just how much you save for 100km... Counting how much owning car costs per km is the only way. And i can tell If you count very very expensive car +all other costs + depreciation driving newer EV is just dumb.🤭 My old Audi A2 1.2tdi has averaged consuption of under 4 liters/100km(60mpg)and in freeway speeds it goes even further, over 75mpg(3liters /100km) And car is basicly worth maybe 4K€ .that + insurance and upkeep costs are like 14€ sents(17$ cents US, 20$ cents CAN) per km annyally.that includes fuel, insurance,services with averaged km per year being ~10.000kms
Aravinth Tamil
Aravinth Tamil Acum lună
First person to give me the drawbacks of Tesla.
The Stig
The Stig Acum lună
Cars are more than tools. And if cars even are "tools", you enjoy your tools why can't other people enjoy their tools.
Duderobi Patschie
Duderobi Patschie Acum lună
13:35 when you drive right you use Not a drop gasoline/diesel driving donwhill.
Nick T
Nick T Acum lună
@Duderobi Patschie oh. I thought that was only true for Jake break. Makes sense for fuel injectors to stop giving fuel if no throttle.
Duderobi Patschie
Duderobi Patschie Acum lună
@Nick T no first or second gear and the engine shuts of gas and you brake with it. This is how you drive in the mountains brakes not gona cut it.
Nick T
Nick T Acum lună
Yeah I mean all you got a to do is throw it in neutral, kill the engine, and hold on for dear life without power steering.
AstRE Engine repair
AstRE Engine repair Acum lună
A manual driver 😁😂
Fawwaz Alshareef
Fawwaz Alshareef Acum 2 luni
The ultra fast processor you are asking for would require more energy further limiting the range. It’s a transportation tool not a home theater :)
Venomorph Acum 2 luni
why dont you change the display processor sir? :D
make mugen
make mugen Acum 2 luni
Intel athlon... 🤣
1so Static
1so Static Acum 2 luni
EV cars put MORE pollution into the environment. Its just shifting the problem
Instantur Acum 22 Zile
You didn’t watch the video
N20 Acum 2 luni
1:38 no it should all be running on petrol like the GT-R
Jim K
Jim K Acum 2 luni
If it's so great, why does the government need to steal our money to help the rich buy expensive toys?
Nick T
Nick T Acum 28 Zile
@Jim K like all fashion items and overhyped products, it will come to an end if it doesn't change. Too many people purchase things without knowing what they are getting for the money.
Jim K
Jim K Acum 28 Zile
@Nick T You are giving too much credit to Tesla's over promise / under deliver marketing. Remember the fake autopilot video demos Tesla posted in 2019 of it driving fully autonomous? Coming very soon, Elon swears. Obviously you should give Tesla 7.5k for it, even though the feature doesn't exist yet, and is lost when you sell your car. Today Tesla admits autopilot is only a SAE level 2 tech. Audi, Volvo, Honda and GM have level 3 models with level 4 tech well into testing phase. Tesla is a toy because it's not a vehicle, it's a fashion item. It advertises to the world how much you care and provides a sense of superiority. None of it would bother me if the government didn't take our money to pay for these cars.
Nick T
Nick T Acum lună
You got one thing wrong. Toys are fun to play with. Teslas are not fun to drive, and are built for those who hate driving and want to make it as easy as possible or not even drive at all.
Damian Pulido
Damian Pulido Acum 2 luni
My truck has more than a 500 mile range and takes less than 15 min to fill up lol no hate though I love your channel!! The self driving made me way more nervous for you then actually driving has ever made me lol
Just Someone who doesn't deserve Love..
Just Someone who doesn't deserve Love.. Acum 2 luni
9:36 I remember Mr. bean Suddenly lol 😆
Beekei Patel
Beekei Patel Acum 2 luni
Tesla model 3 be like: don't do any experiment with me 🙄 I said no
lucas ribeiro
lucas ribeiro Acum 2 luni
sadly here in Brazil this technology is to much expensive and we dont have structure to have this kind of car here, cause we have no place to charge it
Salih İncecayır
Salih İncecayır Acum 2 luni
Stilg1301 Acum 2 luni
Also Mehdi you with all due respect lack some automotive knowledge. Going downhill in petrol car you dont burn any fuel (assuming you are going down in gear and engine breaking). UNLESS we are talking cars older than early 90s, that have carburetors .. then yea... but seriously any car since then with MPi / GDI (electronically controlled fuel injection) will just stop fuel and engine is just "air pump". Additionally comparision of costs of running petrol and EV cars is really not fair when you compared heavy taxed petrol (here where I live OVER 50% of the cost of petrol is tax) and untaxed (with the extra tax) electricity. Government won't say good bye to these money (as they would have to grab em elsewhere) and so clearly this is not comparison that can be stand its ground thru out time. At some point (if EVs get mainstream) special tax to compensate what the petrol Tax brought will be added in one way or another. Some countries already started doing this in a way... So to be fair you'd have to cut petrol costs in HALF. On top of that you are omitting the charger loses. Which while not massive, are still about some sources claiming ~9%, others going as high as 12-15%!. I.e. to charge 54 KWh, you will need ~ 60KWh. You can do better than this - what I usually like about your vids is that you dont blindly side. And really? 10 liters pet 100 kmh... in a modern car? Really? The EV can show its benefits even without such silly exageration and bias. Modern petrol car will easily go for 5-6 l/100 when going efficiently (90-110 km/h constant speed you can actually dip below 5...) Sure city traffic or going faster drains it more (but on the other hand going really fast in EV literally halfs the range) but assuming anything more than 7.5 l per 100 in modern car is stupid and biased. So more realistic comparision would be: 60KWh x ~ lower of average power cost = 6.5 USD 6.5 (l / 100) x 3 (300km) x 1.4 (usd per l) = 27.3 USD. half of that is extra tax, real petrol cost = 13.65 USD So yea, EV is ~ half the "fuel" costs. And thats what most reasonable calculations come down to. Totally off your numbers.
Stilg1301 Acum 2 luni
I just don't get why ppl keep selling this "EV's have almost none maintenance" nonsense. Neither das a petrol car, for the first half a decade. Sure, oil every 2 years , brake pads if you drive alot, but as for the "feared" maintenance .. not really. That stuff comes gradually with the age, as the life of the various consumables depletes and stuff ages. Around 10 years is a good mark where some more serious maintenace is usually needed... and from that on, unless you "do it all" it will just pop every now and then... EVs being still relativelly new, most of them are still in the "new" phase. But there are Tesla S owners who already went thru MULTIPLE drivetrains... sure thats prolly just due to defects and not expected lifespan but still.. Anyway my point is that there are many systems on EV that will require basically the same maintenance as regular car. Sure you dont have the engine / transmission and exhaust / intake bits to worry much about... but ask yourself, is that really the only / majority of car maintenance? Not really. Suspension work (control arms, bushing, bearings on top mounts, ball joints, car dampers, springs... those are generally identical and will require same maintenance .. if not more due to higher weight. Wheel bearings... same deal. Steering - tie rods, and tie rod ends, steering rack. EPS (electronic Power steering) all the same and the maintenance will be the same. Window regulators, Door locks, wheel arches, headlights ...all that stuff is prone to same maintenance as petrol car. A/C is very similar and will require same / similar service. etc. etc. All the plastic bits that can break, charging port etc Tires... teslas are known to go thru sets of tires actually really fast... brake service might be less often if you use regen alot but will be still there. Sure, there is less of the "small regular stuff", but sayin theres none is also BS. Sure you dont have engine intake air filter or oil filter but there still is a cabin air filter and while there is not oil usually, theres still (and quite alot of it) coolant for the batteries mainly... and brakes... those are hydraulic as regular.. .so Brake fluid is the same ...and those will need changing.
sa lsa
sa lsa Acum 2 luni
5:07 0 to 100 KM in 5 seconds ? Kelvin Mega?? Medhi what's happening with the units. Plus you are talking about an acceleration? In km per sec?? That's speed unit Medhi! Acceleration is the speed variation during a certain period of time ( so that would normally be 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds). Speed is the variation of position in a period of time.😂😂
spawn of war
spawn of war Acum 2 luni
Hey in nc you gotta be crazy aggressive driver other wise you'll get run over probably by a log truck
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy Acum 2 luni
What I gain with gas car is I get the brrrrrrr
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy Acum 2 luni
We aren't a 2 car family. We are a S I X C A R F A M I L Y
অৰি Acum 2 luni
No Clutch?🤔 Car starts moving as soon as u start the engine?🤔
Acum 2 luni
Soo u don't need to stop to charge everytime
Acum 2 luni
Install solar panels on the roof
Incogninto1 1
Incogninto1 1 Acum 2 luni
17:24 The weakest processor: Intel atom Me using PowerPC: Hey
Rajat G
Rajat G Acum 2 luni
1:04 triggered every car guy
Instantur Acum 22 Zile
I like cars but he is kind of right
Patrik Hast
Patrik Hast Acum 2 luni
Welcome to the Tesla-club (cult) :D
CUBETechie Acum 2 luni
How much energy can you generate with the regenerative brake?
Mihail Fedorov
Mihail Fedorov Acum 2 luni
"its would be beter over time" - yes, if they wouldnt sell to you new Tesla model year after year like an Iphone
Its Esan
Its Esan Acum 2 luni
If middle of the way if your car gets discharge somehow then what would you do?
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