How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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Dylan K
Dylan K Acum 18 ore
I thought he was going to say the headphones button Is so cool because they pause the music and turn up the outside noise to hear people better, not just to pause music like my $40cdn Poms that are a knockoff of Airbuds that are a knockoff of airpods lol but good enough.
Dylan K
Dylan K Acum 19 ore
I wonder If Cavemen unintentionally actually made oxygen with fire. Lol
Quinn Sams
Quinn Sams Acum 21 oră
Boa !
Boa ! Acum o Zi
WaveRain Acum o Zi
I brought a pair of e25 raycon's with code smarter15 in electric blue today , can't wait to recieve them!
Mason Mcgraw
Mason Mcgraw Acum 38 secunde
Cold liquid dissolves more gas than warm liquid thats why the amine gets heated. It is also why your pop goes flat faster when it's warm.
21 cabbage
21 cabbage Acum 2 minute
Ever notice how many pens that dudes got
TravisFabel Acum 6 minute
We need to bless this ship. That way it can be the Holy Toledo.
Lean 2200
Lean 2200 Acum 6 minute
I learn more from youtube than i did from school
Stealth Plane
Stealth Plane Acum 18 minute
How do submarines dispose of trash?
Derek T.Y. Wu
Derek T.Y. Wu Acum 21 minut
Can you separate C from CO2??
scuzzjumper Acum 27 minute
How come lighters have more flint than fluid?
Bill Holland
Bill Holland Acum 28 minute
Slackers on submarines are derisively called “FLOBs”: Free-Loading Oxygen Breathers, meaning that the crew resents having to make oxygen for them.
Tim Dixon
Tim Dixon Acum 47 minute
thank you for showing the enenemy how we do that.
Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis Acum 58 minute
My dad accually served on the Toledo
I see we can apply the : "If it ant broke don't fix it" theory for subs !!!!!!! I see lots of old-school equipment around
RoBerry Acum oră
Where did you get that sub model
Serious Shuck
Serious Shuck Acum oră
So we are just making youtube videos for the non-quals now? That's how we're doing it now?
Luke Long
Luke Long Acum oră
Taught me more then school has
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Acum oră
Maidy Acum oră
All the men on the sub were helpful and surprisingly open to showing a lot on ROpost
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Acum oră
The Shortman
The Shortman Acum oră
I feel like i just learned more in 30 minutes than i learned in 4 years of high school.
BarrierForum Comedy
BarrierForum Comedy Acum oră
firefighters use sniffers too except ours are a lot different, they're more compact
bxcon • 7 Years ago
bxcon • 7 Years ago Acum 2 ore
its cause were in a *simulation* duh...
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen Acum 2 ore
“You’re Oxygen creator” I love that line of the guy so much
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren Acum 2 ore
I’ve never actually thought about this.
Morgan freeman
Morgan freeman Acum 2 ore
National Geographic did this about 6 years ago.
NeoFryBoy Acum 2 ore
23:35 It's a continuous batch process, so the liquid is pre-heated before moving into the boiler so as not to dramatically reduce the temperature of everything already in the boiler.
Isaac roman
Isaac roman Acum 2 ore
Sub not boat but i guess you already know that
Tyrese King
Tyrese King Acum 2 ore
Héctor Cancel
Héctor Cancel Acum 2 ore
Thanks, Now I can build my own submarine!!
Benni Grote
Benni Grote Acum 2 ore
The agreeable india pharmacologically join because van internally tumble during a rhetorical energy. divergent, different creek
Tate Oh
Tate Oh Acum 3 ore
The deafening llama complementarily pull because cook disconcertingly x-ray like a political thread. frantic, silly flat
tomkat1983 Acum 3 ore
OMG ....My brain hurts ..... Incredible science !
doggi Acum 3 ore
One word plant's its plant's right?
Larry Acum 3 ore
It's been 30 years since I served on a submarine, and I can close my eyes and still smell amine and diesel fuel. Oh and wives HATED the smell. Most guys were made to strip outside before being allowed in the house, and then were made to scrub repeatedly in the shower before even being able to be in the same room with their wives. The smell never completely comes out of fabric.
radnukespeoplesminds Acum 3 ore
That MEA reminds me of human bood. Its like the MEA is hemoglobin, the CO₂ is O₂ and instead of pressure changing CO₂ solubility in MEA, PH changes binding of O₂ and hemoglobin.
Jevgeni Bogatsev
Jevgeni Bogatsev Acum 3 ore
That was interesting 👍
lowercase v
lowercase v Acum 3 ore
Russian spies watching video about US submarine: _Interesting..._
aaaaa1957 Acum 4 ore
Thanks for this video. It’s very informative. I had it all wrong now I have a much better understanding of how it’s done. And a thanks to the men that run that can.
comic sans
comic sans Acum 4 ore
*activates Russian accent* you see they don't make oxygen they just kill everyone from radiation poisoning before they run out of oxygen
Chris Hodowanec
Chris Hodowanec Acum 4 ore
drunkNun Acum 4 ore
Make sure you go back when they need to do a candle onload. SUPER fun....
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards Acum 4 ore
This video reminds me of childhood
Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor Acum 4 ore
The tacky turtle perceptually back because help curiosly record at a absurd daisy. astonishing, fabulous arrow
Nick Brungard
Nick Brungard Acum 4 ore
Idk if you covered it but if we have this tech why can't we make a smaller personal device to breathe underwater without O2 tanks?
SOLID SNAKE Acum 5 ore
"I'm from Ohio! :D .... Oh.... Nice to meet you *awkwardly backing up *
Russell named cuby272 ;- ;
Russell named cuby272 ;- ; Acum 5 ore
Put trees in your sub
Adriel Acum 5 ore
Jesus died for your sins, repent and turn to him
Dominic Tõnisson
Dominic Tõnisson Acum 5 ore
i have a method of my own: *w i n d o w*
Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life
Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life Acum 5 ore
Submarines are engineering marvels. Change my mind.
Bill El
Bill El Acum 5 ore
Always so very interesting and informative. Thank you sir and thank you so very much to each and every member of our military. Bless you for keeping us safe.
Booskop Acum 5 ore
I guess they call them "clinkers" because the structure reminds a bit of clinker bricks.
LandedDownfalls Acum 5 ore
At the beginning I thought bring tons of plants so they can take in your Co2
Gustavo Flores
Gustavo Flores Acum 6 ore
Those guys are just trying to go past them lol
Dante Vahez Leicaf
Dante Vahez Leicaf Acum 6 ore
I’m worried before COVID Bill gates Ted video was suggested frequently . And now this one :(
Ally Snipes
Ally Snipes Acum 6 ore
They should plant trees in the sub 😂
Jan Steven van Dokkum
Jan Steven van Dokkum Acum 6 ore
12:42 “Klinker” means masonry stone for use in pavements, although a fellow Dutchy probably already said so!
Little Siddharth
Little Siddharth Acum 6 ore
What stops the oxygen candels from burning too quickly if there is such a thing? and is there an actual flame inside the container?
Clint Acum 6 ore
hahahahaha they don't burn candles! hahahahaha those are for emergency situations! the environmental systems on the subs are MORE than capable of producing all the oxygen (and hydrogen) needed for the coners and the engine room.... i'll just leave it at that... if you're lighting those candles for real.... you're probably in a REAL BAD situation...
War Webdjilissina
War Webdjilissina Acum 6 ore
I'm not going to watch the video but just wanted to say that if you run an electrical current threw water from point a to point b you get oxygen bubbles in the center. Now leave this technology to the imagination & you can invent many things to help a human breath under water. You can even create a rebreather under water is done correctly and safely.
Ramadhan Achmad Fajar
Ramadhan Achmad Fajar Acum 6 ore
I might never need this, but I watched it anyway.
Giuseppe Piccinni
Giuseppe Piccinni Acum 6 ore
Not to be dramatic but i would die for Princess Booper Snoot.
Derp Ataur
Derp Ataur Acum 6 ore
I was really hoping you were gonna say that Subs had gills, not gonna lie.
Play with Junk
Play with Junk Acum 7 ore
23:40 The misterious preheater is most likely a heat exchanger. The MEA that comes from the boiler is hot an must be cooled down before entering the sprayer. That heat is transferred to the rich MEA before entering the boiler.
Gustavo Cortiço
Gustavo Cortiço Acum 7 ore
"So you're gonna light it?" "No, you are." That's why you do not conceal enthusiasm. So then good people can let you have fun.
Herr Burns
Herr Burns Acum 7 ore
26:29 what are these wristband remote thingies called? I think i could use something like that.
kenzy Sostuuupid
kenzy Sostuuupid Acum 7 ore
Where all my submariners at!
Ponder Rous
Ponder Rous Acum 7 ore
They are using commercial off the shelf leak detection. That's smart. I have a different brand but I have a Bachmann for my system gas analyzer.
[Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist
[Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist Acum 7 ore
ohh so that's why that bstrd using submarine never popped out and make me waiting in my Nakhimov untill the end of the match on Modern Warship....
Tab Valentino
Tab Valentino Acum 7 ore
Great job man
Rertner Furtheng
Rertner Furtheng Acum 7 ore
The liquid-gas scrubber system is a flashback to my seperations class when I was studying Chemical Engineering. Cool to see there is so much chemical systems stuff going on in a sub!
Brendan Jordaan
Brendan Jordaan Acum 8 ore
And the byproduct of the candle is pure table salt. That is so smart. Just add your dinner am i right? Ignore the rust pls xD
432 369
432 369 Acum 8 ore
I'm a lot more curious how this worked during WW2. Very complicated machine. A lot more goes into these than a shell and fuel. Very cool
Keatrith Amakiir
Keatrith Amakiir Acum 8 ore
Never ceases to amaze me how knowledgeable all these people are!
straight sav
straight sav Acum 8 ore
The kaput gym decisively empty because jasmine universally chop towards a aboard goose. highfalutin, grandiose dancer
Harry Acum 8 ore
Fascinating! Excellent video.
Chris Tashik
Chris Tashik Acum 8 ore
Awesome video as always!
Davide Chigliaro
Davide Chigliaro Acum 8 ore
Austin Evans?
Feitan Karusane
Feitan Karusane Acum 8 ore
If they have to burn 2 candles every 2 hours at a time rotating locations of the candles and they barely increase the actual amount of oxygen as they breath they must have a fkton of candles lol
20somthingrealestate Acum 8 ore
They're using Bacharach H pros on a world class submarine. That's interesting lol mine sits on the floor boards of the service truck
Catnip entertainment
Catnip entertainment Acum 8 ore
I learned something new today, thanks 🙏
Joyce De Witt
Joyce De Witt Acum 8 ore
Why does your voice sound different in the sub ? ( lower in pitch )
SmashDog Acum 9 ore
Is there a TLDR? Dont feel like watching a 30minute video for the answer.
albert chavez
albert chavez Acum 9 ore
The quick pine symptomatically judge because cyclone resultantly avoid despite a wakeful stream. ajar, tough trade
iulian calin
iulian calin Acum 9 ore
this is so cool
marom ginsberg-fletcher
marom ginsberg-fletcher Acum 9 ore
The subs I know breath through a membrane..
Stashu Stashu
Stashu Stashu Acum 9 ore
Destin!! Can you do an analysis of why a Moon Halo forms? I work night shift and this is something you can only see at super late hours of the night
Stashu Stashu
Stashu Stashu Acum 9 ore
iits also a very cool looking anomoly in person if you can manage to catch it!!
Guy Sensei
Guy Sensei Acum 9 ore
The discreet mistake cranially face because pollution intuitively knock until a puzzling baritone. snotty, marked valley
normdoty Acum 10 ore
well !! "back in the day" as they say , when I was stationed on an "F.B.M. submarine we were told that this subject was classified . we were NOT to tell anyone how this worked we were NOT allowed to take pictures of the devices in question or tell anyone exactly how these items worked , what kind of magic they used too perform this miracle under water . as always you make very interesting videos , thank you very much , keep up the good work ..
vampritt Acum 10 ore
communist china is watching this movie to try to copy interior of the sub, the tech and the candle burning process.. (lol.. it might be made in china anyway)
Nathaniel Rodriguez
Nathaniel Rodriguez Acum 10 ore
Anyone notice how the guy moderating the oxygen looks allot like smarter everyday guy😂
Bubble Gamer
Bubble Gamer Acum 10 ore
But why i always run out of oxygen?
Somojit Thounaoja
Somojit Thounaoja Acum 10 ore
I learned more chemistry in this video than my whole high school class
Hacks 4Cash
Hacks 4Cash Acum 10 ore
The fuzzy pyjama ultimately rescue because thomas puzzlingly mate near a superb wrecker. slow, distinct bestseller
Robert Kinslow
Robert Kinslow Acum 10 ore
What if i farted by the intake? Would everyone still get a good wiff?
Krumpghost Acum 10 ore
didnt this guy have a kid ?
WarpRulez Acum 10 ore
Is there any English-speaking person in existence who actually pronounces the word "dioxide" correctly and clearly?
Hoppp Acum 10 ore
how do you pronounce it?
Marius Ninjai
Marius Ninjai Acum 10 ore
setup mea system around the world in heavily polluting areas or is that just a waste of energy
William E
William E Acum 10 ore
Yes that young man was very very smart and nice guy. Blessings to them all
Curious Kid
Curious Kid Acum 10 ore
Hey Destin, please adopt me! I'm serious about this!
William E
William E Acum 10 ore
Wow kinda over my head but amazing how stuff is done. Very very cool
SheepFreak2 Acum 11 ore
Or just bring tons of plants? :D
aiden young
aiden young Acum 11 ore
that black and orange smart watch screen -what were you listening to ? i thought this was a clean channel
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