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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Just your normal Canadian
Just your normal Canadian Acum 21 minut
This is amazing
Wesidewes 1
Wesidewes 1 Acum 28 minute
My ma was your nurse at brigton hospital.
NintenDURR Yt
NintenDURR Yt Acum 35 minute
Lopchan Lama
Lopchan Lama Acum 55 minute
Emmons Leroy
Emmons Leroy Acum 58 minute
The nutty attention ultrasonically book because viola fortuitously compete round a lying hood. wooden, aboriginal society
Georgi Canov
Georgi Canov Acum oră
I like the fact that 98.8% of people who reacted to the video liked it and only 1.2% didn't (yes i did the math)
Rama Ramatu
Rama Ramatu Acum oră
Eminem is The Best Rapper Of All Time
Cristina Sousa Sousa
Cristina Sousa Sousa Acum oră
SAO Paulo
Ty Stanley
Ty Stanley Acum 2 ore
How has this not got 1mill likes ?
himari riku
himari riku Acum 2 ore
ufc wwe
ufc wwe Acum 2 ore
AlejandroAlex Munoz
AlejandroAlex Munoz Acum 2 ore
I learn more life lessons than any other place on how to live and survive. This is the OG. Don't deny!
DawnMC LoveVirusWon
DawnMC LoveVirusWon Acum 3 ore
No ceiling for you!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Glen TV
Glen TV Acum 3 ore
Goodbye mmblerp
Glen TV
Glen TV Acum 3 ore
Gameboy Dark
Gameboy Dark Acum 3 ore
We need caption for this one too😂😂 shame on me
Adeoba Adeolu
Adeoba Adeolu Acum 3 ore
🐐 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Mr Doctor
Mr Doctor Acum 4 ore
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica Acum 5 ore
Best music ever!
ROEB 420
ROEB 420 Acum 5 ore
This would have probably been another number one hit on all the radio stations if it wasn't for the dumbass little Talking part in the center that totally kills the vibe but it is funny
Annette Watters
Annette Watters Acum 5 ore
Luv this..😍
ImMrLysol Acum 5 ore
12k dislikes? Why are you gay?
kloey Newman
kloey Newman Acum 5 ore
This song explains me
Vocalist Alexa
Vocalist Alexa Acum 5 ore
OMG YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!
namjoonie forlife
namjoonie forlife Acum 5 ore
The chances of you seeng this this comment are 1 in 72,000
LiL Meap
LiL Meap Acum 3 ore
Found it
Randy Delgado
Randy Delgado Acum 7 ore
Don't Yell At Me
Don't Yell At Me Acum 7 ore
Imagine Lil Wayne remixing a verse into this 💣💣💥🔥🔥🔥 like that'll ever happen 🙄
Kemal Kara
Kemal Kara Acum 7 ore
no higher yes godher
Axorn Acum 7 ore
Mr eminem attention👽🌏 you are the best for pattern
Marouane M
Marouane M Acum 7 ore
Really I have no idea... All I know is everytime I see only 15 Million... I go crazier than I’ve ever Fucking been...
Young Intell
Young Intell Acum 7 ore
Eminem...."so your an asshole. Im out." 🤣
Shivam kaushik
Shivam kaushik Acum 8 ore
Em em em em em em em em em em em sliim shadyy is the name
YaroW0RLD_Meg Acum 8 ore
You're best.
Sebastián Montoya
Sebastián Montoya Acum 8 ore
Rex Clapz
Rex Clapz Acum 8 ore
We going to ignore that UMG tried copy righting this and referring it to Godzilla?
dads onlyson2
dads onlyson2 Acum 8 ore
Who comes here everyday?
manuel varela
manuel varela Acum 8 ore
I like the song video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The facts 💯
Azzedine El Haiti
Azzedine El Haiti Acum 8 ore
Eminem paying homage to LL Cool J wow man, hip hop at its finest
EPICNine Acum 8 ore
Almost 1,000,000 likes
Jake Wilkinson
Jake Wilkinson Acum 8 ore
The nostalgics is real. Amazing
Tiimmy Tunes
Tiimmy Tunes Acum 8 ore
That's my boxing gym I'm not even lying I didn't know he did this video until yesterday.
Mouhamed Saim
Mouhamed Saim Acum 8 ore
Rihan S
Rihan S Acum 9 ore
Rihan S
Rihan S Acum 9 ore
De Tudo Um Pouco
De Tudo Um Pouco Acum 9 ore
Eminem dont put the music in coments. How do you guys expect i learn that music and sing?
Randy Acum 2 ore
Pull up the lyric video and listen to it twice. It’s a work of art.
qdpie FBi
qdpie FBi Acum 9 ore
Big Lewy
Big Lewy Acum 10 ore
So who's trying to cancel Eminem
Sunny M
Sunny M Acum 10 ore
I love him but he needs to chill now for a few years
John Koukoulis
John Koukoulis Acum 10 ore
KiNgUtzw Acum 10 ore
Lauti el gordo bolú
Lauti el gordo bolú Acum 11 ore
eminem still alive kings never die
Gungirlcali_209 Acum 11 ore
yall he says the n word and he's white
Edward Mathipa
Edward Mathipa Acum 6 ore
Where did he ??
AddySays Acum 8 ore
he is from the hood he is allowed
wingedmonster62 gaming
wingedmonster62 gaming Acum 11 ore
eminem needs to diss dax
I Am Trouble
I Am Trouble Acum 11 ore
using this song to help with my recovery from fentanyl addiction
lt25 Acum 11 ore
Goat can't be cancelled. We have your back!
red bgordinj
red bgordinj Acum 11 ore
Ele mudo pra krlhh
Lost_Soul999 Acum 11 ore
Pov: your mad bc gen Z trynna cancel em
astroidpine 216
astroidpine 216 Acum 12 ore
Thank you Joe Weller. (he is the one who started these celebrity fights)
Mr. Dáblio
Mr. Dáblio Acum 12 ore
Alguém aí do Brasil vendo essa lenda!!!!!
JJ Tor
JJ Tor Acum 12 ore
Just on here giving more views because fuck cancel culture
stoner stoner
stoner stoner Acum 12 ore
Him been watching dragon ball z alot 😆🤣😂
teresa santiago
teresa santiago Acum 12 ore
Why I heard Eminem dying this year 🤦🏽‍♀️ I hope it ate true all these conspiracy shit be having me 🤦🏽‍♀️
Mahmoud Murad
Mahmoud Murad Acum 13 ore
Where is Khabib in the video?🙄
Holstein Children
Holstein Children Acum 13 ore
He just trash
lucas ralphs
lucas ralphs Acum 9 ore
@Holstein Children literally give me a reason
Holstein Children
Holstein Children Acum 9 ore
@lucas ralphs well he does suck
lucas ralphs
lucas ralphs Acum 10 ore
And you gave no reason to why so your clearly another brain dead hater
Aibek Ismailov
Aibek Ismailov Acum 13 ore
А где Хабиб??? HABIB TIME 💪💪💪
Nathan King
Nathan King Acum 13 ore
Dana White punked Eminem 😂😂
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner Acum 13 ore
Eminem is forever legendary. Eminem's Higher must be another Oscar Academy Award winning song. I am Eminem's biggest fan ever in Jerusalem Israel. He will know it soon. Eminem inspires me to become the first openly autistic Oscar Academy Award winner in Hollywood history. I will turn 27 years old this May in Jerusalem and I daily save lives from car collisions at Mobileye Intel my safe driving startup in Jerusalem Israel
Nathan King
Nathan King Acum 13 ore
Why can Eminem say f@gg0+ every other song but no one else can without losing everything? He’s using it in a very derogatory hurtful way and I’m tired of it.
Nathan King
Nathan King Acum 49 minute
@lucas ralphs are you one of the ones ok with him downing all women and calling people faggots?
lucas ralphs
lucas ralphs Acum 10 ore
Lol are you one of those people trying to cancel him
Cartoon Network Fun media
Cartoon Network Fun media Acum 14 ore
Our lion is back
Rodney Favrow
Rodney Favrow Acum 14 ore
Eminem you fire
Therese Mae Aviles
Therese Mae Aviles Acum 14 ore
Goosebumps is real 🥰🥰🥰
Lost Tracks
Lost Tracks Acum 14 ore
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie Acum 15 ore
They cut you off interrupt your music most are scared of it an sad an lonely an pissed at us being together so understand it's not me doing it so I go back to harry for he understands an they like him he nice an dont scare them their are lock up aloneness too I'm not cutting you off so hope you understand again I'm told your playing me too so it's amazing I. Keep coming back for you have been sorry many ti.es an diss me too remember that but you say you are a man of your word an to me you are sometimes funny again peeps are scared of the truth we present so sad
2kSwiss Acum 15 ore
eminem is not that good cz he has only 40mil sum subs xxxtentacion 31mill he has better rap songs better then this. bro eminem 34 year of rapping experience and his songs are so bad
All In One
All In One Acum 15 ore
Who remember this old Eminem ropost.info/flow/0NldsJx_pqHC02s/video.html
The Fishefant
The Fishefant Acum 15 ore
Eminem is gonna be remembered more than rapping itself he’s my hero if it weren’t for him my life would be hell
TOTO GV Acum 15 ore
Hola los invito a ver mi canal 🚘🚗
Jeff Meiklejohn
Jeff Meiklejohn Acum 15 ore
Those who think Tom MacDonald beat Eminem you need to give your head a shake as that guy is no where near being on the same level as Eminem
Aziz Ali
Aziz Ali Acum 15 ore
Quang Vinh Trần
Quang Vinh Trần Acum 16 ore
Next take some boxing eniem:))
Debapriya Deb Roy
Debapriya Deb Roy Acum 16 ore
We want answers eminem wont you answer this video? ropost.info/flow/0JpdqqOlZ2ivr3g/video.html
Skata4phyloffasiey 4132
Skata4phyloffasiey 4132 Acum 16 ore
@lil windex shut up
Skata4phyloffasiey 4132
Skata4phyloffasiey 4132 Acum 15 ore
@petrol patches vagina snatches planks n patchs matchs catchs fire ima little lier y ha my styles scared bared from many like gaga my mumma thats a bummer
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
Cape SIX
Cape SIX Acum 16 ore
If anything can revive Slim Shady it’s these god damn social justice warriors
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
SAMARTH S. JAMOD Acum 16 ore
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
¿¿ arkk
¿¿ arkk Acum 16 ore
형! 악플다는 놈들한테 디스 랩 ㄱㄴ?
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
Renya Mason
Renya Mason Acum 17 ore
Higher !!! #eminemforever
jordan tyler
jordan tyler Acum 17 ore
I know alot of people has this in mind but I gotta say, if some how em sees this, Im not ever gonna stop being your fan, your also my god don't. I've listened to your music since I was in year 2. The only dude I can rely on when I'm down, I appreciate you for that coz don't think I would be here with out you. Thanks ☺️👍 (EMIN3M) FOR LIFE
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
Stan Acum 17 ore
You're the best rapper of all time
petrol patches
petrol patches Acum 16 ore
EMINEM exposed on my channel..
Stan Acum 17 ore
The guy who inspired me
Stan Acum 17 ore
Slim shady
Stan Acum 17 ore
Stan Acum 17 ore
Stan Acum 17 ore
Stan Acum 17 ore
Stan Acum 17 ore
The king is right here
Stan Acum 17 ore
Em please come to India for a tour
Stan Acum 17 ore
Rapper lah ah kangai sang pen pa
Stan Acum 17 ore
Just don't give a f*ck
Stan Acum 17 ore
My name is
Stan Acum 17 ore
The best rapper in the whole universe
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