UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje Post Presser

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With UFC 254 in the books, check out the post-fight press conferences live following the main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje at #UFC254.
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ИСТОЧНИК ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ * Source of Inspiration
ИСТОЧНИК ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ * Source of Inspiration Acum 7 Zile
Very Good
Drsaleem Dotani
Drsaleem Dotani Acum 28 Zile
Ur n heart brother
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Acum 29 Zile
Now it's Khamzat time
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Acum lună
The legend I'll never forget about this
Sivadas Sahadev
Sivadas Sahadev Acum lună
Khabeeb one and only our king
BEST of KHABIB Acum lună
Danny Torres
Danny Torres Acum lună
Lightweight tournament starts with Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier next Justin gaethje vs Michael Chandler then Nate Diaz vs Tony Ferguson
Danny Torres
Danny Torres Acum 29 Zile
Khabib the Eagle 🦅Nurmagomedov will definitely be missed by many. But the lightweight division Must Go On
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Acum 29 Zile
Can't imagine UFC without KHABIB. The BEST fighter of our Generation and PROBABLY the BEST EVER. #AndStill. #Respect and #Love from Bangladesh.
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Acum lună
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Acum lună
about cementing his own coaching legacy than his son's legend. I don't know...
khawar hussain
khawar hussain Acum lună
*this is a must watch for khabib fans* ropost.info/flow/s6mZnXp3foOk1Yg/video.html
Chin Cheng Hanji
Chin Cheng Hanji Acum lună
Dana looked so sad..
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Acum lună
Getrealpeeps Acum lună
Claudiu T
Claudiu T Acum lună
Khabib is MESSI of UFC
Hieu Truong
Hieu Truong Acum lună
Russia no1,Putin 1 vs 30 chấp hết lũ chó hùa nato
ashraf dayo
ashraf dayo Acum lună
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Acum lună
Easiest opponent to date!
Hamed Alrashed
Hamed Alrashed Acum lună
Khabib came knowing it’s last fight and wanted to show off extra than normal Consistent pressure against Gaeth on the standup from a wrestler
Hamed Alrashed
Hamed Alrashed Acum lună
Khabib cannot ask for a better retirement fight with such a noble opponent Gaethjie Respect to both
Sean Beads
Sean Beads Acum lună
Think about what he has done at just 32 years old. Congrats king
Andry Febriansyah
Andry Febriansyah Acum lună
WTF, he won with broken foot?! Its 3 weeks ago but still, let alone justin always kick his legs during 1st round, can u imagine, at least the pain hes tank ing, this guy unbelieveable, absolute mad lad !
Aram _
Aram _ Acum lună
Imagine a year or so from now he comes back to finish it with tony and ends his career with 30-0
Philip Chan
Philip Chan Acum lună
Dun think he wanna fight tony. He already said Tony is finished after being brutally beaten by Gaethje. For Khabib, it is a lot more easier to beat tony than Gaethje.
Ehsan Shuvo
Ehsan Shuvo Acum lună
Can't imagine UFC without KHABIB. The BEST fighter of our Generation and PROBABLY the BEST EVER. #AndStill. #Respect and #Love from Bangladesh.
kalle kallesson
kalle kallesson Acum lună
With respect to Abdulmanap, does anyone else not think it's weird that he didn't want his son to go on and become the best he could possibly be? It seems like he thought more about cementing his own coaching legacy than his son's legend. I don't know...
abah joled euyy
abah joled euyy Acum lună
mistermanndrake Acum lună
Is it me or does Rob seem stoned in that interview?
KeepingItReal SpreadingTheTRUTH
KeepingItReal SpreadingTheTRUTH Acum lună
Tony vs khabib really will never happen now 😓
scheduled play
scheduled play Acum lună
Whittaker, you are awesome mate.
DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD
DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD Acum lună
The Mountains of Dagestan are obviously harder to live in and instill a certain mindset that the Colorado mines can and did not instill. Khabib was great tonight. Walked down Justin, and put his will and gameplay onto Justin Khabib is a modern great. An Elite Fighter. He has an Iron Will, and Strong mind, with Deep Set Morals. Khabib could've destroyed Gaejthe for 5 rounds of Ground and Pound, with 1 hand tied behind his back with Justin, eating 40/50 shots per round. Khabib has Honour and Respect for himself, other Opponents and for whole the sport of MMA.
jimmy tuna
jimmy tuna Acum lună
Easiest opponent to date!
Son of Martha
Son of Martha Acum lună
I really wanted to see Khabib do 30-0 before he retired
R S Acum lună
Is the bald guy related to Kallie Plagge from Gamespot?
Ali Erikenoglu
Ali Erikenoglu Acum lună
Khabib...the Muhammad Ali of MMA. Peace and Blessings to us all.
M.ALDIYAN Wijaya Acum lună
I from Indonesian Allahuakbar Allahuakbar, Alhamdulillah kabib won
indra nuryansah
indra nuryansah Acum lună
Khabib punya banyak fan di Indonesia
Ron Laflam
Ron Laflam Acum lună
Ron Laflam
Ron Laflam Acum lună
Justin did fight
Ron Laflam
Ron Laflam Acum lună
How much did they pay him to lose?
0% Liberal
0% Liberal Acum lună
Oh here we go...
Bowo Hokystat
Bowo Hokystat Acum lună
Alhamdulillah Khabib nurmagomedov,,, you all the best 💪
SB415 Acum lună
31:35 dude was lucky enough to be invited as press to one of the most legendary events in all of sporting history but instead whines about how hes hungry, tired and didn't get his moment to ask khabib his braindead press question
PeaceBeUnto You
PeaceBeUnto You Acum lună
Who's the idiot who said 'just a few white sheets'? Moron.
David Acum lună
Justin lost that fight before he even entered the cage. He was so sloppy not the same fighter who beat Tony. He retired bc he knew that there is ZERO way in hell he would ever treat GSP that way
L'Algerien Charooo
L'Algerien Charooo Acum lună
29-0 Like always every one got a plan untill they step on the Ring with khabib he is in The Goat Level and he maid his Father very proud what a Legacy what a personne before the fighter
Krisna Wijaya
Krisna Wijaya Acum lună
florzy ぉ
florzy ぉ Acum lună
In a few decades time khabib will be regarded as the goats to the caliber of all the greats in sports history. Floyd in boxing has much as I hate to say it probably. Khabib in ufc.
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Acum lună
Too bad no khabib vs smesh em all
Mirza Asif
Mirza Asif Acum lună
Khabib 👑
Hastin Nur
Hastin Nur Acum lună
Khabib hebat...💪 Walo garang di pertarungan, tapi tetap lembut hati dan hormat pada orang tua nya. Although fierce in battle, but still gentle and respectful towards parents 👍
Budi Darmawan
Budi Darmawan Acum lună
Taylor and Daddy
Taylor and Daddy Acum lună
Thanks 4 video. Ashame for justin to go out like this. Justin didnt even brawl. Justin fought a bad fight. Justin did not look good. I feel like being choked out is worse then getting knocked out. I rather go out blazing throwing hands and rather get caught with a shot then being choked out. Feel bad for justin. Khabib is humble man. Respect
Splitz Acum lună
Omgg khabib!!!
Barra Adhi
Barra Adhi Acum lună
The Scorpion
The Scorpion Acum lună
Never been cut or bled in his career either if I am correct
Lorraine Normanton
Lorraine Normanton Acum lună
Khabib did real good Justin didn’t stand a chance, Justin look worried from the beginning, I think Conor did better someone said that if Conor didn’t beat Khabib Justin wouldn’t stand a chance of beating Him.
Ovidiu Boss
Ovidiu Boss Acum lună
Chicken run away from Tony
Philip Batty
Philip Batty Acum lună
Whittaker - "you line em up, I'll knock em down". Great fight Rob
Whittaker looks back to his prime since his long layoff into the Izzy fight
Mike Daze
Mike Daze Acum lună
I'm a bit disappointed... No Khabib or Gaethje...
Abdul Moaw
Abdul Moaw Acum lună
I really like Justin( g) but habiib was another level of habiib retire( UFC) no test I wish habiib fight one more time 30 and 0 will be good
MrMoss786 Acum lună
Khabib's mother's duas (prayer). Take good care of your parents. A mother's prayer for their children is very powerful.
S K Acum lună
Dana said in the post fight press conference that Habib had a broken foot and was hospitalised 3 weeks before
Suko Sin
Suko Sin Acum lună
Is there something wrong with. Dana
Mustafa Akram
Mustafa Akram Acum lună
Imagine retiring without bleeding once in any of your fights, insane! Alhamdulillah
levis569 Acum lună
You can get kod without bleeding so it's kind of irrelevant but yea his style had alot to do with it.
Papa not daddy
Papa not daddy Acum lună
Habib vs the strongest elephant in Africa my money on Habib
Husain and Ifa
Husain and Ifa Acum lună
with the permission of Allah SWT, victory was won by the khabib. Alhamdulillah
mohammad kashif
mohammad kashif Acum lună
Khabib is the best fighter in the world
mohammad kashif
mohammad kashif Acum lună
mohammad kashif
mohammad kashif Acum lună
The legend I'll never forget about this
Abdul Ahad 313
Abdul Ahad 313 Acum lună
The Eagle has landed.
Arber X
Arber X Acum lună
Hahahaha Conor no rematch! Sorry Bro !
Eiffel Love
Eiffel Love Acum lună
God damn Whitaker is such a humble dude. Probably one of my favorite for that aspect alone.
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas Acum lună
Wow just truly amazing to be able to see events like this well put together. Many fans don’t realize how lucky we are to see these events on a weekly basis.. The evolution of the sport is truly one of a kind and I’m just proud to have been able to see the sports grow and follow fighters from beginning to end of their careers.. Next week Anderson Silva retires after his fight and I remember seeing him when he first started out. It’s been a great run and just history in the making.. Best era to be alive to see the evolution of literally everything has been amazing.. Life is great and hope the best for the retired fighters and the fans of the sport✌️.
Sarwono email
Sarwono email Acum lună
What a legend, undefeated, number 1 pound for pound, and most dominant Champion. Respect Khabib, RIP Sir Abdulmanap
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TapSnapOrNap 203
TapSnapOrNap 203 Acum lună
Chandler vs khabib will be no different, 1 decent round then hes tired..
ZT Masters
ZT Masters Acum lună
The bald guy is about to cry my goodness!!!
Gebhurt Kapere
Gebhurt Kapere Acum lună
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣man its hard he cant fake it
Mohammad Kawish
Mohammad Kawish Acum lună
Did u guys watch the match??
Amit Mahmudov
Amit Mahmudov Acum lună
Khabib didn't want to hurt Gaethje with ground and pound and choked him out because he respected him and knows that he is a good honorable guy.
KhaleelSanDiego Acum lună
Yes..it has been his conduct..to the point that he talks to fighters "you must submit..i don't want to hurt you." But last night, he was fighting with broken toes..he wanted to end it quickly. And he knew justin was also fighting like a man possessed....no need for talk.
Philip Chan
Philip Chan Acum lună
@Goku SSJ that may be the main reason.
Goku SSJ
Goku SSJ Acum lună
Nah Khabib broke his foot, I guess he wanted to end it soon
Gebhurt Kapere
Gebhurt Kapere Acum lună
Thought as well✌🏿
Morad DMC
Morad DMC Acum lună
Yes he is
D Krappenschitz
D Krappenschitz Acum lună
Such a cool guy whittaker.
don't forget the beetroots
don't forget the beetroots Acum lună
Damn. Tony v khabib was truly cursed. Spewing we will probably never see that..
MrZamo99 Acum lună
Dana lost his money making fighter that’s why he was pissed off 😡
BUFF GAMER Acum lună
ropost.info/flow/z7mZZapma3rGwGs/video.html *FULL MATCH ON MY CHANNEL 29-0 **#ANDSTILL*
Eadmate Acum lună
SuperTeamvip Acum lună
Wow! Nuff said.
Sergei Boris
Sergei Boris Acum lună
To encourage Khabib to return and fight, Dana should find a proper opponent for Khabib. Maybe a phenom Bear, Tiger, Lion, Elephant or maybe Godzilla or King Kong!
Liquid Philosopher
Liquid Philosopher Acum lună
Rakib Fiha
Rakib Fiha Acum lună
Well now Khabib's gone, I see him cornering Makhachev. I'm sure Islam will be the lw champion within a year.
James Tosh
James Tosh Acum lună
Tony's the type of guy to get a shot at khabib, even after he retires.
Andrei Spiridon
Andrei Spiridon Acum lună
For all the uneducated that predicted Justin to beat him, this was his quickest submission in his entire career btw and he almost had it in the first rd too Ohh and he stood up the majority’s for first rd too So much for the 5 leg kicks and make khabib bleed and so on
21danny17 Acum lună
coffee over crystal meth makes sense thanks Bobby
Jeff Krusel
Jeff Krusel Acum lună
The music sucks
Trey Maxi Official
Trey Maxi Official Acum lună
what an emotional easy win... khabib u will go down in history as the best fighter to ever step in octagon 🔥🔥🔥 dad is so proud, way to hang gloves while u still healthy.
1salahudin Acum lună
Now it's Khamzat time
Papa not daddy
Papa not daddy Acum lună
There will never be two of the same people in this world you either better, or you suck there's no other way around it 💯
Hena Begum
Hena Begum Acum lună
I was sad khabib is leaving but gained another Khamzat
Wisdoms_ Only
Wisdoms_ Only Acum lună
He beats Conner 4th round, Dustin 3rd and Justin 2nd. He only got better.
khabib eagle
khabib eagle Acum lună
@wazup no now retire
Tator Totz
Tator Totz Acum lună
@wazup we wont see it though since hes done
wazup Acum lună
Now only GSP in the first round and he's done
khabib eagle
khabib eagle Acum lună
he dont get better he wants no show annymore he stil can get dustin in round 2 and mcgregor was getting mauled because khabib want it
Eclipse Acum lună
A Random guy came from the mountains and slaughtered the LW devision and now is on the GOATS list and just left like that. Wow. P4P Khabib THE EAGLE Nurmagomedov. Farewell.
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh Acum lună
@Korn_Piros dumbass casual
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh Acum lună
@antony cuff nope because like I said if justin destroyed tony and khabib easily beat justin then khabib should have no problem beating a guy that was easily beaten by a guy he easily beat..its not rocket science bub..
antony cuff
antony cuff Acum lună
@Sydney Patrick Marsh Do you think Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lay there limp and caught in a triangle choke ? Justin probably never even trained off his back while Ferguson is at home in his back , khabib would be the one defending submissions from Tony's guard , if they fought it would've been a light weight version of fedor werdum !
Jamal Safwan
Jamal Safwan Acum lună
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh Acum lună
@antony cuff tony fought Justin and got his ass kicked khabib beat justin so yeh tony would not have stood a chance anyways your one of those idiots where when you listen to reports you dont actually listen...
Mark M
Mark M Acum lună
Gaethje knew once he was on the ground it was all over .. Khabib is supreme level
ktfoent Acum lună
The exact moment was when he didn’t escape underneath him after the arm triangle attempt and drained himself trying to sweep Khabib off
Warin Maletswa
Warin Maletswa Acum lună
Khabib What a career What a phenomenon Nothing like him The mma world will be not be the same without him
Mr Foodys kitchen
Mr Foodys kitchen Acum lună
Juan Arraez
Juan Arraez Acum lună
He's father will be proud rest in peace and so are we he's All ways spoke in the ring thanks khabib I've enjoyed every minute best of the future for you
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Acum lună
Justin has no chance. Impressive win but it not fair to have his closest training partner Daniel Calling the fight when the announcer can be easily heard by the fighters and getting constant input .
alhamdudullah khabib win
TEZKOR Xabarlar
TEZKOR Xabarlar Acum lună
Xabib Ğalaba chempion каналимга азо булинглар
Six Acum lună
Khabib said..... he promised his mother this will be his last fight.... take the man for his word. This Was and IS his last fight , and how fortunate and blessed are we to see him go out the way he did. May God bless him, his family and bring them all peace. Thank YOU Khabib! Love from Texas, me Puerto Rican, my wife Polish. 👍🙏🏻
levis569 Acum lună
@Bodiless Voice come on man gimmie a break he is not the greatest mma fighter ever. Greatest lw so far sure he only had 13 ufc fights think about that.Never fought outside his weight class and didn't have one rematch.He played it safe by retiring so early without a loss.If he went to 5+ more fights in the UFC undefeated and just as dominant you could have a case.
Bodiless Voice
Bodiless Voice Acum lună
@Why Me The greatest MMA fighter in history, it was an honor to watch him fight.
Why Me
Why Me Acum lună
Thank you for the memories Khabib. Every fight was a roller coaster of nerves, always. Respect, farewell brother 🙏
jjmalaprop Acum lună
Unless his mother changes her mind
mohammad kashif
mohammad kashif Acum lună
Nick H
Nick H Acum lună
Khabib's post fight interview was the most interesting part of the evening.
Tavis Ricksecker
Tavis Ricksecker Acum lună
@Callum Hill I did think it was a good fight I just thought what Khabib said afterward was heartbreaking, and a bit shocking - if understandable, given the circumstances. Also what a class act
Callum Hill
Callum Hill Acum lună
@Tavis Ricksecker fair enough, but it felt like Nick H was sort of dissing this fight as to say "eh the post fight was more interesting" disregarding that although this fight was short, it was still good. Also gutted that Khavib may be retiring.
Tavis Ricksecker
Tavis Ricksecker Acum lună
@Callum Hill Well I thought Whittaker v Cannonier was exciting but Khabib hardly broke a sweat for #29, so yeah announcing his retirement and the emotion he displayed was IMO more interesting than the fight itself
Callum Hill
Callum Hill Acum lună
Ur joking?
S K Acum lună
What time?
Мансурбек Уразбаев
Мансурбек Уразбаев Acum lună
Хабиб чемпион💪💪💪
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