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Demon Crystal
Demon Crystal Acum 34 minute
Steam punk Jedi !!!
vatan kumar attri
vatan kumar attri Acum 41 minut
Should take out the car battery
Yo :v
Yo :v Acum 46 minute
Now with real short distance laser xD
Abhinand Jalaraj
Abhinand Jalaraj Acum 48 minute
What if light saver tech is used in iron mans arm
vatan kumar attri
vatan kumar attri Acum 48 minute
Is the sound real
한태환 Acum 52 minute
so... its a huge lighter which has shape...
BountyHunter Acum 53 minute
2020 isn't so bad after all, because we got a lightsaber.
schofieldmusic Acum 53 minute
Amazing build, nice work! I have to say though it wouldn't be much good in a battle though. The laminar flow means that you wouldn't be able to wave it around very fast and the plasma beam hold in place. And there won't be much resistance if you touched 2 of these plasmas together.
Ryan Locke
Ryan Locke Acum oră
Meh. C'mon.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Acum oră
I wonder will the government or some secret group confiscated it
Hero Of Tomorrow
Hero Of Tomorrow Acum oră
I just wonder why you guys dont take acetylen instead of propane. I think it would burn even hotter
Ham Acum oră
feels like im watching a video that will one day be in the history books 3000 years into the future talking about how the first prototypes of lightsabers were pretty primitive
Darren Lyons
Darren Lyons Acum oră
Seen enough already load of cod’s Wollap it’s a thermal lance
Ad4MPlayZ YT
Ad4MPlayZ YT Acum oră
The first jedi in Star Wars: *someone* The first jedi in reality: *ThE hACkSmItH*
ArdenTalitha Acum 2 ore
thats work like a fire right?
izaamly Acum 2 ore
This reminds me of when I was a kid at school and I came to school as aniken skywalker and some rich kid also came as him and bot it for a hundred dollars it was 30
Kieren Shan
Kieren Shan Acum 2 ore
....wait. waitwaitwaitwait HOLD UP. did they say waterloo. DID THEY SAY WATERLOO???? HOLD UP. HOLD ON. WAIT HOLD ON WHERE WHA *_WHERE ARE THEY_*
Kieren Shan
Kieren Shan Acum 2 ore
hi how long have you guys been in waterloo region because I would like to calculate the odds that I've unknowingly seen these guys at the freaking grocery store or something
Johnny B
Johnny B Acum 2 ore
Thats not a lightsaber , thats a flame thrower
[TSK] SilentFang
[TSK] SilentFang Acum 2 ore
How to rob a bank 101 featuring Hacksmith.
Paralytic Angel
Paralytic Angel Acum 2 ore
but very brave from you, to do all these tests in T shirts. Just with security glasses ;)))) And btw. you find a way to direct a plasma without big magnets. You should work for the ITER Project.^^ They are trying to make the worlds first functional Tokamak style fusion reactor. And their main problem is to direct all plasma particles WITHOUT any little touch to the walls. At the very first touch, the fusion quits immediately. You should help them out guys =)))))
NightFlash Acum 3 ore
So how hot would the plasma have to be the function like the real thing?
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza Acum 3 ore
Its too short to be a lightsaber, is more like a "Wakisashi" or "Tanto"....a short sword or long knife used for defense only
Bowen Chen
Bowen Chen Acum 3 ore
10:19 Plot Twist: there’s still gas in the car
Modit Bazracharya
Modit Bazracharya Acum 3 ore
Breaking glass with lightsabers seem kinda fun
Bel Z. Buth
Bel Z. Buth Acum 3 ore
2:20 POV - Lex Lutor inside panic room trying to save himself from One-Eyed Superman.mp4
Taha the all newlife
Taha the all newlife Acum 3 ore
I would burn my friends house and buy him a new one.\Troll house
Taha the all newlife
Taha the all newlife Acum 4 ore
no one wants broken light sabers.
mallu guy
mallu guy Acum 4 ore
It's a gas cutter
erdene khutag
erdene khutag Acum 4 ore
If this is not going to be in 2020 rewind. Imma turn into Darkside.
Daksh Yadav
Daksh Yadav Acum 4 ore
Nobody Not even 2020 My brain : I wanna touch this fuck
William Supinski
William Supinski Acum 4 ore
Or superheated wire suspended to a telescopic rod.
William Supinski
William Supinski Acum 5 ore
How about using telescopic metal tubes. And layer the tubes. Super heat tubes. Idk.
D2 MightyDork
D2 MightyDork Acum 5 ore
What did you expect...it was Mace Windu’s lightsaber!
Akaliptos Acum 5 ore
nice..now the robbers will have a new tool
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Shittier version of plasma cutter?
Mike Reed
Mike Reed Acum 5 ore
The U.S military has requested your location
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing Acum 5 ore
I’m not huge on Star Wars but that looks soo cool
John Nelson
John Nelson Acum 6 ore
Simply fkn outstanding!👍👍👍👍👍
eric laksmana
eric laksmana Acum 6 ore
8:11 looks like smth from a horror movie or smth when a person get burned alive
Noah Gomez vlogs
Noah Gomez vlogs Acum 6 ore
What if you had the fire and a metal wire but make the wire short but it steady the plasma or some how make the metal and plasma retract but you do you
Thiago Rodrigues
Thiago Rodrigues Acum 6 ore
Light saber == lighter unleashing a big flame haha
Johannesburg Acum 6 ore
Jesus Christ, you actually did it A real, goddamn lightsaber I am in disbelief
José A.
José A. Acum 6 ore
I want mine in blue color please! :)
Emily An
Emily An Acum 6 ore
Long story short the answer is : Yes, but actually no.
Damion Bell
Damion Bell Acum 6 ore
In the welding world we call that a rose bud!!!!
Ryan Gainey
Ryan Gainey Acum 6 ore
This may be kind of effed up but uh. Dig up a dead body or someone unidentifiable from the morgue or something. Or I guess the military might want this :P
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Why would any military want that tho? Its just a shittier version of a plasma cutter
Emily An
Emily An Acum 6 ore
You should put something like a physical retractable object thats hidden by the actual light saber so it kinda has the physics of a light saber still
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice Acum 6 ore
U just made my dream
Dylan Lebaron
Dylan Lebaron Acum 6 ore
I would burn a old cabin
Ivan Buchhamer
Ivan Buchhamer Acum 7 ore
What if the SWAT teams just started showing up with these?
Nasif Acum 7 ore
Now that's a hell of a light sabber.
walker 33
walker 33 Acum 7 ore
That really cool but the medal walls would have made a load noise when it fell
Will The Trill
Will The Trill Acum 7 ore
You're a legend for creating the worlds first lightsaber
JohnSmith FakeName
JohnSmith FakeName Acum 7 ore
Guy makes a functional lightsaber (or as close as we can get) and he destroys a car with it. This man has his priorities.
Geobeeblaster Acum 8 ore
Tbh the sound is the coolest thing
PyroTrainThing Acum 8 ore
I don’t think Flex Tape will fix any of that lol
Laurence Perkins
Laurence Perkins Acum 8 ore
You could likely improve the cutting speed through combustible materials with a button that ups the oxygen mix.
Hello There
Hello There Acum 8 ore
Master! Destroyers!
Flameborg 77
Flameborg 77 Acum 8 ore
Bro this isn’t a light savor this a proto-sabot aka to the prototype of the light saber Do you think that makes it a pro saber is that it has a battery pack on the lower waist and has a cable going to the actual hilt it self so it looks just like it- I’m a fat nerd ok
Jay Mull
Jay Mull Acum 8 ore
Blacksmith industries you need to try a quick cutting like how they do in movies.
GamingMoron Acum 9 ore
2020 is not the year for this, put that shit away man
Ghaztly Zeus
Ghaztly Zeus Acum 9 ore
This is awesome!!!!
TheKiller HotDog
TheKiller HotDog Acum 9 ore
You should put something like a physical retractable object thats hidden by the actual light saber so it kinda has the physics of a light saber still
Turtle thing
Turtle thing Acum 9 ore
Its less of a lightsaber and more of a strange flamethrower
Jules Calom
Jules Calom Acum 9 ore
it didn’t cut the meat, it cut the clip
Jose Alvelo
Jose Alvelo Acum 9 ore
2 things, one that must be a robbers best friend and 2 how is this legal
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Its a shittier version of a plasma cutter lol
Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks
Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks Acum 9 ore
@3:58 he had diahriah and vomiting for a day or two from eating uncooked ribs lol
Carlos Merizalde
Carlos Merizalde Acum 10 ore
Star Wars fans just nutted!😂
OrchidAlloy Acum 10 ore
Who's gonna tell them they just made a flamethrower
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Plasma cutter but worse*
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Acum 10 ore
light sabers irl are scarier than the movies
Isaac Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz Acum 10 ore
Every body Star Wars is coming to life so get ready
Philip Cucci
Philip Cucci Acum 10 ore
You’ll light a whole house on fire trying to cut through most walls in a house.
Truth Dante
Truth Dante Acum 10 ore
I just want to see if someone can whip their hand down really fast in a chopping motion through the sabre without burning themselves. :)
Galactic Gamer
Galactic Gamer Acum 10 ore
How in gods name has James not been asked to make advancements in LARGE SCALE things like warfare
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Because bullets&explosives>plasma cutter
The Random YouTuber
The Random YouTuber Acum 10 ore
This is awesome for spoiled Trump when he doesn’t like a TV channel he uses the light saber to burn the TV in half and the White House
Paul Acum 10 ore
Oh wait the steel door says it all!!!
Polothedoing _sgs
Polothedoing _sgs Acum 10 ore
Perfect weapon for game of throne
Tres0cinco727 GAMING
Tres0cinco727 GAMING Acum 10 ore
Shut up and take my moneys
Scott Welling
Scott Welling Acum 11 ore
10:27 these people dont seem to know anything of Star Wars
fire spiter the flame eater
fire spiter the flame eater Acum 11 ore
3:38 mine craft enchanted sword.
KiraAsakura14 Acum 11 ore
What amazes me is... How are the lights still on on that thing!?
Tadek Kaczmarski
Tadek Kaczmarski Acum 11 ore
it's cool that this has got steam punk look
El Impostor
El Impostor Acum 11 ore
Only one test left.... check out with human :D
Inslander W
Inslander W Acum 12 ore
While I think this is a great innovation of a plasma saber . This is not a light saber . A light saber is made of light ie ( L.A.S.E.R) . Not gasses . There is a difference between a laser and plasma while they both reach super high temperatures.
Inslander W
Inslander W Acum 9 ore
@the Hacksmith oh is it . pardon the padwan then .
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Acum 10 ore
Have you actually read star wars lore? It's called a light saber but it isn't a laser. It is plasma
R4TP1SS RAT Acum 12 ore
You should make this for the military it is like thermite
Troll Sports
Troll Sports Acum 2 ore
Bruh plasma cutter is old news already
RidEmik Acum 12 ore
please off lightsaber sounds!
Gaming with Oli
Gaming with Oli Acum 12 ore
my disappointments is imesherable and my day is ruined
Glaze Kraze
Glaze Kraze Acum 12 ore
I would destroy a pedophile with a lightsaber
SnackJr Acum 12 ore
Reminds me more of a proton pack from Ghostbusters
Iron Industries
Iron Industries Acum 13 ore
if you have read the comics/books you will notice their lightsaber is almost exactly like the first ancient lightsabers the sith/jedi built they had a power supply hooked to the user and a cord running to the lightsaber reminiscent of their design
Bot!¿ Acum 13 ore
An elegant weapon for a more civilized age
Christine Loft
Christine Loft Acum 13 ore
Thats a blowtorqes not a lightsaber.. You just elongated the flame and straihgten.. More tjan burning not slicing
CYFYFLIX ‘Z Acum 13 ore
Um it looks like a flame thrower on a stick
Brakarot Acum 14 ore
I would destroy EVERYTHING
Obi Wan
Obi Wan Acum 14 ore
Yeah I know, I’m a genius for making this
Jooseppi Acum 14 ore
Yeah it's just a plasma burner with long flame :/ Sry. Use same shit at work everyday. It was designed to go thru steel in between the 60ties to 80ties nothing new here. When you get that thing to work like a sword against human body and slash against another sword. Then I'm interested
Tarique Mahfuz
Tarique Mahfuz Acum 14 ore
Women : I wonder why we live longer than men? Men :
Jarrett Benning
Jarrett Benning Acum 14 ore
If concrete has any moisture trapped inside, it becomes explosive when the water expands. Try to be careful of that.
theorlandogames Acum 14 ore
Where can I buy one?
coverkin81 Acum 14 ore
Hmm. Lightsaber vs lightsaber????
FortNite God
FortNite God Acum 14 ore
Can you do another video with the light saber but see what happens if you go a little fast or just fast pls
rehustaja Acum 13 ore
It would not be able to cut anything then. You need to move it slowly so it has time to burn through things.
Skate Up
Skate Up Acum 14 ore
How much did it cost
the Hacksmith
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