The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

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Kennedy Assassination
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1963: JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: DALLAS, TEXAS: QUESTIONABLE QUALITY: VS Motorcade w/ Presidential limousine w/ J.F.K. & others, shots fired (dramatized), secret service agent Clint Hill leaping onto limousine speeding away onto highway, signs.
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Lyndon B. Johnson
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Fidel Castro at May Day Parade
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Selma to Montgomery Alabama March
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Law and J

MyGayRats Acum oră
im sad no one brang back the "shooting the president" stitch
misstwinkletoes74 Acum oră
Red Dwarf: season 7, episode 1
Kaythegame 124
Kaythegame 124 Acum 2 ore
I thought jfk was hit 3 times throat back and then head
hulaGUNZ Acum 3 ore
LBJ was in the right place at the right time and realized he didn't want the job pretty quickly, find out the real reason he changed his mind and you'll find out more about who killed his predecessor. My guess is this was all about the expanding global markets at the time and who was going to make the most selling the oil. It's always about $$$ and who has the most.
dusty bowman
dusty bowman Acum 3 ore
The umbrella can be used for calculating wind direction.
Dustin Bergin
Dustin Bergin Acum 3 ore
If Oswald shot the cop with a revolver there wouldn't be any spent shell casings.
TosoTv Acum 5 ore
Can we just talk abt how jfks head fell backwards and was shot in the face while Oswald was behind the car... also right before... the driver turns around
Eloquin Acum 5 ore
"Well that's the real question, isn't it? Why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia. Keeps 'em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, why? Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?" the military industrial and intelligence complex killed Kennedy, because Kennedy didn't want to send men like my grandfather into Vietnam. The men who killed him profited by the manufacturing, distribution and the usage of instruments of murder. Fifty years later, the same people that killed Kennedy killed my grandfather, and are currently killing thousands of old men like him as thoughtlessly as they killed millions of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. They knew 50 years ago that napalm, Agent Orange and all the other chemical weapons that made them rich were double edged swords.
BeingHuman69 Acum minut
@Eloquin It is really an intriguing theory but do u have any proof? Don't get me wrong this is really interesting but a conspiracy theory nonetheless
Eloquin Acum 3 ore
@BeingHuman69 Pancreatic cancer, next to suicide, is the biggest killer of Vietnam vets, and proximity, even now, to places highly damaged by chemical weapons entails risks of cancer. And they were aware of it.
BeingHuman69 Acum 5 ore
U sure about this?
Jimy Ac
Jimy Ac Acum 6 ore
Wow feeling good to see new comments, thought I was the only one who has never watched this video.
Ethan Clem
Ethan Clem Acum 7 ore
The driver
Xx•Arctic-wolfie•xX Acum 7 ore
Ryan: Abraham- Me: LINCOLN Ryan: Zapruder Me: Oh- Also why the hell would Abraham lIncOlN RECORD BUT NOT REPORT!?!?!
TOXIC-CANDY Acum 7 ore
this is a cover up he clearly put his hand on his face after seeing the driver who pull out the weapon to shot him .
Isaiah lowrie
Isaiah lowrie Acum 7 ore
Look at the driver in the clip of jfk
Cole Simpson
Cole Simpson Acum 8 ore
Ironic that that bullet went in at the exacts same angle as the other one did unless they were in the same spot which they weren’t bc the three cartridges this is hard to believe even with the knowledge that we have now
Hoesloveme _
Hoesloveme _ Acum 9 ore
Bro the driver shot that man go look at the slowed video
Gucci Nanners
Gucci Nanners Acum 9 ore
I think his wife had something to do with it... I mean just watch the video... She acted SUPER WEIRD... She didn't scream, she didn't cry, she just grabbed the half of his head...
William Perry
William Perry Acum 9 ore
i think the driver shot him
Victor Montanez
Victor Montanez Acum 10 ore
If you closely look at some of the videos pay attention to the driver at the time jfk head goes back
ploaxs Acum 11 ore
BRO i just saw a tik tok where the driver was cut out then jfk got shot but in a different angle i saw the driver pull out a gun and shoot him
Marcus J
Marcus J Acum 11 ore
I don’t know how this is a conspiracy. The guy they found that did it admitted to doing it
yousef G saleh
yousef G saleh Acum 11 ore
He had a good shot bad person but good shot
Itscallawalla Gaming
Itscallawalla Gaming Acum 12 ore
you notice how really bad things only happen to famous people and people who are very popular among the public Take michael jackson for example; drug overdose whitney houston; alchohol juice wrld; also drug overdose XXXTENTACION;seizure see what im getting at
Emi Cavazos-ventura
Emi Cavazos-ventura Acum 12 ore
The year of mystery’s
Xavier Ballin
Xavier Ballin Acum 13 ore
His driver shot him i promise u
Billie eyelash Aim assist man
Billie eyelash Aim assist man Acum 13 ore
In the real video you can see how Johns head bounces back because in the real vid you can see the driver looks like he pulls out a gun just look closely to the driver in the real assassination vid
oog Acum 14 ore
is he dieded? or is work at drive thruthe is
Pugplays464 Acum 14 ore
Nobody the: The comments: “umbrella academy hahaha nothing bad happens to the Kennedy’s”
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson Acum 14 ore
I have never thought of LBJ as our President ... I have very suspicious mind
Jalen’s Gaming
Jalen’s Gaming Acum 14 ore
The driver of the car killed him some guy on tik tok solved it and yeah
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Acum 15 ore
If this is just a recitation of the party line, which is riddled with holes itself, then who needs it? It's already been determined that no one can get that many shots off from that kind of gun, in that time frame. And as Oliver Stone points out in his movie named JFK, if it really was Oswald, then it would have made far more sense for him to shoot as the car was approaching the book depository, then to wait until the car was behind a live oak tree. There's a polaroid picture of a man on the grassy knoll holding a rifle, with the bullet just exiting the barrel, and the man firing had a Dallas Police emblem on his shoulder. It is thought that Oswald was just firing the starter shot, to signal the other shooter(s?) to open fire.
Johnston 1245
Johnston 1245 Acum 15 ore
Jkf was shot by his driver search up the video zoomed in and in slomo
Christian Letourneau
Christian Letourneau Acum 16 ore
You can’t say Shane don’t look like lee Harvey oswold
Sin God
Sin God Acum 17 ore
Shouldn’t the fbi now they would be there cuz if the assassin knew of the route then for sure they fbi should’ve known just doesn’t make sense to me
William M
William M Acum 17 ore
It was rlly the driver that killed jfk
Sinjin Amianda-Cook
Sinjin Amianda-Cook Acum 17 ore
I think that it was the mob and they killed JFk because they supported him and donated to him on the promise that he would let them import drugs to other countries . Then they gave him a warning, and when he wouldn't help them they hired Oswald to kill him then they killed him so he wouldn't tell.
Jan Dudok
Jan Dudok Acum 18 ore
I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.-JFK
M Treadway
M Treadway Acum 18 ore
Why was a hole in the windshield coming in to the front of the car
mitchell Rainey
mitchell Rainey Acum 18 ore
jfk got assasinated cuz he was pulling out of wars and giving women/people of colour rights they deserve like the equal pay act for women or the civil rights act
Kieara Clark
Kieara Clark Acum 19 ore
It’s definitely the shooter in the front seat not from a window if you can see in the video the front person driving turns around something in his hand and that’s when his head blows up then he pulls it back to the front seat
lalosworld21 Acum 19 ore
The driver shot him... unsolved okkkkk inside job
Mr_ ratking
Mr_ ratking Acum 19 ore
why would they have may agents on another car and none on the presidents cars
Moumita sarkar
Moumita sarkar Acum 20 ore
Everyone:- solving the mystery .. .. Me: trickydick XDXDXDXD
K 2
K 2 Acum 20 ore
The flippant attitude of this piece is nothing short of offensive.
piper t
piper t Acum 21 oră
if you watch the zapruder film, it looks as if the driver turns around and shoots JFK in the face. it makes it seem as if he was in on it, maybe a few secret service men were in on the assassination. there’s so many people that know what happened but so many that won’t come out and say anything.
Drew Gamezzz
Drew Gamezzz Acum o Zi
So I literally saw a magazine cover that said it confirmed that the assassination was paid for by someone, unfortunately I can’t remember the name as of rn and am gonna go back in and get it tomorrow or take picture so I can remember and update this comment. But it’s weird cause when i search it up on the internet it literally doesn’t bring anything up, but I just saw it like 3 days ago in store, but can’t remember then name of the person it said.
Marcel shouldn`t be on the internet.
Marcel shouldn`t be on the internet. Acum o Zi
Its official, the guy on the left works for the CIA.
DraX LesnX
DraX LesnX Acum o Zi
So he basically died because in three days from his date of assassination, Keneddy was going to disclose the truth about Ufo's, their technology and Zero power energy that would change the world.
Brandon Koblens
Brandon Koblens Acum o Zi
New conspiracy watch the drive look like he points a gun at jfk and fire the kill shot. Thats why his wife was trying to get out of the car......
Fuzzy Bear
Fuzzy Bear Acum o Zi
He was shot by one of the guys in the very front seat. Watch the main video then put it in slow motion. One reason why the wife was trying to get out of the back of the car because it happened from the front. Watch slow motion guy in front passenger turns and pulls up something then he's shot.
D.T. Baker
D.T. Baker Acum o Zi
Daily reminder that Jeffery Epstein was murdered to cover up pedophilia and malfeasance among members of the global elite.
Juan V
Juan V Acum o Zi
Hey you all forgot to mention why JFKs head fell back after the headshot
Lucidghost -CODM
Lucidghost -CODM Acum o Zi
Anyone else see that the driver turned around right when the President got shot
Mike James
Mike James Acum o Zi
Zoom and slow down watching the driver in the original footage....
Bob Tiemersma
Bob Tiemersma Acum o Zi
I get mistaken for President Kennedy's relative. John F. Kennedy presented us with an insight to the reality to being President of the United States. Along with the honor of being mistaken for Kennedy's relatives comes the reality to being a Kennedy. Rumors had that I ALSO had a girlfriend killed by an assassin when I was approaching the age Bobby was when John got shot. Long story short, having affairs with Kennedy's and getting mistaken for Kennedy"s relative's lover set one up for an assassin's target.
Wendy 73541
Wendy 73541 Acum o Zi
So the diver killed him it’s an inside job
Matty Sheehan
Matty Sheehan Acum o Zi
10 days before JFK was assassinated he signed & initiated a memo which ordered our military industrial complex to share the information that we had regarding UFO’s, E.T’s, and space travel. The Soviet Union would then do the same in return (that was the idea) He was trying to make peace with the USSR to advance the human race into a golden age of technology and progress. This was unacceptable to our government. 10 days.
Redline Racing
Redline Racing Acum o Zi
The victors write the history books. May that never leave your mind. You want the truth? You think you can handle it? Okay. *Europa - The Last Battle* *NWO : Communism By The Back Door* *The Greatest Battle Never Told* *Hellstorm* Watch them. Open your eyes. Understand the true evil presence in our current world. The year is 2020 the global move to push the human race into a state of constant slavery is in complete motion. Day by day the tainted globalists & the cancerous media destroy your mind & control the masses. I cannot digress from the point that is the victors write the history books, this world isn’t what you are taught it is. The masses of lies have ruined our nations, ruined our people & ruined our societies. Global government is in the making. The truth cannot & will not be hidden. The victors write the history books. You all live lives of experiences that alter your ego, you are not your ego. You are a human. A human. Not a citizen. Human Not Citizen. There is a truth to everything. Corrupt the young, control the media & profit from everything in between. You people need to awaken.
Sonya Ralston
Sonya Ralston Acum o Zi
Come on?!? Really?? Unsolved?? The shady azz United States Government did that sh*t.. duhhhhh
Charles Black
Charles Black Acum o Zi
There is very compelling evidence that the Zapruder film was altered over the weekend following the assassination. Its clear that even the existence of the Z film was a big problem.
Felsenkeks Acum o Zi
Omg I had no idea there was actually a guy with an umbrella at the assassination! I thought the Umbrella Academy had made that up :O Reginald Hargreeves killed Kennedy confirmed!
The Griffin
The Griffin Acum o Zi
When they say LBJ all I can think of is lebron
OrtegaLA Acum o Zi
I never seen 2 *random shooters* . One of them always gotta be *hired by the CIA to assassinate the only President in history to publicly criticize the agency while the other shooter hired, Lee Harvey Oswald, has ties to precisely the communist country the US is at war with, making both communism and the Soviet Union look worse while eliminating their only threat*
Arkade Cinema
Arkade Cinema Acum o Zi
The fatal 'grassy knoll' fatal headshot would not be possible. The bullet entrance and exit points in Kennedy's skull were at the front and at the back. If the shot were taken from the grassy knoll then the entrance and exit points would have been at the side of the skull, since the grassy knoll was directly to the right of Kennedy at the time of his assassination.
Me Big
Me Big Acum o Zi
I’m glad to see no clone high references in the comments
Janet Morgan
Janet Morgan Acum o Zi
I love how you have two different people two different opinions and not just one person projecting their opinion. Your videos are interesting and amusing. Thumbs up to you both.
Wait a min Ryan suspiciously looks like Diego from The umbrella Unacademy And they are talking about Kennedy And Diego tried to stop the assassination This is so much proof That Ryan is Diego
Anonymous Dinosaur
Anonymous Dinosaur Acum o Zi
maybe he was a time traveller
IKnowGunFu Acum 2 Zile
ZuluCinema Acum 2 Zile
Time traveller: what year is it? Cia agent: 1963 Time traveller: before or after jfk was s- Cia agent: before
IKnowGunFu Acum 2 Zile
Yeah copying a comment with 29k likes, nobody Will find out
David Vador
David Vador Acum 2 Zile
Anybody else get chills when the “scary” music they play when they are talking about theories. I love it
Homeozaho Acum 2 Zile
what if they were not together just like "hey ur here to do that too?"
LeBeautiful Acum 3 ore
nice try to steal a comment😬😬
T T Acum 2 Zile
This should suffice..
isabel lind
isabel lind Acum 2 Zile
I no nothing about physics but I do not it's not possible for your head to explode from the front and jerk backwards from a shot coming from behind.
isabel lind
isabel lind Acum 2 Zile
The Zapruder footage wasn't even released publicly until 1975.
Travis S.
Travis S. Acum 2 Zile
that that Umbrella Man's story was sus "i didn't see it and it was just a sign of protest and this is just an umbrella and the only one i own" and they were like "ok, sounds fair. have a nice day!" maybe he wasn't involved, maybe he was just pretending to be the umbrella man or whatever other theory, but its really, really sus
Greg Cahill
Greg Cahill Acum 2 Zile
The left is a club of happy ignorance.....and violent aggression when faced with rational argument. Can’t wait for this effeminate garbage network to expire.
Greg Cahill
Greg Cahill Acum 2 Zile
What garbage. Buzzfeed 😕
Dan Codd
Dan Codd Acum 2 Zile
Oswald couldn't shoot fish in a barrel. He was set up to be there to take the fall. Intelligence had 3 shooters,it's called triangulation, at the behest of LBJ. The Zapruda film has frames missing.
Jesse Canty
Jesse Canty Acum 2 Zile
Umbrella man seems to me more like a marker for distance. Seems pretty odd all together.
Ann Resnik
Ann Resnik Acum 2 Zile
There is no evidence that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. People on Nov. 22, 1963 saw him shoot from the Texas Book Depository; he was the only one in that building that was not accounted for after noon (JFK was shot around noon). The rifle was left in the building and it matched the serial number of the rifle that Lee Oswald had bought earlier that year. In fact there exists a photo from March 1963 of Oswald holding said rifle. Oswald was in the Marine and earned merits in sharpshooting, so it was likely he could have killed Kennedy from that distance. As you said, he had a history of violence, including beating his wife. He was termed as a borderline personality by a school psychiatrist years earlier. He had tried to murder General Walker a few months before Kennedy, but the bullet did not strike him. He killed Tippett and a witness followed him to a movie theater, where he was caught by police. If you read the book on the JFK assassination by Vincent Bugliosi, he spent years trying to see if there was a conspiracy. He found no such evidence. In general, Oswald was so crazy that it is unlikely he could have been part of any organization. He had a history of failed jobs, relationships, etc. The magic bullet theory is intriguing, but ultimately, it leads nowhere.
Codrin Moisa
Codrin Moisa Acum 2 Zile
I imagine it went something like this: Oswald: What are you doing here, this is my assassination plot! Hitman from the mob: What are YOU doing here?! This is OUR assassination plot! The CIA agent: ...
Adaptable Vision
Adaptable Vision Acum 2 Zile
57 years today 💔
Mia Acum 2 Zile
I came here from Umbrella Academy-- and I regret nothing
Mang Kanor
Mang Kanor Acum 2 Zile
Someone died and they just compared a human life to a dessert
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson Acum 2 Zile
Today marks fifty-seven years since the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was tragically assassinated in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald. Rest In Peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963)
daniel russell
daniel russell Acum 2 Zile
Its the umbrella man he's an alien. Watch the umbrella academy
Ashley Brito
Ashley Brito Acum 2 Zile
bruh why am i watching this on the same day jfk died 11/22/2020. idek he died today
David Vador
David Vador Acum 2 Zile
So the FBI didn't know the route, how did Oswald know the route. Just to clarify the point, the FBI 'claim ' that they did not know the route but Oswold knew the route. Looking at todays FBI it seems back then they were dubious as well.
Ronnie Cozzi
Ronnie Cozzi Acum 2 Zile
Sounds like these 2 clowns are working for the CIA.
Adde Magbanua
Adde Magbanua Acum 2 Zile
Jack ruby: bye oswald Oswald: wait nooo! 'Shoted'
Tony Nieto
Tony Nieto Acum 2 Zile
History is just the winners writing what they want.
Tony Nieto
Tony Nieto Acum 2 Zile
They guy on the left is what's wrong with people. They could probably shoot his mom, and be like yeah what ever. It wont bring her back to life.
Little Emerald
Little Emerald Acum 2 Zile
Where my history geeks at!
Little Emerald
Little Emerald Acum 2 Zile
My grandma says I might be related to jfk
Dillan Farr
Dillan Farr Acum 2 Zile
King von secretly shot him cause it was in 63 and he dont mess with people from 63rd
Sungkook Acum 2 Zile
The fact that there's a school named after him and I know cause I went there for elementary school
Varad Mane
Varad Mane Acum 2 Zile
I'm surprised they didn't mention Jim Garrison and his investigation
Sounds Great
Sounds Great Acum 2 Zile
About Law & Order --a must read.
LDG 508
LDG 508 Acum 2 Zile
The guy with the umbrella was there so the shooter can judge wind and distance 🤔
Dougie Roberts
Dougie Roberts Acum 2 Zile
Are these videos for 6 year olds ?
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