The Tonight Show Seinfeld Challenge

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld react to Tonight Show viewers performing stand-up routines off of Seinfeld’s new book Is This Anything?
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The Tonight Show Seinfeld Challenge

greeneyeddg Acum 7 Zile
Jimmy was funny while showing off his Jerry impression to Jerry but I would rather have seen another contestant or two. Seen! Have you seen yourself, Jimmy? I'm pretty sure Jimmy has seen himself. Truth, Jimmy - how many people sent something to you, and how many did you actually preview? Let someone else have the spotlight for a minute or three. This should be a regular bit with comedians so people can win tickets to their shows as long as Jimmy lets the contestants do it.
B Singer
B Singer Acum 8 Zile
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Fred Nurk
Fred Nurk Acum 11 Zile
Brilliant Irish writer of the insane sitcom The IT Crowd (Netflix) Graham Linehan attributes a great deal to Jerry Seinfeld.
Juan Galicia
Juan Galicia Acum 14 Zile
Ahahahaha I’m crying 😂
danwaltz315 Acum 16 Zile
this is a funny video he is a fairly good imptresionist of jerry. lol.
Jarred Pearman
Jarred Pearman Acum 18 Zile
I like how Jimmy has a hard time keeping a straight face during the bit and keeps looking back to see how Jerry is reacting to the impression 6 or 7 times. He actually becomes that early Jerry that needed a scotch because he is suddenly nervous not to flub it up.
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson Acum 20 Zile
We sometimes take Jimmy for granted, but seeing him deconstruct his Seinfeld impression reminded why he's where he is.
jesson abrahms
jesson abrahms Acum 20 Zile
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jesson abrahms
jesson abrahms Acum 20 Zile
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Citizen Beeswax79
Citizen Beeswax79 Acum 21 o Zi
I actually don't like Fallon's comedy, unless hes talking to jerry Seinfeld, then they both become funnier and more likeable.
Peter Kyrkos
Peter Kyrkos Acum 22 Zile
2:38 It's all in the delivery and Jerry nails it. We all get it !!!!
TALON Acum 22 Zile
Jimmy slays man 😂
TALON Acum 22 Zile
The Cow one! So good!
Mikey D
Mikey D Acum 24 Zile
This truly made me laugh. I needed that.
Sophia Isajiw
Sophia Isajiw Acum 26 Zile
So good. Should do more of these.
Mud Wiser
Mud Wiser Acum 28 Zile
Jerry is the best!!! no crutches, no soap box, no politicizing... just funny.
Jennifer Gersch
Jennifer Gersch Acum 29 Zile
Jimmy's "'80's" impression is still the best!
David Allred
David Allred Acum lună
These guys rock
Van Exel
Van Exel Acum lună
Ok. The cow bit was solid
Jeffrey Blumenthal
Jeffrey Blumenthal Acum lună
Agh Jerry miffed the punchline! on the house: "if it ends up you have some money left over, buy yourselves some pants [?] and a door for that truck."
Marco De Minico
Marco De Minico Acum lună
I luv you guys well done, bravo 👏
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Acum lună
'the age of condescension' . Love it
Jean Paul
Jean Paul Acum lună
great bit by jimmy fallon
Mad Mario
Mad Mario Acum lună
Disliked because of he didn't choose the cow girl 😠
Karen C
Karen C Acum lună
Such fun
johny 455
johny 455 Acum lună
I like it when Larry King ask Jerry to do a joke off of top of his head and he said two peanuts crossed the road and one was a salted!
Zuzu Acum lună
the airplane bit will always be my favourite
Omar Delmoral
Omar Delmoral Acum lună
“have you seen yourself?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
itspapaho Acum lună
Jimmy is great when he's a real fan of his guest and absolutely atrocious when he has to fake it.
eduardo garcia
eduardo garcia Acum lună
Totally agree. He's a fan when he loves his guests but a real bad actor when he doesn't.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Acum lună
Mature Jerry has hints of Michael Caine if he was a New Yorker...
Behnam Esmayli
Behnam Esmayli Acum lună
Wow! The "seen" line. It was awesome.
Silentecho1189 Acum lună
Jimmy is better when there is no audience
Rock DaCool
Rock DaCool Acum lună
Wholesome af
Geoff Ament
Geoff Ament Acum lună
I'm loving these video-chat bits. I hope they keep doing them once covid passes.
Matthew Clingan
Matthew Clingan Acum lună
Does Jerrys head look a little too big for his body in this ?
trkddy Acum lună
I wish Mark Normand did one of his bits
Omri Keren
Omri Keren Acum lună
Jerry understood and peformed the "have you seen yourself?" line perfectly, first try. Really shows you how much of a professional this guy is. When Jimmy said it, it was pretty funny but when Jerry said it, it was fucking hilarious
Marsha Alison
Marsha Alison Acum lună
Why is jimmy always so fake and weird
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer Acum lună
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Aditya Sriram
Aditya Sriram Acum lună
Jimmy: Have you seen yourself Jerry: 🤣🤣🤣 Jerry: Have you seen yourself Jimmy: 🤣🤣🤣 Jimmy: Have you seen yourself Jerry: 🤣🤣🤣
JonnyThought Acum lună
beautiful episode. i legit cried of laughter. thank you.
sasse Brasse
sasse Brasse Acum lună
why?! Sienfeld is no fun
Tom Acum lună
Jimmy's impression of Jerry started a bit rocky, sounding more like some kind of Andrew Dice Clay/Dennis Miller mash up
hutch Acum lună
Ashley deserved the win for multiple reasons. First, she committed to the material by memorizing it and making it her own. Add to that her clearly natural comic timing and mannerisms and you have a home run.
hutch Acum lună
Jerry wasn't laughing at his material. He was enjoying watching different interpretations of it. That was the fun of it.
FARSHAD Acum lună
Lou Cat
Lou Cat Acum lună
Come on Magda, What else you got!! Great comedic timing! How about Conan pecking on Jordan Shlansky. Maybe even tip over a cow. More Please!!!
Magda Mihaila
Magda Mihaila Acum lună
I live near donkeys and poneys as well, stay tuned :)))
Acey Infinity
Acey Infinity Acum lună
Such a great reminder of how strong Jerry's delivery always was! He earned his career!
vegan hippie foodie
vegan hippie foodie Acum lună
love Seinfeld.. although the show kind of stopped being that funny after Larry left... Curb your Enthusiasm is amazing.. Seinfeld you also need to create another show...
vegan hippie foodie
vegan hippie foodie Acum lună
@RAM4 is everything about money??
RAM4 Acum lună
He's worth about $1BN (as is Larry David, by the way). He's said many times he's "lazy" and doesn't care, doesn't want to do anything. I'm surprised he managed to do this book. 😁
Emre Tonga
Emre Tonga Acum lună
Jose Saldivar
Jose Saldivar Acum lună
Cool funNY
Maylethh Acum lună
FanboyFilms Acum lună
Are we sure Jerry didn't say "have you seen yourself" to George Costanza at least once?
Eric Vaccaro
Eric Vaccaro Acum lună
After Elaine dance in Jerry's apartment, he says "Have you ever seen yourself?"
Heather S.
Heather S. Acum lună
I loved seeing other people doing Jerry's jokes! That in itself is entertaining!
Bones Megga
Bones Megga Acum lună
Have YOU seen yourself?
kramerica2k10 Acum lună
Ashley killed it. Great cadence and everything.
Allergy Free Family
Allergy Free Family Acum lună
Jerry should do a bit of why talk show host are trying to be youtubers now lol...
Michael O'Malley
Michael O'Malley Acum lună
"Have you seen yourself?!" is a quote on the sitcom Seinfeld
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters Acum lună
Rocco Feller
Rocco Feller Acum lună
Ehm... Wtf is this🤔 Fake laughing show for 2 old unfunny guys?
Alberto N.
Alberto N. Acum lună
Andreea Tau
Andreea Tau Acum lună
Români aici pentru Magda Mihăilă?=)))
Magda Mihaila
Magda Mihaila Acum lună
🐮 🐮 🐮 🐮 🐮
Ruby Firefly
Ruby Firefly Acum lună
How is Jerry Seinfeld 65?? He looks about 40.
Poppy Bell
Poppy Bell Acum lună
Jimmy’s hand must be killing him from all that slammin!
The Big Time Channel
The Big Time Channel Acum lună
It’s all scar tissue by now
Randy Spizer
Randy Spizer Acum lună
Idiots.... love both but this is terrible
Julian Huntly
Julian Huntly Acum lună
Ashley Gutermuth.....STAR ....have her on the show when you can...
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall Acum lună
The look on Jerry's face when Jimmy says he's going to do the post office bit ... Jerry was the first stand-up guest on the new Tonight Show, for Jimmy's debut. It was right in the middle of the post office crisis -- one of them -- when UPS and FedEx were trying to get all that business for themselves, and politicians were saying all this stuff about, who needs the post office anyway? I remember watching his bit and thinking, he's getting paid for this. Someway, somehow, he's getting some serious cash for this. And then Jimmy picks either *that* one, or a similar one, and Jerry's look says, please don't remind me of that.
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall Acum lună
It's like I've been been waiting to hear, "You know much. Too much." :-)
DaNameBeRyan Acum lună
Do you think Jerry ever thinks of himself as a 'Comic'? This guy tries to make everything about how great of a comic he is. Comedians in Cars, this crap, yes Jerry, they're all comics. Now Jerry, can you understand that you don't know all of the 'science' involved in comedy? Can you please not try to science it up? Every time, Comedians in Cars, or on these talk shows, or that shitty Talking Comedy doc, which is like 1/3 of the actual clips. Come on man, you can't explore the underworld of actual comics, just try and paint pictures of what they say. STOP DOING THAT, you are SEINFELD not Bill Burr. You no longer exist with comics, what you should do is make your stupid Getting a Ride for a coffee with some person LONGER.
Herbert Wells
Herbert Wells Acum lună
The cowgirl was pretty good otherwise, but come on, people. Memorizing the bit is the least you can do. I mean, holding up the book? Have you SEEN yourself?
Magda Mihaila
Magda Mihaila Acum lună
in the announcement of the competition Jimmy gave the example of an actor who has the book and pics it up from time to time to read a random bit to his wife. So I wanted to keep that feeling of "oh, I just stumbled on this book" and pair it with the absurdity of doing so while being in the middle of an empty field full of cows :D
Nawfside Bootup
Nawfside Bootup Acum lună
Jerry Seinfeld The Best Comedian‼️🗣️
Sound Thinking
Sound Thinking Acum lună
Awesome! lol
NAHS24601 Acum lună
Yo! Hans repping the greater Seattle Area!
Dj Codrea
Dj Codrea Acum lună
Good job Magda! #Romania
Locke Brady
Locke Brady Acum lună
No one’s a bigger fan of Jerry’s material than Jerry. 😂🤣
scribe570 Acum lună
I agree with another here that his laughter is from his being tickled that people worked on a Seinfeld delivery (not impression but the attitude) and succeeded. His attention to detail is shown in that he knew that even though the winner memorized it, she got every word right. Each word is important in his bits. If you'll notice, Jerry doesn't talk loosely in his routines. He doesn't gear up to a comment with "I was just thinking...." "This really gets me . . ." unless he has written it as part of the bit. His speech is very specific. Every word has been honed.
Ryan G.
Ryan G. Acum lună
Which is why the sitcom was so unpopular.
Shkafishkafnjak Boz
Shkafishkafnjak Boz Acum lună
"You are tipping me" haahahahahahahaa
Zac Simmmons
Zac Simmmons Acum lună
hemmojito Acum lună
I love this guy
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers Acum lună
😂😂😂 Looking forward to read Jerry’s new book!!!
Irish Rose
Irish Rose Acum lună
My Dad was a teacher at the Wrightstown, NJ Elementary School.
K Academy
K Academy Acum lună you have probably heard this
robert newberry
robert newberry Acum lună
A funny thing happened on my way to my family's house. So I met this girl in Washington DC. Red dress, dimples, attractive girl.
Kayleena Fong
Kayleena Fong Acum lună
Are you still submitting submissions for the Seinfeld Challenge? :)
VH FN Acum lună
This guy showed himself as he truly is, when he was approached by kesha, arrogant, jerk, a nefarious man, without education
K Academy
K Academy Acum lună you have probably heard this
Asim Khan
Asim Khan Acum lună
I actually learned my English from Seinfeld when I moved to the USA in December of 2003. When I tell ppl that and say Seinfeld is my favorite show bc of that they laugh and can't believe it 😂
lray1234 Acum 14 Zile
That's a great wau to learn real American (ok, yiddish american) english!!
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Acum 22 Zile
Same here! Sienfeld to get the pace and humor but started with subtitled movies to get the general language expression and slang.
Juan Acum lună
Similar story here.. I would watch Seinfeld episodes and write down every word or idiomatic expression and look up the transations. Then I'd watch the same episode multiple times.
tru yy
tru yy Acum lună
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Ionut Furdui
Ionut Furdui Acum lună
actually Magda from 2:51 is originally from Romania
Magda Mihaila
Magda Mihaila Acum lună
I was asked my place of residence, but yes, I mentioned I’m Romanian when I sent it 😇
DP 3633
DP 3633 Acum lună
His book should of been called whats the deal with???
Kay May 420
Kay May 420 Acum lună
I literally love Jimmy's Jerry Seinfeld impression XD
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson Acum lună
Jimmy couldn’t stand it...he had to put himself in the limelight somehow and take a spot away from someone who submitted a video in hopes of getting their video aired on his show...but NO...Jimmy had to let everyone know what HE is capable of doing.
JeanneMarie Acum lună
the best Jerry, the best!
Marty Danielson
Marty Danielson Acum lună
Why did Jimmy's Jerry have a Richard Lewis forehead grab?
Sam N.
Sam N. Acum lună
Nice try! But Jerry is the one and only 💚
Mars Mendoza
Mars Mendoza Acum lună
I missed the stand-up at the newer seasons of Seinfeld.
K Academy
K Academy Acum lună you have probably heard this
David Delateja
David Delateja Acum lună
That girl in the beginning sucked lol
David Paul
David Paul Acum lună
Jimmy: We're gonna send her an autographed copy of your book. Gets book. Is autographed: best wishes, Jimmy Fallon
K Academy
K Academy Acum lună you have probably heard this
David P Forman
David P Forman Acum lună
This was so enjoyable. Thank you!
Laurie Harelick
Laurie Harelick Acum lună
I love Jerry & watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee just so that I can see him more.
K Academy
K Academy Acum lună you have probably heard this
Ranjani Shamasundar
Ranjani Shamasundar Acum lună
Jimmy’s impression of Jerry was better than I expected!
Alexander McKay
Alexander McKay Acum lună
Hilarious!!!!! OMG Jimmy Fallon on the Post Office bit on Jerry Seinfeld mimicking his voice in some parts were making me roll of my chair. LMAO!!
MrJtin69 Acum lună
Jimmy actually making Jerry laugh
MrJtin69 Acum lună
Jimmy being praised by Jerry is truly amazing,
Pam Martin
Pam Martin Acum lună
Jimmy's post office bit had me laughing...
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