Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - FRANCHISE (Official Music Video)

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"FRANCHISE" available at:
Directed by Travis Scott
Shot by White Trash Tyler & Jordan Hemingway
US scenes produced by Randy Donaldson & Kevin Schroeder for Freenjoy
US cinematographer: Minka Farthing-Kohl
UK scenes produced by Ella Girardot for Academy Films
Edited by Jack Dalton and Dylan Coughran
Special thanks to NBA Entertainment
Travis Scott online:
Yup, in my white tee, yeah
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please
Uh, they gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing my checks not my Nikes
Cacti not no iced tea (ah)
got-’em bamboozled like I’m Spike Lee (ah)
You need more than Google just to find me (ah)
I just called up bae to get her hyphy (ah, ooh)
Incredible, Ici ici general
I just start the label just to sign me
Me and Chase connected like we siamese
We’ve been on the run, feel like a crime spree
Talk to me nicely, I seen his face, I seen it
Yup, on his white tee (lets go)
Yeah, yeah call the Sprite people (Call ‘em, hol’ on)
Private flight to France, tryna sight see (private flight)
Popped ’em in his hands, he was typing
Caterpillar ‘Rari, I fold it lift it up
I went on the stand told the judge to pass my cup
Ran up twenty million, told the devil keep the luck
Keep that, keep that hoe,
RIP Pop, keep the smoke aye
Talk to me nicely (to me nicely)
Keep her on a chain, that aint like me (that aint like me)
Scotts with no strings you can't tie me (with the, hold on)
I’m higher than the plane, I’m where the Skypes be (doo, doo, doo, doo)
Yup, in my slime tee…(doo doo doo hee)
Princey in his prime heee…(doo doo doo hee)
Yellowbone too feisty heee...(doo doo doo hee)
Clean him up no napkin heee
Yup, in my white tee (yeah)
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please (it’s lit)
They gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing my checks not my Nikes
Scuse me
Zi zi zi zi zi zi zi zi
Don’t be missin’ in Mississippi
Dip a sippy
Make em happy
Make em copy
Make em get me chippy chippy
There’s a lot im going to spend
Tell me when you need me to pull up
You going to shoot out while I spin
Trippin like I’m trigger happy
Salt fish, Ackee ackee, golf buggy
Kawasaki, Catch a fish
Sushi Maki, Livin Life
London city left the town
Thug n Travis be that fam
Yeah, you know that (slatt)
And when they free us out it’s gonna be a film a kodak (yah)
Shoot me pouring right Above The Rim like Pollack
I’ve been rippin and running, not slippin’ or slidin', athletic tendencies
I’ve been up chefin’ it, whippin’ it to the base rock, I provide the remedy
When we open gates up at Utopia (it’s lit)
It’s like Zooptopia, you see the crosses over ya (ya)
That’s how you know it’s us
At 4AM i’m phoning ya, not for no shoulder rub
Them Jackboys open cleaners up, the way they fold and tuck
Yup, in my white tee, yeah
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please
Uh, they gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing the checks not my
Checks not my
I be where the fuck that light be
Bangers in the system
It’s bangers in the system
It’s ancient anunnaki
(C) 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack.
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Riley Belsey
Riley Belsey Acum 28 minute
@eveyone saying m.i.a had a good verse..... how
Penny Mkhize
Penny Mkhize Acum 32 minute
haters got to hate but me fan
assassin's_creed Acum oră
Quem é brasileiro ou português diga aí
Waleska Figueroa
Waleska Figueroa Acum oră
I’m just a child
Waleska Figueroa
Waleska Figueroa Acum oră
I love you Travis Scott I love you Billie Eilish
RoaryFN Acum oră
lead single for utopia should be the scotts ft. kid cudi
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Acum oră
Bilal Rajput
Bilal Rajput Acum oră
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Acum oră
DeDre_ 210
DeDre_ 210 Acum 2 ore
Why exactly is M.I.A. in this song and what is she even saying? 🤔🧐
Melissa Easterling
Melissa Easterling Acum 3 ore
Shit goes hard as fuck my hubby loves this song
Issac_Jamael Williams
Issac_Jamael Williams Acum 3 ore
what the freak kind of flower suit is she wearing
Cyticold Acum 4 ore
"hey its the Fortnite dude"
Νίκος Λιας
Νίκος Λιας Acum 4 ore
hope no animals were hurmed..:-)
Senjustu Acum 4 ore
Love how j balvin was trying do the same McDonald's thing
Michał Kita shib3Rs
Michał Kita shib3Rs Acum 4 ore
Wavy Kid
Wavy Kid Acum 5 ore
white tee franchise boys started this
Shugar bomb Campos
Shugar bomb Campos Acum 5 ore
Zane Allen
Zane Allen Acum 6 ore
Mad respect that a rapper likes tuners and not just supercars.
Justin Sims
Justin Sims Acum 6 ore
$JustinCase334 I'm going through hard time and need stuff for my son the 17th was his birthday but I couldnt get him anything due to funds and his party is tomorrow and its his first and i tried this but it didnt work
Young girl harms Harms
Young girl harms Harms Acum 6 ore
FixedPlank Acum 6 ore
But it did take google to find you
Angela Duk Duque
Angela Duk Duque Acum 6 ore
jodo is king, this music is fire, i love nachos
Angela Duk Duque
Angela Duk Duque Acum 6 ore
no you dont
Ayush Guruswamy
Ayush Guruswamy Acum 6 ore
I just realized mia was the airplanes girl, like that song which had gunshots every few second
JacJacRos JJR
JacJacRos JJR Acum 7 ore
colin Contreras
colin Contreras Acum 7 ore
M.I.A ruined the song
Liah Sand
Liah Sand Acum 8 ore
Why Thugger holding that sushi like a dyslexic child with the chopsticks
Christine Milenkova
Christine Milenkova Acum 8 ore
M.I.A. still slaps so hard
Misaiah Bebley
Misaiah Bebley Acum 8 ore
Should have been just travis get mia the hell up outta here and young thug
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards Acum 9 ore
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young Acum 9 ore
How is this only at 43mil views... I have listened at least 50mil times myself...
evridiki karela
evridiki karela Acum 10 ore
2:24 thank me later
Alejandro Herrera
Alejandro Herrera Acum 11 ore
@0:51 Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain
krakendude2 Acum 12 ore
why they film M.I.A.'s part on the Midsommar set
łosoś YT
łosoś YT Acum 12 ore
Che Garcia
Che Garcia Acum 12 ore
I didn’t think it was possible.. experimental rap.. it’s like indie rock, but for rap lol
Rohan Gupte
Rohan Gupte Acum 12 ore
This is the type of song you think is mid at first and then it grows on you hella
CJ Acum 13 ore
I need this song to be in the GTA 6
Bengisu Tosun
Bengisu Tosun Acum 13 ore
incredible i-i-in general 1:18
Hustle OG
Hustle OG Acum 13 ore
2031 is fire 🔥
Greg St.martin
Greg St.martin Acum 13 ore
Reminds me of eazy e and bone, with these dark beats
Greg St.martin
Greg St.martin Acum 13 ore
Wow there making old achool songs like 90s again about time, all this shit was used in 90s
Ali MNT Acum 13 ore
Searched Batman: AND this showed up:Talk To Him Nicely
Miguel Napone
Miguel Napone Acum 14 ore
MRavager69 123
Erin Daring
Erin Daring Acum 14 ore
Here for M.I.A. been a fan since her Bad Girls song. I have a pink pocket knife on my keys because of that video!
TheB0iz Acum 14 ore
woah that’s the guy from fortnite
Landon Drouin
Landon Drouin Acum 14 ore
f.....fff......fortnite guy? Naw just playing g its B A T M A N G U Y
Nathan W
Nathan W Acum 14 ore
..... so, what was the reason for MIA? What the hell was that
Nikunj Gondane
Nikunj Gondane Acum 15 ore
Travis Scott: yup in my white tee Also travis: wears no tee
Taliban Ty
Taliban Ty Acum 16 ore
M.I.A: Make him get me coffee make him get toffee make it make it make it
Chthonian121 Acum 16 ore
It's criminal MIA didn't get a longer verse
Kedar Mayekar
Kedar Mayekar Acum 16 ore
M.I.A is pretty yo
javier riis
javier riis Acum 16 ore
Song is good but now they don't want to show females Thick Body smh
Ghost915V Acum 17 ore
Whats the dark side of travis
Nikolas Rachmistruk
Nikolas Rachmistruk Acum 17 ore
You gave me a shoulder when I needed it You showed me love when I wasn't feeling it You helped me fight when I was giving in And you made me laugh when I was losing it -u awesome
Nate Davis
Nate Davis Acum 17 ore
MIA rocc'd this joint
Cameron Bean
Cameron Bean Acum 18 ore
This makes wanna fire my principal and tell my school that I’m not the super intendant
Taba Rila
Taba Rila Acum 18 ore
Ohhh..he is cute very cute🥺
MiMi Hill
MiMi Hill Acum 19 ore
M.I.A's part is actually the best part of the song to me. by these comments i was expecting something terrible lmao
maxwelll Acum 19 ore
I love the “oldboy” reference
Mohammed saud
Mohammed saud Acum 19 ore
I rather watch 3 no skip ads and not listening to MIA
G Taylor
G Taylor Acum 20 ore
Dope song travis :)
nerijusi800 Acum 20 ore
Optic Brickz
Optic Brickz Acum 20 ore
wtf is M.I.A doing
Larrel Jobe
Larrel Jobe Acum 20 ore
First listen: WTF MIA saying..this shit is weird.. Now: EXCUSE ME! zi zi zi zi zi..
John Chilambwe
John Chilambwe Acum 21 oră
this is another level of dope if you ask me
kidmescudi Acum 21 oră
the breaking bad reference at 3:00 goes STUPID, travis the GOAT
Dionnie Oribabor
Dionnie Oribabor Acum 22 ore
Say Jesus please forgive me for my sins amen come in my heart wash and cleanse me and give me a hungrier to preach your gospel amen.
Mizz 2gunzzz
Mizz 2gunzzz Acum 22 ore
MIA has to be immortal. She never ages! She is an amazing music artist and always will be! literally! She is one of my favorite artists and I can't wait to see what she does next!
David Madugu
David Madugu Acum 22 ore
Vankim Quoc
Vankim Quoc Acum 23 ore
Que Dios nos perdone.
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Acum 23 ore
Iziah Hinkle
Iziah Hinkle Acum 23 ore
It's good Travis Scott Thank you
Glizzy !
Glizzy ! Acum 23 ore
you know its a travis scott song when you hear this 0:01
NoizeyyTocrx Acum 23 ore
I didn’t know Mia was still rapping
R1k0 Acum o Zi
CONSCI Acum o Zi
Who else thinks M.I.A.'s verse was 🔥
Young girl harms Harms
Young girl harms Harms Acum 6 ore
How about another joke?
How about another joke? Acum 7 ore
No one
Sav3sav Acum 23 ore
miguel M
miguel M Acum o Zi
No one
Elmas Capito
Elmas Capito Acum o Zi
abel gonzales
abel gonzales Acum o Zi
M.I.A killed the song with her stupid verse
Dire Gamer
Dire Gamer Acum o Zi
Young Thug doesn't deserve to be on this
Luke Bayle
Luke Bayle Acum o Zi
people like him so much from fortnite they cloned him into real life
Giselle Valenzuela
Giselle Valenzuela Acum o Zi
I loveeeeeee this songgggggg!!!!!!!!!!
Jo Baidin
Jo Baidin Acum o Zi
pls collab with Ezhel!
XALxex Acum o Zi
Drake visited nike world headquarters, so travis scott came to jordan's mansion
Irina Troll
Irina Troll Acum o Zi
MiShX6_ Acum o Zi
F*ck_you678 9
F*ck_you678 9 Acum o Zi
Joker: whose gonna stop me? *Roach Man's theme plays*
Saqlain Wasif
Saqlain Wasif Acum o Zi
I just watched an Add of CACTI and i loved it.
Spikes Spikes
Spikes Spikes Acum o Zi
cool song
Wesco Rawlings
Wesco Rawlings Acum o Zi
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Lazooo 61
Lazooo 61 Acum o Zi
The song who dont go away from your mind .. 🧠 🎧
crumbsnatcher 06
crumbsnatcher 06 Acum o Zi
This song makes me feel like I’m in a drag race doing stunts and stuff impressing my momma or sum🤷🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️
Jacob Acum o Zi
travis: yup in my white tee actually travis: no shirt
Gabor Hetenyi
Gabor Hetenyi Acum o Zi
My New Favourite Song
Pat Bod
Pat Bod Acum o Zi
Final Boss Battle Theme Song for The next Zelda: Ocarina of Time Remake 😭👌
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones Acum o Zi
Is anyone seeing MIA dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣
trueno fc
trueno fc Acum o Zi
Unpopular opinion:mía ruins the song
B.E.Z Acum o Zi
Wait. A rap video with actual good cars?
Beiarin Derio
Beiarin Derio Acum o Zi
Travis Scott Batman is the strongest batman because he can say the N word
Richie Donnelly
Richie Donnelly Acum o Zi
Travis when he discovered that MJ took a vacation
Timwizzy m
Timwizzy m Acum 10 ore
You've stolen someone comments
loushe Acum o Zi
M.I.A ruined the song but the song is decent
Its great to see MIA again
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