NEW Brawler Colonel Ruffs 1v1 vs OJ! (his auto-aim is too good!)

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Brawl Stars New Brawler Colonel Ruffs 1v1 vs @Orange Juice Gaming \u0026 BenTimm1!
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Today we use the newest update brawler Colonel Ruffs to duke it out 1v1 vs OJ! Colonel Ruffs will be the newest chromatic brawler coming out on with the Brawl Pass Season 5!
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BenTimm1 Acum 4 luni
What are your thoughts on Colonel Ruffs?!?!?
Freshwater Acum 4 luni
eman alotaibi
eman alotaibi Acum 4 luni
eman alotaibi
eman alotaibi Acum 4 luni
OnlyAdam903 Acum 4 luni
VaderTheTater Acum 4 luni
@JJanky_Boi lol :)
saifeldin mohamed
saifeldin mohamed Acum 3 luni
imagine if ruffs reload speed was as fast as his attack speed
Mega Leaks - Brawl Stars
Mega Leaks - Brawl Stars Acum 4 luni
Javien Salinas
Javien Salinas Acum 4 luni
Can I please play brawl stars plzzzzz🥺🥺🥺🥺
Hardy Dalefalk
Hardy Dalefalk Acum 4 luni
Cant you make a g fule flavor that is leons lollipop?
bro just touched me with you in a game, it's an honor, he called me in Brawl M4T € 0 and I was going with emz raising it to 800 you're a great
aaljaberi1_games Acum 4 luni
Ben you are the best
Master_ BG
Master_ BG Acum 4 luni
Bots are actchaly real people i think
Be Calm
Be Calm Acum 4 luni
What will happen if penny attack sand bags? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
ASR - BS Shorts
ASR - BS Shorts Acum 4 luni
I think this season have nice skins
TheSTARBAGS Acum 4 luni
B t 1 code bt1 in the brawl stars shop
TUMB텀브 Acum 4 luni
I'm Korean, It's funny!!!
KawaiiKitty Acum 4 luni
I am a bad and a mad girl
KawaiiKitty Acum 4 luni
oJ is bad and a dad.
Christy B.
Christy B. Acum 4 luni
He is so cool
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito Acum 4 luni
Colonel Ruffs is too OP
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars Acum 4 luni
Awesome 🤩👍
Nicholas Toigo
Nicholas Toigo Acum 4 luni
Ben is a god man oh yeah sub sub sub to him and like like
luke the closet hedgehog
luke the closet hedgehog Acum 4 luni
wait code oj or bt1 im confused
The Fox Trouble YT
The Fox Trouble YT Acum 4 luni
Please tell supercell to make Colonel Ruffs in game size smaller like they did to Edger
Sox001Man Acum 4 luni
Ben:he has slow reload speed tho Kairos:and it looks like he has the 7th fastest reload speed in the game
Jose Luis
Jose Luis Acum 4 luni
And amber
Glenda Maramag-Floro
Glenda Maramag-Floro Acum 4 luni
so colonel ruffs main attack is like rico but his super is like a mobile version of 8 bits like how byron is the mobile version of pam.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Acum 4 luni
"Auto-Aim is the best aim",said a wise man once
Devanshu Tiwari
Devanshu Tiwari Acum 4 luni
Raju kv
Raju kv Acum 4 luni
Crazy bro i just used ur code now
Perry Acum 4 luni
Yo why did u look so washed 😥 u ok?
Crambertis 128 144
Crambertis 128 144 Acum 4 luni
COLNEL RUFFS is a very bad brawler because it almost every day comes at 8:pm and drop some hot deuce at my door, mad brawler,, lol
Marshy Acum 4 luni
Can enemies pick up colonel ruffs boosts?
Aditya Motwani
Aditya Motwani Acum 4 luni
---------BROKEN -----------
JK Minecraft
JK Minecraft Acum 4 luni
6:59 This is how Indians speak when we kill with auto-aim
Surjan yt
Surjan yt Acum 4 luni
How u can play with this new brawler how
Surjan yt
Surjan yt Acum 4 luni
And gagets are tooo op
Surjan yt
Surjan yt Acum 4 luni
All gamers are telling this brawler is really coming soon when season has end
Devabrata Mazumder
Devabrata Mazumder Acum 4 luni
please show this: give colonel ruff's super to byrn and stand byrn in 8 bit's dmg booster... then how much byron can heal?
Finn Playz Dat
Finn Playz Dat Acum 4 luni
Who else loves Oj?
Pauperbeertje -Tobias
Pauperbeertje -Tobias Acum 4 luni
i srsly used code bt1 and got amber honestly. i hadn't packed any brawler in over half a year..
meme. exe gaming
meme. exe gaming Acum 4 luni
And what about a penny shoots at the sand bag and you are behind it
Jules Ampo
Jules Ampo Acum 4 luni
Eliav Kochalsky
Eliav Kochalsky Acum 4 luni
Starr wars episode 1: clone wars
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Acum 4 luni
Holy moly, Angelina jolie
Sophie O
Sophie O Acum 4 luni
I rlly wanna play with him already :c
fank dum
fank dum Acum 4 luni
oj:finnally my dream comes true
Only Hooman
Only Hooman Acum 4 luni
The sandbags make the same noise as the teleporters. 🤔
ViraJ Gawand
ViraJ Gawand Acum 4 luni
How can this brawler not remind you of the og galaxy game
브롤스타즈준하리TV Acum 4 luni
If you do 1v1 next time, OJ need to become new brawller
Funnjin Acum 4 luni
team oj
CC Acum 4 luni
Hi Ben I love the videos, please give me some luck on my account
CC Acum 4 luni
Only have 1 mythic
Piyush Kabra
Piyush Kabra Acum 4 luni
Hii Ben I want to join tribe gaming for brawl stars how can I do that pls tell me ( sorry for bad English)
Aqir Acum 4 luni
@Piyush Kabra tell your I'd first
Piyush Kabra
Piyush Kabra Acum 4 luni
@Aqir tell me pls
Piyush Kabra
Piyush Kabra Acum 4 luni
If I will create then I can how can I join it
Aqir Acum 4 luni
@Piyush Kabra so you can't join the server
Piyush Kabra
Piyush Kabra Acum 4 luni
SAMI-AT Acum 4 luni
Wafflez_BS Acum 4 luni
Kairos: c. ruff has one of the fastest reload speeds in the game OJ: his reload speed is so slooooow
Tanishq Rawat
Tanishq Rawat Acum 4 luni
ben gets my swag points for flexing that my hero academia t-shirt (❤´艸`❤)
bananaship gaming
bananaship gaming Acum 4 luni
ommg imagine if 50/50 map came back and your team comp is colonell ruff spike and bull, bull and spike on offence collonel ruff on defence till he charges his super after charging his he should let the spike take the power after that imagine how much dps can spike do
CHONG KAI ZHE Moe Acum 4 luni
Ben sucks
Mohammad Yassin
Mohammad Yassin Acum 4 luni
Are you happy the Green Bay Packers lost
Tanish Vairagade
Tanish Vairagade Acum 4 luni
Which modded app do you use ?
Scraggy Mcnoodle
Scraggy Mcnoodle Acum 4 luni
Their calling the bags of dog food sandbags?:)
Arman jha
Arman jha Acum 4 luni
Jack No Cap
Jack No Cap Acum 4 luni
Cheeeeeeeeese Masteeeeeeeeeeeer
Jazzon J-Ray
Jazzon J-Ray Acum 4 luni
Your code its good your code give me 7 in mega box
Eric Lapner
Eric Lapner Acum 4 luni
did anyone else notice that the colour was off
Joshua Wei
Joshua Wei Acum 4 luni
oj should have won but bt1 went swety
Jacop Acum 4 luni
Ben are you going to do another all update changes video for this update? Those are my favorite!
Luca Toma
Luca Toma Acum 4 luni
I think he will be really good
Monsterclip1037 Acum 4 luni
How can they use him?
Jason R.
Jason R. Acum 4 luni
0:18 I thought he was chromatic
Jony Villalobos
Jony Villalobos Acum 4 luni
It would be cool if we got a brawler to go with Colonel ruff but his super is a Deployed Turret that they can control, cant move shoots fast but they can aim and control
M8_gamer Man
M8_gamer Man Acum 4 luni
Only bout 20k views
Nate Hamilton
Nate Hamilton Acum 4 luni
He’s not too bad, better up close
You Saw It Here First
You Saw It Here First Acum 4 luni
Hey guys Help our gaming company hit 15k subscribers. Thank you
sasho tasevski
sasho tasevski Acum 4 luni
The update is not out yet
Eirhal443 Acum 4 luni
5:32 actually thought my phone died
Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk
Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Acum 4 luni
He actually has fast reload speed but he can spam so quickly it seems slow
Jaxon Acum 4 luni
Hey I’ve liked your stream channel lately😄
Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov
Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov Acum 4 luni
What is his Starpower?
Agent astor 126
Agent astor 126 Acum 4 luni
More damega
Big Perm
Big Perm Acum 4 luni
I can't watch those upside down matches...instant headache.
Divyanshu Yadav
Divyanshu Yadav Acum 4 luni
I only want to know that will be there expand in the brawl pass.
JJ Boy Gaming
JJ Boy Gaming Acum 4 luni
IMO I think he should have a bit of a faster reload
dinohunter pro
dinohunter pro Acum 4 luni
I am subscibed
dinohunter pro
dinohunter pro Acum 4 luni
Hhii BenTim1 i just want to say I have idea for your next video so we give you our gmail and you are then opening us boxes that's just idea.
Abdullah 2000
Abdullah 2000 Acum 4 luni
What will be in Balance changes?
Idkbruv Acum 4 luni
Ruffs op
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Acum 4 luni
no leon is better ;)
J4K0W the KING
J4K0W the KING Acum 4 luni
BenjiDaBoss ツ
BenjiDaBoss ツ Acum 4 luni
When u realize on the first match bt1 wasnt using reverse controls just playing normal...and OJ did
Mr. Brawl
Mr. Brawl Acum 4 luni
OJ: his reload speed is so slow The truth: He has one of the fastest reload speeds in the game
Waifu Pancakes
Waifu Pancakes Acum 4 luni
@Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk he never said reload speed had anything to do with unload speed. He’s just stating the unload speed out there.
Mr. Brawl
Mr. Brawl Acum 4 luni
@Joshola wait a minute you replied to me before on a community post, also kairos said in his video that he has a fast reload speed.
Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk
Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Acum 4 luni
@Joshola you make no sense at all, reload speed has nothing to do with unload speed
Eljahi Hamgottin
Eljahi Hamgottin Acum 4 luni
@Joshola Colonel Ruffs has a fast reload and unload speed. Just watch a Kairos vid for example.
Fran Jaković
Fran Jaković Acum 4 luni
There is mode where bots are stronger than you, it's called upside-down
Daniel Acum 4 luni
Savvas Savva
Savvas Savva Acum 4 luni
benTimmi the best😎🧔
axilleas Ραπτης
axilleas Ραπτης Acum 4 luni
What exactly is the gadget? Plz reply
axilleas Ραπτης
axilleas Ραπτης Acum 4 luni
Mitchell Bonello
Mitchell Bonello Acum 4 luni
He spawns 3 sandbags around him with 2000 health each which can block enemy shots
jjgh54 Acum 4 luni
Colonel ruff 🐶
Samuel Jiang
Samuel Jiang Acum 4 luni
Oj, his reload is slow. Me: Kairos said it was the fastest for a range brawler.
Akiva Wolfe
Akiva Wolfe Acum 4 luni
Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s fast, it’s still slow
:NotNoobyChips :
:NotNoobyChips : Acum 4 luni
Fun fact: today is world opposite day and they did reverse controls and stuff lol
Vihaan Ovalekar
Vihaan Ovalekar Acum 4 luni
fun fact I think you watched the grim reaper one cartoon.
Aaron Fok
Aaron Fok Acum 4 luni
how do you guys have Colonel Ruffs ? the season is not even out yet unless this is a sneak peek or something
Mitchell Bonello
Mitchell Bonello Acum 4 luni
Lol it is the dev build ‘-‘ That why they are facing bot
Elie Kassis
Elie Kassis Acum 4 luni
How u got him I subscribed like 8 month ago I like so much ur vids 😻
Bodocua Acum 4 luni
BT1's new glasses are oppppp
LSzSO Acum 4 luni
-dog noises ruff-🐶
Dotai yoto
Dotai yoto Acum 4 luni
oj and ben : his reload speed is so slow kairos : he has a fast reload speed *visual confusion*
Rohan Pandey
Rohan Pandey Acum 4 luni
visible confusion*
Ondys Acum 4 luni
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