100 Days - [Minecraft with Tors]

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft is a great game to play with friends. So this time I decided to play Minecraft with my best friend, Tors. We survived Minecraft for 100 Days with the goal of killing the Ender Dragon, and by the end of the video, I guarantee you'll experience the fun we had.
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C418 - Minecraft
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Luke TheNotable
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we are waiting 1 year
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@Xylexs first was the me
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Please make 200 days
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Why does Luke always build a wall every hardcore series
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750000 Likes to have a 200 Days
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at 8:20 funny like mind you own
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Am I the only one that want 200 days so badly
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I love your videos
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You are the coolest man alive ltn
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Please make 200 days with tors I want to see it
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Mmmm pizza
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People keep sating you tried to clism the 100 day hardcore
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Is luke the notable married?
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Its funney the cat is on the coldrin with water and cats don't like water
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I’ve watched this video more times then I’ve watched the original 100
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interviewer : why are you cruel ltn : monny
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When you see the 4 block high sugar cane... wait what! 🧐
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I want more please
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12:02 my guy suuusss
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Do you know what I just wanna pull out is all straight away why is he calling wheat bread just why you can’t grow bread you grow wheat to make bread
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Does anyone remember zoo tycoon
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Me waiting for him to after Day 2 I started construction on a mineshaft “I will never use”
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If they had children the children would be like: 😑 Mum Dad stop playing minecraft...😑 😅
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They do lol
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GIVE ME AND I SHALL CLAIME 200 dayssss with the torss plss
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I really love the torssss ♥️ 💕
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If it’s Minecraft hardcore what’s up with the hearts because there just plain hearts not the angry face ones
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It says 100 days of Minecraft not hardcore Minecraft and hardcore does work in multiplayer
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I could be wrong but I think hardcore can only be single player.
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Nobody: Tors: 🤖
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This is 100 days farming simulator
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What about the seed
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Did you see like biulding that beried treasure
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LukeTheNotable: I think I forgot something. TheTors: If you forgot it then it wasn't important. LukeTheNotable: Yea, your right. *200 days with TheTors*
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200 days
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12:01 sounds wrong out of context
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Cows: sit down Tors: Kills cows Cows: y Tors: ITS YOUR FAULT
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Happy wife happy life
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can you do 200 days
make 200 days please
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When will he do 200 days with tors
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing this was supposed to be hardcore.
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u just forgot a cat
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This is like my fav Minecraft video I never stop watching it lol
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Travel Adventures with Heather
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Do 200 days with tours
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i feel like half of this was just Luke the notable 100 days
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200 200 days
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You are great you rock
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Ltd:I think I forgot somthin tors:nah Us:200 DAYS PLEASE
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200 days LTN
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Love it! But where's day 200???
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And he didnt make 200 Days (Part 2)....
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But it’s art you don’t have to get it -Tors
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What about the wither
Where's 200 days?
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I’m not gonna lie I use to watch this 50 TIMES I WAS SO BAD AT MINECRAFT (I didn’t know about the other play through he made so yeah
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dooooo 200 days please iv'e been waching this on repeat for the last year to get a part 2 Tat would be awsome
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Me when my two puppies sleep with me : 16:13
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Poor tors
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Do more with tors
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He didn't just find diamonds he put the chest there sorry but it's true
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This video got 45 1/2 million views, 724k likes, and probably half of your subs, y isn't there a nother one yet
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7:04 i don’t know if he thinks he’s lucky finding the blaze spawned quickly or the nether fortress having one at all but i think all nether fortresses have blaze spawners
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Take in that luke did not die but toes died alot
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I wood do 1,0000 days in Minecraft
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When is 200 days gonna come out ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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200 days please
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blood sh*t? P**sy?
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Other girls: OMG! L L A M A Me: I slaughter them llamas for their leads. Don't know why I dislike them, but I do.
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WE NEED 200 DAYS!!!!!!
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What happens to ur first house???😅😅
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It’s been a year.... AND, NO 200 DAYS
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I love watching this I watch it over and over Also i try to build and try to do what yall build you do so much in one day 😲
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Well done
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Technoblade never dies, he always lives.
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Ayo it’s been a whole year wheres 200 days
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Who else wants to see 200 with tors
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I love how he calls ores the good stuff
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Luke where is 200 days with the tors im disappointed
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luke: and i borrowed the organs of a squid me: are you the FNAF scooper-
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Do 94739494298323 Years in Minecraft
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I only watche you is because you play Minecraft
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