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Anyone out now: JustinBieber.lnk.to/Anyone

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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

#Anyone #JustinBieber


elizzybec Acum 3 minute
This is rip off of a Toto song. Jeez does anyone use original riffs anymore? and why is he telling his wife she might leave him? I wouldn't want to hear "In case you dump me (because I'm a jerk?) let me sing you this". Hailey is becoming a shell for him, all she does is drape herself on him while he looks away like he'd rather be anywhere else. pobre ruca.
Pr. Pwabloion
Pr. Pwabloion Acum 23 minute
Tell me he doesnt look like Logan Paul boxing there.
CamiLLa QuaN
CamiLLa QuaN Acum 45 minute
PleaSe be Kind 2 yourselves and MosT importantly 1 another ...... - ElleN * 💛💚💙💜🤎🖤
Biff Rude
Biff Rude Acum 56 minute
1. Vague remembrance * I must have heard this somewhere before… 2. Actual identification * That’s it! 3. Subsumption by label * That’s the hit “Night and Day”! 4. Self-reflection and the act of recognition * This is something that I know. It belongs to me. 5. Psychological transfer of recognition-authority to the object * Damn it, “Night and Day” is a good one
Maneley Lubin
Maneley Lubin Acum oră
I love justin
قـಿـآسـಿـمـಿـ آحمـಿـد غربـಿـآل
قـಿـآسـಿـمـಿـ آحمـಿـد غربـಿـآل Acum oră
صارت عندك رده
CamiLLa QuaN
CamiLLa QuaN Acum oră
*iiiiii have dreamed of The day WheN humans Can ManifesT and Operate There braiNs in Correlation 2 Anthropology physiology socialism and sociology ..... - humanS *👽
Human Experience
Human Experience Acum oră
Going Home by Toto
elizzybec Acum 2 minute
It is!!
TINI Stars
TINI Stars Acum 2 ore
Vamos por los 60M!!!
Kashmira Behera
Kashmira Behera Acum 2 ore
Hey😭😭😭😭 I miss u bieber
Raghad. ً
Raghad. ً Acum 2 ore
Raghad. ً
Raghad. ً Acum 2 ore
Raghad. ً
Raghad. ً Acum 2 ore
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx Acum 2 ore
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen Acum 2 ore
Thanks to this song Going Home by Toto is my new favourite song 😎
Mirte Reuvers
Mirte Reuvers Acum 2 ore
Great song and nice to listen at, but it's kind of a copy of the song Goin' home made by Toto. Not the whole song but a lot of the song resembles Goin' home by Toto. The key, tempo and chords of some parts are the same and the song of Toto got released in 1998. No hate tho because it sounds really good.
Kashmira Behera
Kashmira Behera Acum 3 ore
Tell me bieber I Miss You😭😭😥😢
Kashmira Behera
Kashmira Behera Acum 3 ore
Hey bieber
Gytole Acum 3 ore
If it's "not chew" it's not "anyone" Introducing "Anyone Chew"… the chew that has you atchin.
SJ Sippin’
SJ Sippin’ Acum 3 ore
I’ll admit I’ve never really been a belieber, but some of his songs over the years I did like. Purpose was probably my favorite era of his, but I felt he took a step back with that Changes era. However this is another step up that I think I can vibe with. Good job on this one Justin. 👍🏾
Poulim Kamei
Poulim Kamei Acum 3 ore
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍♥️💛💙🤍♥️💛💚🧡💜🧡💚🖤 From india Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️
pap cov
pap cov Acum 3 ore
This is the best song of 2021 till now . I hope "Jungkook" from BTS cover this soon as soon as possible 🙏
Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza
Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza Acum oră
Yeah they will ❤️
Mohamed Ashiq
Mohamed Ashiq Acum 3 ore
Hold on tomorrow 😊😊😊😊
Marcelo Almeida
Marcelo Almeida Acum 3 ore
Ansioso pra Justice
ameya bunde
ameya bunde Acum 4 ore
Cornor MacGregor
Marcello Fernandes
Marcello Fernandes Acum 4 ore
What happened to all his body tattoos?
Emmanuel Saade
Emmanuel Saade Acum 4 ore
Masterpiece brother!
NOBRU FAKE Acum 4 ore
Brasil respeita
The Vagabond Son Chronicles
The Vagabond Son Chronicles Acum 4 ore
Sounds like ToTo's "Goin' Home"...
Caio José
Caio José Acum 4 ore
the king is back
AREKA Soon Acum 4 ore
Very nice Justin I love you my brother 🇪🇬🙏🏻🧜‍♂️
Chris Lask
Chris Lask Acum 4 ore
first of all, where are his tattoos?
elizzybec Acum 7 minute
you can cover tattoos with makeup.
tony amadi
tony amadi Acum 4 ore
Simply amazing.
Juul vanZuylen
Juul vanZuylen Acum 5 ore
imTAPPIN Acum 5 ore
made a grown man cry
forskye playsez
forskye playsez Acum 5 ore
Love it 🍾
zynb hassani
zynb hassani Acum 5 ore
forskye playsez
forskye playsez Acum 5 ore
Amazing song and Video love the natural long Hair keep it growing J B 💝
augustine oduro duah
augustine oduro duah Acum 5 ore
In that ju in anyone
Wocho kikz Wochoalivi kikz
Wocho kikz Wochoalivi kikz Acum 6 ore
Such as meaningful song💛😗
j Σ Ө П ᄂ i П Λ
j Σ Ө П ᄂ i П Λ Acum 6 ore
هايلي : أتألم و لا أتكلم 🙂👍
Fdwa 1996
Fdwa 1996 Acum 5 ore
الاغنيه من الأصل عنها
summer white
summer white Acum 6 ore
i love you you are so talented
Erin Eckert
Erin Eckert Acum 6 ore
justin thx for the website you are the best the songs i have already heard but there so good i listen to all your songs everyday like 1000000000000000000000000000000000 times in a row there tht good and this song i can sing it is good see ya you if its not you its not anyone thx for the song im a hugggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee fan.
ian Saliheen
ian Saliheen Acum 6 ore
SPARSH 《-UCS-》 Acum 6 ore
who is here after justin bieber's dream Rolls Royce ❤
Edna Oliveira
Edna Oliveira Acum 6 ore
Ameei ❤ 😍
Juul van Hooijdonk
Juul van Hooijdonk Acum 6 ore
Robbed this song from Toto, its called 'Going home'. Same key, same cord progression, same tempo only a different lyrics..... He can't even write his own songs...
Marcela Cristina
Marcela Cristina Acum 6 ore
Galvan Is live!
Galvan Is live! Acum 7 ore
Umm 😶
osama Acum 7 ore
osama Acum 7 ore
Joshua AHY
Joshua AHY Acum 7 ore
Great Song!
Andrius Jatkauskas
Andrius Jatkauskas Acum 7 ore
Dome Kusch
Dome Kusch Acum 7 ore
This is Rocky bieber :D
FA Ahhh
FA Ahhh Acum 8 ore
Kokou Azaglo
Kokou Azaglo Acum 8 ore
Justin bieber is very amazing musician
Amar Thapa
Amar Thapa Acum 8 ore
I love justin bieber song ❤ love you jb
ChelLsea Reyes
ChelLsea Reyes Acum 8 ore
Bilal Ceviz
Bilal Ceviz Acum 8 ore
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx
Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx Acum 2 ore
Ali Abr
Ali Abr Acum 8 ore
🐐 no cap
भारतीय नागरिक
भारतीय नागरिक Acum 9 ore
Fight Not Shoots To Your Personally But Your Voice Is Lovely...
marrison tracey
marrison tracey Acum 9 ore
Nyc vibe
Anshul Acum 9 ore
justin bieber dosnt know to run
emanuel larsson
emanuel larsson Acum 10 ore
you have copied totoś song goin home!!!!!!!!!!!
吉本円 Acum 10 ore
This song change My mind
Alex Acum 12 ore
Justin looks so much better without the immense slew of tattoos
Jimena León
Jimena León Acum 12 ore
Todo me recordó a Rocky Balboa
Mit Tung Tăng
Mit Tung Tăng Acum 12 ore
great video
Shirly Arnaiz
Shirly Arnaiz Acum 12 ore
Kris Cooknick
Kris Cooknick Acum 13 ore
We literally watched him grow up over there years good job and nice body shots boxing in that video
Dom Medis
Dom Medis Acum 13 ore
Gemma Franklin-Davies
Gemma Franklin-Davies Acum 13 ore
ANYONE IN 2021,no just me sorry just checked the date it was posted 🥲
Belieber Forever
Belieber Forever Acum 14 ore
If you're not a My favorite singer. No one's going to be my favorite singer.
Gitanjali Acum 12 ore
Same ✌️
OneMeanArtist Acum 14 ore
So hes trying to be a man now? lol
Zahir Payag
Zahir Payag Acum 14 ore
Mike Rozell
Mike Rozell Acum 14 ore
How many writers does it take to rip off a song? Nine, the answer is nine. Toto deserves some writing credit for this tune.
Blue Preeta
Blue Preeta Acum 14 ore
Honestly am confused. Is this Camilla's song or Justin's? Who did the cover? Please someone tell me. Pretty please
Gitanjali Acum 12 ore
Ofcourse Justin's look up Google ?
Divyansh Vikram Srivastava
Divyansh Vikram Srivastava Acum 14 ore
Justin song 💓🤷🏼‍♂️
23610 Mahipala
23610 Mahipala Acum 14 ore
مومو ARMY
مومو ARMY Acum 14 ore
Excited about the next album from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️❤️😭love you.
Trendon Axsom
Trendon Axsom Acum 15 ore
Hailey gonna be mad
sakshi Gavhane
sakshi Gavhane Acum 15 ore
You are The reason, I started listening English songs💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Roger Buchanan
Roger Buchanan Acum 15 ore
Plot twist : it's a parody of Logan Paul's boxing career 😂
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Acum 15 ore
nitedrive Acum 15 ore
Rick Beato sent me. Sorry I had to give this the 59,928,632nd view to say that. Worth it.
Giulia Kids
Giulia Kids Acum 15 ore
so sweet, so talented ... i love your voice :)
Lea G
Lea G Acum 5 ore
Vénus BH
Vénus BH Acum 15 ore
Agree ❤️
Afraa Alkalbani
Afraa Alkalbani Acum 15 ore
I agree 🐎
Vanessa Acum 15 ore
Justin and Hailey whine and complain about Hailey being compared to Selena and this and that. But you know what. Justin is the one putting that kind of energy out there into the world.🙄 releasing his music right after hers year after year. one word Justin-one you ought to be familiar with and learned by now. KARMA. you reap what you sow.
Vanessa Acum 5 ore
@Gitanjali no they're not, they obviously got your attention on your time. HA!
Gitanjali Acum 12 ore
Haha spam as much as you can All the best in last your words are useless
Nayeli Cervantes
Nayeli Cervantes Acum 15 ore
me waiting for his new song to come out :\
Melissa Gamez
Melissa Gamez Acum 16 ore
Fav song ever
Misna Devi
Misna Devi Acum 16 ore
😌Love u Justin -Believer!
swan love
swan love Acum 16 ore
This song is so inspirational and the singing vocals are really incredible :) i love it :) ropost.info/flow/r81nf2uHn2nL26Y/video.html
Gabrielle Anne Gomez
Gabrielle Anne Gomez Acum 16 ore
Gabriel Zone
Gabriel Zone Acum 18 ore
bieber hair is back
Liliana Rivas
Liliana Rivas Acum 18 ore
te amo mi amor bello
Diegüchii Acum 18 ore
se viene el creed 3 con nueva personalidad o que??
Ursepio Acum 18 ore
Liam Treeby
Liam Treeby Acum 20 ore
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Acum 20 ore
Dear Justin , I wanted to Tell you that your songs really Help me to stay Happy and Positive and you Have been my Idol for a long time and im so Proud of you for the good things you have done for people in the past and are still doing today. and here are 7 things that i Like about you. 1. Your Voice is Gold. 2. Your kind 3. In-spring 4. Loving. 5. Empathetic 6. Honest 7. You Love #GodtheFather PS. i want to say that all your songs Especially One less Lonley Girl , Overboard , Changes and Lonley
xoxo daniellaslays
xoxo daniellaslays Acum 20 ore
Stream hold on this Friday
Richar Pedraza
Richar Pedraza Acum 21 oră
hey KSI vs Justin what about that
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