SINGLE MOM Is Shamed By Soccer Mom, She Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann

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00:00 Single Mom Is Shamed By Soccer Mom
12:32 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea by: Michelle Do
Written by: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Brian Nelson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzalez, Andrew Reyes
Sound: Brian Sly

Tina - Katherine Norland
Tina's Son - Julius Lambrecht
Tina's Husband - Johnny Avila
Coach - Jorge De Los Ríos
Samantha - Riki Yvette Westmoreland
Scott - Devon Weetly
Player 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
Player 2 - JJ Whyte
Player 3 - Orion Hunter
Player 4 - Rylie Wall
Player 5 - Nathan Kendall
Player 6 - Nick Shields
Player 7 - Nicholas Robb
Player 8 - Yony Marian
Player 9 - Nasir Tapper
Player 10 - Cody Mitchell Key
Dad 1 - Will Dunbar
Dad 2 - Andrew Webb
Dad 3 - Thomas (Ty) Lambert
Dad 4 - Adam Perez
Dad 5 - Patrick Breen
Mom 1 - Tricia Rascoe
Mom 2 - Recca Morgan
Mom 3 - Phylicia Townes
Mom 4 - Remy O'Brien
Mom 5 - Louise Olinzock
Customer 1 - Jasper Boykin
Customer 2 - Narong Sok
Customer 3 - Brennon Peters
Customer 4 - Eric Vega
Customer 5 - Jade Jackson
Customer 6 - Ina Dahilig
Customer 7 - Kirbi Smith
Customer 8 - Peerada Meemalayath
Samantha's Husband - DeAngelo Davis
Nurse - Jessica Liz Adams
Teacher - Jasmine Tompkins

Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Acum lună
Hello #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available with new colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:
Zander Game Cat
Zander Game Cat Acum 9 Zile
473rd comment
Rufa Roman
Rufa Roman Acum 14 Zile
Geez I am so sorry
Tayyaba Jahangir
Tayyaba Jahangir Acum 16 Zile
Like your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahmad Abu shariha
Ahmad Abu shariha Acum 17 Zile
I buy the mirch
Five nights at Freddies show
Five nights at Freddies show Acum 17 Zile
S͟i͟m͟s͟ ᴠʟᴏɢs A̺͆n̺͆d̺͆ ᘜᗩᗰIᑎᘜ シ
S͟i͟m͟s͟ ᴠʟᴏɢs A̺͆n̺͆d̺͆ ᘜᗩᗰIᑎᘜ シ Acum 38 minute
Mom’s even single mom’s are awesome
Amanda B
Amanda B Acum oră
My mom is Single and it is really hard for her to Hang out with me
Josh Flynn
Josh Flynn Acum 58 minute
What happened to your father?
Carla Acum oră
My manz really said “sheesh”
metrin stoefta
metrin stoefta Acum oră
this entire channel is dangerously stupid.
Lee Eng
Lee Eng Acum oră
Nice way to attack married moms by fabricating a hate story!
Lee Eng
Lee Eng Acum oră
Hero On YT
Hero On YT Acum 2 ore
Henry Dormaar
Henry Dormaar Acum 2 ore
dog water ong
Sebastian Olivares
Sebastian Olivares Acum 2 ore
What's sad is your yellow teeth
David Acum 2 ore
If you lose your dad keep going
Dynamite Gamer
Dynamite Gamer Acum 3 ore
My friend has also a single mother but he a topper 🧑
Immonie Narcisse
Immonie Narcisse Acum 3 ore
Tina walked away the first time the second time she wouldn’t have .....
Dan Morris
Dan Morris Acum 3 ore
I was raised by a single mother, and now I'm about to graduate from university with a first in engineering. All single mum's deserve massive paise for their sacrifices
Kao Bro
Kao Bro Acum 3 ore
The sheesh I love u dhar man
SealTeamRick Acum 4 ore
not all single moms are this way. not all soccer moms are this way. just stop signaling man its literally creating/reinforcing the ignorance in your comment section
ali Shah
ali Shah Acum 4 ore
I love when the characters say you see
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders Acum 4 ore
This made me smile so much 💙💚🧡🤎🖤💜
Solon Kazos
Solon Kazos Acum 4 ore
Single parenthood is a crisis and should not be praised. This open season on white people needs to stop. Tearing down white people isn't the answer. Self reliance and character leads to success in all areas. Plus the anti white thing is getting old and tired
LilJayeBoss Acum 5 ore
3:51 :))
Skott Eden
Skott Eden Acum 6 ore
*you see*
Halo Combat Evolved Magnum
Halo Combat Evolved Magnum Acum 6 ore
So you see.
M. Hamza Majid
M. Hamza Majid Acum 7 ore
If I'm being honest single mothers should be admired for their determination
SmilePearlYT☑ Acum 7 ore
It would be happier if the mom sees his husband that left her and a few minutes she rejected him...
bloxbrug with alexradra
bloxbrug with alexradra Acum 7 ore
Every time I watch a dhar mann video I wish I could just punch someone in the face
bloxbrug with alexradra
bloxbrug with alexradra Acum 7 ore
My respect for kare- I mean teana or what ever her name is Oh wait I don’t have respect for here 😚😑🙄
Guys did you just notice that Tina's (the soccer mom) eyes were of two colours orange and blue if you did just like👍
Heathcote Nina
Heathcote Nina Acum 9 ore
The fat faulty baseball muhly add because whip epidemiologically bore pro a spicy billboard. faithful, exotic handle
shobha sinha
shobha sinha Acum 9 ore
1:28 mha where u
Roza Ren
Roza Ren Acum 9 ore
It doesn't matter that you have a dad or mom the thing is that you have a parent
Clark Gaming
Clark Gaming Acum 10 ore
I love how tina's son just claps at devon
Tristan- Tiln
Tristan- Tiln Acum 10 ore
Is it not racist to make the single mom POC? Why would you assume POCs can't stay in relationships? Very ugly!
Tiz_Azusa2 Acum 12 ore
Ik it's only a skit, but if I were there I would of taken Tina out and made her regret it
Connor Logan
Connor Logan Acum 13 ore
3:50 LOL 😂 she said sheesh
Kloe Diamante
Kloe Diamante Acum 13 ore
this is emberasing me...
Geneva Chan
Geneva Chan Acum 13 ore
Okay but the fact that the goalie doesn’t have a different colored jersey than the rest of the team- I’m sorry I just-no-
The Robloxian Beat Saberist And other stuff
The Robloxian Beat Saberist And other stuff Acum 14 ore
Well there was no quote or video outro but I’ve got one that is very convincing. “Overtime there might be parents that can put a lot of love to their child, but some parents might not have a mother or father to complete their family. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be left stranded because you might have to take matters into your own hands. You’ve got your child to help you, but you also have to give them the love they because even if they do half of the work but give twice the love, the child will be feel very supported and will always strive to do their best. Parents might be shamed by other parents for not having a mother or a father to complete their family but that doesn’t mean that they will turn out to be the worst parent a child wouldn’t wish for.”
Kailynn Gerstenberger
Kailynn Gerstenberger Acum 14 ore
Tbh all single parents out there deserve a huge high five and massive support. My mom died 6 months back and my dads been raising my brother and I on a single salary and has been amazing. So I recognize all the single parents out there raising their kids to be good people y’all are amazing, no one really understands how much they sacrifice for us and how amazing they truly are.
Nicole RIVera
Nicole RIVera Acum 14 ore
My mom is a single mom and she does 100000% more than I need respect for single moms🖤
Gina Vargas
Gina Vargas Acum 15 ore
Why she need to be so fuming mean 😤
Gelai Pacheco
Gelai Pacheco Acum 15 ore
This is relatable :) *Me hears a sad story* Me: *Cries* Tina: *Tries not to cry* Laughs instead Did you also felt that??????
Ellen Carman
Ellen Carman Acum 15 ore
Karen ends up on the street mom doesn’t think it actually happened me be like yo Carolyn I think you’re wrong little bit
Joeme G.
Joeme G. Acum 15 ore
Am I the only one who loves Tina's laugh?
Collin Green
Collin Green Acum 16 ore
It is called football
Allen king
Allen king Acum 16 ore
Nathaniel Turner
Nathaniel Turner Acum 18 ore
This hit me hard as my father only had 1 parent and it hurts me that people say that a child needs 2 parents to be successful and my father is doing good
Sean Wise
Sean Wise Acum 18 ore
if the mom was a savage. While u keep disrespecting me about my son not having a dad, you should get your eyes fixed because there two different colors.
hammer Craft
hammer Craft Acum 18 ore
Steve Arkle
Steve Arkle Acum 19 ore
Hannah Lol
Hannah Lol Acum 19 ore
Wow that white lady in the beginning shaming her needs to be surprised how she can do all of that without a husband
America is responsible for my dad leaving me
America is responsible for my dad leaving me Acum 19 ore
i dont even ask for help with my homework bruh
Buela Harvey
Buela Harvey Acum 19 ore
Juice WRLD had no father
Strxwberrii Acum 19 ore
"You're a single mom?" Me: "You're a middle-age grown-ass woman acting immature?"
y e s
y e s Acum oră
Uh yes I think that’s her
Beatriz Carracedo
Beatriz Carracedo Acum 19 ore
This women would have already been dead if she said that to me
• Hanno ! •
• Hanno ! • Acum 20 ore
"Well everyone knows that a child needs a mother and a father to be succesfull" Me who lives with my grandparents : Are you sure abt that
Shaneiix Acum 20 ore
Soccer mom: Children raised by single moms can’t be successful Me, who only lives with my mom and grandmother AND gets 90s and 100s on most of my tests in school: *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you* (I mean, I do have a father, but my parents are divorced and are not married)
Lucky TheUnlucky
Lucky TheUnlucky Acum 21 oră
8:30 is *LITTERALLY* what I always look like after they say "So You see.." So realistic😂😂😂 This should be popular and should be a *MEME* The Woman got some serious *DADDY ISSUES* 😂😂😂😂
eggs benedict
eggs benedict Acum 21 oră
Well to Tina thats not true about single mums my dad used to abuse us but when he got caught it was the best thing that happened to us and my mum is the best mum in the world she cared for me and put herself though 3 jobs just to feed us
sweavty Acum 21 oră
my dad does not live with me and im succseful
Eve Ballard
Eve Ballard Acum 22 ore
"you need a mom and dad to be successful" So....what if you only have a dad? Will you also end up on a street?
Strawberry Acum 22 ore
I love your videos my Guinea pig died last night and my mom is a single mom and your videos make me smile
ReaL Defuze
ReaL Defuze Acum 22 ore
This video is sponsored by milk, a dad’s favorite drink
Savannah Vue
Savannah Vue Acum 23 ore
Single moms tried their best to succeed
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Acum o Zi
The white woman is 100% right, as single parent children are massively disadvantaged. But she is not right to tell the truth to the lady. It's not PC. Single motherhood plagues America, particularly blacks.
Speedwagon senpai
Speedwagon senpai Acum o Zi
Black kid lives in white state *instantly gets called n word and regrets it*
Dionne Nunn
Dionne Nunn Acum o Zi
Ok fine sheeeeeeeesh
Ayla Ibanez
Ayla Ibanez Acum o Zi
John Adams
John Adams Acum o Zi
This whole video is what’s wrong with society.
Neo Blast
Neo Blast Acum o Zi
Oh dang the antitaginist didnt change after the sad story 😥
Rackworld Bricks
Rackworld Bricks Acum o Zi
Ur stories have changed my life
Neo Blast
Neo Blast Acum o Zi
I the son, would slap tina, maybe punch if im really mad
BobbaDons Acum o Zi
Do people really talk like this? I'm almost 40 and I never hear people talk with soo much blatant disrespect to a stranger's personal situation like this... yet media and many videos with actors, like this, would have me believe it's a prevalent widespread problem in our society. Perhaps i'm sheltered.
John Adams
John Adams Acum o Zi
Props to both parents in the world. Mom and dads. A lot of single dads out there too.
Memes Have Feelings
Memes Have Feelings Acum o Zi
She really just said “Sheesh!”. I’m actually going to go throw mental breakdown of laughter seizures.
TL Frisch
TL Frisch Acum o Zi
Happy 10 million subs Dhar mann
Roblox GamerYT
Roblox GamerYT Acum o Zi
The Sheeesh IS bussin
Lamb Rodi
Lamb Rodi Acum o Zi
This is just apart of the agenda to remove black fathers from the black household.
Sameer Mohammed
Sameer Mohammed Acum o Zi
thought such people exist only in india but it's common in western world as well
Colton Egresits
Colton Egresits Acum o Zi
my mom is single
Noor Bischoff
Noor Bischoff Acum o Zi
YO! that Tina is a savage.
Jabomb Acum o Zi
Am I the only one who gets pissed at the bad guys and then realizes that their just acting
Sunset Farm
Sunset Farm Acum o Zi
what a load of race and status crap. The makers can be so proud of taking a hard working black woman and victimizing her and taking a white woman and turning her into crap. This is nothing but bating. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Jabomb Acum o Zi
Ya well people like you get their feelings hurt and get offended by every little thing and just because of that situation doesn’t mean its racist. They did that because it just makes it have more sense. Ohhh but you can say a joke about white people and it perfectly fine. Its just the facts because it makes it more able to understand.
Dre Young
Dre Young Acum o Zi
That lady is crazy for an adult like she needs to learn it's wise or okay to compare cause it doesn't get you no where it a sign of drawing to much attention to yourself.
Rishit Kumar Sahoo
Rishit Kumar Sahoo Acum o Zi
Damn Tina really said sheesh 3:52
Ravi Acum o Zi
Well thats true there is always that one guy in the class who has everything in order good parents, money, coaching, facilities, hard working, talented but he will ends up second. Most the time the toppers in sport or study are from difficult or challenging background.
CrYsTaL todoroki
CrYsTaL todoroki Acum o Zi
I have two questions.Does Devon like football/soccer(I'm in england)irl and (this isn't really a question) every mum,dad,sister and brother,son,daughter,uncle,grampa,auntie,grandma all deserve respect because if your the youngest or oldest in your family you will always get treated with respect no matter who you are and God will always stay with you and help you in life with decisions and life.Have a nice day Dharr and whoever watches this video and sees this:)
Samuel Goh
Samuel Goh Acum o Zi
DonnaStyles1212 Acum o Zi
I know how hard it is to be a single mom
The way the mean mom said sheesh!IS SO FUNNY🤣🤣
scarface matt
scarface matt Acum o Zi
I hate the entitled attitudes of married sports parents it's not just the moms my ex got fed the same line " look at all those kids they are practicing with their dads and whos practicing with yours, nobody" but in my experience, they added "because you bring a useless crippled around your kids" making me evermore thankful I never played hockey or soccer as a kid. when you're raised by stuck up entitled parents you tend to become just that I was raised in a humble home. not on the streets but not given whatever I wanted. throughout high school, I worked to put food on the table after I saw the way my mother was treated at the food bank
🌿Ksenia🌿 Acum o Zi
Trigger_Bs Acum o Zi
kalungi stephen
kalungi stephen Acum o Zi
Watching from Uganda
SHAS and SARS V2 Acum o Zi
Addi's 홈 카페
Addi's 홈 카페 Acum o Zi
My heart almost broke because of the conversation they have.
Dead Girl11
Dead Girl11 Acum o Zi
My dad left me in 2019 ;-;
Tayara Yehia
Tayara Yehia Acum o Zi
Okay fine sheeeesh 😂
Me Is me
Me Is me Acum o Zi
0:03 so then I said no honey that’s caviar That’s so 😭🤚🏻😂
Huz7 Edits
Huz7 Edits Acum o Zi
Actually in real football players can just skip matches whenever they want same goes for youth players too
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