G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Official Video) ft. blackbear

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G-Eazy “Hate The Way” feat. blackbear: smarturl.it/hatetheway

Director: Kat Webber
Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
DP: Xiaolong Lui
Production Designer: Gody Fusina / Spencer Graves
Production Company: Fela

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Aslan Ahmed
Aslan Ahmed Acum 57 minute
This songs hits differently when you talk to a girl and mess up badly now she doesn’t talk to you and you hate the way you always miss her :p.
Pandicorn_ 420
Pandicorn_ 420 Acum 2 ore
Does anyone not notice right off the bat that this is hailey from The Florida Project on netflix i already knew because of her tats😂
Vincenzo B
Vincenzo B Acum 2 ore
Love with first listen
Fabio Vanini
Fabio Vanini Acum 2 ore
Kym Lambert
Kym Lambert Acum 2 ore
Do love his voice
Kym Lambert
Kym Lambert Acum 2 ore
Hes awesome I have always liked him and hes rich so I doubt he cares what too many people have 2 say.
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Ashutosh Porichha
Ashutosh Porichha Acum 3 ore
Frances Ann Wade
Frances Ann Wade Acum 3 ore
Frances Ann Wade
Frances Ann Wade Acum 3 ore
This is my jam and so blessed you and black bear made this song because it speaks to the core of my soul. And ive had this on repeat which i feel like their should be a female responding back to you cause their is always 2 sides to every story.
Kevin Stewart Larocque
Kevin Stewart Larocque Acum 4 ore
Im feeling this with ya 😔
Zizwe Hunt
Zizwe Hunt Acum 4 ore
Man, i dont even listen to this man. But i feel this song and cant stop playin it! Real!
evyak joshi
evyak joshi Acum 4 ore
this is golden
Jessica Layola
Jessica Layola Acum 5 ore
Thank you so much for waking me up to like Blackbear! I’m in love with him now!!!
M.uhammad- 5021
M.uhammad- 5021 Acum 5 ore
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Bb Bb
Bb Bb Acum 5 ore
Relating to lyrics
the wizard
the wizard Acum 5 ore
G eazy is back
Sarah Segura
Sarah Segura Acum 6 ore
Damn I've always loved G. Another hit 🖤💔
Admin Acum 6 ore
Him And I Make Me Hate The Way
Mustafa Al zubaidy
Mustafa Al zubaidy Acum 7 ore
G-Easy True art, a mix of true fellings genuinity and passion all in couple of minutes song.
I love g easy flow I feel like he gave us everything we want love from india (bihar)
SnonE Erreapé
SnonE Erreapé Acum 8 ore
Brutal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Acum 8 ore
FmAb REEKON Acum 8 ore
Blackbear just can't be stopped
Sea Vibes
Sea Vibes Acum 8 ore
G Eazy is like fine wine he gets better as time goes on.
Alpha Male Strategiess - AMS
Alpha Male Strategiess - AMS Acum 9 ore
How to be Cold and Alpha 1. Confidence 2. Purpose 3. Mouthpiece 4. Swagger 5. Financial Independence Without these traits your confidence will never be enough for you to smoothly and effortlessly deal with women. Your purpose and confidence is going to decide how the women around you treat you.💯💥🤝🏽
Anshulika Singh
Anshulika Singh Acum 9 ore
Vincenzo Chariandy
Vincenzo Chariandy Acum 10 ore
Bro really missing her hard hard
Jolynn Souden
Jolynn Souden Acum 10 ore
I think this song and halsey and mgk song is not a coincidence.
Jerry Michaud
Jerry Michaud Acum 10 ore
Jerry michaud boy 23
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Acum 10 ore
Halsey Pt2
gotti1125 Acum 11 ore
His answer to her!!!!! Lol!!!!!
ʙʀᴏᴏᴋꜱ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ
ʙʀᴏᴏᴋꜱ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ Acum 11 ore
another amazing song 🖤
St-Pierre Jenny
St-Pierre Jenny Acum 11 ore
Honestly I admire him for all the effort he did said and made!! Wtvr they said he worked hard and still working hard for keeping what he as right now!! 👍
Martin Seidl
Martin Seidl Acum 11 ore
G-Eazy & blackbear? Yeah... classical autumn mood :)))
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Acum 11 ore
Oh he regrets cheating on her
Edger Reyes
Edger Reyes Acum 12 ore
I'm still waiting on G-eazy ft Eminem keep it going holy G
Holla Daze
Holla Daze Acum 12 ore
His best song since Me Myself & I.
waisly ch
waisly ch Acum 12 ore
blackbeer jeeez🔥
Brant Morse
Brant Morse Acum 13 ore
When a song about a girl also fits an addiction lol
lll l
lll l Acum 13 ore
3:07 lmao sounds just like meegan from key and peele
Mixie Acum 13 ore
Jose Acum 13 ore
Him and hasley was ment to be no one can change my mind !!
jamie young
jamie young Acum 14 ore
G easy is my favourite rapper of our century (also like Merkules,)
Video Motion
Video Motion Acum 14 ore
Im addicted to this song 🎧
Hilen Miralda
Hilen Miralda Acum 14 ore
the girl in the video is the mom from the Florida Project
GebraelTesfahun Acum 14 ore
G-eazy will always be the goat. But I would have really liked to hear black bear solo on thos beats tho, that would have been fire 🔥🔥
Dirk Giese
Dirk Giese Acum 15 ore
-KNR- B Acum 15 ore
Merve nur Bakoğlu
Merve nur Bakoğlu Acum 15 ore
KG 210
KG 210 Acum 15 ore
Just heard this song on the radio yesterday... It's gonna be a big hit
Kulwinder Singh
Kulwinder Singh Acum 17 ore
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Acum 17 ore
Does this show that time does not heal all wounds?
Courtney Marie
Courtney Marie Acum 17 ore
OBSESSED with this song!!! ❤❤❤ And deff gonna be looking more into Blackbear cause he sounds good af!
heyit'sjewels Acum 17 ore
heyit'sjewels Acum 17 ore
heyit'sjewels Acum 17 ore
Natalie McNeil
Natalie McNeil Acum 17 ore
Hate the way I always miss you... lol crazy how your music is my life literally.
Diana Nazarian
Diana Nazarian Acum 18 ore
I had a dream last night where G and Halsey made a new music video together where they were saying goodbye to eachother in the most sweet and loving way. They were just sitting across from e/o smiling and singling goodbye
history of arabic cartoons
history of arabic cartoons Acum 18 ore
I hate the way that I always miss you I really do😔💕
Ryckie Acum 18 ore
Blackbear recently cooperated with mgk and g-eazy. When can I see mgk and g-eazy cooperate😂
TheEpicLLC Acum 18 ore
Loving blackbears come up anyone else?
Max Heitmann
Max Heitmann Acum 19 ore
Hey.✌️ If you like trap and house music, feel free to check me out. I have been producing for a few years now and I am grateful for any support.🙏🏼🖤
Syndhia Chingsubam
Syndhia Chingsubam Acum 19 ore
M so happy you came back so strong 😌
Med Fatih
Med Fatih Acum 20 ore
classclown55210 Acum 20 ore
This sounds like the These Things Happen G-Eazy I missed, not that Everything's Strange Here era.
Tiffany Lowery
Tiffany Lowery Acum 20 ore
Like we didn't know Halsey is a lesbian
Jesus Barragan
Jesus Barragan Acum 20 ore
Keep making more of these type of songs e
DaringWounds [VAMOS]
DaringWounds [VAMOS] Acum 20 ore
Gerald, thank u for your works. You're the best in rap group. Russia with u. :)
Farhan Acum 20 ore
Paradise Channel МММ
Paradise Channel МММ Acum 20 ore
steve Acum 22 ore
my favourite singer of all time ❤g_eazy love from India
dyzerx Acum 22 ore
İts crazy 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Rethabile Makena
Rethabile Makena Acum 22 ore
Easy bruh you got that MAFIA GUY acting thing going on, I see you
Mōn Flyre
Mōn Flyre Acum 23 ore
Love this song.
pure luv
pure luv Acum oră
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super Acum 23 ore
"First you think you got control until I see you i cant resist you " sums up my past 1 year
Miftahul Zannat
Miftahul Zannat Acum 23 ore
Whereeessss haaallllsseeyyy
Chetan Singh
Chetan Singh Acum 23 ore
@Blackbear your voice is just wow 😲❤️
Lisa Scales
Lisa Scales Acum 23 ore
I feel this song is not about a girl but drugs and reckless life with it
Carlos Hussein
Carlos Hussein Acum o Zi
Damn... I just broke up with my girl bcoz our relationship was toxic asf... This video clip pretty much spoke our daily lives
Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright Acum o Zi
I keep coming back here because I have honestly been streaming this non-stop for 12 days already! And I'm not even a hardcore stan.
Miss Heather Chapoton
Miss Heather Chapoton Acum o Zi
You ready For this shit to Lake really hit hard like globally my buddy because here it comes
Malisa Lawson
Malisa Lawson Acum o Zi
People say halsey he'll.no looks nothing like halsey please !!! Nose diff body diff halsey no make wearing queen but he does in some of his songs send shots out to her bc she does same lol its am about pride both have to much to just say they miss each other instead they date all these other people holding to for get or even to make other one jelouse just hopeing what ever night club they go to they will see one another while the person with them like hellthe fuck o Rember me lol😂or wait never mind I was just thinking about my past lol I really don't no how they feel just a fan don't no tbem Look lol but like both of there music
Michael Schoenheit
Michael Schoenheit Acum o Zi
Yo, get Halsey on this!
Uyeen Thuy
Uyeen Thuy Acum o Zi
I fucking love blackbear.
Zsolt Farkas
Zsolt Farkas Acum o Zi
I need hungary lyrical! 🙏
Jesse Paton
Jesse Paton Acum o Zi
He misses Halsey
Katie Northcott
Katie Northcott Acum o Zi
Video hits home. For anyone in a toxic relationship- pain isn’t love. And even if it’s the strongest thing you’ve ever felt, you’ll find better once you leave the toxicity. It’s scary leaving what we know and are comfortable with, but believe me it’s sunny on the other side if you just leave the cold.
n. Acum 10 ore
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton Acum o Zi
I Hate The Way G-Eazy is rolling out his album! Give us a release date already!
Hanna Gonzalez
Hanna Gonzalez Acum o Zi
This song speaks volumes in my life...
shivam kumar
shivam kumar Acum o Zi
"Set my limit,try to draw the line ,then she sniffs it "
Katie Nickell
Katie Nickell Acum o Zi
I love G Easy such an amazing artist
Tengis Bayraa
Tengis Bayraa Acum o Zi
DJ Turtle
DJ Turtle Acum o Zi
This hits me hard.
Emperor Shane
Emperor Shane Acum o Zi
The ugly truth is that, at times it’s the most toxic relationships that make us feel alive.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Acum o Zi
This deserves more likes
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