Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

windys alternative account
windys alternative account Acum o Zi
thats not trees mehdi.
Zaydan Acum o Zi
Well 200k like later
Sadoc Souza
Sadoc Souza Acum o Zi
ElectroCUTE does look cute 😳
Schnitzel man
Schnitzel man Acum 2 Zile
200K likes done lets make that heater :D
Mate Pusztai
Mate Pusztai Acum 2 Zile
Still waiting for that patio heater video... :)
Orion Hunter
Orion Hunter Acum 2 Zile
0:36 night mode, speed, everything messes it up
Aha vrrrnrn Br rir rh fbf
Aha vrrrnrn Br rir rh fbf Acum 5 Zile
Travis stair
Travis stair Acum 7 Zile
Electro boom my dad thinks the easy moter will BLOW UP THE HOUSE can you help convince him
The Liamerator
The Liamerator Acum 7 Zile
200k likes acquired now design the induction heater😎
Ayden Savage
Ayden Savage Acum 7 Zile
Alright, Where is our induction heater with no safety???
Psiloxylo Acum 8 Zile
I invented a new kind of sinus generator. I´m just trying to handle this digital stuff, so you have to stop this video on my profile. I´d like to excuse my desolate appesarance. It has absolute constant amplitude while tuning it with the stereo potentiometer.
PI Shen
PI Shen Acum 8 Zile
Medhi I don't have money I am broke and can't afford express vpn
csgoicin920 allah
csgoicin920 allah Acum 10 Zile
why cant i add subtitles to mehdis or other youtubers video i am bored and i want to add subtitles to videos
Mystery Acum 13 Zile
@ElectroBOOM Is this even possible? Can you please bring the truth to the light?
Amirmahdi Alimadadi
Amirmahdi Alimadadi Acum 13 Zile
and i wish i come to new york and see you in canada then , you are very funny
Amirmahdi Alimadadi
Amirmahdi Alimadadi Acum 13 Zile
Hi , are you iranian ??? because you said بزن لایکو in this video
flame RBLX
flame RBLX Acum 15 Zile
8:36 electro goes B O O M
Bringer of Change
Bringer of Change Acum 18 Zile
Uh ohhh. It's over 200k nowww 😆
osan chb
osan chb Acum 20 Zile
I understood the German part
Deepaksingh Parihar
Deepaksingh Parihar Acum 21 o Zi
I am thinking what is a bird came in the game
O Nerd da Química
O Nerd da Química Acum 22 Zile
0:31 Mehdi reage a um vídeo do Iberê Thenório.
Wrathian_Hunter Acum 25 Zile
4:13 that's a light alright
Alexis Acum 29 Zile
Das war deutsch XD/ this was german XD
Scott Bloss
Scott Bloss Acum lună
When Mehdi started ranting about customs and excise I imagined this Mehdi: Customs is irritating and charges money that they shouldn't, so try this video's sponsor, international smuggling!
liquy__ __
liquy__ __ Acum lună
8:21 where heater with no safety
dragoon warrior
dragoon warrior Acum lună
i am kinda like that guy i learn everything from eletroBOOM now. I feel like going to school and learn from the best teacher around that that everyone want to learn from. i try listen to others about electricity but it was so boring i lost interest. I like his unibrow its awesome this is the first person that is not in movie that has one that i seen i think you should have a letterman jacket because your one the coolest people on youtube
BOBBY The Destroyer
BOBBY The Destroyer Acum lună
Time for the induction heater 205
Gonzalo Diaz
Gonzalo Diaz Acum lună
well usually that coutries has a lot of customs taxes to incoming packages , shipping usually cost almos nothing im from argentina soo i know about that very well...
JJcoolleo Acum lună
Wait it’s 200k likes
Austin Shepherd
Austin Shepherd Acum lună
Over 200K!!!
DarkerfoxTech Acum lună
200k likes achievement where's video
Sam Mayo
Sam Mayo Acum lună
We reached 200:000 likes, design it now.
vamp vampvil
vamp vampvil Acum lună
He learns how to shock him self
Hamdi Mohammed
Hamdi Mohammed Acum lună
The last, "Thanks for watching" phrase makes me happy every time I see it. THANK YOU Mr. Mehdi
Micah Rufsvold
Micah Rufsvold Acum lună
Heck yes! No borders!
Ian Harris
Ian Harris Acum lună
It’s reached over 200,000 likes now I’m just waiting for him to do the heater without any safety features
NRG KILZ Acum lună
Now time for induction heater with no safety pls
Poonnaphat Pantong
Poonnaphat Pantong Acum lună
in the video with the man from Kenya there is a fire sound in the backround
Duckelo Vlogs
Duckelo Vlogs Acum lună
You be like im a genus and you give leds 120v :D
macmen007 Acum lună
I just read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 concerning charity. Awesome work and contributions to those who cannot afford formal education. 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”
pratyush Acum lună
We're still waiting for that induction.
Shivam Acum lună
Yoo this video got 200k+ likes as you said at 8:20 Now When is your " induction heater with no safety features " video coming 😆
Supernova Simulations
Supernova Simulations Acum lună
So remember to ground yerself sometimes so u dont electrocute the machines
Gamer Maniac
Gamer Maniac Acum lună
200k like achieved 8:08
itsyaboi Acum lună
Just here to remind you you're at 205k likes.
444haluk Acum lună
Wow 200.000 likes is already done
Marcel P
Marcel P Acum 2 luni
Electroboomer didn’t get the curshdi :(
Venomorph Acum 2 luni
Amin Vafaei pour
Amin Vafaei pour Acum 2 luni
بالاخره یه کلمه فارسی شنیدیم ازت😂😂😂
World Ender
World Ender Acum 2 luni
this guy is my professor
Manaswi Dutta ix B 14
Manaswi Dutta ix B 14 Acum 2 luni
amir hossein
amir hossein Acum 2 luni
بزن لایکو😂😂
AQEEL Hanif Acum 2 luni
8:14 Target achieved 204K likes 😃 please fulfill your promise. 😇
VAJRA Acum 2 luni
lets pray for a world without border ❤ - electroboom
Pentatron Acum 2 luni
01:41 ah it was in kabel 1
MC Ulfric !?
MC Ulfric !? Acum 2 luni
Well, we hit 200k likes!
Gamer Noah
Gamer Noah Acum 2 luni
I mean it got 200.000 Likes.....
Seyid Ahmet Yoğurtcu
Seyid Ahmet Yoğurtcu Acum 2 luni
8:20 204.574 likes
rbtreziok Acum 2 luni
200,000+ likes...
Iamxpider Acum 2 luni
now this video has 200k likes
Param Ketan Gabhawala
Param Ketan Gabhawala Acum 2 luni
I need a multimeter
Alex Schmitz
Alex Schmitz Acum 2 luni
6:30 These Adapters really exist. Not all the prongs are live at the same time tho. You instead select a certain connector by rotating the top part, where your device is plugged in.
DakDak Acum 2 luni
204k likes. I guess you gotta build it now
Nico Bantelmann
Nico Bantelmann Acum 2 luni
The piano music slowly causes a addiction…
frostfreek Acum 2 luni
If you want to find out if your plug is GFI protected from another GFI outlet, plug a lamp into the one you want to test and then push the Test button on all the other GFI plugs.
anytorp Acum 2 luni
Boom eternal
Bloody Acum 2 luni
Mehdiiii its already 200k likes 8:19
maskvicius564 Acum 2 luni
So whare is the heater with no safety features? U hit 200k.
BFB-DanceySteve Acum 2 luni
When he starts pontificating with the scalpel in his hand, I got anxious.
John.S Butcher
John.S Butcher Acum 2 luni
Ok Stop walking
BS Animation
BS Animation Acum 2 luni
200 k
Caleb Magoma
Caleb Magoma Acum 2 luni
Look at Kenya 🙂
iKasu Acum 2 luni
Yo Mehdi, wen "Induction Heater with no safety features"? Your Vid got 200k Likes! You said so at 08:08
Cameronjmac Acum 2 luni
Electro boom baby boom boom I’m sorry
IMJS Acum 2 luni
Well, the video has 200k
Orio435 Acum 2 luni
“i live in spain without the a”
faatlobster Acum 2 luni
Unsafe induction heater?
Sean Kamran Rowshandel
Sean Kamran Rowshandel Acum 2 luni
This reminds me of when my mom was so aroused by her own reflection that she thought everyone was doing it at the same time like an army
Olivér Remény
Olivér Remény Acum 2 luni
200K+ likes ✅ It's time for some unsafe induction 🔥
Niphius Acum 2 luni
Hi Mehdi ich bin Deutscher und habe auch diese Dokumentations gesehen von dem Kind was ein Rollstuhl gebaut hat English Version: Hi Mehdi im German too i see this Documentery too from this Child that build a wheel chair
Neon 3D
Neon 3D Acum 2 luni
200,000 likes u got to do it
Dussy Pestroyer
Dussy Pestroyer Acum 2 luni
holy crap electro boom is on DAS ERSTE HD xD sad fact that i hate DAS ERSTE HD... its a channel for super old people
Sans Granie
Sans Granie Acum 2 luni
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions Acum 2 luni
8:36 When taco bell:
DHANESHWAR.G Acum 2 luni
Bernhard Haas
Bernhard Haas Acum 2 luni
if you build a transmitter that emits the frequency of light, what then lights up? the antenna? the whole circuit?
Pro Wite
Pro Wite Acum 2 luni
It's basically LED xD
My house built in 1965 be like: put your fingers in the plugs nothing will trip so ya dead and also 220v short the plugs and nothing will trip so yeah my house is dangerous and the braker out in the street is the original one somehow.
Logan inman
Logan inman Acum 2 luni
what is electrobooms raddit
Asif khan
Asif khan Acum 2 luni
0:45 It can be more efficiently done by hacking the game with code...
Anand Raj
Anand Raj Acum 2 luni
Or using an auto clicker.
Gaia Drazer
Gaia Drazer Acum 2 luni
8:19 so anyone has the link to the video?
Killshot Playzz
Killshot Playzz Acum 2 luni
200 k likes done mate
Killshot Playzz
Killshot Playzz Acum 2 luni
Whenever he plugs in something Me: ooh bring in the BOOM please fast I don’t got time
dady yankee
dady yankee Acum 2 luni
8:17 look at the likes where is it?
os in het mos
os in het mos Acum 2 luni
bruh already hit the like goal
25.Siddhesh Sinha
25.Siddhesh Sinha Acum 2 luni
bruh its 200k pls make the induction heater now @ElectroBOOM
JESUS CHRIST Acum 2 luni
8:22 persian ooommmmm are
Morteza Afrooz
Morteza Afrooz Acum 2 luni
دویست هزارتا لایک زدیم سلطان،وقت عمله
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome Acum 2 luni
induction heater design when
llsc and galaxy warrior
llsc and galaxy warrior Acum 2 luni
200k likes. induction heater where
Lenra Namikaze
Lenra Namikaze Acum 2 luni
How can I join in his subreddit.
A Rule
A Rule Acum 2 luni
Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric Device
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