Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH. You asked for it. This was even more INSANE than the original.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

Quinito Travis Corachea
Quinito Travis Corachea Acum 6 minute
That would be a insane 10000000000000000 IQ
Quinito Travis Corachea
Quinito Travis Corachea Acum 6 minute
Can dream defeat 100 players to hunt dream
GachaLyn Acum 31 minut
Petition for dream to make a cobblestone crafting table
Ven Uyi
Ven Uyi Acum 32 minute
GalaxyToast Acum 48 minute
Sapnap and Antfrost: How did he kill us? Dream: I thought I had iron?
redgem Acum oră
deтeтιve мιcнel Dm
deтeтιve мιcнel Dm Acum oră
Oh Dreaam
Mary Jane Delalamon
Mary Jane Delalamon Acum 2 ore
Dream is the best
White_ Franex
White_ Franex Acum 2 ore
31:45 only ogs used to do this the old way in 1.7.10
adil khan
adil khan Acum 2 ore
dream was hacking
Snowdrive Acum 2 ore
you can actually trap players inside a netherportal, if you block off all exits from it. they can't break it since they can only interact with the nether portal blocks themselves, and they can't go back either
Nathan Franks
Nathan Franks Acum 2 ore
What mod is this? If any? I havent played minecraft in a couple years, are there really shields and crossbows and all those psychodelic crazy nether blocks now?
RROD360 Acum 3 ore
Every 2 seconds: “You muffinhead” “Oh my gosh”
Ben Holley
Ben Holley Acum 3 ore
Dream when hes on half a heart: oh my god... Dream when hes on two hearts: OH NO OH NOOO
Juargor_1 Acum 3 ore
(2 min left) -Me: Dream is going to die -Dream: Are you sure about that?
Simon Loquais
Simon Loquais Acum 3 ore
Does anybody has the song starting at 12:55? Thx
Skizzrz Acum 3 ore
saying hi to myself to answer in two years after i come back to this
gina frank
gina frank Acum 3 ore
This guys brain is massive
CapriDar !!
CapriDar !! Acum 3 ore
Dream when he makes the second portal: I have something that overpowers Prot V 4 hunters: uh huh, what’s that? Dream: Confidence
Porscha Roney
Porscha Roney Acum 3 ore
I did this and I had no armor at the end because it broke and I had a shield and stone sword and like 10 beds and won my friends killed my iron armor
Muhammad Rizki Mubarok
Muhammad Rizki Mubarok Acum 3 ore
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore Acum 3 ore
Next year: Minecraft speedrunner VS 10 hunters
Artur Lewandowski
Artur Lewandowski Acum 3 ore
what's the name of drema on twithy because i don't know, we'll write someone?
Mia Still
Mia Still Acum 4 ore
Dream is a minecraft pro
NoLife :P
NoLife :P Acum 4 ore
Wtf dream had the advantage but didn’t kill the other 2 before going to the nether
Anime Pro
Anime Pro Acum 4 ore
Erboyy Warnsen
Erboyy Warnsen Acum 5 ore
This is how many notch apples dream found 👇
Nathan Annodius
Nathan Annodius Acum 5 ore
Dream was armed with **their** confidence.
Senor C
Senor C Acum 5 ore
Someone on the hunters team: says dream is so dead Me: knowing they aren't even halfway through the video
Jack Myers
Jack Myers Acum 5 ore
Worlds fastest enderdragon kill
ضياء محمد
ضياء محمد Acum 5 ore
واو روعه😍🤩😘
tiam Acum 5 ore
Music 24:39?
Wix_ Btw
Wix_ Btw Acum 6 ore
Bad in every video: Do you guys where the you know what is?
failure chan
failure chan Acum 6 ore
God among humans
SKYLLeZzZ17 Unknown
SKYLLeZzZ17 Unknown Acum 6 ore
best player
failure chan
failure chan Acum 6 ore
600000 IQ
-Glitch- -Lemon-
-Glitch- -Lemon- Acum 6 ore
I still find it funny at 27:19 George said dream was wasting his pearls but in reality dream already had all of the eyes of ended he needed and was just using his extra pearls to get away from them
Ben Cochran
Ben Cochran Acum 6 ore
What was the song that played when he trapped them overtop of the Nether?
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière Acum 6 ore
34:33 "I'm not trapped in here with you." You're trapped in there alone!
Dave Partridge
Dave Partridge Acum 7 ore
Dream is kinda dying
mya Acum 7 ore
Suspicious De
Suspicious De Acum 7 ore
32:17 The moment that music started, you knew they were done
Leon UwU
Leon UwU Acum 7 ore
Damn The Iq😳🙏
Emalee ayotte
Emalee ayotte Acum 7 ore
Caldo _YT
Caldo _YT Acum 7 ore
Dream could finish Harvard with his 200 iQ
nvr fn
nvr fn Acum 7 ore
Jesse Duke
Jesse Duke Acum 7 ore
He will survive
CorvetteMania Oof
CorvetteMania Oof Acum 7 ore
Lol look at the chat when the hunters got prot 4 armor they said that they used creative and were hacking and stuff
Viperbot Acum 7 ore
Who else is looking for the one giant onion comment
Neighborhood Plat
Neighborhood Plat Acum 8 ore
Turtle Mufin
Turtle Mufin Acum 8 ore
Dream is actually galaxy brain
WOLF EYES Acum 8 ore
Bruh dream faces his videos
Ryukusaki Acum 8 ore
Me waiting here when its going to be 10 hunters vs 1 minecraft speedrunner
Chadsworth69 Acum 8 ore
This is more scary and intense than a horror movie
NoKapJunior Cuz
NoKapJunior Cuz Acum 8 ore
Axaxors Acum 8 ore
Jay Owens
Jay Owens Acum 8 ore
Dream is soo dum and stupid he is just a. Lonely guy that only plays Minecraft that the exact word my sisters said about dream so I beat her heheh
That guy
That guy Acum 8 ore
Damn you went to playing Minecraft to assassin's creed with obvious hiding places and they hunters wont check there really quick
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Acum 8 ore
I bet you won’t pin this
hamdab 11
hamdab 11 Acum 9 ore
he littery made them kill themselfs
MR SOGGYSOX Acum 9 ore
I love the Break the road song. It makes the hunters know that they just got owned
Norita Othman
Norita Othman Acum 9 ore
how you put tnt in the tree
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière Acum 7 ore
The TNT Minecart? Place a solid block on a leaves block, place a rail and the TNT Minecart on it, break the block and you have a bomb ready to explode. If you break the leaves, the minecart falls, if a TNT Minecart falls for long enough, it explodes at impact.
Spark Acum 9 ore
Seeing them constantly have chances to kill the fuck out of Dream at 13:56 and then just never rush him genuinely infuriates me. Minecraft combat isn't that complicated.
R_rezi Acum 9 ore
Me: *Sees Dream kill them with a axe* oh right dream always uses a axe when hes attacking
PixeleQ Acum 9 ore
You God in thisbgame
Tophatgaming Acum 9 ore
dream tends to forget rule 1 never dig straight down
Wonjae Cho
Wonjae Cho Acum 9 ore
When they were stuck in nether roof they could have built a platform so ghasts can spawn. They were just not spawning cause bedrock is considered a transparent block
Max Gilliland
Max Gilliland Acum 9 ore
dream, how did the hunter leave the nether the second time, after you had taken the obsidian from the portal?
KUFF Productions
KUFF Productions Acum 9 ore
g i l s o n :b
g i l s o n :b Acum 10 ore
a god
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy Acum 10 ore
I like how they got so cocky how they can out number dream and full enchanted armor and still lost feels good man i sub xD
Hyus Hakka
Hyus Hakka Acum 10 ore
who relate to minecra f (how did i get so many likes)
Hyus Hakka
Hyus Hakka Acum 10 ore
2020 is the worst year of 2020
Eleonora Borisova
Eleonora Borisova Acum 10 ore
:hunters call an ablance: dream NOT FOR ME
Naddl Kartoffel
Naddl Kartoffel Acum 10 ore
Anyone knows the song playing at 33:52? I have this song stuck in my head for such a long time already :'D
Tropical Dino
Tropical Dino Acum 10 ore
Ya'll what background music does dream use?
Right Burst
Right Burst Acum 10 ore
Do hardcore speed run 10 players
Josh P
Josh P Acum 10 ore
POV: your family just bought a time machine in 2060 so you came back to watch all the dream videos since they just got rid of youtube
jero1209 Acum 10 ore
the biggest IQ
brian ramesar
brian ramesar Acum 10 ore
0:55 mhh
WitheBurning Acum 11 ore
since when tnt close nether portals 0_0 ???
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière Acum 7 ore
Since TNT and Nether are in Minecraft...
Pinkie the Cat
Pinkie the Cat Acum 11 ore
oh shit, here we go again.
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler Acum 11 ore
“Do you expect him to win?” “There’s four of them each has full enchanted iron armor, I’d say the odds are about even.”
enzo gamer
enzo gamer Acum 11 ore
Amo o teu conteudo
The Cringe King
The Cringe King Acum 11 ore
Jermaine Hammond
Jermaine Hammond Acum 11 ore
Hunters: You have nowhere to run Dream: Casually traps them in the nether for eternity
Carson Buchmann
Carson Buchmann Acum 11 ore
What’s the song at 10:20?
Roman Clan games
Roman Clan games Acum 11 ore
My heart is beating out of my chest at the end
Roman Clan games
Roman Clan games Acum 12 ore
Nether playsss BIG BRAIN
Levente Rózsavölgyi
Levente Rózsavölgyi Acum 12 ore
Talita Rodrigues
Talita Rodrigues Acum 12 ore
Dream plis Mande salve pelo brasil
Jack Fay
Jack Fay Acum 12 ore
This series is crazy
Aus Boy
Aus Boy Acum 13 ore
dream has incredible taste in music
maria jose pozas ochoa
maria jose pozas ochoa Acum 13 ore
Dear friends, With university finals this week, missing assignments from my semester due, and packing to go back home over winter break, it has been hard to find time to edit my next video. It is going pretty solid, 30 minutes in right now. But there is A LOT of footage left to include. There's no way I get it out before Thanksgiving, so the plan is to pack all of my things, go back home for break, and then resume my editing there. Because of that, it will probably take me longer to get the video out than it otherwise would. Just sending this post to keep you guys updated on my progress, and know I'm not being lazy like you may think with this delayed upload, I just have a lot of IRL stuff on my plate over the next week or two. My best estimation for release is 8-10 days from now with the video being around 1:15:00 long. I hope everyone that is travelling for the holidays stays safe, I thank you guys for your understanding and I will see you all during my next upload! 😄❤ Sincerely, -Stevie
Stigio Acum 13 ore
40000000000 IQ
PumpkinEater69 Acum 14 ore
cOmE hErE gEoRgE!!!
Dani Saputro
Dani Saputro Acum 14 ore
2:30 cobblestone crafting table
Jaleel Caines
Jaleel Caines Acum 14 ore
When he says come here George I laughed so hard
Brady Phillips
Brady Phillips Acum 14 ore
You should have used a lava bucket to trap the end spawn platform
WikaPL TFM Acum 14 ore
Dream is the Best!!! ✨✨✨
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