iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment

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Hugh Jeffreys

Acum lună

Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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Hugh Jeffreys
Hugh Jeffreys Acum lună
I believe this is something everyone needs to know about. If you have the time sharing this video would be appreciated. Have a nice day everyone, keep fighting for our right to repair!
The Doctor
The Doctor Acum o Zi
@Marco De Amos Stop trying to justify the actions of a corrupt company that only wants money. Also when they make it so the phones can't be repaired they are able to charge people unbelievable amounts of money for the company to fix it or they can charge the customer for buying a new phone. WHile it is their phone and their company, what they are doing is borderline monopoly, which is actually illegal in many countries especially their biggest buyer America.
4B Ramcharan Venai
4B Ramcharan Venai Acum 3 Zile
The amount of times he disassembled the phones I salute you sir
Skater XL Clips &
Skater XL Clips & Acum 5 Zile
Rigoberto Tovar
Rigoberto Tovar Acum 11 Zile
Alexander Wong im
saravana kumar
saravana kumar Acum 12 Zile
Super man I will never see like this
Mark Apolinski
Mark Apolinski Acum 23 minute
Correction: You can use your old power adapter with your old cable to charge the iphone 12. I have about 8 of these old adapters/cables lying around. You don't *have* to buy the new power adapter.
ferretapocalypse Acum 25 minute
Not being able to repair and reuse a phone seems to make more freakin waste. Apple charges almost the full price to repair their products after warranty expires, which means you may as well throw it away and buy a new one. WASTE. Except in Apples wallet. It’s about money not the environment
OESHINS Acum 25 minute
Apple Is a joke. I’m gonna still use it tho smh😔
Al Briano
Al Briano Acum 26 minute
This is so DIRTY by Apple.
ZuL JOhn Helmi Smith
ZuL JOhn Helmi Smith Acum 38 minute
OPPO , Xiomi FTW...
Tho Tha
Tho Tha Acum 40 minute
I love this movie.
Groudon 909
Groudon 909 Acum 40 minute
How is this legal? Or is it one of those anti-consumer practices that's only legal in America?
Ranjz Eiddrich Denniel Calapini
Ranjz Eiddrich Denniel Calapini Acum 41 minut
Apple is like mr krabs
Cunning And Running
Cunning And Running Acum 43 minute
Nice breakdown!
xclimatexcoldxx Acum 47 minute
Hmm. New phone, or 2 months of vacation? 2 months of not going to work. Hmm. I think I'm good. My phone plays all my apps and everything fine.
xclimatexcoldxx Acum 51 minut
I thought iPhones were garbage to begin with, now I know it's a garbage company. $3,000 WTF?!? Who in their right mind would pay that for a phone? That's like paying $100,000 for a new car.
shubham shrivastava
shubham shrivastava Acum 54 minute
And here I am with Android screen replaced once , installed 2 different custom rom and guess what it works fine
Ch1l1C0nCarnag3 Acum 56 minute
Replaces an Apple Component with another Apple Component; Phone: Component is not genuine. That's the biggest Red Flag in the history of Red Flags. The phones are literally unrepairable if something goes wrong, becuase it won't recognise their own parts.
Dantastic Acum 57 minute
The only reasonable reason I can think of for them to lock it down so much is to prevent unscrupulous refurbishers from fixing the phone with substandard parts and then you buy it from them and it performs poorly and you blame Apple for something that isn't their fault and your opinion of their quality is inaccurate. Why the parts need to be serialized to the phone such that even genuine apple parts don't work seems to go too far though.
DigiThorn Acum oră
Apple: "we're aiming for zero wast" Also Apple: *make it physically impossible to repair/replace parts of their Hardware without paying their ridiculous warranty prices where they'll just replace the entire phone*
Chris Keel
Chris Keel Acum oră
there is nothing an apple product can do, that there isnt already a cheaper product that can also do
mc Acum oră
lmao are you guys even surprised
Sergio Maia
Sergio Maia Acum oră
Great clip!
Carter gellner
Carter gellner Acum oră
This my last iphone |: why apple be like this
McSavage Acum oră
They intentionally brick them. That’s insane even when it’s identical iPhone parts
Lizard Wizard
Lizard Wizard Acum oră
apple is just done with you keeping your phone
Daniel Acum oră
Imagine buying an iPhone in 2020
Daniel Acum oră
Apple, please respond lmao
McSavage Acum oră
Apple is a ridiculous money grab and we’ve known this for years. Everything is a scam. I’m convinced they had the iPhone 12 tech 3 years ago and just string everyone along to make 5x as much
Evolutiongat Acum oră
and people still think Apple is "consumer friendly" and an ethical company.
Nyte_Lite Acum oră
Did you check the QRs?
ryan mundell
ryan mundell Acum oră
lol I hate apple but they know how to get people to buy new phones
Dylan Cox
Dylan Cox Acum oră
Trash company
JustJohnIsFine Acum 2 ore
Maybe that guy shouldn't have declared war on Apple to make them increase the anti repair design
Nyte_Lite Acum 2 ore
You expected anything else from a marketing company like Apple?
Beespool Acum 2 ore
Still using my LG V20 Woo hoo! Best phone ever made.
The Auxer
The Auxer Acum 2 ore
“I wouldn’t be caught with an Android” bro they are literally selling you less for more so they can make more money please stop wasting your money.
xXChili DogsXx
xXChili DogsXx Acum 2 ore
Hardware drm
Loofy Acum 2 ore
Apple is becoming a monopoly and they must be stopped.
kxmode Acum 3 ore
Pretty confident it's not just iPhone. Apple is going to implement this into ALL their products. They've even moved away from Intel-based CPUs to ARM, meaning Mac gamers cannot play Intel-based games without jumping through many hoops. Some devs, like Bethesda, said The Elder Scrolls Online wouldn't support ARM CPUs. Apple doesn't want a walled garden; they want a walled prison!
BubChub Acum 3 ore
Just get the Iphone X there bassicly the same phone with a different number.
kxmode Acum 3 ore
That's so egregiously wrong!!!!! Apple is a trash heap of a company. I'm switching to Android after my iphone dies.
Jobbernowl Acum 3 ore
Why am I watching this when I know I'll never be retarded enough to buy an Iphone. 🤔
Cenachi Acum 3 ore
Apple is being anti-consumer again!! What a surprise!!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Acum 3 ore
"we want to cut down on waste so we removed the power adapter. now you need to go buy this different one"
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Acum 2 ore
@IM TOO LAZY For a profile pic i suspect the devil is to blame
IM TOO LAZY For a profile pic
IM TOO LAZY For a profile pic Acum 2 ore
Jesus, what's wrong with them?
Kgbt Acum 3 ore
More lockdown then ever before 😂
TheDoomlord7 Acum 3 ore
Costi sT
Costi sT Acum 3 ore
5:50 looks like a face
kwkstar Acum 3 ore
Simple fix: Stop buying apple! Why should loyal apple (suckers) I mean customers, show loyalty when apple dose not show loyalty to their customers!
Chris Acum 3 ore
What a cool but disturbing find.
Hamburger Hamburger
Hamburger Hamburger Acum 3 ore
Hillbilly’s: you think you can stop me *FOOL?*
Daemon Ska
Daemon Ska Acum 4 ore
14:40 is it just me or this guy looks like Phineas?
Gonn Givdgn
Gonn Givdgn Acum 4 ore
Final straw, just been going more and more downhill...
SunStu Acum 4 ore
this should be illegal.
Canel Kökten
Canel Kökten Acum 4 ore
Boykott apple!!!!! Written with iphone x
cookiee -
cookiee - Acum 4 ore
appla suks]
Kraveer Acum 4 ore
I wonder if apple just thinks these are good decisions lmao
Hacked hacked
Hacked hacked Acum 4 ore
Such naughty greedy people
KGeta Acum 4 ore
apple: more money go brr...
Yalalz Acum 4 ore
I thought there were two 3DS consoles in the thumbnail.
TheWatchingEye Acum 4 ore
I feel like every single Iphone component has a serial code that matches with eachother. And if the code isn't the exact same, the product stops to work.
Pyruh Acum 4 ore
And this my friends, is why you should keep your phone until it breaks.
ahoogaa Acum 4 ore
Thank you for giving me another reason to hate iPhones.
TOMGOTTI Acum 4 ore
All this and I still won’t buy a android 😂😂
Acum 4 ore
Ok for the charger I must say this... Its just a cash grab. "There are already 2 billion power chargers in the world" So lets make a different one so that people will be forced to buy MORE chargers and thus giving us more money. Considerring that most people buying apple phones already have an apple charger or a third party one, making a different kind is just making the issue worse.
modbom100 Acum 4 ore
Apple is so fucking greedy its disgusting
That guy from that game
That guy from that game Acum 4 ore
Nothing new under the sun. Apple is a terrible company when it's about repairing.
CommanderNemex Acum 4 ore
Apple: We will prevent our IPhone 12 from being repaired to prevent climate impact Everyone: Why?. Why would you do that? Me: "laughs in android"
modbom100 Acum 4 ore
Lmao they really made a usb-c to lightning cable they have to be kidding
Killermod 037
Killermod 037 Acum 4 ore
Apple really wants only the money
Mike Arisbrocken
Mike Arisbrocken Acum 5 ore
Apple: reducing e-waste AS LONG they make money out of it.
Ryan Acum 5 ore
This is exactly why I will not buy another Apple product again. I have been in IT for 20 years now and I have repaired many phones over that time as well. When it comes to earlier iPhones, they were easy, but now, when someone brings me a new iPhone, I tell them that I can not fix it because I just don't have the equipment. I push them to go to any other brand so they don't come across this again.
Waqid J
Waqid J Acum 5 ore
This is how they sell more adapters. Assholes
George Carlin
George Carlin Acum 5 ore
The splendid zoology booly divide because gallon inspiringly attempt from a heady girl. rural, exultant group
atomixfang Acum 5 ore
I will never buy anything apple. Dont know why so many people fall for the meme.
Rainlike17 Acum 5 ore
Where are the antitrust authorities looking?
Zair Acum 5 ore
I love Samsung
Amok The Forgotten
Amok The Forgotten Acum 6 ore
Apple is a scam
Pdd Pup
Pdd Pup Acum 6 ore
why would anyone buy this crap??
godzilla Acum 6 ore
The more reason to switch to Samsung
WhisperyLight44 Acum 6 ore
And *THIS* ladies and gentlemen is why I chose Samsung
People: apple sucks apple only want our money Apple : releases a new iphone People : lemme go buy it
Jonathan Acum 6 ore
Imagine still buying Apple in 2020. Brainwashed retards.
Mr H
Mr H Acum 6 ore
Another reason not to get the new iphones
mwooody G
mwooody G Acum 6 ore
8:30 helpful? No😂✌️
Noah M
Noah M Acum 6 ore
These are anti consumer practices. Apple will sooner waste resources, not to mention their unethical labour, and leave a phone unusable, than not be financially benefitting from the fixing/replacing process that the phone’s planned failure will necessitate. Granted, this is by no means unique to them, but I guess their brand name and recognition lets them get away with it.
Helene Trøstrup
Helene Trøstrup Acum 6 ore
I would honestly love to say that I'm surprised. And some people get offended when I say that you couldn't pay me to own an iPhone.
Mr H
Mr H Acum 6 ore
We got 🧠
Zinemagnetic Acum 6 ore
Apple designs are no doubt the absolute worst, they're the least practical, least convenient, most expensive and the support market is garbage
L Brown
L Brown Acum 6 ore
Yeah the iPhone 12 is the most compelling iPhone ever for me as an Android user but this is just stupid, still won't buy one
Erik Faz
Erik Faz Acum 6 ore
*laughs in iPhone 6s*
Jeffry Smith
Jeffry Smith Acum 6 ore
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Na Noi
Na Noi Acum 6 ore
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Tink Ertime
Tink Ertime Acum 6 ore
Does Apple sell replacement suicide nets?
That Giraffe You Might Know
That Giraffe You Might Know Acum 6 ore
Knowing most tech guys, he wouldnt be outputting much force with his arm
Nepals Acum 6 ore
Apple has gone downhill since the first iPhone
That Giraffe You Might Know
That Giraffe You Might Know Acum 6 ore
So Apple is trying to scam us even more?
Treyon Daren
Treyon Daren Acum 6 ore
what i learnt today is NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM APPLE as they will fuk me sideways and that they "update" the iphone software to destroy the system once its a year or so old to force you replacei t.
Cihad Turhan
Cihad Turhan Acum 6 ore
Apple == Greedy. Hopefully it will lose in a court for creating unrepairable products and more waste.
HMD 102
HMD 102 Acum 6 ore
I'd just like to butt in and say that this is a prime example of planned obsolescence: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_obsolescence
Dream Chaser Ink
Dream Chaser Ink Acum 6 ore
Apple: "We aim for zero climate impact by 2030 by reducing waste." Also Apple: "Your phone broke? Now every part of it is a WASTE! Go buy a new phone!"
Thu Tha
Thu Tha Acum 7 ore
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
TAMER Tamer Acum 7 ore
yeahhhh it sucks
Sanne Vloet
Sanne Vloet Acum 7 ore
conclusion, dont buy apple.
Marcel Nalewajko
Marcel Nalewajko Acum 7 ore
now this is why i don't buy apple products, they just try to suck the money out of apple fanboys
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