Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

AlmaMia Carrasquillo
AlmaMia Carrasquillo Acum oră
Sassie G
Sassie G Acum oră
Queen *elsa*
Pranjal Chandel
Pranjal Chandel Acum oră
James shivers and says 'HI shishters"
Pranyga •-•
Pranyga •-• Acum oră
No .. in India its like summer all 365 days... luv from India tho sister
Keryn Solomon
Keryn Solomon Acum 3 ore
strxberry_ milk
strxberry_ milk Acum 3 ore
I live a in Canada and it snows a lot lol.
Asmaa Dennaoui
Asmaa Dennaoui Acum 6 ore
Dang I wish there was snow in Australia I've always wanted to experience it 😪😥
Kei Tsukishima
Kei Tsukishima Acum 6 ore
James: *putting eyeshadow on* Also James: _am i dying?_
Rocco the sleepy gamer
Rocco the sleepy gamer Acum 6 ore
It was the "LeT iT gOoO"that got me😂🤣😂🤣😂
Leanne Russell
Leanne Russell Acum 7 ore
People who didn’t come from TikTok can like ❤️
PurgeMeister Acum 7 ore
5:04 flashback mary got a lovely little tan
Lucy Perry
Lucy Perry Acum 8 ore
I from Australia and sadly their is only snow in the snowy mountains which is a vacation spot
lakshita vlogs
lakshita vlogs Acum 9 ore
ADITI SHUKLA Acum 10 ore
Sadly the place I live dose not snow, I am from Kanpur India
Simply Rosiiee
Simply Rosiiee Acum 11 ore
I live in Texas but we just got snow for the FIRST TIME in so long a few weeks ago- I ate the snow with a shovel 👌
The ASStroNOTS Acum 13 ore
lewis: you don't have a headache you have a BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! me: dying
I like the winter time and I live with snow in Pennsylvania
Søphia Ashrøck
Søphia Ashrøck Acum 14 ore
I'm cold
Dale Drake
Dale Drake Acum 14 ore
Do not say that we’re such
Lyric VanBibber
Lyric VanBibber Acum 15 ore
I hate the winter it gets -10 degrees
Ren Acum 15 ore
“Is there snow where you live” Me living in Canada: oh yes honey snow for days
Eve Stirling
Eve Stirling Acum 16 ore
James: writes HI SISTERS in a foggy mirror... Hi James✌
shadowsphere Acum 17 ore
When you put on that foundation I was like "Oli London that you.....😶😶😶" And then I was like no nononnono its sister james relax
Ava Kelley
Ava Kelley Acum 17 ore
i live in mountana so yes there is a LOT of snow
noor zaman
noor zaman Acum 18 ore
OMG I LOVE WINTER and i live in east meadow long island but i love it bc of the snow days and the snowmen and everything (besides my fingers literally going numb)
Life as Amiracle
Life as Amiracle Acum 20 ore
No I live in Florida 😭
94sealover49 Acum 21 oră
Watching guys using makeup in one fetish i have, it´s really cool and relaxing
Julie Furmanski
Julie Furmanski Acum 21 oră
yes we have snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Termin8tor99 99
Termin8tor99 99 Acum 21 oră
I live in Canada it is great up here
annabelle johnson
annabelle johnson Acum 22 ore
i dare you to do frozen and one dip makeup challenge
Acum 23 ore
And I love it
Acum 23 ore
I live in Chicago and we had -50 weather in 2018 and this year we had 4 feet of snow and on Wednesday there is going to be more😩😂😂
aria jeong
aria jeong Acum 23 ore
I hate winter cuz snow keeps blocking our door during that time 😌
Madi & Kenzie Vlog & gaming
Madi & Kenzie Vlog & gaming Acum 23 ore
Yea it does snow but the part I live in won’t snow every single winter and when it does snow I love it!
Adam Parker
Adam Parker Acum o Zi
james:*writes Hi sisters James: Can u guys read that or is it backwards? me: yes James we can read it
Ashlynn Tickal
Ashlynn Tickal Acum o Zi
Change Charles can you like me Foundation
Ashlynn Tickal
Ashlynn Tickal Acum o Zi
Ashlynn Tickal
Ashlynn Tickal Acum o Zi
Live in a place for the snow but now it's going away
Amelia Brooker
Amelia Brooker Acum o Zi
No I am from Landon
Pamela Salamanca
Pamela Salamanca Acum o Zi
I live in maine and yes I love the snow but why does it have to be so cold 😭
ginnayh family touw ngie tjouw
ginnayh family touw ngie tjouw Acum o Zi
You are a boy
soraya brown
soraya brown Acum o Zi
I James your my biggest fan
Seema Ch
Seema Ch Acum o Zi
No snow trash , well I live in india
Yeahnah Acum o Zi
Nope I live in Australia sooooo only snow at the bottom
Ava Rowe
Ava Rowe Acum o Zi
Arzoo Azhar
Arzoo Azhar Acum o Zi
Omg Like I live in UAE hmm I’m not an Arab ❌ and ofc it doesn’t snow there it’s a moderate temperature
Skyla Odendaal
Skyla Odendaal Acum o Zi
Georgina Simpson
Georgina Simpson Acum o Zi
Anne-Ly Amerikas
Anne-Ly Amerikas Acum o Zi
Answeing a question, I live in Finland and we have 50 cm thick snowcover since 31.12.2020 and the temperature is today only -10 °C
James Lowe
James Lowe Acum o Zi
Was it only me who saw the alcohol in the fridge
James Lowe
James Lowe Acum o Zi
No i live in Florida
Chari Pang
Chari Pang Acum o Zi
Kidding im in America
Chari Pang
Chari Pang Acum o Zi
Im in philipines
Annie Havmyr
Annie Havmyr Acum o Zi
Sweden it is not snow anymore
Michelle Yochem
Michelle Yochem Acum o Zi
U were uber cute during this 🥶 freezing video.
Jeremiah Hanson
Jeremiah Hanson Acum o Zi
I’m from Georgia and this is what the weather says hi I’m rain ; littrlY 5 days later him I’m 80 degrees 2 hours later ; people in Georgia are under a winter weather advisory 2 days later hi I’m rain did ya miss me? The it proceeds to rain 4 like 3. Days then frezzing temps GUYS GEORGIA WEATHER WILL KILL U
Katarina Josevski
Katarina Josevski Acum o Zi
James Charles:it’s so cold x100
ShadowSky Playz
ShadowSky Playz Acum o Zi
6:26 Yes, I do live in a place that has snow, aka Canada, and I do not like snow because its either to fluffy (it falls apart) or its to stiff and I am also allergic to the cold so thats a bad thing.
Jedd Wang
Jedd Wang Acum o Zi
you should do a supermarket makeup challenge where u go to your local supermarket and use the makeup sold there :)
i live where it snows and i like it at first but not after a month
Crystal Gabriel
Crystal Gabriel Acum o Zi
I live in Canada and lots and lots of snow here
Addi Long
Addi Long Acum o Zi
I loooooove how he said DETHAW when THAW means to unfreeze🥶🥶🥶💙
ashley mccre
ashley mccre Acum o Zi
Alicen Kane
Alicen Kane Acum o Zi
we have 6 feet of snow where i live
Brianna Phelan
Brianna Phelan Acum o Zi
I love in Regina, Saskatchewan. We live in igloos and ride moose to Tim Hortons for a good coffee every day.
MGirlsSquad Acum o Zi
Princess Unicorn
Princess Unicorn Acum o Zi
Yes and I love the snow
Abby Dunn
Abby Dunn Acum o Zi
I’m actually from upstate NY and I HATE the snow!
Juliane Guillemette
Juliane Guillemette Acum o Zi
I love winter and i'm from Québec so on winter is si cool to juste go outside and skate or go sking
Allyson Rios
Allyson Rios Acum o Zi
New york
ninjarazor123 Acum o Zi
Va yes I love the snow ⛄️
Angelique_smh Acum o Zi
James: am i dying Also James: *carries on*
Alaura Denman
Alaura Denman Acum o Zi
Char-Cole Acum o Zi
Hahahahah it sister cold today
micah h
micah h Acum o Zi
I live in England
Suspicious_Frog Acum o Zi
I love the winter and snow even though we have it every year.
Anne Unneberg
Anne Unneberg Acum o Zi
I live in Sweden and it is sooo much snow there becuse i live in north Sweden 😬😬😬😬
Karla Bardales
Karla Bardales Acum o Zi
It looks like someone just punched u
Karla Bardales
Karla Bardales Acum o Zi
James I am a big fan but this look was just not it
Park Roseanne
Park Roseanne Acum o Zi
Ummm so im 13yo im an arabic girl ILYSMMMMMM 🥺 ❤️
Jasmine Slaughter
Jasmine Slaughter Acum o Zi
Ice Cream Chillin Chillin Ice Cream Chillin🍦🍨
demi oteju
demi oteju Acum o Zi
I have snow and I love winter
Lea Jaber
Lea Jaber Acum o Zi
Me :*has a headache Me:*ignores it* James:*has a headache* James:AM I DYING?!?!?!
Jelicia Rocha
Jelicia Rocha Acum o Zi
Yea netherlands 2 weeks ago was er so much snow i coud not open the door but now its like sunny
Lea Jaber
Lea Jaber Acum o Zi
I live in a dessert (i can't say what country) It doesn't snow here
Zita Szeman
Zita Szeman Acum o Zi
I love winter because in England it doesn't snow every year
Olivia G
Olivia G Acum o Zi
There is snow where I live but I do like to snow but I like summer more :) ( luv your channel)
Kaylee Snow board
Kaylee Snow board Acum o Zi
Me to
Roblox Verification
Roblox Verification Acum o Zi
with only the foundation on he looked like flashback mary LMAOOO
Aliviah Courtney
Aliviah Courtney Acum o Zi
I used to live in new York I loved the snow but we moved I miss it alot!😢
X_lillie_ x
X_lillie_ x Acum o Zi
I actually live about 15-20 minutes from where James used to live in NY!! And idk but I just figured this out!! 🤣
Sarina Yorston
Sarina Yorston Acum o Zi
Their is snow much snow in Ottawa and yes I love it
molly mcdowell
molly mcdowell Acum 2 Zile
I live in Florida and would not survive in the cold
zura ali waheed
zura ali waheed Acum 2 Zile
No snow here its the Maldives ;-;
Siti aminah Alib
Siti aminah Alib Acum 2 Zile
I live on Arabic James
Says hello to the blush
Spirit wolf Legend of wolves
Spirit wolf Legend of wolves Acum 2 Zile
I live in aus at winter its pretty hot and for Christmas stinking hot because its in the sever summer.
Nicole Charlton
Nicole Charlton Acum 2 Zile
Omg love your makeup
Sophie Martin
Sophie Martin Acum 2 Zile
I live in Troy, New York and there is snow and I hate it!!!!!!!
Nicole Charlton
Nicole Charlton Acum 2 Zile
I live in England and it doesn’t snow 😞 I like snow
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