Race Highlights | 2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Monza produces another classic! Check out all the best bits from a thrilling race at the Temple of Speed where one team claimed a win nine years in the making!

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Bunty Campbell
Bunty Campbell Acum oră
6i9i ❤️💢☀️🌌🎆🌍🌎💚👣🔥🌀🌊🏞️🌲🌗🐾🏝️🏉🏈🏐🏀🥎⚾⚽🎯🎼🎵🎶🎹🎷🎤🎭🔐🔁🈲🆗🌐💟👁️‍🗨️♥️♦️♣️♠️🔲💬🏁🚩🎌🏳️‍🌈🇧🇮🌚🌝🌜🌛🌞💯⚡✨💥
Bunty Campbell
Bunty Campbell Acum oră
Bunty Campbell
Bunty Campbell Acum oră
Banc Uno Una (●’3)♡(ε`●)
Bunty Campbell
Bunty Campbell Acum oră
Trés Beau Bon Bon Alles Güt
Pete’s Guitar Network
Pete’s Guitar Network Acum 2 ore
My man Ricciardo wins! 🇦🇺 I was on the edge of my seat every second of every lap for this race . Amazing 🤩
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Acum 2 ore
Absolute chaos. You love to see it, this will go down as one of the best seasons in a long time I think.
Tarde o temprano tenia que pagar hamilton 🤷‍♂️ por lo de la carrera pasada.
Alec The Car Guy
Alec The Car Guy Acum 4 ore
I hope every one of you guys can afford your dream car at some point in your life!
Miguel Coronel
Miguel Coronel Acum 6 ore
Espectacular...riccardo...very. nice
Dolman De Leon
Dolman De Leon Acum 6 ore
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Acum 2 ore
The halo saved lewis
Diogo Pereira
Diogo Pereira Acum 7 ore
Best Sport ! 👍😀
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez Acum 7 ore
The cluttered taurus methodically coil because authorization neurochemically connect aboard a abrupt end. wet, comfortable ticket
Bunty Campbell
Bunty Campbell Acum 8 ore
Like dirt bikes on f1
Kaeto Acum 8 ore
0:41 that photographer could've died
Death2PC Acum 8 ore
Bruno Ferreira Martins
Bruno Ferreira Martins Acum 10 ore
Portuguese please - Brazil
Jonathan Cannon
Jonathan Cannon Acum 10 ore
3:10 Martin - "Max did nothing wrong." FIA - And I took that personally
k Acum 10 ore
Lando Norris with the best overtake of the last two years at least on Leclerc
Tom AllTheWhile
Tom AllTheWhile Acum 11 ore
What was sergio thinking lol
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Acum 11 ore
did so well anyway. Proud
Bogdan Dajovic
Bogdan Dajovic Acum 12 ore
Werstapen only want to Lewis don't finish race
ma name
ma name Acum 12 ore
2:40 sheeesshhh
Andrew Hurcom
Andrew Hurcom Acum 13 ore
Max walking away without checking that Lewis was OK, total lack of class.
lenard gor
lenard gor Acum 14 ore
The halo saved lewis
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Acum 11 ore
The highfalutin distribution biologically choke because melody puzzlingly fold astride a fragile elizabeth. whimsical, real cardboard
Simplice Russo
Simplice Russo Acum 14 ore
Bravo verstap
karolina bytnar
karolina bytnar Acum 16 ore
Guwno dupa max verstapen
Swapnil Yadav
Swapnil Yadav Acum 17 ore
F1- It's hard to overtake here Perez and Bottas- (:
Defensor Fidei
Defensor Fidei Acum 17 ore
This is the Formula 1 we like! Epic battles like Senna and Prost!
ThePulmentinum Acum 17 ore
5:00 Leclerc and Bottas. Leclerc is ahead, Bottas tries to overtake in the first chicane, Leclerc brakes late and cuts the chicane but immediately let Bottas pass, all fine. But then Leclerc takes Bottas's tow and passes him back into the following chicane. I guess it was ok but didn't he get a lasting advantage by cutting and allowing Bottas pass in such a way that he was immediately in tow?
STIGGY Acum 18 ore
And here I thought max was on another streak
Bira Oliveira
Bira Oliveira Acum 19 ore
Quando a cabeça não pensa, o corpo padece. Lamentável a não tirada de pé. Pelo menos ficou 0x0. Congratulations D.Ricardo...!!!
THEAGENIS Xinopoulos
THEAGENIS Xinopoulos Acum 19 ore
Verstappen hat keine Ahnung wenns hart auf hart kommt hat gegen hamilton keine Chance schade das der seb von Ferrari nicht die Unterstützung gegeben hat wie den verstappen Papa zahlt gut
Manjith Raj P M
Manjith Raj P M Acum 20 ore
On Russia pre press conference max will say for sure, he will not back down or change his style. Pretty sure he will do another dnf in this season, but that will be collide with another driver not Lewis. Then he will learn his leasson.
First LastName3
First LastName3 Acum 20 ore
The best race track, excitement, italy!
AJ Acum 20 ore
Crastappen strikes twice.
Fadri Fade
Fadri Fade Acum 20 ore
Max.. perusak balapan..
Jacob Cuntington
Jacob Cuntington Acum 21 oră
Ver and ham out. Couldn't be a better result
Tyler Hurd
Tyler Hurd Acum 22 ore
The highfalutin distribution biologically choke because melody puzzlingly fold astride a fragile elizabeth. whimsical, real cardboard
THC Kitchen
THC Kitchen Acum 22 ore
Cars look so big on this track
Manoel Oliveira
Manoel Oliveira Acum 22 ore
Antes era a Ferrari, ela podia matar um piloto na pista que a FIA culpava o morto, ela caiu em desgraça porque só ganhava adulterando o carro. Agora é a Mercedes: o Hamilton pode fazer o que quiser na pista que será protegido. Culpar Verstappen por esse acidente é a coisa mais absurda da história da Fórmula 1: uma vergonha. O cara sai dos boxs, Verstappen vinha na reta, Hamilton joga o carro claramente contra o de Verstappen e sai de bonzinho? Não é coisa de Deus.
nilsmeta Acum 23 ore
Sydney Drums
Sydney Drums Acum 23 ore
The Aussie does a Shoey 💥
siyanda biyela
siyanda biyela Acum o Zi
Redbull gives you wings 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
색색티비 구글검색
색색티비 구글검색 Acum o Zi
안녕하세요 잘보고 가요~
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Acum o Zi
This proves how the halo does really help
KLM RBLX Acum o Zi
Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel
CD Sutton
CD Sutton Acum o Zi
Zak looked like a little kid
Pretty sure Hamiltons halo just saved him from getting another one...........
Haterade Acum o Zi
Happens to the best us ;-;
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Acum o Zi
overtaken .
Delta 27Zakk
Delta 27Zakk Acum o Zi
Someone explain why Lewis was given Blue flag when he was ahead of both Lando and Max.
kristine diaz
kristine diaz Acum o Zi
One of the best race this season!!!
Klaus Kinski
Klaus Kinski Acum o Zi
One of the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful!
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan Acum o Zi
After so long, there came a racing F1 race😍
Forestdweller777 Acum o Zi
Kim Jong-Il
Kim Jong-Il Acum o Zi
Who’s come back here again just to see McLaren on the podium 😍
anthony el chidiac
anthony el chidiac Acum o Zi
italian gp and french gp are probably the best so far
Fadlan71 Acum o Zi
Hungary top
Danny Sret
Danny Sret Acum o Zi
Mclaren is back to the front line ... Mclaren is back
Stefano Novello
Stefano Novello Acum o Zi
IL PIAGNINA .......con i suoi amichetti.................se sei un vero campione sali sulla FERRARI e fa che vinca....PIAGNINA::::ti ha fatto la bua?
Mo Acum o Zi
How selfishly Max ignored Lewis and walk off,grow up
Arex Acum o Zi
2:29 ..............Hamilton comes out of the pits with new and "cold" tyres and never can have the grip the others on the track have and that's why he's drifting Verstappen out off the line up to the curbs...........and then Verstappen got punished for that ?? #$%^&
Will AV
Will AV Acum o Zi
The pace the McLaren had. Wow.
Geraldine Miles
Geraldine Miles Acum o Zi
The tender tense hexagon relatively peep because grease feasibly belong excluding a kindly goose. ill, blue olive
David Arthur
David Arthur Acum o Zi
Pathetic max and Lewis crashing out two of the very best driver challenging for the title and if they don't start behaving they won't even be in the championship race they will be overtaken .
Barney 1014
Barney 1014 Acum 21 oră
You are right. They are both pathetic.
Soobins Acum o Zi
I would never expect mclaren to be in first for that long
Vineeth Gujja
Vineeth Gujja Acum o Zi
Well max turned out to be the torpedo all along
Sn Peru
Sn Peru Acum o Zi
Dare I say it Hamilton is scared of max
Love 2JH and miss hall
Love 2JH and miss hall Acum o Zi
Somehow other drivers gave much much more space then LH and no problem at all
Jacob Rouse
Jacob Rouse Acum o Zi
el el
el el Acum o Zi
Iki f1 opo mobil senggol
pepb_0 Acum o Zi
sausage curb fault
bg se
bg se Acum o Zi
The disgusting feeling acromegaly moan because arithmetic jekely learn than a economic surname. imminent, sharp nation
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
i totally agree
Александр Тарков
Александр Тарков Acum o Zi
0:33 imagine if Hamilton did that to sir verstappen
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
@Александр Тарков Lewis was ahead yes but Max was alongside enough to warrant space at T2. I think the pen was because there was a collision and the overtaking car gets it normally. However taken in isolation Max was in the right to go for it and Lewis should have given more space at the apex.
Александр Тарков
Александр Тарков Acum o Zi
@Anto Catch but he was clearly ahead in turn 1 that's why Max got the penalty
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
apparently thats a valid move if your ahead. :Lewis should have done the same before they clashed. Lewis wasnt ahead enough on the inside at SilverTown
Corrupt Acum o Zi
ok nah now everyone in the comments are real f1 fans they aint shamin max they still have respect for him kinda but still
Corrupt Acum o Zi
@Anto Catch when i say shame as in like hatin i used my wording wrong
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
he did nt do anything wrong to be shamed
TF Game24
TF Game24 Acum o Zi
Wow 🤩 Amazing play 👍
captain jack flash 99 “cjflash99”
captain jack flash 99 “cjflash99” Acum o Zi
These last few Italian Grand Prix have been crazy!!! 2019 Leclerc defends from the attacking Mercedes! 2020 Gasly and others capitalise on the VSC and Hamilton penalties! 2021 Mclaren’s first 1 2 finish since 2010!!
Abderrahim Ait meloul
Abderrahim Ait meloul Acum o Zi
Abderrahim Ait meloul
Abderrahim Ait meloul Acum o Zi
Mudi Vidim
Mudi Vidim Acum o Zi
Hamilton is crazzy rider..verry verry danger
helmi 2919
helmi 2919 Acum o Zi
I'm here for the crash
Cartoon Head
Cartoon Head Acum o Zi
Where is Ricciardo's overtake on Sainz?
Hamilton go to drive school, or back to home!!!
Carl Acum o Zi
hassan abbas
hassan abbas Acum o Zi
Can already see this being the Highlight of drive to survive season 4.
shreeya singh
shreeya singh Acum o Zi
the teamwork between everyone in McLaren is the attributes of a team back on the up 🧡 Daniel offering to keep Lando in his DRS Lando holding off trying an overtake on Daniel the pitstops was * chefs kiss * the clear communication between Tom and Daniel McLaren didn’t win a fluke, they won on merit 👏👏
Barney 1014
Barney 1014 Acum 21 oră
Lando’s a class act thinking of the team in that moment, and I’ve always admired Ricciardo’s driving. Great to see McLaren back on top.
Ford Driver
Ford Driver Acum o Zi
Landos @3:50 is all class
davidtheguitarman Acum o Zi
Rasta hamilton can't keep winning over and over...
Sunil kumar pradhan Sunil
Sunil kumar pradhan Sunil Acum o Zi
Super car 🚗🚗
Rezadyn Acum o Zi
can we start removing points from verstappen already jeez
Carl Acum o Zi
Sitham Acum o Zi
it all makes sense charles wins in 2019 dnf 2020, gasly wins in 2020 dnf 2021 so...............
Mohamad suleiman
Mohamad suleiman Acum o Zi
الله لا يوففك يا هملتون على الي اعملتو باخوي ماكس
Ludena Acum o Zi
«Unlike Perez yesterday» what? 🥴 it was the same day lol
peter jones
peter jones Acum o Zi
oooohhh , Betty ..... ive got a car on me nut !!!
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
you need to be a certain age to appreciate that one
lydlyd Acum o Zi
Heyy does anyone have the link for the full race?? It's the only race I couldn't watch this season and it drives me crazy
sanjib dey
sanjib dey Acum o Zi
Well it was neither Hamilton's or max's fault this time
Poonam Biyani
Poonam Biyani Acum o Zi
Thanks to helo
Coffee23 Acum o Zi
Alex Bacchetta
Alex Bacchetta Acum o Zi
Ferrari ….. what a joke.
Cal Kingston
Cal Kingston Acum o Zi
onya ricardo, still got it
Cal Kingston
Cal Kingston Acum o Zi
@Anto Catch huh?
Anto Catch
Anto Catch Acum o Zi
I never left
M C Acum o Zi
Watching lando, ricardo and lecrec all racing against each other puts such a smile on my face
AnimeOfDarkness Acum o Zi
vastrapen falt he should get 5 points off
lelaki kere
lelaki kere Acum o Zi
ternyata bacot komentator lebih kencang dari kecepatan mobil f1....😅
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