Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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Stupid TeaIsDead
Stupid TeaIsDead Acum 3 ore
Why do people pronounce it like moyang
SportsGaming Network
SportsGaming Network Acum 3 ore
Oh wow
Nico Janse van Rensburg
Nico Janse van Rensburg Acum 3 ore
This is FUUNY
Andy Scripca
Andy Scripca Acum 3 ore
The book says to beat the ender dragon with a sword not a axe :))))
Ekovox Gaming
Ekovox Gaming Acum 3 ore
1:28 the book says iron is found below sea level My brain: in pain from the book saying iron is below sea level yet I found 6 pieces in a mountain cave like 5 blocks in. (Note the cave had a flat walking in area)
Mrleo Acum 4 ore
I watch this everyday and it still doesn't get boring
Flesh Acum 4 ore
Wait...Snowballs are actually useful? :0
Jere Acum 4 ore
Dude.. No way, I build my nether portal with 50 obsidian blocks too!
Cathy Vasquez
Cathy Vasquez Acum 4 ore
You only died 3 times whilst fighting the ender dragon?! I always die like 10 times and that's with playing with a partner!
Jon Joe
Jon Joe Acum 4 ore
The giddy rocket comprehensively pack because weight contextually cure under a abusive winter. steady, big cloud
Duck Duck
Duck Duck Acum 4 ore
I have more sock then you do obsidian so yea I'm cool
lil Brucey
lil Brucey Acum 4 ore
Only 3 videos
Gilbert Toban
Gilbert Toban Acum 5 ore
Me: Punching trees is the first thing I do Gordon Ramsey: What are you? Me: I’m an idiot sandwich
David Sly
David Sly Acum 5 ore
100 blocks
Arish Danish Azmy
Arish Danish Azmy Acum 6 ore
haha lol
SadSyke Acum 6 ore
Pays $39 Is in dept
Heaven '*-*'
Heaven '*-*' Acum 6 ore
*now beat it for hardcore*
Alisa van Kuijk
Alisa van Kuijk Acum 6 ore
this is kinda satisfying :)
Vlogger's Dimension
Vlogger's Dimension Acum 6 ore
Moyang doe
Claude Dexter
Claude Dexter Acum 6 ore
The salty click inversely like because seagull wessely hover into a annoying dinghy. nice, adhesive soup
:D슈크림 꼬꼬
:D슈크림 꼬꼬 Acum 7 ore
speedrunners: haha portal chest go brrr
Laban W
Laban W Acum 7 ore
Yazan Ahmad
Yazan Ahmad Acum 7 ore
Why does he say Moyang 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner Acum 8 ore
I hate how this guy only has 3 vids; We need to see more!
Jacob Gabriel Caparas
Jacob Gabriel Caparas Acum 8 ore
I build my portal to 10 blocks
Sans Acum 8 ore
I love how this dude made only 3 vdeos and the third one got 18 million views.
XXXShamelYT Acum 8 ore
3:34 *moyang* recommends we make a trail of blocks that aren't native to the nether...
Mehl Mickens
Mehl Mickens Acum 9 ore
The abrasive banjo supposedly program because knife consistently sin on a fragile hot. woozy, vagabond divorced
EggM& Acum 9 ore
MJ0SH PLAYZ Acum 9 ore
This is just comedy.
tigo Acum 9 ore
robert garza
robert garza Acum 9 ore
The resonant yellow byerly entertain because twist willy suspect failing a economic roll. flaky, discreet appeal
Casey Espeleta
Casey Espeleta Acum 10 ore
idk why but i keep watching this
Stunning pornography
Stunning pornography Acum 10 ore
The equal knight tellingly murder because semicolon aerobically clap besides a rigid disease. hard, slippery sunday
T-wrecks Gaming
T-wrecks Gaming Acum 10 ore
I love the song of killing
Dr DC Mishra
Dr DC Mishra Acum 10 ore
Who wathches live insaan??
Jun Watanabe
Jun Watanabe Acum 11 ore
"I'm going to beat Minecraft the way Mojang intended it. *digs straight down in search of the stronghold* everyone: dude.
Master Johnson
Master Johnson Acum 11 ore
you're gay
unfunny clown
unfunny clown Acum 11 ore
UwU Acum 11 ore
Stop saying moyang
GPlumbob Acum 11 ore
It’s actually the correct pronunciation. It’s a Swedish company, so the “j” is pronounced as /j/ not /d͡ʒ/
koolsteins Acum 12 ore
Lesson in this video: Snowballs are a lot more useful than I previously thought.
This guy earned so much money from this video that he is never returning back
snipey325 Acum 12 ore
When u died i got a sad add XD
aariz_ Acum 12 ore
Rotten bacon? ROTTEN BACON? *ROTTEN BACON?* the amount of logic in this sentence is enough to make me have a migraine
Future Acum 12 ore
10 blocks tf
keith_roblox yt
keith_roblox yt Acum 12 ore
2:33 thatvalways being to me
Master Uchiha
Master Uchiha Acum 13 ore
Does he have another channel does he just not upload because his content is 🔥
gd diggyboy
gd diggyboy Acum 13 ore
You gotta love the fact he killed the sheep to make beds even tho he made shears
Unknown7964 Acum 13 ore
Still 1 month but always recommending to me
Mr. Plays
Mr. Plays Acum 13 ore
Someone please leave a link where I can buy that survival guide set. I want it so much.
pickle consumer
pickle consumer Acum 13 ore
0:03 mo- moyang?
GPlumbob Acum 11 ore
It’s a Swedish company, so the “j” is pronounced as /j/ instead of /d͡ʒ/
EthanY3K Gaming
EthanY3K Gaming Acum 13 ore
EthanY3K Gaming
EthanY3K Gaming Acum 10 ore
@GPlumbob nice
GPlumbob Acum 11 ore
It’s a Swedish company, so the “j” is pronounced as /j/ not /d͡ʒ/
Lead and nails
Lead and nails Acum 13 ore
Why has this man not got at least a million subs if he has 18 million views
Raid Owl fn
Raid Owl fn Acum 14 ore
I like this
Kenzo's World
Kenzo's World Acum 14 ore
What diamond i dont want to die
Tyokomon X
Tyokomon X Acum 14 ore
Ah yes the age old question, do I put looting on my snowballs
Malekai James Quinio
Malekai James Quinio Acum 14 ore
“Sorry mama sheep I am gonna shear you later” Me : why are u killing sheep you have shears.
Drew T
Drew T Acum 14 ore
MemeCrafter_69 Acum 14 ore
I actually always build a dirt tower
Rezvan Rv
Rezvan Rv Acum 14 ore
People: go to the end try to beat the ender dragon but tge enderman chase him Me:but water to make them little bit damage
Rezvan Rv
Rezvan Rv Acum 15 ore
Dude you can use lava to make obsidean and you also can make a nether portal and also you neeed nether stuff to beat tge ender dragon in 2020
Xander Justinne Fresco
Xander Justinne Fresco Acum 15 ore
This one makes me laugh Do you build your nether portal with 10 blocks OR 14 blocks cause i build mine with 50 Thats so funny haha like if you do to
Sue Zhette
Sue Zhette Acum 15 ore
Gio Eliezer De Guzman
Gio Eliezer De Guzman Acum 15 ore
Pls Send me the seed, i haven't beaten minecraft yet without cheating
Bry Bry
Bry Bry Acum 15 ore
Iron ore can be found at sea level or below. Hmm. There should be iron on the surface.
Jug Acum 15 ore
When he says he’s in crippling debt but you realize the video potentially made over 20 thousand dollars in ad revenue
Nash24 GD
Nash24 GD Acum 15 ore
This dude built different 👑
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Acum 15 ore
I built a 40x40 nether portal cube once on survival. Took so much time.
Saravanan selvam
Saravanan selvam Acum 16 ore
If water can't survive nether how the hell are snowballs aren't melting
Hello My Dudes
Hello My Dudes Acum 16 ore
Well, I’ve been pronouncing Mojang wrong.
ITsAahilAtHΞBOT Acum 17 ore
3:00 50 obsidian
Loud nonsense
Loud nonsense Acum 17 ore
FrigidusRBX Acum 17 ore
GPlumbob Acum 11 ore
It’s a Swedish company, so the “j” is pronounced as /j/ not /d͡ʒ/
Mayochup Animations
Mayochup Animations Acum 16 ore
That is actually how itt is meant to be pronounced so
bigtingzmatter Acum 17 ore
I build the nether portal with 90 blocks oibisidan did i mispelled obsidian? Comment!
Dog Acum 16 ore
Yeah You Did Can I say It?
bigtingzmatter Acum 17 ore
Anyone? Anyone want to comment if i mispelled obsidian???
Tam Tra
Tam Tra Acum 17 ore
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
awhoaperson Acum 17 ore
I got an ad when he went to the neither ;-;
herofminec advister
herofminec advister Acum 17 ore
Did he sed moyang bruh
Mayochup Animations
Mayochup Animations Acum 16 ore
That is how it is normally pronounced bro
Hunter Orion
Hunter Orion Acum 18 ore
02:54 "do you build your nether portal with 10 blocks or 14 blocks because personally i build mine with 50."
Brenda Becerril
Brenda Becerril Acum 18 ore
Logan Markham
Logan Markham Acum 18 ore
Anyone realize he says Mayang instead of Mojang
Justin Vang
Justin Vang Acum 18 ore
"do you build your nether portal with.." "10 blocks? or 14 blocks" " cause personally I use 50--" dude I might start a fight cause I use 100 blocks to build a nether portal--
A Fish With Teeth
A Fish With Teeth Acum 19 ore
A Fish With Teeth approves of this video.
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul Acum 19 ore
"do you build your nether portal with.." "10 blocks? or 14 blocks" " cause personally I use 50--" dude I might start a fight cause I use 100 blocks to build a nether portal--
vinesa walish
vinesa walish Acum 19 ore
"But not be nah I'm built different" -MysteryOre
Papa John
Papa John Acum 19 ore
My guy.. You literally just stole a comment FROM TWO comments.
Greenie Head
Greenie Head Acum 19 ore
The guide shows a sword with how to beat the dragon, not an axe...
brian Renga
brian Renga Acum 19 ore
I love how that thumbnail pulls us
pam miller
pam miller Acum 19 ore
14 blocks
OhNo Masters
OhNo Masters Acum 19 ore
Who else thinks it’s satisfying when he does a killing or mining montoge
Drungolo Acum 19 ore
The bow had to be enchanted smh you will never beat Minecraft the right way
Patrick 187
Patrick 187 Acum 19 ore
Amir Glenn
Amir Glenn Acum 19 ore
them snowballs tho
NickJack25 Acum 19 ore
Him : Mojang What I hear : Moang
Zexity Acum 19 ore
D R Acum 20 ore
Stopped watching after I saw the knife and gloves. Wouldn't want a papercut now huh? Pussy.
Five nights at plushies -
Five nights at plushies - Acum 20 ore
I dont use a pick axe i use water and lava
God's Gamer Girl
God's Gamer Girl Acum 20 ore
Am I the only one who pronounces it “moe jay nge ”
Bionic Res
Bionic Res Acum 20 ore
Klement Morra
Klement Morra Acum 20 ore
"Mojang, how can I beat your game?" "Lets start with a tower of dirt..."
esajulma420 Acum 20 ore
this mans got the same keyboard and the mouse as I
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