Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

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Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer Acum 2 ore
Yes this is Truth
WhItEsIdE GAMER Acum 3 ore
This song touched my heart 😊
Keila Liborio
Keila Liborio Acum 3 ore
Extraordinary song🤩🤩🤩💛💛💛
George M
George M Acum 3 ore
bean bag boys for life
Nick Sebastien
Nick Sebastien Acum 3 ore
Njurk Acum 3 ore
The world needs an apology to JB I used to hate JB back then because all of things his being doing but now I see he was to change and be a new of himself
Deepanshu urmaliya
Deepanshu urmaliya Acum 3 ore
This song is so pure and heart touching
The fact that I got the same song as a ad on this song.
matthew pace
matthew pace Acum 3 ore
Love this song
Njurk Acum 3 ore
I used to to JB as an dumb a$$h013 teen that does crazy $h1t but now that he mature and wants to change . I wanna see the real JB
Njurk Acum 3 ore
I used to hate JB back then because he would always do crazy things and get in trouble because he was not mature yet but now that he matured and start to fix his imagine again and he thinks now
Njurk Acum 3 ore
It’s true you have everything but you have no one to call/ talk too
Javier Melgar
Javier Melgar Acum 3 ore
the emotion, literally has become one of my fav JB song.
Njurk Acum 3 ore
I said to myself that I’ve seen this kid and I search it then I remembered he was the one that played “Wonder”
Julian John
Julian John Acum 3 ore
This hit so hard not gonna lie.. this song just beautiful.. especially in this time.. alone in quarantine.. can't get out..
MAKE LIFE FUN Acum 3 ore
SAHIL WAHAB Acum 3 ore
Justin Bieber's songs in 2020 are at another level
victoria tanananana
victoria tanananana Acum 3 ore
obrigada to com depressao agora
Always God And God
Always God And God Acum 3 ore
Love you Justin 💜
Always God And God
Always God And God Acum 3 ore
Bipul Sarker
Bipul Sarker Acum 3 ore
So sad but beautiful song.
Katerin Gonzalez
Katerin Gonzalez Acum 3 ore
This is beautiful and sad 🥺🥺🥺🥺...
Byron Doyle
Byron Doyle Acum 3 ore
I felt all the words n rhythm a verses it touched me...
Leo Kailash
Leo Kailash Acum 3 ore
Lo lo lo lo lonely Lo lo lo lo lonely
Njurk Acum 3 ore
Sad reality but true My opinion if you have fame you have no one because you have every time but if you don’t have fame you got everyone and fame makes people blind and makes them go away from everyone
isaac beck
isaac beck Acum 3 ore
Looks like justin is now my fav artist I'm a big belieber now and I wish the song had no swear words so I can play this at school
Violet Angel
Violet Angel Acum 3 ore
Me am so sorry Justin for the hate......
Violet Angel
Violet Angel Acum 3 ore
@Always God And God i said sorry already
Always God And God
Always God And God Acum 3 ore
so from now on stop hatred and spread goodness, because in the end all hatred will disappear, defeated by love. God has arranged everything 🤗💜
Predaking Gamer
Predaking Gamer Acum 3 ore
y so much ads abt this song bro
Joshua Sebastian Unito
Joshua Sebastian Unito Acum 3 ore
I am a belieber. But.....I am a boy and he is my idol. I really want to meet him right nowwwwwwwwww. lol. I do not know if the belieber of justin are only girls. not boys??
Ajith Aryan
Ajith Aryan Acum 3 ore
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙄 jb 😊
Faisal Bezanjo Baloch Jusaki
Faisal Bezanjo Baloch Jusaki Acum 3 ore
Justin Bieber 58.1M subscribers King of ROpost.. Justin
Sorosh Molsom
Sorosh Molsom Acum 3 ore
I like Justin I one to become like justin
גל אור
גל אור Acum 3 ore
אלוףףף מדהים שרוף עליך❤❤😻😻
Elahe Saeidi
Elahe Saeidi Acum 3 ore
Jolienlovestae Acum 3 ore
My eyes are sweatinh
乙INERVA Acum 3 ore
If that's what you feel, here we are ... up those spirits, your song is sad ... You're not alone... 🤗 💛 I hope this at least encourages you even a little.... Take care.... 👋
NAD HSTRL Acum 3 ore
= JB
Isabella Cristina Soares de Oliveira
Isabella Cristina Soares de Oliveira Acum 3 ore
Tadinho, parece que está sentindo tudo que diz na letra da música... (Que é mt boa por sinal). Parabéns, Justin.
Thealex Danse
Thealex Danse Acum 3 ore
Hello, come see my dance on my profile, I'm starting out, thank you :)
neehar Dutta
neehar Dutta Acum 3 ore
Thealex Danse
Thealex Danse Acum 3 ore
Hello, come see my dance on my profile, I'm starting out, thank you :)
Lavauna87 Acum 3 ore
This is so awesome seeing another side of Justin wish the song was longer
Tonta él no te quiere
Tonta él no te quiere Acum 4 ore
khushi Acum 4 ore
I fell like justin is describing his life from the start of his career to now.
Brian Gómez
Brian Gómez Acum 4 ore
pues no te sientas así y ya
James Maxey
James Maxey Acum 4 ore
I’m crying right now
Salo Channel
Salo Channel Acum 4 ore
Whata nice song!! This is one of his Best songs ever! Full of reality... What do You think about my cover? ropost.info/flow/zb13oIacd2zb2m8/video.html
Ali Kabeer
Ali Kabeer Acum 4 ore
I never pictured Jacob Tremblay playing Bieber, but he did a good job
shruti singh
shruti singh Acum 4 ore
brilliant song!!!!
ozan Putra
ozan Putra Acum 4 ore
Lagunya buat air mata netes😓
Tana senkam Tana senkam
Tana senkam Tana senkam Acum 4 ore
PHIRE Acum 4 ore
this might be the only justin Bieber song I actually like and feel
Bunni Acum 4 ore
This is heartbreaking 🥺❤️
Thealex Danse
Thealex Danse Acum 3 ore
Hello, come see my dance on my profile, I'm starting out, thank you :)
Farhan Badilla syam
Farhan Badilla syam Acum 4 ore
justin bieber the perfect artis
Tanner Holland
Tanner Holland Acum 4 ore
Messfanfare Acum 4 ore
I never got into Justin Bieber. I never disliked him just wasn’t into his music but this makes me hurt for him.
Laura Bernal
Laura Bernal Acum 4 ore
my heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry you went through this.
Petra van den Bergh
Petra van den Bergh Acum 4 ore
Dear Justin, please don't commit not living like Avincii and all the other greats. Don't continue singing if it is causing your downfall. May you experience a Godly peace and fulfilling in your life. The length of the night is irrelevant since the morning is coming. Sometimes the night is necessary to rest.
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar Acum 4 ore
😭😭😭😭 I am so lonely
entnixe Acum 4 ore
In your face sape kata bieber dulu
Monserrat Leiva acuña
Monserrat Leiva acuña Acum 4 ore
Que llore dice 😪
Ash Ali
Ash Ali Acum 4 ore
When I saw this I remembered “the Bieber fever “ When everyone was obsessed with him Never knew he felt that way That really broke my heart
yanina romero
yanina romero Acum 4 ore
Anani Nino
Anani Nino Acum 4 ore
Noora Fathima
Noora Fathima Acum 4 ore
It's a beautiful song
Ellysa Alexandria stfu
Ellysa Alexandria stfu Acum 4 ore
I love u Justin ♥️
alexlau777 Acum 4 ore
Respect your vulnerability and transparency Justin
Raphaela Cavalcanti
Raphaela Cavalcanti Acum 4 ore
Feel me
Rayyan Ansari
Rayyan Ansari Acum 4 ore
Your are the king 👑 of singers🎤🎤 Your the beat
Julia P
Julia P Acum 4 ore
When the song is good and meaninful it doesn't get as much views! This is beautiful and I can relate so much too
Samayra Sharma
Samayra Sharma Acum 5 ore
Spread this song in whole world
Mili Aranda
Mili Aranda Acum 5 ore
Woo está música tiene muchos sentimientos, la verdad es buena me gusto✌️
Tina Stiffler
Tina Stiffler Acum 5 ore
Ok I don’t normally listen to Justin but this song hit home for me. I can hear the pain in his voice. Justin if you read these comments just now that this mom thinks that you are important. My 14 year old loves to listen to you. Never give up and try and ignore the hate. Just keep being you.
Sweet S
Sweet S Acum 5 ore
It feels lyk u have sung it by heart😪 Still can't believe that the 'baby' has grown so much. No matter what we love u beiber. Love from India😁
Julia santos
Julia santos Acum 5 ore
Onde clica pra curtir duas vezes?
Mincy Yaduvanshi
Mincy Yaduvanshi Acum 5 ore
I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely
Bemo Games TM
Bemo Games TM Acum 5 ore
Something that speaks truth behind being famous at a young age it always has a price
Weneedto Protectour whole CONSTITUTION
Weneedto Protectour whole CONSTITUTION Acum 5 ore
WoW!!!! This song actually made me cry!!! Sending Peace, Love & Light to as many people I can reach!!! Take care of eachother!!! Check -in!!! 🙏💜🕉☯️☮
Putri Sion Manalu
Putri Sion Manalu Acum 5 ore
we love u JB
Robbie_kak cari warna hijau Games
Robbie_kak cari warna hijau Games Acum 5 ore
When he said lonely, it's like goat sound
Faaeiz Khan
Faaeiz Khan Acum 5 ore
one shot so beautiful
Karina Dhaiya
Karina Dhaiya Acum 5 ore
Guys , we can't reach even 50 million for this song !!! Wtf
Karina Dhaiya
Karina Dhaiya Acum 4 ore
@Babu Jayabalan look at Ariana Grande 's new song it reached 30 million in just 3 days 🤷
Babu Jayabalan
Babu Jayabalan Acum 4 ore
I literally listen 2 this song at least 5 times a day
Babu Jayabalan
Babu Jayabalan Acum 4 ore
27 million up
surya nursandi
surya nursandi Acum 5 ore
Saya suka
Jhocel Biating
Jhocel Biating Acum 5 ore
Means so much 💖💗
Nick Lingenfelter
Nick Lingenfelter Acum 5 ore
One of them songs you don’t want to end
K S Acum 5 ore
Ooh, yodeling? Mr. Bieber
Rizuky Amaliyah
Rizuky Amaliyah Acum 5 ore
Semangat, Justin! We love you always!
Horus black813
Horus black813 Acum 5 ore
Mk ultra
Lucero Pastrana
Lucero Pastrana Acum 5 ore
Im so fucking crying
kim yeri
kim yeri Acum 5 ore
Justin can't u understand? I hate seeing u getting hurts
Me Xlll
Me Xlll Acum 6 ore
You think your the only one?
adosnomel Acum 6 ore
I’ve been a fan since day 1
BFA jr yeet
BFA jr yeet Acum 6 ore
His past is what made him who is today
Kriti Jha
Kriti Jha Acum 6 ore
God. This took me back to my fangirling days. That dressup. That hairstyle. Purple. Supras. Hockey.
Sankeerthana A
Sankeerthana A Acum 6 ore
Justin came back to his first position in Spotify. Congrats JB 💙
Professor Vlogz
Professor Vlogz Acum 6 ore
He has a wife
Aadhi A blink
Aadhi A blink Acum 6 ore
Song for my companion : Lonely And now he is very happy
Renu Anthwal
Renu Anthwal Acum 6 ore
Karol Oliveira
Karol Oliveira Acum 6 ore
Te amo pra sempre
Karol Oliveira
Karol Oliveira Acum 6 ore
Isso é tão profundo. :(
NatureBAM Acum 6 ore
True story except when you are me and never had anything.
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