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angelo marcelo
angelo marcelo Acum 5 Zile
genshin impact theme??
Drream Acum 5 Zile
7:10 cut the clip cUT THE CLIP
idmarts Acum 10 Zile
Pinoy plays genshin!!! xd
Kuuhaku Cs
Kuuhaku Cs Acum 14 Zile
i thought my game was bugged hearing that genshin music while crafting items xd
Julián Di Rocco
Julián Di Rocco Acum 15 Zile
Love the music
RAYAN BRIKI Acum 19 Zile
6:28 what about face cam
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil Acum 21 o Zi
Total respect to pinoy for using genshin impact music
MW2 hitmarker sound
MW2 hitmarker sound Acum 22 Zile
those musics are very cool
Aljon Corpuz
Aljon Corpuz Acum 25 Zile
Yassuo pleass RP on Me name PHP SiR Pat am of Philippine
Sebastian Yo
Sebastian Yo Acum 25 Zile
Carlos Acum 27 Zile
cleanest iv ever seen from moe ever
Jalen Howard
Jalen Howard Acum 28 Zile
Yea this music was a vibe
Haroon76 Acum lună
such a nutty yas man
Random Riven onetrick
Random Riven onetrick Acum lună
5:32 song?
samir bouafif
samir bouafif Acum lună
First time watching you I thought u are bronze
GamerGnomeGardens Acum lună
my man Boris
Saura Cifer
Saura Cifer Acum lună
yo i was playing genshin and thought the music was coming from my game but it was from the video LOL
Insomaniac Acum lună
Pinoy needs a raise!
doTsw0w Acum lună
You are ok
Wissi W
Wissi W Acum lună
Is this Genshin Impact music?
Zewo Tsu
Zewo Tsu Acum lună
is that you 2016 Moe???
Sharky Z
Sharky Z Acum lună
I thought my Genshin was running in the background lol
Monja Mo
Monja Mo Acum lună
The silent end.. at... the end
Cyrel Carbonel
Cyrel Carbonel Acum lună
Genshin impact? Hahahahhahahaha nc pinoy thats why you're the best
ひまりたなか Acum lună
love the genshin impact theme with some nice plays
John Paulo Dumo
John Paulo Dumo Acum lună
I like the way how moe's partner supported him
Red Acum lună
Just tf is w that genshin impact song in background
Abdallah Ouchene
Abdallah Ouchene Acum lună
gj yas
Halotic Acum lună
Alexander Dimitrov
Alexander Dimitrov Acum lună
That music with that gameplay... Amazing job! So relaxing
Darren Huang
Darren Huang Acum lună
my guy really put the genshin impact theme on lmaooo I swear to god I thought I was in the middle of a fight in genshin impact like on my laptop, turns out pinoys just doing his thing
Indexus Acum lună
With the beard this guy could be voyboy
efaes fefse
efaes fefse Acum lună
0:52 whos Moe looking at? Does he have a new gf already?
Donovan Acum lună
0:26 yo who said oh?
TandT Acum lună
Some fuckin disney music lol... i like it
Rodri Zuñiga
Rodri Zuñiga Acum lună
Whats is songs boys, heelp
Irgend so ein Typ
Irgend so ein Typ Acum lună
The stormterror dvalin boss theme music👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
GotNados LoL
GotNados LoL Acum lună
havent watched in a couple months, this music is makin me zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yunus Syed
Yunus Syed Acum lună
Genshin music the entire time what...
Nathen Acum lună
That Genshin song went on for way too long lmao
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Acum lună
music used in video?
zTohka Acum lună
Genshin Impact theme music has made me relaxing 😌
Arturo Rodríguez Flores
Arturo Rodríguez Flores Acum lună
The best Yasuo in the world...¡¡¡¡
Spynighty Acum lună
Why all the clips are cut too early ?
Merika Takiari
Merika Takiari Acum lună
adam teoh
adam teoh Acum lună
I can't tell if Moe's "disgusting" means good or bad anymore
Mekka Acum lună
Does Yasuo's W block Velkoz' knockup? I dont really know 6:54
Astarisk Acum lună
0:15 the OST made this video 1 million times more better
DREEZGA97 Aat Acum lună
Dude your E is Soo perfect. U r really the best yasuo player WP
Yasuo yasu
Yasuo yasu Acum lună
Music is beatiful here.
Joris essen
Joris essen Acum lună
Yassuo: i dont wanna flame i dont wanna flame. Also Yassuo: spam pings malphite
ghabster lol
ghabster lol Acum lună
6:53 the velkoz allready ed yet the windwall blocked it wtf riot ...
David Acum lună
3:42 soundtrack is fire
Hams Turd
Hams Turd Acum lună
I can hear pocha in the background rofl
Dray F.
Dray F. Acum lună
Love the music, almost as much as the playz
Worthee Acum lună
Bruh I was playing genshin impact while watching this and I kept thinking I was in combat
Santiago Coria
Santiago Coria Acum lună
Music of 1:31 pls!
MattyPGames Acum lună
This video was really chill and I loved that
anphongso nguyen
anphongso nguyen Acum lună
Moe is not clean with yassuo
Gabriel Oliferz
Gabriel Oliferz Acum lună
man the genshin impact music fills my heart
Igi michael
Igi michael Acum lună
Very nice chill episode i like the transition into the outro a lot
The Crazy Crew!!!
The Crazy Crew!!! Acum lună
I thought Bella broke up with him?
Juan Ate
Juan Ate Acum lună
How this man aged 20 years in one vid?
Alexander Ognyanov
Alexander Ognyanov Acum lună
pretty clean gameplay
lewis kim
lewis kim Acum lună
The OST Of Fight un Liyue xd
Franco Valenzuela
Franco Valenzuela Acum lună
9:05 That was pretty clean
Pensiunan LoL
Pensiunan LoL Acum lună
This dude looks so tired of his life lol
Cold Dino
Cold Dino Acum lună
that las game thooo moe yasuo is back
Benny Lee
Benny Lee Acum lună
when i hear moe say "it happens, i tried typing i tried pinging, but im not going to get toxic" its makes me happy, it shows that he continues to grow everyday! youre my inspiration! keep up the work moe!!
zanefrost 12
zanefrost 12 Acum lună
is bella back
zanefrost 12
zanefrost 12 Acum lună
or some other
Sneakydaddyman Acum lună
Just like Tyler1 said, Moe has quit the JG challenge
Calzone, K.O.N.
Calzone, K.O.N. Acum lună
Moe: outplays "Oh!" in background
SimonIsGaming Acum lună
the music makes this so satisfying to watch
An0nymy 210
An0nymy 210 Acum lună
Nice edit boys and moe for making those plays
ce K
ce K Acum lună
dude u got some bitchass skills on these matches no cap
Rishi Acum lună
I really thought I left my genshin on
MozaXx M
MozaXx M Acum lună
Yoo, did he windwall vel koz' Q?? I didnt know his q was a projectile!
Codrutz Ion
Codrutz Ion Acum lună
Moe, habibi, I feel a much more mature man in you. Glad to see you smile my guy 😏💪🏼
iKINGxFalleNx Acum lună
If Moe is a tool then Pinoy is a mechanic.
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera Acum lună
i thought my genshin impact was idle on the background
LikeSomeGebüring TV
LikeSomeGebüring TV Acum lună
The last game was wonderful!
Martin Novak
Martin Novak Acum lună
you are a best
CIPR Unboxing
CIPR Unboxing Acum lună
5:57 moe do be like a hilichurls
Aratros 27
Aratros 27 Acum lună
4:24 makes me remember that moment when he said stfu tf blade (or whoever) we know what u did stop explaining what u did were not degenerates etc nice one moe nice one
JaFuu Acum lună
Bug with yassuo skin is only occurring 1 out of 10 times or so and it's on second cast of yas q when you e+w+q, it cast cancels the q animation but resets it
Twaffy Star
Twaffy Star Acum lună
nois Acum lună
Its the skin changer
Baptiste MÉNARD
Baptiste MÉNARD Acum lună
I reconize stormterror theme in just one second at the beginning ahaah
Tarek Lilo
Tarek Lilo Acum lună
Moe is playing like a gold yasuo
Betty Brien
Betty Brien Acum lună
I do not like the transition of games starting at around 6:41. Cmon Pinoy, smoother transitions
angelo barcena
angelo barcena Acum lună
Liyue theme is so awesome
Berkay Aydın
Berkay Aydın Acum lună
yassuo ur the best!
Bilal HAFFAR Acum lună
so bad music choice pinoy
Kabosu Acum lună
thought i had genshin running in the back
toygar mı
toygar mı Acum lună
HZ YASUO better than you
Ziad Khattab
Ziad Khattab Acum lună
genshin scammers
iheb aouini
iheb aouini Acum lună
firekidqqq Acum lună
Moe what is the best yasuo skin
WhoFedTop Acum lună
bruh i just did the two genshin boss fights and then watched this video
Glenn Venice Aboy
Glenn Venice Aboy Acum lună
9:04 colddddd 🥶🥶🥶
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