Melanie Martinez - The Bakery [Official Music Video]

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After School EP Out Now:
Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producer: Wes Teshome
Production Company: Summercamp (
Post-Production Company: Frame 48 (
Executive Producers: Seth Josephson & Katrina Kudlick
Executive Producers: Julian Conner & Tom Teller
Starring: Melanie Martinez & Jacqueline Molina
Production Manager: Mariah Morgenstern
Director of Photography: Tehillah De Castro
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
Costume Designer: Melanie Martinez
Hair Stylist: William Blair
Makeup: David Velasquez
Choreography by: Melanie Martinez
Choreography consulting: Brian Friedman
Cake Sword Creation and Boat Design: Scott Hove ( Visual Effects Supervisor: Jordan Allen
Editor: Joe Calardo
Director of Digital Production: Enrique De la Garza
Lead Compositor: Philip Ballard
Compositors: Lenny Solis, Chad Beuhler, Artur Elison, Anthony Barcelo, Stephen Gall
Modelers: Mariano Ruiz, Juan Fer Bravo
Sound Design: Gerry Vazquez
Color: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
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Nikki Tills
Nikki Tills Acum minut
I am the 24,633,000th person to watch this...
Eyes like yours Msp
Eyes like yours Msp Acum 8 minute
we love the posters on the bakery
xX M i c k e̸ y xX
xX M i c k e̸ y xX Acum 19 minute
Is no one getting the fact that the old lady ate Melanie when she was bleeding 😑
Octo-Shroomy Acum 20 minute
Melanie literally looks so amazing in this MV, I’m so happy she’s confident, and comfortable with herself!! :))))
My123mon Acum 44 minute
This was the first Melanie music video I ever saw oof
It's Chicken Nugget Mimi
It's Chicken Nugget Mimi Acum 45 minute
Cake : I’m not a piece of cake Strawberry Shortcake: The boys wanna taste of the strawberry shortcake SHES A WHOLE DAMN BAKERY NOWWW
peanutloverocks Acum 46 minute
everyone: OMG Melanie's heels, OMG her dancing!!! Me: the baking steps aren't in order... ALSO THOSE HEELS I DIE
Abbi catTM
Abbi catTM Acum 57 minute
Mileycyrus Fan
Mileycyrus Fan Acum 58 minute
Cockroach Acum 59 minute
this like her old vibe
gracie chavez
gracie chavez Acum oră
Tbh I thought the rabbits were poodles at first
Iasmim Amorim Marques
Iasmim Amorim Marques Acum oră
Perfeita 🤩🤩
tobio* senpai
tobio* senpai Acum oră
Lord i swear im straight
Iran Martinez
Iran Martinez Acum oră
where's 100 million come on who's with mel 👇
No encontre el comentario de la señora del bautizo ojala y mel si se los alla prestado
Ceyla Turna
Ceyla Turna Acum 2 ore
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Acum 2 ore
MM yes the woman with a normal female body is fat because she has organs inside her stomach yes yes
Olick Acum 2 ore
Who eats a cookie with a knife and a fork?
ɪᴛsᴋʏʀᴀᴄʜᴀɴ!シ Acum 2 ore
*not me enter in the chat*
Lesley Bonilla
Lesley Bonilla Acum 2 ore
Wooooo God 🤩😁
vitor patrice
vitor patrice Acum 2 ore
nina mea
nina mea Acum 3 ore
i love your muisc
im cassieee
im cassieee Acum 3 ore
you haters really be judging her outfit when the only thing that's bad about it is the fact that you can't pull it off
Ulises C
Ulises C Acum 4 ore
did y’all saw her live on ig yesterday it was so funny n she looked so cute🧚‍♀️💗💗💗
Ulises C
Ulises C Acum 4 ore
It's El
It's El Acum 11 minute
c o c o n u t m i l k
c o c o n u t m i l k Acum 4 ore
Please someone tell me why Melanie is so fucking gorgeous I’m literally inlove especially her confidence and her dancing skills omg😍😍😍😍
nxfelibata Acum 4 ore
The fact that she was the bunnies too
Vxry Aliien
Vxry Aliien Acum 5 ore
I’m mad at her bro...HOW SHE MOVE HIPS LIKE THAT 😭😭
XSunna MoonX
XSunna MoonX Acum 5 ore
This is one of the weirdest video I have ever seen Melanie Martinez omg am I the only who thinks that too?-
It's El
It's El Acum 10 minute
What is wrong about it?
bruh who eats a cookie with a fork and knife?! like kvhfkdjk,mfbvcdknmvhfnjk
Heavenly Dark
Heavenly Dark Acum 5 ore
The confident you had,is outstandable. I love it. Ignore the hate, They don't know what true beauty is. I LOVE you Melanie.
Sm Sm
Sm Sm Acum 5 ore
Wait a min Is the grandma Anjelica/Dua Lipa?
It's El
It's El Acum 5 minute
It's Jacqueline Molina.
Melanie X Roblox
Melanie X Roblox Acum 3 ore
Sm Sm angelita is not dua lipa it’s just the grandma here is dua lipa and don’t educate me I’ve been a fan for like 2 years now.
Sm Sm
Sm Sm Acum 4 ore
@Melanie X Roblox Ya Anjelica from k-12 is Dua Lipa (Just so you know, K-12 stands for Kindergarten to 12th grade)
Melanie X Roblox
Melanie X Roblox Acum 5 ore
she’s Dua Lipa!
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Acum 5 ore
How tf can she dance in those heels
Hannah Frey
Hannah Frey Acum 5 ore
im sad this was like three months ago and i missed it XD
I'M NOT sAD I'M JUsT TIRED Acum 6 ore
I've seen alot in my life but never have I ever expected to see heels* that can give you an extra 3ft in height
mxnoon ily
mxnoon ily Acum 6 ore
shes so pretty tho ✨💖
Henrique PM
Henrique PM Acum 7 ore
•Ixzuii Osakima•
•Ixzuii Osakima• Acum 8 ore
Why is everyone showing their skin and in 2020 (besides Jordan Suaste)
Cloudiigloss_ Acum oră
Bc they have skin
fluffy ice
fluffy ice Acum 3 ore
Cuz we can
Melanie X Roblox
Melanie X Roblox Acum 5 ore
cuz they can stupid
Uriana Dixon
Uriana Dixon Acum 6 ore
Cause they can
•:PoFudukPanDa• Acum 8 ore
I miss the old Melanie :(
Bal kız
Bal kız Acum 51 minut
Bu arada türküm ¡
Bal kız
Bal kız Acum 6 ore
me too i wannna be cry baby again 😪😥
Prižmárín SaN
Prižmárín SaN Acum 8 ore
Чо за парнуха
Shreka Champion
Shreka Champion Acum 9 ore
Benji Daniels
Benji Daniels Acum 10 ore
2:26 damn melanie
Coronavirus Acum 10 ore
I love baby 😍❤️
Fer Saenz
Fer Saenz Acum 10 ore
Simply Tiff
Simply Tiff Acum 11 ore
Katie Sellars
Katie Sellars Acum 11 ore
Me: oh mah god how is she sooo tall Me again: OMG her heels or boots how does she walk in those I’m never going to walk I’m those ima break my ancle
Haley West
Haley West Acum 11 ore
Damn Melanie ... I'm a huge fan, I love you but what the hell is happening in this video? Tired ass political views? (No Pigs Allowed, seriously?) Monotone, flat song, and also ... does Melanie Martinez even appear in this video? All I see is a naked prostitue with a mullet gyrating and jiggling for views. Where is the Melanie I know and love?
fluffy ice
fluffy ice Acum 51 minut
@Cloudiigloss_ 😌 thanks for the update cloudy, back with another, fake fans think they can still defend their points! Silly willies they just keep making themselves look dumber and dumber! At least cloudy has the real news ♥️
Bal kız
Bal kız Acum 57 minute
@Cloudiigloss_ I did not mean that, I just said that Melani's old style, unique pop is gone. Otherwise I'm not obsessed with your body! She looked like other pop players just to get views ...
yo mama
yo mama Acum 59 minute
youre not a huge fan if youre criticizing her like this lmao
Cloudiigloss_ Acum oră
Omg guess what? News flash! Melanies a human who has skin ikr SO shocking. Maybe grow up and stop getting offended by literal skin Also her body doesn't define her so please leave
fluffy ice
fluffy ice Acum 3 ore
NEWSFLASH: stupid fans of musical icons decide NO POLITICS are allowed in the songs they write! This is so puzzling to almost every single song writer and normal sane person alike! Officials say that it's important to put these things in, so people will realize oh hey! Not everything is peaches and roses and happiness! There are issues in this world and it's not up to you what they put in their songs! Also, just in calling anyone, man or woman a prostitute because they wear a different outfit than usual makes you look like a walking human trashcan! That's all for today folks tune in later to hear more on idiots with phones and access to the modern world.
Milagros Arosemena
Milagros Arosemena Acum 12 ore
Yo are so beautiful!!!!😍
Kxrrin Acum 13 ore
She looks like an imvu character in this 😂💗
Melanie X Roblox
Melanie X Roblox Acum 5 ore
she looks better than a imvu character
Rhianne Ezri
Rhianne Ezri Acum 13 ore
How did it take me this long to notice the BLM and Defund the Police signs in the beginning ???? 💕💕
darshiit Acum 12 ore
nevermind found it- a queen
darshiit Acum 12 ore
wait where? :o
Courtney Jacobson
Courtney Jacobson Acum 13 ore
Your so beautiful ily💖
Peachii Cream :]
Peachii Cream :] Acum 13 ore
The way she dances though 🤭 *it’s amazing*
•エリ•Eri Acum 13 ore
Those heels How do you walk in those
Betty Boyce
Betty Boyce Acum 13 ore
OK can we talk about her heels I would die in a millisecond wearing those
Nicoly Avelino
Nicoly Avelino Acum 14 ore
Yes her clothes are really showy here but for some reason I find it surprisingly accurate, I mean, it kind matches the atmosphere of the clip for some reason, I can't imagina how it would look if she was dresses all doll like. Also, she isn't fat at all I find thick actually
Jorge Emilio Ruiz Camacho
Jorge Emilio Ruiz Camacho Acum 14 ore
Melanie Martínez i really loved your music and the album AFTER SCHOOL
•PeachyMoqa• Acum 14 ore
This is literally the best thing I have ever seen!!💓😭✨❤️🥺 I love how she is so confident to show her body 😭😭😭💓💓✨✨❤️🥺❤️✨
robert yepez
robert yepez Acum 14 ore
Who’s here after she said she’s the bunny
Jinxxy Acum 15 ore
How is she doing all that in /those/ heels??? Also how does those hearts stick to her???
Glorified Person
Glorified Person Acum 15 ore
how can she be so terrifying and alluring at the same time
msbraindamage Acum 15 ore
I love her too much.
Denise Sampson
Denise Sampson Acum 15 ore
as the start when they're going in the bakery it looks like the WAP intro.
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Acum 15 ore
Are those hearts glued or stapled
mimi chan
mimi chan Acum 15 ore
GUYS SHE WAS LITERALLY DANCING IN LIKE 16 INCH HEELS THE T A L E N T AND G R A C E!!!!!!! she never fails to amaze me!!
DantyDigger Acum 16 ore
I'm a girl, but damn. she's beautiful. great dancer
me. Acum 16 ore
Ok I love Melanie...but who eats a cookie with a fork and knife...?
swers phrinfn
swers phrinfn Acum 16 ore
The Bakery: Wow so much body *Strawberry Shortcake* entered the chat
mel’s box
mel’s box Acum 16 ore
*Melanie would be the only person who can make a horror film with cute at the same time.*
Purple_ Glitch
Purple_ Glitch Acum 16 ore
How does she do anything in those shoes
jg0626 Acum 16 ore
*"Top 10 best songs to play at your local church."*
waityall Acum 16 ore
Melanie killed this bruh like she looks so amazing
Angel kim
Angel kim Acum 16 ore
I would break my ankle if I wore those sandals
Sapphire Acum 16 ore
mel is body goals
MARK ROBLOX •_• Acum 17 ore
The grandma:slices mel Me:omg
Edixon Méndez
Edixon Méndez Acum 17 ore
Arikikami Acum 17 ore
lol if she looks pregnant the people that said this must have triplets, honestly wtf is wrong with anyone who said that, her body is fecking perfect and so is she. If you so claim to want to stop the problem don't be the problem. Ya'll hiding behind a screen on your safety judging people not thinking that words hurt more than actions, but when they do it to you it's not ok. This is a public song sure, but I am sure you judge people that are minding their own business as well, inside your head cause you don't have the balls to say it.
Nobody ImJustHere
Nobody ImJustHere Acum 17 ore
What I wanna know is how the hell is she dancing in those boots!!!
J R Acum 17 ore
•Strawberry Kisses•
•Strawberry Kisses• Acum 17 ore
My lesbian self couldn’t handle it
{ Ellie Nightcore}
{ Ellie Nightcore} Acum 18 ore
Chloe Griffin
Chloe Griffin Acum 18 ore
This is brilliant the bit where she’s baked in the oven tho ! I just love Melanie 🤣👏🏻
Mya Ray
Mya Ray Acum 19 ore
people in the comments acting like they ain't never seen skin before😒
Chucky Acum 19 ore
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꧁ɴᴏ̂ɪʟ-ᴋᴜ̂ɴ꧂ Acum 17 ore
no ablo taka taka u^u
Jornal do adopt me
Jornal do adopt me Acum 17 ore
Amei a 5 regra KAKAKAKA entraria mais meu celular não suporta mais grupos
Emanuela Agapito Costa
Emanuela Agapito Costa Acum 19 ore
Nicole Cate
Nicole Cate Acum 19 ore
Melanie: just being her and looking like this perfect My sexuality: GAY GAY VERY GAY
Francis Franco
Francis Franco Acum 19 ore
There is this app called celebs and it tells who u look like and I look like Melanie
rosquinha flamingo Ty
rosquinha flamingo Ty Acum 19 ore
Alexis Spark
Alexis Spark Acum 19 ore
Who be eating a biscuit like that tho?
Dahlia Rose
Dahlia Rose Acum 19 ore
when they said the food gets hot in the oven, i didnt expect it to get this hot
Jasmine Cotto
Jasmine Cotto Acum 20 ore
Fun fact: Melanie is the bunny 🐰 she just said it on IG live. Well that makes the video more enjoyable doesn’t it.
Andrea Beatriz
Andrea Beatriz Acum 20 ore
you dont understand, IM OBSSESD
bella_ demon
bella_ demon Acum 20 ore
can we just admire her dancing in those long ass heels. tbh, I would break my neck😭👠
Raylynn ying xoxo Acevedo
Raylynn ying xoxo Acevedo Acum 20 ore
If you want a cookie like this commet 🍪🍪
Lazari Swann
Lazari Swann Acum 21 oră
Ok is it only me or is the slaying in that outfit-
Sandra Sandoval
Sandra Sandoval Acum 21 oră
Those hips tho get it girl
Lautaro Ruiz
Lautaro Ruiz Acum 21 oră
we're going to 25 million🍰✨
toxiep Acum 21 oră
those two
kaylah more
kaylah more Acum 21 oră
You should do a song with billie elish shes a big fan of you 💕
Luna Mugetsu
Luna Mugetsu Acum 21 oră
How does she walk in those heels? Let alone dance
ophelia's Pets
ophelia's Pets Acum 22 ore
guys stop saying she broke her body positivity, shes not sucking in her stomach she has tattoos, shes just proving she beautiful without being paper thin
Laran gl9033940
Laran gl9033940 Acum 22 ore
she looks 78
Ari Blox
Ari Blox Acum 16 ore
Amy C
Amy C Acum 20 ore
Just no sis
Quaking Roach
Quaking Roach Acum 21 oră
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