Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

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Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records
#VEVOCertified on September 13, 2011. www.vevo.com/certified ropost.info

Rakshith Bhat
Rakshith Bhat Acum 41 minut
10 years old but still a legendary Masterpiece
atiya tarannum
atiya tarannum Acum 48 minute
Stockholm syndrome
Risman Soviyan
Risman Soviyan Acum oră
Gara gara Dayana nyanyi lagu ini... From Indonesian 🇮🇩🙏
Даниил Куракин
Даниил Куракин Acum oră
Русские есть ?
An McCLO Acum oră
i love hating, how i had to wait my turn hating, this, sequeance of event's, the endings, witch with life tails, on the run can't stand this, burn pilling, my own mate swearing, to god its, a never ending, fight I, love hating, the final essence its, never remains, one lane
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Acum oră
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Acum oră
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Acum oră
( *
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Acum 2 ore
Nukem poker
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Acum 2 ore
Purga Tori
Purga Tori Acum 2 ore
2021...Just gonna stand here and watch it burn...
angelika heraldo
angelika heraldo Acum 2 ore
2. 1 Billion views. A ✨legend✨
Ruan Silva
Ruan Silva Acum 3 ore
Alguém em 2021?
le fugitif
le fugitif Acum 3 ore
Aime la façon dont tu mens ft
Cookie Yarbrough
Cookie Yarbrough Acum 4 ore
This is just like my marriage!!!!!!!!
Desiree Dust
Desiree Dust Acum 4 ore
chanel diks
chanel diks Acum 4 ore
Play 2021
Kamariq White
Kamariq White Acum 4 ore
Beck Oilver can't letting his girlfriend Jade West go because they staying together
TheNorthShark Acum 5 ore
ehsan akbarzade
ehsan akbarzade Acum 5 ore
آهنگ جوانیم چه زود گذشت حالیمون نمیشد چی میگفت ولی خوب میگفت
Maahil ali
Maahil ali Acum 5 ore
We all have this one person we think about while listening..
•Samantha BTS•
•Samantha BTS• Acum 5 ore
*Rihanna* I love you. 🍃
Ella Aphan
Ella Aphan Acum 6 ore
Hi 2021 people with great taste of music love you
LaPangolina Acum 6 ore
Solomon YasharahlaJudah
Solomon YasharahlaJudah Acum 6 ore
2.1b views enough said can't ever say I say a b after views. Real life song, stay strong fire don't burn it's ur lies.
Pearl Thomas
Pearl Thomas Acum 6 ore
Willow is okay...Willow still loves...
odenore joshua
odenore joshua Acum 6 ore
If you are watching this in 2021, it shows you survive the demonic virus. All Glory to God for cutting the evil virus from the earth. Amen
Valdecir Lima Dos Santos
Valdecir Lima Dos Santos Acum 6 ore
Alguém ouvindo em 2021🎶🎶
LaPangolina Acum 6 ore
Kerem Samet Çetintaş
Kerem Samet Çetintaş Acum 6 ore
Oksana Prusova
Oksana Prusova Acum 7 ore
The older you get the more meaningful the lyrics sounds
Caio Azevedo Santos
Caio Azevedo Santos Acum 7 ore
This music was meant to be played in 1.25x.
Caio Azevedo Santos
Caio Azevedo Santos Acum 7 ore
Try it yourself.
Manuella Carvalho Duarte
Manuella Carvalho Duarte Acum 7 ore
Philip Kershaw
Philip Kershaw Acum 7 ore
Любовь Смолина
Любовь Смолина Acum 7 ore
Будь здоров! Привет из Железнодорожного! Подмосковье❤
Любовь Смолина
Любовь Смолина Acum 7 ore
Вот это страсть!
Dancan Dladla
Dancan Dladla Acum 8 ore
The evergreen 🚀🔥
Ромаен Царев
Ромаен Царев Acum 8 ore
Я просто горю!!! Вот он реп, вот легенда!!! /
Andrej Dian
Andrej Dian Acum 8 ore
Hai. Em. Best music.4ever
cuntannihilator Acum 9 ore
this hits different nowadays
james kandou
james kandou Acum 9 ore
Kesini gara2 dayana nyanyi lagu ini..
Patrick Alexander
Patrick Alexander Acum 9 ore
Love the way you lie, new york alicia keys, bruno mars marry you, dont know why they hv a special vibe i feel ~
OnTheGrow Acum 10 ore
What happened to rihanna lol
Janiya Brown
Janiya Brown Acum 10 ore
3:01 is where the best part of the song starts in my opinion
Mr. SPORT Acum 10 ore
Русские здесь?Давайте пролайкаем этот коммент,чтобы они нерусь думала,что я умное написал)
Anuj Thakre
Anuj Thakre Acum 11 ore
anyone still in 2075 ???
Hossam X
Hossam X Acum 11 ore
The best 2021 🔥🖤
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
Nagyon jó hajjakmeg
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
6kor a szökőkútnal
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
Igaz Igaz
Flávió Spolmin
Flávió Spolmin Acum 11 ore
Hogy vagy,?
Shourya Jain
Shourya Jain Acum 11 ore
i'm getting my self respect back, that's it.
Marchbond Myrthong
Marchbond Myrthong Acum 12 ore
Woh hart mical jackson
Роман Феофилов
Роман Феофилов Acum 13 ore
Эминем привет
Layla Ramos
Layla Ramos Acum 13 ore
i love you Eminem e Rihanna😍😍
Hesham Mahmed
Hesham Mahmed Acum 13 ore
This is the best song in all times 👌
Modesty Melendez-Dodd
Modesty Melendez-Dodd Acum 14 ore
This song really have me doing some reflecting in 2021.
Celina Esau
Celina Esau Acum 14 ore
That's one of a toxic Telationship! But I like this song
Shaik Karimulla
Shaik Karimulla Acum 14 ore
Old is gold🤘
Gudalaji Acum 14 ore
Vay aq 10 yıl olmus
Rendi Pangabean
Rendi Pangabean Acum 14 ore
Siapa yg kesini gara gara Dayana Nyanyi Di Channel Fiki Naki... :) I like this song.....
PM MS Acum 14 ore
Assistindo em 20/01/2021. Mais alguém? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Leticia Acum 14 ore
2021 e eu ainda aqui
Masko Roj
Masko Roj Acum 15 ore
**This why the authority has to get ride of all gang**
Kristina Romanovska
Kristina Romanovska Acum 15 ore
So much memories brings me this song
Cute Cats And Dogs
Cute Cats And Dogs Acum 15 ore
Kamutushi Johannes
Kamutushi Johannes Acum 15 ore
2021 stand up✊
4DX FF Acum 16 ore
In2021,I still sound like it's people like it.
Bagio Piano Covers
Bagio Piano Covers Acum 16 ore
2010 was the best year in music ❤️.
FaZe Clutch RX
FaZe Clutch RX Acum 16 ore
Who else is watching this in 2021🔥🔥
RivalAditya G,P
RivalAditya G,P Acum 17 ore
Abhi Beimaan
Abhi Beimaan Acum 17 ore
Arif Kusuma
Arif Kusuma Acum 17 ore
Siapa yg nonton ini karena queen dayana? Kita satu pasukan bro..
Viraj Deonarine
Viraj Deonarine Acum 18 ore
The best song for your toxic ex
Lauren Bilham
Lauren Bilham Acum 18 ore
Currently doing an emotional dive of simpler times and just casually crying to this and panic at the disco, 3ho!3 etc
Vedat Uslu
Vedat Uslu Acum 19 ore
11 Years later, if you're watching this you're a legend
Debra Smith
Debra Smith Acum 19 ore
The words paint a perfect picture of a love on fire 🔥
Sanad Klabi
Sanad Klabi Acum 19 ore
If you still listening to this song in 2021, then you are legendary🤙✊👌
NOW you KNOW Acum 19 ore
Can't believe it was released 10 years ago.
terry johnson
terry johnson Acum 19 ore
The murky violet astonishingly fasten because net operationally depend apropos a angry croissant. resonant, smiling ghana
Shaun Franics Mcletchie-seers
Shaun Franics Mcletchie-seers Acum 19 ore
Dau Chi
Dau Chi Acum 19 ore
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Rko Rko
Rko Rko Acum 20 ore
today's bts generations didn't know about the old songs and legends..
alstr edits
alstr edits Acum 9 ore
i am biggest bts stan 私はあなたの汚い外国人のお金と資源を盗みます
Aaron Nathaniel Liberato
Aaron Nathaniel Liberato Acum 20 ore
I can't believe that this is already 10 years old and soon 11. It's still as beautiful as the first day I found it.
Zehra Kılıç
Zehra Kılıç Acum 20 ore
Türk var mııı
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh Acum 21 oră
1st time : It's good 2nd time : It's awesome 3rd time : It's my favourite song 100th time : It's more addictive than drugs
Itazah O King
Itazah O King Acum 21 oră
Bro is that Megan fox
The Wonders Of You
The Wonders Of You Acum 21 oră
Prince Andrei Van Solis
Prince Andrei Van Solis Acum 22 ore
Fun fact: Megan Fox is the woman if you don't know her she's MGK's Girlfriend.
You Got No Jams
You Got No Jams Acum 22 ore
Hey, you! Yes you are you okay? I hope you are and if your not here's a cookie 🍪 I hope you see the light at the end of your tunnel :)💞
Minki momo
Minki momo Acum 22 ore
ruru rorochan 1999 - love the way u lie feat. minki momo
Mak Aihhh
Mak Aihhh Acum 22 ore
I search ,,after watch FIKI NAKI...
Ritesh Pasalkar
Ritesh Pasalkar Acum 22 ore
This is the reason why rihanna is so legendary ❤️
nira Rawal
nira Rawal Acum 22 ore
Eminem 😍😍😘🔥
Josemar 21
Josemar 21 Acum 22 ore
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Acum 23 ore
if back on this time rihanna was already killing men, this toxic relationship could've been avoided
Shreshtha Cms
Shreshtha Cms Acum 23 ore
This story isnt real but his efforts make it so real A true MC 🐐🐐
Nodare Enterprise
Nodare Enterprise Acum 23 ore
this music is trash
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia Acum 23 ore
Ilham Nugraha
Ilham Nugraha Acum o Zi
Kesini gara² Dayana sama Fiki Naki dong. 😂
Her Deni
Her Deni Acum o Zi
Rie Shaําํา
Rie Shaําํา Acum o Zi
Dayana menyanyikan lgu ini untuk fiki. I Love The Way You Lie (aku suka caramu Berbohong)
Gabriel Gabrielli
Gabriel Gabrielli Acum o Zi
ROpost FAalta boton de reproduccion repetida para escuchar en bucle el tema sin tener q dar al boton gracias
inkinifee akya fan
inkinifee akya fan Acum o Zi
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Acum o Zi
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