Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video)

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Gucci Mane

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Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane Acum 7 Zile
I Am My Only Competition
Katrina Schwiderson
Katrina Schwiderson Acum oră
been stuck on this one!!!!
jose martinez
jose martinez Acum 4 ore
#TrapGod #SaintWOP
Jacari Moody
Jacari Moody Acum 5 ore
I'm tay newphew he use to work with u
Billy Clements
Billy Clements Acum 11 ore
Big GuWop real right blood
Carlo Marcos
Carlo Marcos Acum 14 minute
It's so dirty. You need a FUCKING ARMY to take King Guwop down.
Fate Acum 47 minute
Global Empire TV
Global Empire TV Acum oră
Nothing feels better then beating a murder case especially if it’s self defense
Wonka BoiHunna
Wonka BoiHunna Acum oră
Everybody saying jeezy was the bigger man, I say fuck that. Gucci would be dead right now.
Diego Llarena
Diego Llarena Acum oră
Jus da truth
adidas3582 Acum oră
Yeah na y’all know who the king of the A town
Frank Fyb
Frank Fyb Acum 2 ore
Nigga dropped this two times he gangsta 👿😂
doliio volay
doliio volay Acum 2 ore
Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph Acum 2 ore
you could see he carrying that ghost on him
Big Coochie
Big Coochie Acum 2 ore
Redropped a classic after ya lost smart business move haha 😂
NLGMONN Acum 5 ore
im looking for more subscribers
AON Acum 5 ore
The STREETS love Gucci. EVERYONE else loves Jeezy.
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell Acum 5 ore
Okay this is the real Gucci Mane that's his real face this is the Gucci Mane I'm used to seeing in the middle 2000s
Jacari Moody
Jacari Moody Acum 5 ore
Gucci mane I'm the nephew of tay he use to work with u at the same place
Almighty Young Zoe
Almighty Young Zoe Acum 6 ore
Where the real gucci at ?
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson Acum 6 ore
Whos still bumpin this in 2020?
will use this against gucci, he going back prison for life. he should not have performed this track shows he still filled with hate. we will send this evidence to the feds. gucci a murderer the case was dropped in 200-5 due to lack of evidence but he just said its the truth not a dis track.
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy Acum 7 ore
Gucci was the victim cant blame him
Jonathan Ezell
Jonathan Ezell Acum 7 ore
Been a Gucci Mane fan and a Jeezy fan for 15 years always be a fan of them 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Street Poke
Street Poke Acum 8 ore
This must be old video cuz Gucci not fat anymore
Oliver Ronaldo
Oliver Ronaldo Acum 8 ore
Like shit
ßiliyorum Dee!
ßiliyorum Dee! Acum 8 ore
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Trenches News
Trenches News Acum 9 ore
Who was here before 2020☝🏾
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag Acum 9 ore
Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Daryl kehmia
Daryl kehmia Acum 9 ore
No hate but old gucci was damn ugly
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag Acum 9 ore
Truth Is A Jeezy Diss Track of Gucci
cheezy breezy
cheezy breezy Acum 9 ore
TRUTH is 🔥 but stay strapped is better no cap listen to the word assaults
4WAYS TRAVEL Acum 10 ore
Its Guwop!
Holy Acum 10 ore
Thirsty as hell for the clout lmao. L
Polar Acum 10 ore
Behind the scenes
InternetTop40 Acum 10 ore
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Daquan Mccall
Daquan Mccall Acum 10 ore
Most savage nasty twisted diss record ever big homie Gucci
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted Acum 10 ore
use me as a "i didnt come from tik tok" button
King Weible
King Weible Acum 10 ore
whyd he re release it lol it was already on worldstar
MOJO x Acum 10 ore
This like 10 years old
Darien Brewer
Darien Brewer Acum 10 ore
The real Gucci is back? Lmao jk
Rise Up Music Group
Rise Up Music Group Acum 10 ore
For everyone arguing about who won the verzuz... it wasn’t about SONGS. It was about who was real and who was a snake. As a JEEZY fan he lost all my respect when he tried to act like he’s more mature and did it for the culture when he the one that set Gucci up to die. Plus he had an album dropping that night this was set up by TI and Jeezy to promote his Recession 2 album which I will not be supporting. JEEZY lucky all Gucci crazy ass did was let him know wassup cause I would’ve tried killing a nigga that tried takin me off this earth. GUCCI HAS EVERY RIGHT TO HOLD THAT GRUDGE TIL HE DIE‼️
Raymond Sims
Raymond Sims Acum 3 ore
Everything u said was dead as on point jeezy is a real snake..
Produced By Status
Produced By Status Acum 10 ore
I’ll bump this way past age 100
Leo Acum 11 ore
That last line though 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Midnight Vibez
Midnight Vibez Acum 11 ore
New 12:12 vibes
triple D.A
triple D.A Acum 11 ore
gucci man killed jeezy
Michael O
Michael O Acum 11 ore
Nobody: Gucci: lemme show these youngins the good ol day
Khoppa Wop
Khoppa Wop Acum 11 ore
Darrion Baker
Darrion Baker Acum 11 ore
coolio diablo
coolio diablo Acum 11 ore
Gucci The Truth Mane, R.I.P O.J., R.I.P Slim #BRICKSQUAD BURRR
Hes_A_God__ Acum 12 ore
type of shit you write in a movie... Gucci mane really changed his whole life around and as a fan I’m proud of that change
Rivano morianner
Rivano morianner Acum 12 ore
Hello Acum 12 ore
“1017 bricksquad Gucci” “They finally freed the real”
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød Acum 12 ore
Gucci always kept it real
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone Acum 12 ore
He still HATES JEEZY lol
Woke Bans
Woke Bans Acum 13 ore
When he was on the couch with boosie and webbie he was scrared! I see now in this video he had no confidence
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted Acum 13 ore
'' how many people are listening to this song right now!!!
Imari Miller
Imari Miller Acum 13 ore
Damn had no idea so many people had never heard this song. He been killing for a min.!
Jr Jr
Jr Jr Acum 13 ore
Can't ban a killa man
Joe Rafat
Joe Rafat Acum 14 ore
I tell you what I tell you what
Brian Weston
Brian Weston Acum 14 ore
Still boomin...I think gucci mane won frfr tbh.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
M Blackwell
M Blackwell Acum 15 ore
Been listening to this for the last 8 years i like how it's popular now 😂
Good Trubble
Good Trubble Acum 15 ore
Happy Thanksgiving, Gucci!
Coby Upandup
Coby Upandup Acum 15 ore
Fuck Gucci we smoking on guwop over here shit 🔥🔥🔥
ひSavo Acum 15 ore
The mfn don🆘 wop z6ne Veteran
503coke Acum 16 ore
Rico Acum 16 ore
Whoever believes that Gucci won that Verzuz Battle needs to put the crack pipe down. Jeezy was bombing on Gucci the whole night. He didn't even drop Go Getta w/ R. Kelly. Remember: a Verzuz battle is song for song
Dashun Bussey
Dashun Bussey Acum 16 ore
Go dig yo partner up nigga bet he can’t say shit
Semi Dre
Semi Dre Acum 16 ore
You a goat
RealSkeeter Millz
RealSkeeter Millz Acum 16 ore
Dig ya patna up nigga bet he can’t say shit, and ya looking fa me I’m n zone 6 - GUCCI Jeezy was like oh shit I fucked up.
obviously I'm back her bcuz of the versuz. Damn I'm growing I was bumpin this in 7th grade🥶
i1tap u
i1tap u Acum 17 ore
Seeing all these new 1017 fans !! If y’all just heard this y’all some goofs!!!!!!! 💥💪🏾🎁💪🏾😂😂😢😬😢😬
king 2xcount
king 2xcount Acum 17 ore
Dis shit hard doe
Free Movies
Free Movies Acum 17 ore
Only army whos still str3aming can like this comment.
stabbs VU
stabbs VU Acum 18 ore
I ain no rl rapper imma fkin grave digger Me: evil laffs.... keikiekie Man i miss this Gucci legend
NCS Magic Sound
NCS Magic Sound Acum 19 ore
I see what you did there Guwop..
Daniel Butts
Daniel Butts Acum 19 ore
DANCAN ADINDA ™ Acum 19 ore
man ,now i see the real Gucci Mane here , have been seeing some fake guy pretending to be you ,nice now can listen to the living legend again
N Cruz
N Cruz Acum 19 ore
Realest hardest diss track ever😂😂😂😂😂😂
Donnie Williams
Donnie Williams Acum 18 ore
Close but hell naw. You must be young
Artem Borulko
Artem Borulko Acum 19 ore
This real Gucci not that fake clone shit wtf
Jugg Fresh
Jugg Fresh Acum 20 ore
Yal Gotta Be Slow if yal Think Jeezy get ya mind right won that round after Gucci dropped the Truth. Yea it was Cute in all the way his DJ had the song come in after Jeezy lil pity party ass speech but Gucci made him look like a Real bitch!! And a Studio Gangsta! That was a TKO ain’t no way Jeezy Could get up from that...
H. Patat 0921
H. Patat 0921 Acum 20 ore
Best rapper alive🌿🌿🌿🍞🍞🍞🍞🎖🎖🎖🎖♠️♠️♠️🌍🌏🌏
R B Acum 21 oră
He said a fkn Grave Digger😎🔥🔥
martial milner
martial milner Acum 21 oră
Love this shit keep it up💯💯😎
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Acum 21 oră
Priest: "How you feeling today Demon?" Demon: "Like Gucci Mane"
James Santos
James Santos Acum 21 oră
Jeezy put a hit on Gucci whether he meant to or not. When he said he wanted $10,000 for Gucci’s chain dudes heard that and jeezy was connected to the streets. Gotta tread carefully because you might get what you ask for and maybe even more.
Nya Show
Nya Show Acum 21 oră
i know yall seen me over there with that black four fifth !!!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Acum 21 oră
Seriously may be my favorite ever.
noobzify Acum 22 ore
Nice video! Im using for high quality plays, likes and followers.
Shawnthadon playa
Shawnthadon playa Acum 22 ore
Whats the name of the song in the beginning of the video?
Shawnthadon playa
Shawnthadon playa Acum 22 ore
@Ali A mad love bro thanks for the quick response
Ali A
Ali A Acum 22 ore
so icy
Jr H
Jr H Acum 22 ore
Gucci a legend
Oong The Last Airbender
Oong The Last Airbender Acum 22 ore
i miss old gucci, remember when this first dropped
Troy Rousey
Troy Rousey Acum 22 ore
Bro you posting old song .. bro that a female traits.. move on bro before you lose me as a fan
El Chino LRZ
El Chino LRZ Acum 23 ore
Miss da Gucci Mane!!
News Now Utah
News Now Utah Acum 23 ore
Of COURSE Jeezy wants to get past it....he’s the one that took the L!!
TheRealDuggieP 86
TheRealDuggieP 86 Acum 23 ore
Antuan Cain
Antuan Cain Acum 23 ore
Cruz Cruz
Cruz Cruz Acum 23 ore
The slap since 2015
Woodle1 Snurz
Woodle1 Snurz Acum o Zi
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Eddie Brown
Eddie Brown Acum 22 ore
Sosa Burris
Sosa Burris Acum o Zi
Josh H
Josh H Acum o Zi
This is the Gucci that had the most talent. Songs like Truth, 745, Jugg, etc
Black Excellence
Black Excellence Acum o Zi
Bro crazy asf 4 posting the video again 😭😭😭 he said ain’t no squashing beef im taking it to the grave
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